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Asterisk + AsterClick + Java + PHP – Real-time Web GUI

We are looking for a programmer that is familiar with Asterisk to help us complete a Call Shop project. The project will take advantage of Asterisk and A2Billing for billing users in pre-paid or post-paid mode (All configured by use/We have heavy experience with Asterisk).

You will help with developing a Web GUI where Booths (for a Call Shop) will be displayed in real-time. The purpose of this project is to provide the user with real-time extension status. Is the call answered? How long was the duration? When was the call Hangup. There will be some queries to MySQL after a call is hangup to query the balance (which is calculated by A2Billing).

***Please note that all you have to do is use your Java and HTML skills to grab the XML driven events from AsterClick – an Asterisk event vectoring program (Based on php – to grab the status of Extensions and display on the web.

The project will require you to create an Admin portal and User portal. Users sign-up is not required as it can be done manually in the Admin portal.

This is an immediate project. Please submit bid asap.


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Record And Preview PGR Flea2 FW Cam To AVI Using Codec


Our company is using a Point Grey Research Flea2 cam (FW800), and we would like a C++ form with a start and stop button to record video and audio (from mic) to a AVI file and with a mirrored preview on screen.

There are some example projects with the cam, one example shows how to record to AVI from the console, but audio is not included.


* Point Grey Research Flea2 Firewaire 800 Cam (own driver, not detected by Windows, but only detected by Point Grey Research software (SDK examples included), also cam supports FlyStream Driver, to support DirectShow
Full SDK and reference included (Example FlyCap application that is a preview C++ app, that displays the image to the screen, and has the option to change the camera settings)
* Access to Windows XP remote computer with VS2008 (RDP or TeamViewer)

Main program:

* Layout: preview window and Start Record / stop record button (nothing more)
* Optionally: Mirrored preview
* Read settings from custom config.INI file: Recording video/audio Codec to use, record path, camera settings
* Optionally: Auto gain (increase audio gain if mic volume is low, and decrease if to loud)

Camera settings to record (just saved in an config.ini file so we can adapt them if needed):

* Resolution: 1024 x 576 px
* YUV 422 (needed for 25 fps)
* 25 fps
* Format 7 transfer codec instead of DCAM ( setting in the cam, this has nothing to do with the AVI codec)
* Auto Exposure
* Screenshot Setting overview:,,

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Easy Web Design

I have a car sale company (advancedgrouplanka).. and the company website i need to change my company name so i will have to change my domain name too… i need new design to my new domain. its too simple web design just 1 flash work and few graphics.. please see new site uses same details.. company name and design should change.. please bid lowest you can do this.

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Website Creator

I need to have a well professional web developer who can creat my website using flash

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Twitter Streaming List

We currently use a widget from twitter ( )

but it doesnt seem to get all tweets from all the list members.

We are after a custom streaming list widget to display the real time tweets of members in our list.

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Joomla / module

I have a Joomla form here:

that I need to integrate with to do real time credit card transactions using the AIM method.

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Wowza Module –

Im using Wowza Media Server Pro for recording and broadcasting of live streams.

I want Wowza to execute a webservice (http://url/webservice.php) when stream starts, and when stream stops. (when input is published and unpublished) I use Flash Media Live Encoder on client machine.

This module will send:

*Public ip-adress of server

… to webservice.php

I need a module that that I can implement on each "application" configuration I have (application.xml).

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Need One Web Banner– easy execution.

Very easy web banner. One LREC banner (rectangle) is storyboarded and designed. I should be executed using Flash.

I have a strict deadline, need it complete within two week. Web banner is for Yakima Racks.

Our budget is extremely limited, so I ask for bids to be reasonable. This banner should be no problem for any experienced flash developer to complete quickly.

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VB/ VB.Net Program

We are currently using a program called GeoVision to view 16 Cameras for Surveillance.

As we record the 16 Cameras, we want to play the Cameras on a larger Screen 5 Minutes behind real time.

I have the SDK which seems to be written in VB (

This is Urgent and I will need to have to get your quote approved by my client.

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