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Research And Recommend 8bit Microcontroller

I need soemone to research and recommend to me a list of 8bit microcontrollers that have following features:
1. 8bit external bus (8bit data, 10 or more address lines)
2. Internal selfprogramming Flash (4KBytes or more)
3. Internal RAM (4KBytes or more)
4. 1 or 2 Serial ports, I2C port
5. Ethernet port
6. Good C toolchain

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Website Design: Forex Website

Hi there , i am darren from malaysia , i am currently looking for the solution on my company website build , my companny STARFOREXENTERPRISE is dealing with forex education and consulting . We normally organize trading workshop and training camp at hotel seminar ballroom and our tranining centre , we have our own set of trading analysis indicator software . NOW we are planning to build a website to branding our company mentoring course and system .wat i need is a web portal that can present our company produst and a membership like portal for our existing members to log in for download our product after made payment , we decided to sell our our system as a digital download format to world wide market .
i would like to have a daily mobile sms tips to deliver to our clients mobile if they key in their mobile num to register through the website . AND live acc log in for demostrate the result of company portfolio . ( ACC duplicator EA ) to duplicate all the order that we made and close stimutaneously . FX broker intergradeted into the website to let our member open free demo and live acc through . I would like to have a nice flash video presentation in the front page of the web presenting the retail forex market overview for beginner , can u recommend some ?

SO , i would like to seeking for your asisist to recommend any reliable broker,sms signal provider and acc duplicator that is good and having a good rebate ? our members is roughly 50 -100 every month after attending our course . we would like to refer the reliable and height rebate commision broker to them . Pls recommend any good and stable ROBOT EA that is perform oustatnding in the forex market right now ? i want it to be integradeted inside the website and be part of our product as well under my company designation name . pls quote me a cost for implement this website and the solution for all the mention above . hope to hear from u soon , tq very much

semiliar website for your reference,,,

the colour stlye pls refer to the starforex profile attach .

AND lastty i want the website to be in english and chinese convertion .

attach is my company profile and all the pic , photo that i want to place into the website . pls add in any template or pic from yours to make the website look perfect and presenting .

from darren yaw
managing director of starforexenterprise

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Research PHP On Scalable Data Entry High Tech

Looking for a guru for the following. To apply give me your thoughts on the following. The more detailed the better.

PHP Framework – Kohana
AWS on Ubuntu or Equivalent
AWS Management – What do you recommend?
NoSQL – What do you recommend? MongoDB?
Distributed Logging/Error Handling – What do you recommend?
Payment Gateway – what do you recommend?
DHTML API – what do you recommend?
Caching – Memcache
CMS – What do you recommend with fast real time performance.

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PHP On Scalable Site High Tech

Looking for a guru for the following. To apply give me your thoughts on the following. The more detailed the better.

PHP Framework – Kohana
AWS on Ubuntu or Equivalent
AWS Management – What do you recommend?
NoSQL – What do you recommend? MongoDB?
Distributed Logging/Error Handling – What do you recommend?
Payment Gateway – what do you recommend?
DHTML API – what do you recommend?
Caching – Memcache
CMS – What do you recommend with fast real time performance.

Duration – 2-4 weeks
Start within – 1 week
Paid Hourly

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Joomla Pro Needed

We are in need of a Joomla pro who can take an existing Joomla template (can be viewed at and modify it based on the Scope of Work described below.

1) Set Joomla to use Friendly URLs
2) Create a 2nd tier page, removing the slider yet maintaining the top navigation and reducing the height of the orange background image to create more content real estate. Example will be provided.
3) Create 2nd tier pages based on the following navigation

What We Do
Who We Help
Faith Based
Our Clients
Who We Are
About Us
Blogs (Joomla Blog Extension for this area; ability to post to Facebook and twitter, blogroll)
Product Development (Cynthia Nichols)
Communications (Steven Brown)
Executive Blog (Carl Tierney)
Getting Started
Contact Us
Contact Form (form to mail)
Contact Information
Investor Information
Get Help
Request Support
Support Model

4) Modify the footer and create the pages for following areas
E-news Form
Sign up for updates
Sub Navigation
Phone Number
Email Address

5) Recommend and install SEF and SEO Joomla Extensions
6) Recommend and install Social Media Joomla Extensions
7) Recommend and Install Calendar & Event Extension

All creative imagery will be provided by ProjectBonfire.

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Professional Designer (Urgent)

We are only looking for the DESIGNING of some of our site , based on a simple draw up of how we would like navigation to be. This design should be:

1) Very modern and Web 2.0
2) Looks interactive
3) Incorporates use of theme and/or colours than enhance the look
4) Good understanding and use of typology for page to be user-friendly
5) Designer MUST recommend layout

Designer must suggest designs based on creating more business for the company. For example, if certain lists should be the main eye-catching area of a page, designer should recommend hat and if agreed upon, go ahead to modify the design.

Please Do NOT apply if you are not a designer or have not done CREATIVE web design before.

Please placed a bid only for landing page and one sub page . If anyone provide any sample with bidding , they have much more chance to get this job and if this get well , many in future .

Thank you!

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Need OsCommerce Pro To Work On Many Projects.

Im looking for a long term team member that will be able to help us with osCommerce add-ons, skinning my designs and converting them into osCommerce system, and everything else osCommerce related.

I have many sites and many times need changes or upgrades done so if youre looking for something long term I would recommend you bid. I also recommend that only professional osCommerce coders bid because I dont have time for someone who doesnt know what to do exactly.

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Joomla And DT Register Template Design/install

We are currently located at

We are converting our site to Joomla; specifically we would like to have someone code our design for a home page template* and an "article" template*, and also incorporate DTregister and Jevent for our class registration.

Wed also like you to take a look at our site and recommend how many categories of "articles" youd recommend we have in the back-end database.

Basically, Id like to have these elements designed and installed on our server and then we would do the content transfer.

*We are also open to using pre-designed templates if we can incorporate our own photos – looking for something simple and cost-effective. Thanks!

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JQuery Support

I have a site that is written in PHP and I need support with jquery and some of the underlying methods. This sites consists of bout 15 pages and will use jquery for the client side operations.

I need a developer that can help with the jquery calls and deployments. This person should be comfortable working with jquery and recommend and apply changes where needed and support those changes. This developer should review existing code and change or recommend changes when required.

This project should last no longer then 10 days and when completed have jquery in the site working as expected. I hope you are this developer and look forward to hearing from you.

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Facebook Recommend Button

I need a FB recommend button on my article module found here . Its made with smarty and each article doesnt have a unique url it seems, but is called by javascript from the frontpage.

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IPhone App

Do a bunch of updates to an existing iPhone app.
– Add facebook login / while using server proxy / add facebook connect
– add swipe (to delete items in ToDo list)
– improve list scrolling -> let search bar + search category buttons scroll up when you scroll in the list
– No graphics update needed -> i provide higher resolution icons and logos
– Split recommend and invite -> at recommend button in details screen
– Compile for OS target 3.1
– Disable bouncing effect on login screen when you logout.

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Recommend Changes To Magento Store

I need someone to go through my Magento store (Both admin and userpanel), seach for things that should be better and write me a report with suggestians on how i can make it better.

You have to have good Magento skills and have the eye to see how the shop can inprove.

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We have a few WordPress Blogs. We will sell physical books and eventually digital download to our Facebook fans. We only have 1 product now. But will have dozens in a matter of months. I am looking for a provider with rock solid ecommerce experience and social media savvy .

This provider will recommend and install the best shopping cart / social commerce solution for our situation. They will also recommend and implement a simple fulfillment solution for our books.

Ideal provider will be familiar with Aweber and email campaigns.

Yahoo Messenger / AIM would be a plus.

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WordPress Theme And Coding Needed.

Please provide me with a wordpress theme install on my domain as follow:

Similar to this theme. see theme in box

With the following functions
sites/themes function

-quick app form -Name, email, phone, purchase, refinance, cashout option
– Auto responder script integration with email ( you will have to find and recommend script)
-mortgage rates auto update ( you will have to find and recommend script)
-mortgage calculator , rent vs buy, etc ( you will have to find and recommend script)
-mortgage news auto update ( you will have to find and recommend script)
-localized real estate news feed ( you will have to find and recommend script)

All seo plug in : seo all in one
link demon -complete set up
rss feed ( up to you)
all other plugs in that you think is useful to the site for
a) Content sharing

b) Spam Fighting

c) SEO

d) Navigation Enhancement

e) Stats

f) WordPress Admin Enhancement

g) Content Embedding

h) Miscellanous

If possible any integration with twitter and/or facebook ( like auto posting)

site map-working correctly

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***Long-Term Income For Smart Product Creators***

Dear Smart Product Creators,

I am looking for a product which I can sell online. I am
looking for a team of smart product creators who can consistently
give me high quality product to sell. I am planning to take
2 to 4 products every month.

Heres the product requirements:
1.0 It must be an information product like a 30-page ebook
3.0 All source files must be sent to me.
4.0 You must have the rights to use the graphics.
5.0 All rights to the product will be transferred to me.

What products am I looking for? You have to recommend to me.
You recommend to me the product you are going to create. Once
approved, you can go ahead and create the whole thing. I will
pay per job. starting with the first one and I like you,
every month I will order 2 to 4 products from you. Long-term
job is available but you must make sure it is HIGH QUALITY,
ORIGINAL product – not rehashed, not re-written, no crap.

If you are selected, heres my Standard Work Procedure (SWP):
1.0 Every month, you submit 4 ideas to me preferably on
internet marketing.
2.0 I will approve the idea. If rejected, you rethink it and
recommend another idea to me.
3.0 For every idea you suggest, once approved, completion time
should be 2 weeks or less.
4.0 I pay per job. The more you work, the more you can earn,
as simple as that.

How to bid:
1.0 Bid from $30 to $100.
2.0 State clearly your experience in product creation.
3.0 PM me the product you will create for me if you are chosen.
4.0 Provide examples of your past works.

I want someone with consistent performance. This is a long-term
job! You must have the resources to consistently provide me
4 ebooks every month!

Bid now and I hope I can find a talented team here!


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IPhone Application

I want to create an iPhone app (that can also be used on a regular computer). Basically, its called To download it you must enter your email address which is sent to my database #1. Once its downloaded, you can enter the BOOK TITLE, AUTHOR and optional is the ISBN # (if it could scan a bar code thatd be great but not necessary) also, they can enter the email address of as many friends at they would like to recommend the book to and press ENTER.

This information is sent to my database #2. The system counts how many "votes" a particular book got. It also recognizes if someone says War and Peace that The War and Peace is the same book.

I can then use this information to send out in a newsletter and recommend book titles.

This application should also be able to be used on a regular computer too. And if they are offline then it stores whatever book they are recommending and sends the info to the database whenever they go back online.

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Wee are looking for a master specialist to manage massive sending of email. (1 million/day)

This specialist will have to be capable of setting up complete architecture to avoid filters and antispam systems.

1/Please send us a description of your vision to manage this project.

2/Guive us complet description of technical means to have success.

3/To indicate which software of sending of e-mails you recommend. Have you a self-made soft solution ?

4/Describe your experience in this domain of activity.

5/What technical means and software recommend you to send by exemple: 1 one million e-mails / day?

To speak French fluently would be an advantage but it is not indispensable.


A/The first mission is the implementation of the complete structure: what payment would wish you?
B/The second mission is the maintenance and and the improvement of the set up system: what payment would wish you?

Our business is legal(optin addresses)

WE PAY by bank transfert, PayPal, Western Union

Long term business possible

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Ezine Platinum Author

Ezine Platinum Author

Our client is looking forward to hire an experienced Ezine Platinum Author for an ongoing business relationship. At least three articles, three days per week. The requested articles are for insurance category. Our client is looking for reasonable rates so please advise rate per article for a long term writing/submission project. Please elaborate on your experience in this field and provide us with feedback and recommendations. How many words per article do you recommend? And how many articles per week do you recommend to achieve maximum benefits? How about submissions to other outlets such as diggs and others? Which other outlets do you recommend submissions to? How often the articles are accepted by Ezine? and on and on.

Thanks, Don

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Video Script Install + FFMPEG Hosting


I have found a Free Script that I would like to have installed so I can test it out. If the script does everything that I need then I will need to import my users from my current site into this new script. This would need to be their usernames/passwords, etc.

Right now I have a shared reseller hosting plan with my hosting company and they dont allow FFmpeg. So I will need for you to recommend a good cheap hosting company that does FFMpeg and then install the script for me to test out.

1. How much to install the script?
2. Which hosting do you recommend?
3. If script meets my needs, how much to import current users into new script?



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Creating A Blog For A Volusion Template

My kids clothing store is using Volusion as its shopping cart. I am looking to attach a blog to the storefront for SEO purposes.

Please submit your proposal with samples of your work, specifying what your contribution was to that website.

Your proposal must also contain details on how you would approach the project and your expected timeframe. For example what software you would use? Would you recommend adding it directly to the template or would you recommend creating a separate site with direct links from the Volusion store to the blog and vice versa.

The blog will be administered by the store and readers should be allowed to make comments.

The end result must be user friendly and have a complementary look to the storefront.

Prior Volusion experience is preferred.

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$25 To Recommend A Shopping Cart

We want to find developers who have the experience required to develop and deploy our new ecommerce site.

We are a small Internet marketing company that sells a self-help product for alcoholics called "Change Your Mind About Drinking." Our web site is

At this time, we dont want you to bid to rebuild our site. We want you to analyze our needs and recommend the best shopping cart for us to use. To do so, youll answer a questionnaire (a survey). The top respondent to the survey will win this bid (well pay up to $25). If you have the best recommendations, we will invite you to bid to rebuild our web site.

Your answers to our survey will help us determine which shopping carts we will consider using for our new site, as well as showing whether you understand our particular business requirements.

If you want to participate, enter a bid, THEN GO TO
to complete the survey. You must complete the survey to win the bid.

PLEASE, if you bid on this project, DO NOT send private messages (no PMs!) as we are too busy to read any of them.

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Website Design and Build

Looking for a professional Web site design and build

I am representing non-profit making user group wanting to expand from a forum list to a dedicated website targeting heath issues from a specific medical surgery treatment.

Objective for the site

* Provide a medium for community to share experiences
* Build a virtual support group/s
* Accumulate knowledge from various streams and sources of information
* Gather unofficial case studies to promote a change in the medical community.

Core work requirement

Design and build a professional website with non profit medical user support theme
Build home page with links to secondary pages
Locate, recommend options and implement a SURVEY TOOL plug in
Locate, recommend options and implement a Knowledge base publishing / content management system
Build, Sponsorship processing to PayPal payments portal

Phase I
#; Project Manage, build and establish this public website
#; Recommend plug in products (open source or purchase)
#; Install and configure VBulletin members forum application
#; Medial practitioner database where members can input practitioners info
#; Links area for other supporting info.
#; Site Search Engine

Phase II
Search engine optimization

Other requirements
Ongoing maintenance support / development tweaks (per qtr) / ongoing security
Detailed requirement Scope of work will be shared with those are short-listed.
Reference sites / work required for short listing.

Please contact email should you require further information on project work


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