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Product Image Updating – REPOST (Accidental Delete)

We have 750 products in an online database that need to have images assigned to each record. The image name contains an item number that matches the product item number, and we need someone who can go through and add images to each record accordingly (see attached screen shot).

The images will be provided to you in a ZIP, and there are two ways to achieve the end result:

1. Login to the admin area (see screenshot) and Edit->Upload each individual image manually


2. Simply copy/paste the image name into the corresponding product record in a CSV (we will provide this file) which will then be loaded into the site accordingly

Either approach is fine, provided that at the end of the day we have a complete product database with the image file names assigned accordingly. Seeking 1-2 turnaround if possible…

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Product Image Updating

We have 750 products in an online database that need to have images assigned to each record. The image name contains an item number that matches the product item number, and we need someone who can go through and add images to each record accordingly (see attached screen shot).

The images will be provided to you in a ZIP, and there are two ways to achieve the end result:

1. Login to the admin area (see screenshot) and Edit->Upload each individual image manually


2. Simply copy/paste the image name into the corresponding product record in a CSV (we will provide this file) which will then be loaded into the site accordingly

Either approach is fine, provided that at the end of the day we have a complete product database with the image file names assigned accordingly. Seeking 1-2 turnaround if possible…

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I need a website created for a new Record Label

It needs to be very similar to!all

So with the big logo up the top on the left side with the photo on the right, (which i will supply you of course)

Home, About, Calander, Music, Videos, Photos, And a join mailing list.Pages

I need it to be able to be easy for me to add calendar events, add photos, music videos etc.So like a blog. And so people can post comments on the videos and images. like on diddydirtymoney

Please PM me with previous websites you have build similar to this project


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Patient Record System

Hi i am currently developing a Patient record system. I need some help with coding/programming. I am currently using Microsoft Visual C# and SQL Server. Message me for requirements and details. Thank you

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Flash Karaoke

Heres what I need. Im creating a website where wanna-be rappers can record freestyles over any beat they want. Basically, the flash application that I need must be able to display all the instrumental tracks or beats that are in a specific folder, or perhaps loaded from an xml file. From there, the user needs to be able to click record and have it play the beat for the user, and record whatever is said into the microphone. There needs to then be all the basics like a reset function to start recording over again from the beginning, be able to pause recording, and then start recording again, a volume slider for both the mic and the speakers, and then the flash application must be able to merge the recorded microphone audio with the beat so that it can be played back. Other details will be given when the job is awarded to you.

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Private Keylogger

Need a Customized Keylogger,
-not affecting the system performance
-must run in stealth mode
-record instant messages and chats
-record websites visited
-record all keystrokes
-record all send and read emails
-well formatted logs easy to read with time/date tracking

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Diary/chronicle On Iphone/ipad

This is a chronicle/diary project on iphone.

The user wants to take some notes in text, add some video/audio/pic to the text. This will be local to the iphone/ipod.
But the user should be able to transfer the files to his/her computer. There should be also some privacy settings when you open up the app.

+calendar view
+add some texts
+add/record audio files
+add/record video file
+add/take pics

I need complete source code. I will provide more details.


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Australian Female (Male Eventually) Voice-Over Artist

The task is to record a quality voice over track similar to audio from video which can be found here:
The length is to be around 90 seconds, more or less (I think less, aiming for 90 seconds animation with intro and outro without voice over).

Two things are crucial here:
– voice over artist has to be Australian, preferably female but isnt 100% necessary,
– time, Id really love it to be finished as soon as possible. If you can work during this weekend its great.
Let me know how much time do you need (I dont want to cut on quality). I understand some of you want/need to rest so please bid even if you can start no sooner than on Monday, March 21.

Further details
– script is almost completed and can be sent immediately after selecting one of you, some tweaks might apply later but I think re-recording a sentence or two will be sufficient for any changes,
– Id prefer to have recording sent in several wav files but if you like to record in one shot you really dont need to do this.

Below is about quarter of whole script. Id appreciate if you can record 2-3 chosen sentences (or whole excerpt) from here and upload it as sample:

"The world of managing people has changed. Subscribe HR helps you make your people happy and your business successful. Whist many of the traditional e-Recruitment and e-HR needs remain, there are new challenges that have to be met by People, Managing People. Subscribe HR is the now and the future. We dovetail you into the digital world, with an amazing, on-demand People and Talent Management system."

Thank you, I hope for a great cooperation 🙂


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Record My Side Of A Cellular Phone Call

The program will:
1. Enable the start of a phone call from the phone book or manual entry.
2. Record the programs side voice at 8k baud, 16bit, pcm.
3. At 1 second intervals will call our algorithm and pass the recorded audio as a buffer.
4. Enable the user to start, stop the call and will give basic feedback coming from the algorithm (through progress indicators or vocal). This will be defined during the negotiations and may change according to the difficulty.
5. Save the recorded call into files.

We request the sources to be thoroughly documented in English so that we can integrate it with our algorithms and take care of future maintenance.
We need (probably separate) versions for Iphone, Android and Nokia smartphones.
The program will be written in C, C++ or local dialects (e.g. Symbian C)
The development will be under Eclipse, QT or Netbeans.

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Electronic Audio Switch

Hi I need a simple switching device that is triggered buy and audio spike of sound

I have a trifield natural em meter

An iPhone that is programmed to record once it receives a sound spike in volume

And a hand held scanner that is tuned in to a specific frequency

the trifled meter will pick up any radio signal and will beep once there is one, I need this to then trigger the audio gate to open and let the sound come through from the radio scanner, once the sound comes through it will trigger the iPhone to record the audio samples

Should be quite simple for some who knows how to

I also have another project I need setting up once this one is done

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.Net MS Office

There are 2 utilities needed:

1) This utility will facilitate the import of a file into a SQL table. The interface will require the user to select a file (MS Excel csv most likely), request a password (use this to unprotect the file and re-protect afterwards), then import the data into a SQL table. There will need to be a control record created (in a SQL table) to record the who, what, when and how many records/rows etc. Once the data is imported, the file will need to be protected again, with the same password.

2) This utility is very similar to the first except it is exporting data from SQL. In this case, the password will be used to protect the file. The folder/filename will be prompted for. A control record will be created to record the who, what, when, where and how many.

Code can be done in C# or VB.Net. MS SQL Server 2008 database.

50% upon delivery of code and installation
50% when testing completed and signed off

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Configure SugarCRM Pro Workflows

This job is for implementing a four step sales workflow in SugarCRM pro. We have an overly complex system now (not in SugarCRM Pro) that were looking to dramatically simplify.

We need the following roles: Admin, Originator, Closer, Developer, PM. Each role will have different access to each step of the workflow – e.g. only a certain role may move from, say, stage 1 of the workflow to stage 2. That role will be different in each stage.

We will have less than ten custom fields, probably closer to five.

Every time a stage progresses to the next stage, an email notification needs to go out to an individual specified in the record with a link to the record. If a record isnt updated within a day, an email reminder needs to go out to an individual specified in the record. And finally, if a record isnt updated within two days, an email reminder needs to go out to the boss.

You will be given full Administrative access to our instance of SugarCRM Pro.

Please be prepared to show examples of prior workflows created in SugarCRM Pro. No more than two finalists will be chosen, each will be required to submit at least one verifiable reference. We will be making our decision based on price, speed to complete, and familiarity with SugarCRM Pro.

Your quote must include an estimated time to complete the project in actual days, as well as the soonest date you could begin. Were happy to answer any other questions you might have.

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Remove Menu Items For Certain People

I have it setup so anyone who signs up is a registered user, They pay for a subscription with paypal and are upgraded to Publisher.

I have the following menu items setup for publishers

View Record Pool

Drop Contacts

I would like to have these menu items only show up for Public, Registered users. Not for Publishers

Preview Record Pool

Sign Up Now

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Speak English And Record Short Video!

This is a very simple project. Please read it carefully.

I am looking for the selected provider to find 6 people to record a 30-60 second video talking about a topic I will give you.

Each person needs to speak fluent English (Ideally, American, Canadian, Australian, UK, etc.). If the English isnt good, I will not release escrow. If you are not sure, please post a link in PMB so I can see the persons and hear them speak (about anything).

I will pay $30 for this project. Must be completed within 24 hours.

I am not interested in anything else for this project.

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Speak English And Record Short Video

This is a very simple project. Please read it carefully.

I am looking for the selected provider to find 6 people to record a 30-60 second video talking about a topic I will give you.

I am not interested in anything else for this project.

Each person needs to speak fluent English. If the English isnt good, I will not release escrow.

I will pay $30 for this project. Must be completed within 24 hours.

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10000 Targeted Facebook Fans For Record Label

We need 10,000 Facebook to our fan page/business page.

You must have experience. Send me proof/references youve done this work before without the accounts getting suspended.

No spam, bots, or fake accounts.
No accounts in danger of being suspended.

These must be fans that are real people from AUSTRALIA/UK/USA/Canada, with:
at least 2+ photos,
At least 10+ friends, and

Any questions, just ask. Wed prefer someone with a good track record whos done this work before. Wed like to get started right away.

For right candidate, theres more work to come. Atleast two more of the same job.

03/09/2011 at 19:21 EST:


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Phone Calls And Extractions

We are needing cold calls to be made to different business lists. We have 5 or 6 business list with name, address, phone number.

We need the call to do the following:

1. Delete any record with an invaild phone number

2. Find out if the business has a special events

3. IF no, the record will be deleted,

4. If yes, then the contact name, and email address will be inputed or updated.

We will provide a basic phone script, and the lists in Excel format. You must have very good English.

All incoming bids on this project needs to be priced/quoted per day, and an estimate of how many calls will be completed each day.

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Iphone Pre Record Answering App

I am interested in a simple iphone app, that can answer any incoming or outgoing call by itself, via pre-recorded messages. Lets say I have recorded 5 messages 1) a greetings message "Hi this is Chris how may i help you?" 2) Sure hold on a second 3) He is not at home could you please call later 4) Yes 5) No.

Now when I have an incomming or outgoing call, I run the app in which I have pre recorded different types of replies. When i press message 1, it starts speaking. Then depending on the guy on the other sides reply I can either select button 2,3,4 or 5 of my pre recorded message. And be able to over ride the call any time and start talking myself.

App user be able to record 100+ customized voice messages.

I will provide all the GUI and design elements, I require working functionality to be perfect.

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Islamabad Dedicated Telemarketing & Sales Required-FullTime


We are seeking an experienced Inbound/outbound Marketing Associate with a track record of out-of-the-box marketing innovation and a passion for driving results. You will work from the comfort of your home as full time employee. You will work during 6pm to 3am.

You must have:

– At least 1MB DSL Internet
– Own Laptop
– Electricity Backup (UPS)
– Proven record of sales and marketing.
– must have American accent

We offer:
– Training
– Advancement Opportunities
– Basic salary with good commission on sales

If you are interested, please send me resume with voice samples at flashpublisher [at] hotmail [dot] com

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Patient Record DataBase


I am a medical doctor and I need a database to keep track of my new customers, returning customers, the items they purchase, the costs, revenue, demographic information, date of visit, number of visits, and reports etc. I have around 100 new customers/patients visiting my clinic everyday. Moreover I want this solution to be able to run on my windows based laptop and my ipad.

So essentially in my office i use my laptop where i ll be entering data into the DB but then once i am traveling i ll copy the DB in my flash drive and connect it to my Ipad to view and update my customers info in case they call me.

This company should also be well established since I will probably need updates done from time to time in the future.



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Russian/eastern European Text Entry

A small project for now (but maybe more work later) for a non profit music library.

We have circa a dozen Russian language (at least 95% a few could be another cyrillic type language) phonograph records that need their text entering into a database. We would send a scan of the images in question and you would return these back in a text file so we can cut and paste back into the database keeping the original language text. You are welcome to explain a bit about the material also as notes.

If this was in English it would not take even an hour of work, but that is not our area. We will have more such material in the future and will invite the freelancer to undertake such work as we make another pile out.

Hopefully this is clear. So you would return a file by email saying for example:

Record 1
track 1 xxxxxx
track 2 xxxxxx
track 3 xxxxxx

Record 2
track 1 xxxxx
track 2 xxxxx
track 3 xxxxx

Payment preferred by Paypal or via EU SEPA / IBAN in Euro.


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Excel 2007 User Form

I have an Excel spreadsheet that acts as a customer database. Basic data entry (5 fields) is via a userform.

I am looking for someone who can add 2 bits of functionality

1. When data is entered into the first field of the form (Co Name), this is compared to existing records to see if record already exists.
a) If no matches found, other 4 data fields can be completed and data added to database
b) If matches are found, these are displayed (all 5 fields) one at a time by use of a "next button" for user to identify the company by visually checking the other fields, User then has the choice to add a record with same "Co Name" but with new info for the 4 other fields OR clears all fields and starts with a new Co Name

2. When new data is added to the database, a unique ID code is generated for each record

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PHP Database – Record Keeping

We are looking at having a PHP based data collection program created. This will be used to collect, store, recall and search non-secure business records.

There will need to be apporox 8-12 fields that need to be editable and search able. We are using a touch screen with an external keyboard, so big easy menus are a must.

Happy bidding!

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Record RDP Sessions And Play

I want to record the Microsoft remote desktop baseed on the rdp protocol.

Then the record can be played.
the server is linux, the user use client to login in the server. So the record is run on the linux. the recorder must record the rdp data,not jpgs,not avi; A player(must be java) can play the rdp data in IE browser. open source is ok.

some reference is xrdp & rdesktop

thank you.

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Android App – Fitness Gym Manager

Chosen developer MUST have previous Android App development experience.

I would like to develop an app for Android – specifically for an Android Tablet. There is an app currently in development for the iPad (only) and I would like to do the same thing for Android.

This app will essentially manage all of the functions of a gym membership program –

1) Register a new client
a) Fill out the registration form
b) Fill out and sign the waiver (physically sign on the tablet)
c) Take a picture of the client
d) Save all information to Android Contacts
e) Accept and process Credit Cards – would be great to have an application that would auto-bill and auto-invoice every month.

2) Client Profile
a) Not only their personal information, but also needs to serve as a way to record workouts to their profile.
b) Record weigh-ins on a regular basis
c) Record meals (optional)
d) Record / tag client profiles to videos / pictures of the client.

3) Serve as a client check-in
a) When a client arrives they can either check in with their personal Android Phone or iPhone OR manually through the gyms Android Tablet.
b) Record client visits to their profile
c) Gym trainers must be able to pick a client after they are checked in and put them in a queue for a class.
d) Once the workout is over, trainer must be able to easily post results to clients profile.
e) Daily results then need to be posted as a blog entry to a website (gyms website)

4) Must also serve as a portal where trainer can post/create workouts. Workout database must be accessible through the app.

5) Must be applicable to multiple gyms – in other words, must be able to sell the product to other gyms

We want to beat the Apple product to market!! Ready to accept bids!

Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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I am developing my own CRM in Filemaker to use it on the web.
I need some experienced part-time developers to help me, to complete and correct some script for this crm.
1) Main problem is : I want only one user at the time thet can go on a record. Sound easy, I know, but so far (using my script), sometimes still happen that 2 users go on the same record contemporary.
2) I integrated a sort of "click to call", using x-lite and command sip from browser. Everything is fine expect that I cannot hang up from browser. I need to do this.
3) Eventually I need an integration of this filemaker crm with the predictive dialer of Elastix.For this last part resident in Ukraine are prefferred.

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Record And Preview PGR Flea2 FW Cam To AVI Using Codec


Our company is using a Point Grey Research Flea2 cam (FW800), and we would like a C++ form with a start and stop button to record video and audio (from mic) to a AVI file and with a mirrored preview on screen.

There are some example projects with the cam, one example shows how to record to AVI from the console, but audio is not included.


* Point Grey Research Flea2 Firewaire 800 Cam (own driver, not detected by Windows, but only detected by Point Grey Research software (SDK examples included), also cam supports FlyStream Driver, to support DirectShow
Full SDK and reference included (Example FlyCap application that is a preview C++ app, that displays the image to the screen, and has the option to change the camera settings)
* Access to Windows XP remote computer with VS2008 (RDP or TeamViewer)

Main program:

* Layout: preview window and Start Record / stop record button (nothing more)
* Optionally: Mirrored preview
* Read settings from custom config.INI file: Recording video/audio Codec to use, record path, camera settings
* Optionally: Auto gain (increase audio gain if mic volume is low, and decrease if to loud)

Camera settings to record (just saved in an config.ini file so we can adapt them if needed):

* Resolution: 1024 x 576 px
* YUV 422 (needed for 25 fps)
* 25 fps
* Format 7 transfer codec instead of DCAM ( setting in the cam, this has nothing to do with the AVI codec)
* Auto Exposure
* Screenshot Setting overview:,,

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Groupon API Data Part II

Build an ongoing spreadsheet that automatically updates itself with data from Groupons API (deals, locations, revenue, etc). It will automatically update each day with new data and be available via email. Deals will reconcile using the following rules. This is a follow on project to:

Day 1 – 2 Deals were Pulled. Deal A and Deal B. File will contain both these deals.
Day 2 – Only One Deal was Pulled. i.e. Deal B. This means that Deal A was closed. File will still contain both deals A and B and Deal A will be reported as closed along with the last quantity that was sold upto the time when it got closed.
Day 3 – Only 2 Deals were Pulled. Deal B and Deal C. File will contain 3 Deals now. Deal A record untouched. Deal B Record Updated with the last quantity at the time of data extraction. and Deal C record added.

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Design Searchable Database Pages With Aspx

I want a database driven pages to be integrated to my existing web site to search and find result from a table of student record using .aspx extention. The students should be able to search a database table with registration number when result is found, a webpage should open to display the record and also with MS windows print page option popped up.
Where no result is found, an explorer popup should display your name is not on admission list

Admin should have an interface to add or delete student record from the table with password protection.

Other details: I will work with the designer to format the search and result page… with logo, font and other html design required. The designer only need to focus on the database aspect of the project.
The designer must show me a live sample of similar project completed

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Asterisk Click To Call And Record

What is needed is an Asterisk solution for a small call centre to :

1.Be installed on our Asterisk server running AsteriskNow with FreePBX without breaking the FreePBX functionality
2.accept instructions to make a call by way of XMLHTTP post with the customers external phone number, the agents internal phone number and a unique call reference string supplied as parameters.
3.Dial the agent and wait a configurable time for the agent to answer
4.If the agent does not answer within the time limit then to abandon the attempt
5.If the agent answers, then to call the customer external number with the agent connected and hearing the progress of the call.
6.If the customer does not answer then to abandon the call attempt and clear down
7.If the the customer answers, then the agent and customer will speak and Asterisk will record the conversation in both directions.
8.At the end of the call the recording will be stored in a folder specified by a configuration parameter. The file name will contain the call reference string supplied from the XMLHTTP parameter
9.The two directions of voice will be merged into a single file, after the call. This can be a batch process running on a schedule if required.

The development service will include:

1.Provide an written overview of the solution
2.Develop and supply any software with reasonable documentation in the code
3.Provide Asterisk configuration changes required to support the software
4.Supply written installation and configuration instructions
5.Email (and remote access support if required) to the point where it works on our Asterisk server

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Invoicing Tool And Expense Record

4 main modules to do
a. Record Expenses

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Video Guest Book Kiosk Software


I am wanting to find a software developer to design a application to use for my business I am starting up. I offer unique ideas for weddings and other events. I am starting a Video Guestbook kiosk. I have found a couple places who offer software for what I am doing but they are missing one feature that I would like to have. I am using a touch screen with this software that acts just like a normal mouse but by touch (NextWindow product). The software is very simple. The software I have used appears in full screen kiosk mode (so the users do not have the option to exit out) and shows a live view of the guest through an external web camera and asks them to type in their names. Once they type their names in they hit continue and it counts down from 5 seconds and begins to record their video. Once they are finished they can either hit playback to watch it back, re-do to re-record it, or save to save it. Then they are finished and it returns back to live view where the next guest will type their names in and record a video and so on. The software I have tried out (, has good software but there is one problem. My touch screen will allow me to hit continue, record, re-do, and save but the typing part is where I have trouble. I would like to eliminate having a keyboard and would rather do everything by touch screen, including the part where they type in there name. So I thought, I will use the Mac virtual on screen keyboard or another application called "Touch Strokes" which is also a on screen virtual keyboard. The problem is that when I start the Video Guest book software it opens up in full screen kiosk mode which then covers up my virtual on screen keyboard. So it will not allow users to type their names in using the touch screen panel and instead they would need to use a keyboard. I would like similar software as the ones listed above but would like to ad the feature of using a on screen keyboard. The software listed above is for a Mac but I would like to use this in Windows 7. So my software needs to run in full screen mode, it needs to have a page that gives the user a place to type in their name using the on screen keyboard, once the user is finished he or she will hit "continue" where it will then go to the next page that shows a live view of the guest from the external web camera and it will begin the countdown from 5 to start recording. I would like the live view to take up a good percentage of the page. Then I would like 3 buttons at the bottom. The first one should be "back" so they can go back and start from the beginning typing in their name, the second one should be "Stop" so they can stop when they are finished recording, and the third one should be "Start Again" which will give another countdown and ithey can start the recording over and re-record. Once they hit the "Stop" button which means they are done recording it will then take them to the third page which will have two buttons. The first one will say "Save", the second one should say "Re-Record". If they hit "save" it should save their name and video automatically to a designated folder. If they hit "re-record" it should return to the previous page and begin another countdown for them to re-record their video. The background design of each 3 pages should have a wedding themed background, or if not difficult it would be nice to be able to change the background of the pages anytime you like. I hope this explains everything and I hope to find someone soon and get this started.

Thank you

Jamie Foster

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