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Graphic Design Project

I run a law firm which has its own website (detailing the services provided by the firm). The firm is launching a marketing campaign to get customers for wills and probate work. (Wills are documents in which people state how they want their assets and money to be dealt with and distributed on their death).

the campaign will use a landing page with separate multiple urls which itself will link to the firms website. I am looking for someone to produce the graphic design for the landing page (as well as produce the landing page itself if possible). The concept is very light hearted and aims to make customers laugh. I have a very clear idea of what I want – the graphic will be vividly coloured with a red, green, cream and black background in the form of a stylised map). On top of the background will be the route a coffin will take through the map – the route will be outlined in red with red flashing buttons. Next to each red flashing button will be a different cartoon-style person which the designer will need to draw with a fair degree of detail. In total, there will be 9 people that will need to be created (as well as a simple coffin).

The landing page will be largely flat with a small amount of moving graphics. When a user clicks (or hovers over) a flashing red button (or person next to it), a small box containing text describing the person will open next to the relevant person. When the user removes his mouse, the box will close.

At the bottom of the page will be a slogan, the firms logo (which will link to the firms website) and a form requiring the user to submit a name and email address to receive further information. A button to "like" the page linking to the firms facebook account will also be included.

There will be two very slightly different versions of the landing page: aimed at slightly different audiences. The only differences in the pages will be in relation to two of the cartoon people and the content of their relevant boxes. (the additional two cartoon people required are included in the total of 9 people mentioned above).

Finally, the landing page will be replicated in a downloadable pdf and also a printed brochure. The images for these will use the landing page graphics with all boxes showing.

This is a very important project for the firm requiring excellent and experienced graphic designers. For this reason, I will only consider bids from people who are experienced freelancers on this site and who can provide examples of their previous graphic design work. Freelancers with an artistic flair and a great imagination would be perfect – the more creative input the freelancer can provide into this project, the better.

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Excel Expert Needed Asap

I need to compare "order management" list against "netbilling" list Every time you find a file that exist in order management but NO exist in netbilling you highlight in Red as i have already started doing. The you make seperate excel list of only files in red and send to me. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank u for bidding.

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Simple EA From One Indicator

Simple EA from 1 indicator
Dont merge together EA and indicator (Indicator is one peace and EA second EA cant be run without indicator software) to peaces working together.
I looking someone to make a simple EA based from one indicator
When we have red arrow go SHORT
When we have green arrow go LONG
When new red or green arrow upper exit old trade (close old and open a new trade), and go in the new one directions of the new arrow

EA Inputs
TradeFriday true/false

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Website Update

Id like to make some minor changes to my website in order to more look like the website: a couple of ideas I have are:

1. possibly removing logo and instead type name in "Red Stone Title & Abstract, LLC"
2. Change to a deep red border at the top, like Blackwoods black border.
3. Add a thin gray border to very top
4. Take "red stone title" out under the quote "Protect Insure Defend" quote
4. Match fonts better
5. Possibly update quotes
6. Fix keywords on all pages.
7. Add 3 years to experiences of Team.
8. Take out "USA" from all address references
9. Add links to "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions" at the bottom.

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Website Template Edits – Flash Knowledge Required

I have a website template which I need a few edits making to one of which required editing a flash product scroller on the homepage. The edits are listed below:

1. Change the colour of a line of text under the header from red to black
2. Edit the drop down sort the products menu to have a shorter list of options
3. Edit the flash product scroller to do the following: Add a £sterling sign infront of the prices, change the colour of the prices from red to purple, and change the colour of arrow buttons from red to purple.


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Flash Game Conversion To New Language

The flash media game, Beat the Quake, to be converted into a new language version, in Turkish, using Turkish characters. The game is a flash production that allows for test of knowledge for earthquake preparedness.

The three main portions of the game are
1. the instructions
2. the

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Oscommerce Mods

We have a website almost fully complete. we however require changes before the site can go live. changes are listed below. it is a modified OSC website, so its not a plain vanilla installation. im available to chat online please send me msg.

1) our website keeps switching users / shopping baskets. when we test the website, when we log in, it keeps changing users. if i am logged as person a, and person b logs in, person b is logged in as person a. THIS MUST B FIXED.
2) shopping basket keeps changing numbers
3) if we have an attribute, and there is 1 value color = "red", if there is another attribute color = "blue" . then we only get red, NOT blue. we require ALL attributes.
4) need to change categories text to images
5) are there extra security patches you can ad? if so please outline the cost of this
6) we also need to run a chron and we do not hav a copy of chron. please give a cost for this
7) one of the addresses is not working. all other addresses are , except this one.
8) Time Frame?

Thank you

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3D Ancient City Collapse

I need a few shots of an ancient city in 3D cgi… for video

1. Wide angle shot of city in day time
2. Wide angle shot of city at night time
3. Wide angle shot of city in day time, with hanging red rope from a window
4. Wide angle shot of city at night time, with hanging red rope from a window
5. Collapse of city by earthquake, in day time. At the end of the collapse, theres only one corner of the city left standing (see attachment). Also a red rope hanging from the window.

City is built of brick and stone.

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Red Light Special

I have purchased 3 website templates that are based on modeling and a escort site im in need of someone to customize these templates to my liking with music,images,new text ,buttons and links.

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Hadeco Shop Mods

Existing online shop using customized shop script (old version) requires a few small changes.

1. News scroll on homepage: change from permanent auto scroll to manual scroll so that user may control scrolling
2. Search facility: results to include whole search word only example:
search red must return red rose – must not return redress
3. Compare products results page must show product details including:
brief description
add to cart
4. When product stock = zero then replace "Add to Cart" (or add to cart button) with "Sold Out".
5. Reduce all product prices in database by 14%

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OpenCart Google Base Per Store Feed


Looking for someone to produce an add on for OpenCart. We need the ability to create a Google Base XML from OpenCart, the twist is that we have multiple store fronts and in different languages to, so we need multiple feeds generating for example:

Languages and Currencies are defined per store.

OpenCart. Europe version by Csillámvilág, other than that all standard, no database customisations have been made.

We also have other XML feed requirements to follow, the obvious one being XML site maps, again in the same format.

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5 Lifelike Illustrations Needed

I need 5 illustrations that are life like, Ill be scaling these down to actual size so I need them to be scalable and very detailed.

I need the following drawn in color so they look like theyre real, so proper shading and color is a must.
The example URLs illustrate what im asking for as well as showing the perspective I need the view to be from.

1. A fly from the perspective of me looking down on it, as if its just sitting there:
2. A dead fly, as if its on its side with the legs curled:
3. A cockroach, i.e.
4. A dead cockroach on its back:
5. A bullseye with a center red bullseye, and 2 red rings:

*** To be considered for this project please ATTACH examples of your work *** I dont want URLs to portfolios, ATTACH examples in a PM please…

Thank you!

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Photorealistic Images For Website

Invictus international is looking for an individual that can create a photo-realistic environment for new innovative website for one of our executives. We need fabrications created from the winning bidder to be so realistic that even advanced surfers would be convinced theyre staring at actual tangible objects.

this entire site will involve many different aspects of these graphical requirements the winning bidder will be rewarded not only by their bidding price but I also having the exclusive opportunity to create all these other aspects of the site as we implement them.

in this specific project we would like to start off by creating a photo-realistic perspective view of a red carpet. This is not the same type of red carpet you would see in some cliché house, but the exact same kind of red carpet that is seen in Hollywood and other A-list events. the winner would have to show great skill in being able to show detail as it is relative to space. For example the carpet that appears up to the front must be much more detailed than the carpet that is in the back.

Future projects that the winner will have the exclusive ability to work on will need to involve whether effects for example realistic snow must appear on top of the red carpet or on the shoulders of the figures standing inside view. Another example would be that of rain. They would need to have the ability to make individuals look like Hair is wet, clothes are wet and the red carpets areas are wet and soaked.

understand that before we accept a winner we would need to see past examples of your work in creating photo-realistic images from scratch. the entire site and project must be completed within a month. This means each piece of work would need to be completed within about a weeks worth of time

We will have plenty of examples that our prototype website will be able to provide. Communication is key as many revisions might be required.


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Red 5 Server Installation

We had an older version of Red5 Server on our server and it was working great. Our server crashed and weve had to move everything to a new server. We downloaded the latest version and are having a problem getting it to work. Were looking for someone who has knowledge of Red5 Server software and can install it on our server. Our server is Windows Server 2003. Only apply if you are familiar with Red 5 Server and the installation process and can guarantee you can get it working in a short amount of time.

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IPhone App

Outline of Requirements For

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PPV Live Cam Script – Need Some Changes, Fixes

Cannot reject models
Thumbail photos on main page not lined up in red box
user links in red box off center
would like background color potentially to be white if the images match
some other minor changes

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Need New Design

Need New Design, but must be whole template flow, not a single page, and colors theme must be black and red ( dark red )
one more thing site must be light weight, less images, and maximum work in css.

give me ideas first of all what you are thinking about.

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U Campaign

We need a background for a photoshop plugin to put models in front of for a picture campaign. A big red letter "U" designed on a preferred white background gradient to red (if it looks nice) should be designed in a vibrant, dynamic, 3-D type manner. This U should be more closer to either side of the background. It should be in high resolution approxixmately 300ppi, and landscape 6 by 4 inches. We need this image turned around ASAP. Thank you.

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Red Laser Mobile Phone App

Looking for someone who can use the the Red Laser SDK ( to make a custom mobile branding our company logo and company contact information. Your quote must include release of development source code as well.

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WordPress Css Code

Hi i need somebody to change my code in the site so the buttons to look yellow gold and when the mouse pass over them to change with red 3D or animated effect,3 other spots on the site must change from pink to red colour static.

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Joomla Virtuemart – Color + Size + Quantity

Want to add to Virtuemart, the following attributes

Matrix with

Size – s, m, l xl, this to be variable
Colour – red blue green, this to be variable
Add variable quantities eg

3 x Green s
5 x Green M
5 x Red L

It will act as wholesale ordering.

It will show as a grid on the or on the categories list page

In the back end the option to input available quantities for each variation, or leave blank for back-ordering.
Stock control is important

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Easy Populate Oscommerce Custom

Our clothing store is powered by oscommerce cre loaded. All of our items have many product attributes. We need easy populate to generate item name, item number, price, and three or four specific product attributes that are most important for product updating monthly.

Example 1: We sell dresses, shirts, pants, purses all from one manufacturer that come in the colors Purple, Black, Red, White, Blue, Green. If our manufacturer discontinues Red, and Blue, we need to generate easy populate tab deliminated so we can delete Red, and Blue from the excel file for all of these items and re-upload so changes can take effect in database.

Example 2: We sell 100 different shoes from one manufacturer. They come in size 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. If manufacturer no longer makes size 5, we need to edit and delete size 5 in easy populate for 100 different shoes, upload so changes can take effect in the database.

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Book Cover Design (Print, Hardcover)

I have a book cover (for a to be printed, hardcover book) that I need created. Here is the challenge: I want the book cover to be developed using a top notch graphics design package so that it looks like a photograph because it would be nearly impossible to get or take a photograph for the image that I have in mind.

I expect the cover to be all black in color with most of the title, sub-title and author name to be in standard font but there are two specific requirements:

1) I need the font for the title to be actually custom created in a script like running handwriting manner so that it appears as if a "Fire Hose" (you know the red fire hose that fire departments use that tend to shiny) is actually being used to write the title

2) Then the firehose at the tail end of the title needs to come towards the viewer ending in a nozzle (the heavy duty ones that fire departments use) with water gushing out at high pressure.

I have ATTACHED a pdf file with a rough illustration of the book cover that I have created in powerpoint. Page 1 shows the rough idea, Page 2 shows an illustrative example for the Main Title. The actual cover will be all black with the MAIN TITLE font in Red and the FIRE HOSE NOZZLE in Red and the rest of the font in either Yellow, Red or White. If the Yellow font can be done using some sort of a "glowing fire font", all the better. Wil be happy to discuss in detail if you think you can do it.

If you can let me know if this is even possible and how long this creative effort would take, I would appreciate it. Also note that the Book Spine, Back Cover, Front Flap and Back Flap (which is all standard for any book cover) are also part of this but that will mostly likely be all text and should take little time as limited graphics should be needed. The end product will be a PDF file ready for an offset printer in the format and resolution that any industry printer will need.

Thank you!

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