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Website Design

I have a companys website that needs to be redone. Right now it is a flash based website that is going to be redone in php. I have the php code done and all i need is a design. The design should be based off of the current tabs on the website. This website deals in all IT retrospects. Network Infrastructure, pc repair, Home audio you name it.

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Need Site Redone Again Ryan

Need a page converted and redesigned.

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3 Websites Copied & Need Redone. says Ive been copied & need to be re typed on the following websites., & Plz be at least 30 years old to bid on this project. Also, tell me what you charge for each website as I dont know if I can afford to do them all at once…..Thank you for your time…..Joel Leitson

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Content Spun I Need All 50 States Of Content Redone

I have a web site and I am creating another one just like it however i do not want the content to be the same word for word .I need at least 35% on the new content spun.Each state in the US has a page so thats 50 pages total .500 words per page.

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Script Redone

I have a script commonly called I hate you script I need the script redone with my own graphics and twist.I will need someone who can both help with a small amount of graphics and the script of course .

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Completion Of Catalogue

We have a half completed catalogue attached, we need all the products from put in. We are not happy with the way it is there already, we need the information pulled from the website with prices etc. i.e all the products have to be redone and the design on the product pages must match the overall design and look good and professional, additional content, text, images will be provided, project is approximately 15 pages of work, half a4 size

File is located at

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Graph Redo Needed. Sample Attached Easy JOB

Hey we have a graph that needs to be redone its kinda just put together now and looks tacky i have uploaded how our graph looks now if you could just redo it and organize the graph a bit better so it does not look like we filled it in with a pen.

Here is image Link :

This is something our employees fill out at the end of there shift for the money that is brought in and paid out with our sweepstakes machines.

At the top it should say

Sweep Stakes Daily Report

and then include the rest of the things that are currently on there.

This must bring out evenly on a regular sheet of paper and look good when copied.

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Need A Shockwave Flash Programmer

We have a shockwave file embedded on our home page ( and are interested in having it redone. We want to keep a phone animation on it, but we feel like the one on there looks cheap. We

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Redo Webpage Images

Redo webpage images

I need to have my webpage screen-shot images redone to look better. The screen-shots were done by me and I

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CRE Project

I have some work packages that need completing as part of a CRE project.


Header to be redone including 2 horizontal menus like play including 2 fixed html tabs so image and link can be changed for promotions.

Main Page banner with mouse overs and rotating ads

new buttons and icons to remove osc look and fit with overall site design and characters

horizontal also purchased.

advise on minor bug fixes.

Please reply with _candy and indicate time scales.


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We had a header done but the person couldnt deliver it finished due to unknown circumstances. So we need it redone. Example layout and files will be included.

1. We need our Header redone still in Flash .swf same as now but with a few modifications

2. We need a Header with a changeable subtext. [With a separate Text File]

3. Font "adine_kirmberg" [will be included] with a diamond texture and a twinkling effect upon loading like this. (example ~

4. We want our Video [The two leading instructors ~will included] on the header facing back-to-back of each other in Video (Effect: with swirling silver & gold stars around us upon loading)

5. We want on the header to be a clickable link to our website [ and] along with ** an image link to the following Social bookmarks: Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, MySpace. in that order please [actually addresses will be supplied for the project]

6. Size wise: (presently 200H by 949W) but dynamically sizable for other pages

7. We need it ASAP The previous job was for $35. We are willing to go up to $50 if you can really make it sizzle and make it quick.

[Further Detailed Description:]

For the background [included]

Layout [as is now]

All files for the project can be found here:

Please only bid if you can do it better and fast. Also please make sure you have view the files and the example "DanceTherapy.swf" in the downloadable zip file link. If you are bidding Im assuming you have seen it and know exactly what I am asking and you can deliver it.

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Translation Small Website To English – Brazilian Portuguese

Dear Freelancer

We are looking for an individual who can speak native Brazilian Portuguese. We do not want someone using any software, you will have to provide evidence that this is the case.

The website is small only ten pages long.

We are looking for someone who can help with Website design and SEO, so that the keywords we provide will be at the correct density, and meta tags , alt images etc will also have to be translated. on the site.

There is one header image and a Navigation bar that will also have to be translated and redone for the website, so if you have some ability to alter images it will be a big advantage.

You will be working with the website, rather than just providing the translation on MS-Doc. The final product will be our website up and running in Brazilian Portuguese.


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Quality Native English Speaking Rewriters Needed

Dear Bidders,

I am seeking quality writers to rewrite articles part time. I will supply you with the articles that need to be rewritten as well as all keyword phrases. I will need a strict order of 5 articles submitted for my approval from each candidate PER DAY for a total of 25 articles submitted per week from each writer. If you consistently do good work then more articles per week are possible.

It is a requirement that all articles must be written by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer. I cannot stress this enough and if you are unable to meet this requirement then please do not bid. The rewriting will need to be concise with proper grammar. I cant accept articles filled with filler words meant to fill space. I pay $1.00 to start per 400-600 word article and will increase payment with proven reliability and writing skills. I need 5-6 GOOD writers who are looking for long term work.

The keywords provided will need to be used in a normal, conversational tone throughout the articles. The keyword/keyword phrase needs to be in the article title, first sentence and used another 10-12 times throughout the article for a total keyword density of 2-2.5%. I will send you a free piece of software called DupeFreePRO in case you arent familiar with it. This software allows you to quickly and easily check your keyword density. Payment will be made via Paypal within 24 hours of successful completion of each 25 article project, so the sooner you can finish the articles the sooner you will receive payment.

When I hire a new writer I pay them $10 at completion of the first 10 article batch to show that I pay. The articles need to be informative to the reader with 100% correct grammar and punctuation. Grammar and punctuation is very important and articles filled with mistakes will be sent to be redone.

The articles must be at least 85% unique; they will be reviewed through Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect for plagiarism. If an article you submit to me does not pass Copyscape or has spelling and punctuation mistakes, you will not be paid for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval. I will not be able to pay if all requirements in this listing arent met, so please dont bid if you cant meet these requirements.

You agree that upon sending me the rewrites all rights to the rewritten articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any way.
Please be able to communicate 1-2 times per day via email or messenger. Due to issues I have had in the past with rewriters submitting sample articles that were clearly not writer by them, bids will only be considered after a successful rewrite is completed on a sample article on a topic of my choice.

When bidding please bid on the first project of 25 articles at $1.00 per rewrite. Please type this in your private message to me "rockstar rewriter" so I know you read and understand the requirements.

Thank you for bidding and I look forward to hearing from you

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Resize Or Redo The Flash For A Homepage – Joomla Website.

I have a website that has a Flash problem – horizontal sizing is not right. (
I need the flash to be resized or redone.

(I would like to get the similar results as on linksys site. The moving photos start from the edge of the screen. and it makes it look that it is full screen).

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Website Design And Optimization

We have three websites, two must be redone and two must be optimized for search engines. They are (redesign and optimized), (redesign) and (optimized and redesigned perhaps). At this moment, the business model and the website / e-commerce models are disjointed and need to be planned more strategically.

Priority will be to design and optimize with product information pages, downloadable catalogs pages – a good basic product website. If you look at, you will see the general idea of what MoroUSA should look like. needs to have a more updated look.

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Flash Application Developent Expert For Window App Rewrite

We currently own the rights to the content on a Windows based software product that is used in the instruction of college bound students to improve their SAT scores. The Software product we currently have, unfortunately… is hideous, and does not present professionalism or deliver any perceived value.

We are looking for someone to "Face-Lift" our program. We would like it done in flash so that it can run on the windows and Mac.

Please help use out. This is an embarrassment of an educational product. You have to see it to believe it, it needs to be redone!

We will give you a down-load to a zip file on our FTP Server for your review to determine the cost:

Password: wordsmart01

Please hurry, this program is killing us.

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JS Forms System

Review website needs complete rework of the form system including:
– add new site form
– submit review form
– submit site update form
– request screenshot update forms

Forms should be redone with JS technology, the following features are requested:
– forms should be loaded "on-demand" only to those visitors who clicked the correspondent link, to make web pages lighter
– forms should appear in "lightbox" format
– submitted information should be verified
– forms should be captcha-protected
– forms should feature success message

More details will be given to qualified providers
Thank you

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Image Resizing

I want some images I have re-sized down. This is not a simple job and nothing complicated.

In addition if you are good with images remaking I would like an old banner I have redone, again this is a simple job but if you are not good with this its not reason not to bid for the image resizing.

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Need Website Redone

Need Website redone

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Need Website Redone For YouSpaze

Need Website redone

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Internet Game Design

MageConquest is a french strategy game. The game is running the last tests about the engine and we do need new design and graphism. The game take place in another world, full of war and magic. All design/graphism should respect this.

Here are the different projects :(full specifications will be given):

All output files should be .psd files.

Graphic design :
-> Drawing of 6 wizard. Must be colorized.
-> Drawning of three symbol which will represent the different nation of the game.
-> Creation of the new logo of the game

Web design :
-> Game interface to be entirely redone. It should be based on other strategy game interfaces (such as Civilization 4, Heroes of Might and Magic…). Creating this interface includes different templates of different pages and not only a general template (general template, city template, statistics template, Army template, Mage template, Alliance template). We are waiting for someone very creative. No slicing required. Only the differents psd files are required.

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Need An Existing Website Redone

We have an existing site,, and we would like to have a more professional look. Our budget is low, but we can go as far offering a percentage of the profits to the right person. We need at least four pages with the ability to expand. We have the information that we want to include, but we dont want it to look like a 10-yr old did it. Please bid accordingly and pm us with ideas and references.

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Need WP Blog Redone – New Theme, Upload/Organize Content

I have a relatively popular blog, unfortunately it has been hacked (old WP version, didnt update), so I need to wipe my server clean and start fresh. I have content but need a new theme installed, and them my content organized and loaded back in. I have hosting on a dedicated PHP server, but need to have a programmer/designer help with getting it redone – quickly. I can supply all the graphics necessary as well as text, just need someone with experience to put it all together for me. The site is located here:

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