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26 HR Topics

For an HR-related newsletter we need 26 or more HR topics related to the hiring process. Issues related to other aspects of HR are not of interest, unless there is a link to the hiring process. Most helpful are topics matched up to the calendar for seasonal interest.

The topics must be clear and concise. General topics will not we accepted. Multiple freelancers may win this project, but milestones will not be provided.

These 26 plus articles may later become a project for bidding, too.

Links back to references will bring revenue in addition to your bid. References are defined as citations to research, journals, academic and government reports.

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Facebook Video Upload And Play Application

We require a Facebook app for a Facebook page.

The app needs to be able to offer the ability for the user to upload videos of themselves and then display the performance for other users to view. When a user clicks to view the video then it must then display the video to view on a new page (which will have a graphic of a concert stage – the video being of a user singing/performing).

The app needs to be able to store as many uploaded videos as possible for a other consumers to view.

Please also include costs for 1/5/10 days seeding.

When pricing you must be able to provide references and example of previous work.

When quoting for the project please include in your email:

-The Price
-Delivery Timescale
-References and url links to work examples (relevant).

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Bigcommerce Customization

I need someone experienced in customizing the websites within the BigCommerce platform.

1. I need all references to shipping removed from the site and well as in the order confirmation emails and in account history. I do not ship products so having references to shipping would confuse customers.

2. Within the checkout process I would like a scheduling feature much like is used by the website at the link below.

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I am hiring a selection of people that specialise in one OR MORE of the 8 PSYCHOLOGICAL MODULES listed below to do 21 essays PER MODULE (approx 2000 words each).

To write 21(twenty-one) 2000 word PSYCHOLOGY ESSAYS (at 1st class/MSc/PhD level) for ONE of the modules listed below
(Bidders can apply for more than one module if they wish to).

I will give you 7 lecture handouts PER MODULE (in whichever field you specialise in from the list below), so you are aware of the syllabus, in which each lecture handout is a different topic:

1. Health Psychology , OR
2. Social Psychology, OR
3. Perception & developmental disorders Psychology , OR
4. Criminal Forensic Psychology , OR
5. Developmental Psychology
6. Conceptual Psychology
7. HR MANAGEMENT (looking at the individual places in the work environment, OR/AND
8. HR MANAGEMENT (looking at how organisations change in various ways).

From the 7 handouts (per module) I give you, you are required to use that information as a foundation, and find Further Research (at MSc level) to write an approx. 2000 word essay on the questions I give you.


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Versatile Theme Edits

The site is and the theme is Versatile from themeforest.

On the home page I would like to change the structure underneath the main header. So we would have:
a). At the very top Logo on the left and phone number on the right top corner.
b). The header as it is at the moment (video left, text right)
c). Then we would have a scrolling menu (using looking similar to –
d). Then some references from customers – maybe a scrolling list with logo / reference (might use plugin)
e). To the right of references well have a call to action box e.g. Get Quote (option to enter name and phone number with a submit)
f). Underneath will later be information about the Facebook Competition application that were working on. (this will be added later)

So dont copy paste your past work or anything. Bid and send me a PM. Start your PM with "Im human" so I know you are actually reading these. And in your PM explain me how you will do these and which plugins you will use if any.

I check freelancer reviews mostly. So if you are new, youll have to provide me some solid reference work.

Also add which communication methods you can use (skype / gtalk etc.)

No copy paste link lists…

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Directory Site For CADD Software Dealers By Zip Code

To five star webdesigners only. I need a website built in the same format and structure and architecture as, it will need to be completely SEO optimized, keyword optimized etc etc, this means optimizing as many keywords as elocalplumbers uses for their site. We will need to have a zip code database that the customer can enter their zip at the site and find a CADD Dealer in their area. The dealer will either be paying by zip to be the top guy or a little less to be the side guy, same concept as We will assist with some of the content ideas specific to the CADD industry like the elocal site has for plumbers, we will need a blog, area definitions, articles, CADD references, you get the idea all the essentials of a top rated top producing site just for the CADD industry instead of plumbing industry. We just like that site, its clean simple crisp and produces good results organically.
We are in the CADD business, and will provide the list of dealers and products by zip for the database that will need to be built to populate the correct companies based on zip code.

We are looking for a good deal but will verify references and look at work to see you have actually built sites that are optimized, clean and draw good traffic. We realize we will need to pay to have the linking and seo work done over the next 6-8 months to achieve substantial results in organic search nationwide but it all starts with the site build and its content and content management. we want whatever Elocalplumbers is using to be used. they are doing a good job and driving good traffic. Please start your reply with these words: " We will get it right!" so I know you read this whole description of our needs. Any other suggestions here we are open. We will also be presenting the site to a third party firm specializing in the seo and link building portion for review to make sure everything was done correctly, prior to final payment. The lowest price will not automatically be the winner, we want the best product for the money. We want experience, references, results in building a directory type site like this, we want to know you can dissect the elocalplumber site and see the full structure and all its working components or software pieces it is using.

Please submit a detailed description of your proposal for consideration with references and any information you feel is valuable for us to consider you or your firm. if you are a company that is fine, the more working on our project for the money, the better, and the more references the better, especially if it was a large site build.

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Ecommerce Website – Migration


Update of an existing Ecommerce website and migration to a new E-Commerce solution. Regarding the technical ecommerce solution, I let you to propose (Magento, OsCommerce, Prestashop

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Magento Theme Modifications

We need a modification of an existing magento-theme ( + we need a logo for the shop.


– insert our logo
– replace the three images/banners on the index-page
– replace the slider shown there with the "featured products" which are a standard-feature of magento
– arrange the links in the footer like in the style of this footer + remove the default footer-links (except contact)
– change the colour of the header-links ("My Account " etc)
– design 4 banners for the categories inside the catalog (categories are shown as mix of CMS and products)

I will deliver images to you which you should use for the job. Timeframe is small – you should be able to complete this within a few days, starting middle of february.

Thats all for the moment. We are looking for a long-term-contractor we can rely on also in the future. There will be a lot of things to do in the future and we demand fast and clean, good work.

Preferred workers from inside the EU with VAT-registered business. For any questions please message me.
Advanced magento-experiences are absolutely important! Please DON`T BID when you are new to magento.
Provide references for your past magento-works (references i can reproduce! I can also google for magento-shops and state i designed them).

Thanks for your bid

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Typo3 Site Needed

I need someone who can build a typo3 website.
my budget for this project is 1000 usd.
plz send me typo3 references through pm while bidding. bids without references will not be considered.
plz pm me and i will let you know project details through pm.
happy bidding.

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"built2go" References Removal And Video Support Added

I have a built2go template ( and I need all of the "built2go" references removed from the page and changed to

I would like the movies images when clicked to open a flash movie player. Border less with the surrounding area dimmed (transparent black), volume control, play/pause keys, full screen option (ESC key returns to normal size and an X).

The video upload needs to be added to the adminpanel (mysql db thats already in place?).

I need the facebook "like" button added to every movie automatically.

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One 1500+ Words Physics Review Article

I need someone to write for my personal website a 1500+ words physics review article on a nano/micro-scale manufacturing system. The real topic will be disclosed to the winner of the project.


1) Good understanding of physics and related disciplines.
2) Experience in writing technical/journal/conference articles in good English.
3) Must pass copyspace.
4) Should NOT be published or sold anywhere.
5) Complete transfer of authorship.

> References are not required, but will be a great addition. If you do add references using Endnote, please submit the source file (.enl).

> This project is apt for physics or materials science students. Others who have done something similar are welcome to bid as well.

> Bidders with access to Web of Science or any other form of online library to add references move to the top.

> If the winner does not have access to any library, I can provide some papers.

>> Theres no deadline. Samples are not required for bidding but recommended.

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Group Buying Web Site

We are launching a web site that will combine the use of Groupon like script with a match making script. Users can chose either a

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Industry Activity Research

Our company require a list of all oil & gas projects being conducted in offshore waters worldwide. This includes installation, commissioning, decommissioning, operations and maintenance projects.

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Simple MS Excel VBA Script

I need someone to write a short VBA script in MS excel. The goal of this script will be to take the cells that the user has currently selected, and create a new worksheet with references to these cells. The catch is that the cells must be rotated kind of like when you transpose a matrix.

For example, if you select range B2:D9 ( 3 wide x 8 high ) on sheet1, you should create references to sheet1:B2 on the output worksheet. Furthermore, your output worksheet would have a block of references 8 wide x 3 high because you are rotating such that rows become columns.

This must be completed as soon as possible (within 10 hours of this posting), but that should be no problem for someone familiar with VBA scripts.

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Essay, Real Estate


I need an 1800 word real estate related essay (this excludes the footnotes and references list) Written on a BA or MA degree level.

Structure of the essay:
– Background / situation
– Analyze
– Conclusion
– References (like the example)

Guidelines which are crucial:
– Accurate, well-researched and full of real information.
– Use different resources, column, opinions, news articles, pdf

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User Sign-up

Project description:
Implement one storyboards for user sign-up.
Includes two webpages one for pure sign-up + one using Facebook, google and linkedin authentication.
Basically is giving the option to the user to choose what social media tey want to use to sign-up, get the contact information and ask for additional data that I need for the application.
If they choose not to use social media to sign-up we will have an standard user sign-up page.
Experience developers authenticating using external apps.
Google App Engine
No PHP developers.
Will have mockups in psd ready. Will have storyboards ready.
Employer questions:
(1) What is your experience developing sign-up modules using Facebook, google and/or linkedin ? Can you please provide some sample work?
(2) What are the approximate total cost and time estimates to complete this project?
(3) What else you need to know in order to provide an estimate?
(4) Please include three references that can speak to similar or equivalent projects you have completed. Send us a link to your profile page that shows your references.

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Well Researched Essay/Report In Perfect US English (Article)


I need an 1800 word real estate related essay (this excludes the footnotes and references list) Written on a BA or MA degree level.

Structure of the essay:
– Background / situation
– Analyze
– Conclusion
– References (like the example)

Guidelines which are crucial:
– Accurate, well-researched and full of real information.
– Use different resources, column, opinions, news articles, pdf

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***Research On Gay Rights***

Need a skilled writer to research, analyze, and write a detailed examination on the Gay Rights Movement. This is a general research on gay rights in the United States and how these rights affect the gay community.
Research paper must be:
***7-10 pages (excluding the title cover and reference sheet) Must use appropriate APA references and footnotes. References must be from creditable sources (online news articles are okay). No wikipedia.
***Free of grammar errors and plagiarism.
***Will need copy right.
***I need this project completed by November 20th @ 12 pm, Pacific Standard Time, United States. Do not take on this project if you cannot meet this deadline.

Please submit a sample of your writing on this topic. Thank you.

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Well Researched Essay/Report In Perfect US English (Article)


I need an 1800 word real estate related essay (this excludes the footnotes and references list) Written on a BA or MA degree level.

Structure of the essay:
– Background / situation
– Analyze
– Conclusion
– References (like the example)

Guidelines which are crucial:
– Accurate, well-researched and full of real information.
– Use different resources, column, opinions, news articles, pdf

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Penny Auction


I am in need of a designer. I have a software that needs to be totally cleaned out. The software needs a new design and a better admin interface.

I will allow each designer that bids to look at the admin and the home page. Please post your bid on here. I am not looking for the lowest bid. I am looking for the best designer.

I will not consider your bid without references. I need to see some great website art using css and php. If you have no references then please do not bid.

I do want a low price (WHO DOESNT) but I want quality work. NO EXCEPTIONS!

I need a minimum of 3 references (PAST JOBS)

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***Research Writing***

Need a skilled writer to research, analyze, and write a detailed examination on a specific topic.
Research paper must be:
***7-10 pages with appropriate references and footnotes. References must be from creditable sources. No wikipedia.
***Free of grammar errors and plagiarism.
***Will need copy right.
***Completed by Nov. 12th. Do not take on this project if you cannot meet this deadline.

Please submit your writing with your offer. Thank you.

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Article // Sustainability In Institutions // 500 Words

500 words in a magazine template with references, author profile etc.

You can choose an aspect on the main theme "Sustainability in Institutions" and develop the article based on that.

I will need to check you references.

The text will pass a copywriing software that will atest that it is not a copy of someone else work, or if expressions are not found elsewhere.

Has to be original

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CPA Network Application Help


We are helping a customer to join some CPA networks. To be accepted he needs to provide some trade references.

So we are offering $ 50 per reference. It is very simple, if you are contacted by the CPA network, you provide good references about the quality of our customer.

To be able to help us, you need to have a company, with a professional website, and a phone number in the US, UK, or Australia.

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Ghost Writer Needed For White Paper

Were looking for a professional writer to research, draft, and edit two separate

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Joomla And VirtueMart Expert Coder Needed

I need a Joomla Virtue Mart coder for continual jobs.

Please send your top 5-7 best references in coding and implementing extra functionality in Joomla VirtueMart.

Please make it easy for me to choose a partner, by only showing me 5-7 references.

Please send me your hourly fee, for coding in Joomla VirtueMart

Thank you.

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Economics Assignment

You are to select a newspaper/magazine/web article for economic analysis, from Australia. The article
must relate to one or more of these topics; Technology, production and costs. Firms in perfectly competitive markets. Monopoly markets. Monopolistic competition.

The article must also have been written after 1st July, 2010. You are to apply your microeconomic theory to explain and analyse the newspaper/media article. The assignment should be approximately 1200 words in length and include well labelled diagrams. A copy of the article showing date and source is to be included with the analysis. include an introduction, economic concepts/theories to be applied, analysis, conclusion and references.

The following is the marking guide, so when writing the report please use this as a reference. Sound application and explanation of theory. Relevance of content: appropriate level of detail. Well-reasoned arguments and conclusions. Critical analysis and evaluation Structure (clear, logical organization). Correct in-text referencing and list of references. (Chicago Auther Date to be used) Style: fluent, concise, correct English & grammar Professional presentation.

The report will be sumited to Turnitin, so it must not come back plagiarised or you will not be paid!

The due date is five days after acceptance of your bid.

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Need 5,000 New Fans On A Page In 1 Week NYC Targeted

I need 5,000 new fans on a Facebook Fanpage in one week. I have multiple vendors hired to do this project and NOONE has delivered. My client is very antsy now and we are way over budget.

If you can deliver me 5,000 fans to a page in 1 week targeted in NEW YORK CITY tri state area (including new jersey, Pennsylvania) than this is the job for you.

If you deliver this in one week with no issues, we will send you literally a dozen more accounts to work on.

We need someone who works quickly. We need to see these pages grow literally within 24 hours of a purchase and continually over time during the course of the campaign.


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Converting Psd To Drupal – Creating Theme And Pages

We are looking for expert drupal freelancers to build a website in drupal. We have design ready in psd format and need someone who can convert the design exactly into Drupal.

We are building a website which will have between 100 – 500 underpages for SEO to start.

This can be either an individual or a company and would ideally form the basis of an ongoing relationship.

Strong skills in drupal, html and design backed up with examples and references are a must.

Skills required: css, xhtml, javascript, phptemplate, drupal, graphic design and an innovative mindset!

Must have 2+ year of experience in website theming using Drupal 6.x. MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH FUNCTIONAL AND SEO DRUPAL MODULES. Must know PHP, XHTML, CSS 2/3 and jQuery. Job description entails 90% Drupal theming and 10% custom UI code development (template.php, theme function overrides etc). Project details will be revealed to shortlisted bidders.

Kindly provide references to other Drupal 6.x websites that you have built.


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Web-Based App Project

Web-Based App Project
We are looking for a team / experience programmer who could help us for the following project:
A web-portal allows paid users to create content and logo with standard lists to choose and setup their own app, able to lead generation, geolocation, click-to-call and analytics in minutes.
App will normally upload from us for free app or upload by their own as a developer with Apple. Preview feature is needed.
Apart from creating own and personalized branded app for each user with this web-based. We need a dashboard to keep track of mobile campaigns and users

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