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Car Sale Portal

We are setting up a multi phased ecommerce portal. Phase one will be to develop a Car Sale portal and subsequent phases will incorporate other products and services that will be added on.

I have seen the readymade packages available but they look too cluttered. The portal needs to cater for both mobile and regular users. It will need to have capability to extract the car details from the VIN by looking it up from the Internet.

Display images of the cars
Simple navigation
SMS and email integration to send notification to sellers about offers that are being made on the car
Pages for latest additions
Notification of additions to registered users
Multi language capability (English and Arabic)
Users should be able to upload images And display their Ads after either an online payment or if they are a registered user with appropriate credit.

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Looking For Someone To Build A Dating Website


I am looking for an experienced web developer to build an online dating website with a possibility to cooperate in future.

Site should include the following:
1. User registration
2. Profile page which includes personal info; search option; sending mail between registered users; adding photos (paid service); profiles visitors (paid service) and newly registered users

Samples of webpages which had been done in the past are welcome.

Thank you.

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Website For Lawand Education

I would like to have our website ( redeveloped to a more professional standard, and to have bilingual screens (English and Arabic). The website is to be highly ranked when a search is done in the Arab World for a tertiary education provider. I have registered, but would also like to see if a suitable Arabic website name be be registered.

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Purchase Registered Domain Name For Us From Seller

Purchase registered domain name for us from seller
over or

-Be from Europe, Singapore or Hong Kong.
-Have bank account with iban
-Important to stay in contact with us for 12 months as we might have more projects or 1 project
-will take longer to complete
-Required mobile number for sms communication and email
-Be familiar with purchases of domain names over and
-Bid $10 on this project

full description of this project over pm.

03/19/2011 at 7:14 EDT:

-Be from Europe, USA, Singapore or Hong Kong.
USA added

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Remove Menu Items For Certain People

I have it setup so anyone who signs up is a registered user, They pay for a subscription with paypal and are upgraded to Publisher.

I have the following menu items setup for publishers

View Record Pool

Drop Contacts

I would like to have these menu items only show up for Public, Registered users. Not for Publishers

Preview Record Pool

Sign Up Now

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Simple Unix/linux Project

There is a command called "XYZ" when ever we execute this command "XYZ" the output shows the results. In result it shows more info about like when it was registered, who registered it, etc

If you dont know the exact command, pm me I will let you know. I am not typing it here to avoid getting listed in google.

Now, I have a very big list of domains. I will need:

1. Multi threaded – The script/sw will execute 1000s of such commands every min
2. proxy support
3. STABLE! It is a must, it should not crash or stop working with large files.
4/ Export, it will export the result like name of the person who registered, his email id, domain name, other details

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Joomla Build And Development – Property Website

We are looking for a technically proficient and pro-active Joomla Developer to work on an exciting commission. Should the relationship become more serious, there will be potential to take on further projects.

We have produced a wireframe along with flat designs for an estate agent/property company which needs to be built using Joomla. There will be one XML feeds, one which contains on all registered properties, the xml needs to be fed in live to a mySQL database. The property data needs to be editable through the backend of Joomla to allow for unique offers.

There will be an element of bespoke functionality that will be required on the site but nothing too complex, in turn some aspects of the back end will need customising to suit the content being managed. With a view to this, some PHP and custom mySQL functions will need developing. The sites basic focus is to display all residential and commercially registered properties with the focus on a powerful search feature.

We are looking to start initial project development within the next week or so, please bear this in mind when pitching your services.

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Interactive Website

I need website programming, website design (including images) and logo design.
for a website that has functionalities which would allow members to interact together like a market place. An online community where members fall into two categories. Either Clients or Service provider.It should have functions whereby by Clients and service providers would interact together to achieve a goal.

Site features would include but not be limited to :

Advanced search functions
Registered members can request for services of other members
Registered members can bid on this request
Registered members can rate other members and write reviews about them
Registered members can be listed according to their review scores
Should have;
Dynamic Web pages
live chat support
Administrative control panel for web site management
Advanced programming skill sets required
Interactivity with web site visitor
Payment gateway integration
SEO Optimization
What I want is a , simple but efficient website that would be easy to maintain over time. Please interested freelancers should please pm me for more details. Please only skilled, experienced very serious minded persons should PM me. I don

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Cashback And Discount Coupon Website 2

I want to create a cashback website for the brazilian market.

It needs all the features as these sites: and

I must be able to update the offers and control the registered visitors cashback.

I must be able to register new affiliates offers and be able to decide how much I am going to pay back. Example: I register an offer for a website selling a TV that costs 1500. They are paying me 5% comission as i am registered as an affiliate seller for them.
I want to be able to GIVE BACK, lets say, 2.5% to the buying customer that bought the TV through my website, AFTER I get paid from the retailer.

A good look at how the two sites work, will make things a bit more clear.
As the site is for the Brazilian Market (portuguese language), All animations, GIFS, banners, etc must come with the source that can be easily translated locally.
Please ask any questions you might think relevant.
The site must be delivered totally functional. Time must be set for bug fixing and post sale support.

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Joomla Quotation System

I am looking to have a site similar to a reverse auction. The end user, submits a form looking for quotes to which the registered suppliers for that product group can respond to the end user, All suppliers can access the submitted form from the end user but only the first five get all the end users details. I am looking to build this on Joomla with Community Builder to provide the backend support for registered users and payments

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PHP Code For Joomla Zoo Component

I need a modification made to the Joomla Zoo component built by so that I can see a log of downloaded files from my Joomla site.

I am using the Zoo / Movie Database app instance, with the Download Element out of the box from Yootheme. I would like to be able to see a record of what files each registered user has downloaded with user details (username, time and date stamp). All Users are registered – there is no site access if the user is not registered.

All users are registered and employees of my organisation only, so there is no privacy issue.

You must have experience with the Zoo component from

Many thanks for your time looking at this job. I look forward to hearing from experienced Zoo / Joomla coders.


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Cashback And Discount Coupon Website

I want to create a cashback website for the brazilian market.

It needs all the features as these sites: and

I must be able to update the offers and control the registered visitors cashback.

I must be able to register new affiliates offers and be able to decide how much I am going to pay back. Example: I register an offer for a website selling a TV that costs 1500. They are paying me 5% comission as i am registered as an affiliate seller for them.
I want to be able to GIVE BACK, lets say, 2.5% to the buying customer that bought the TV through my website, AFTER I get paid from the retailer.

A good look at how the two sites work, will make things a bit more clear.
As the site is for the Brazilian Market (portuguese language), All animations, GIFS, banners, etc must come with the source that can be easily translated locally.
Please ask any questions you might think relevant

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100 "Real" Registered Users

New social community website needs help getting started. Prior to beginning any marketing campaigns of my own, I need to get a minimum 100 registered users on the site.

The site address is

Prior to receiving payment, at least 100 visitors that you invite to the site must remain active and post an update at least once every two days for two weeks.

These MUST be real users and not the same person creating 100 accounts. This can be verified (even if you are using a proxy).

PLEASE NOTE: my marketing options are still open. If you do well at this it could develop into a regular or periodic project for you.

ALSO: Registered users must reside in the US. Anyone can register but only US registrants will count toward the 100.

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50k Users Should Be Registered On A Charity Website


Hi i own a charity website called

for the same i created Facebook page

i need 50k users to be registered on my website and Facebook page.

all users should be genuine

only who can do this only please bid

First any one who is interested should show me trial for 500 users, then only i am going to assign the project

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Customize A Template And Integrated CMS

I need a website that utilizes the Facebook login plugin to allow users to register to the site with their Facebook account. Upon registration the users profile picture should appear under a "Newly Registered" section that will need to be created on the homepage. A "Latest Projects" section should be created next to the "Newly Registered" section which will update based on content added in the Portfolios section of the website. The last section should move the "Latest News" area to accompany the "Newly Registered" and "Latest Projects" sections. "Latest News" should stream a feed from the Blog page.

On the top left of the page there currently is something about "Follow us on:" which is followed by different social network icons. This should be replaced with a "Login with:" code followed by a SM icon and then by the Facebook Login. Once logged in this should be replaced with a Welcome: #USERNAME.

The last modification will be editing the footer to look like header with just the website address on the left side and..

© Copyright YourSiteName. All Rights Reserved
Home | Contact | RSS (DT) Website Templates

…on the right.

The website will need a Content Management System to manage the "Newly Registered", "Latest News" and "Latest Projects" sections. The feeds MUST automatically update as content is published or as users are registered.

Im not entirely sure if the Blog web page actually works so it might need to be tweaked so I can use it as a proper Blog for my startup. Additionally, I want only registered users to be able to view the blog webpage. When an unregistered user tries to access the page they should be prompted to register or sign in.

If you have any questions please shoot me a message and I will respond as quick as I can to help eliminate any confusion.

The template:

Compatibilities: Valid XHTML/CSS. Tableless. PSD files Included. Utilizes Flash technology.

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Need A Nominee Director Registered Company Top Payment

We are Looking for registered companys arround the World
We Pay Montly between 500-2000 Euro

We are also looking for freelancers for following Jobs
We are also searching Freelancer for this jobs
Academic Writing Accounting Advertising Anything Goe Article Rewritings Articles Banner Design
Blog Design Business Analysis Business Plans Cloud Computing Contracts Copywriting
Data Mining eBooks Editing Facebook Financial Markets Ghostwriting Grant Writing
Graphic Design Internet Marketing Leads Logo Design Powerpoint Product Descriptions
Proofreading Report Writing Research Reviews Technical Writing Testing / QA Website Design
WordPress Academic Writing Accounting Translator Aeronautical Engineering
Article Rewriting Articles Audit Biology Blog Book Writing Business Analysis Business Plans
Copy Typing Copywriting Data Entry Dating eBooks Editing Education & Tutoring
Engineering Excel Fiction Finance Genealogy Ghostwriting Grant Writing Health Human Resources
Legal Legal Research Law Terms and Conditions Management
Manufacturing Matlab & Mathematica Medical Writing Newsletters Patents Phone Support
Powerpoint Product Descriptions Project Management Quickbooks & Quicken Report Writing
Research Reviews Speech Writing Technical Writing Translation
Travel Writing Video Upload and more….

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Social Network Using PHP And MySQL


We would like to have someone who can help develop a social network, in which all registered users have their personal pages. The personal pages need to be similar to personal blogs, and all registered users can leave messages on others pages. All registered users can also check others profiles.

Since I already have a Joomla website and a phpbb forum, you will need to integrate the accounts as well.
Please send me your previous work if you are interested in this project.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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Opencart Programmer Required

I need an opencart programmer who has build opencart sites and also have knowledge to customize and is able to build custom required things.

I just wanted to get an order form on the admin side to place order on behalf of customer (registered/non registered).

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Webdeveloper – Required To Build A Website Initial Layout


I need a website built preferabley joomla for quick building so I can have US DoD contractors post about their contracting experiences either poor neutral or good. Giving them the ability to post also rating the location and company at their prospective location. I would like to use one of the built in extentions in joomla so I can modify it later. This website should not be so complicated where I will not be able to manage it. I would also like a module where registered users can chat amongst each other using a facebook or freelancer even better style chat applet. I am new to joomla so though I have the concepts and the knowledge I lack the experiences to practicly and efficiently build something that others would find simple.

My project requires a Joomla web developer to assist me getting my website off the ground that is already active and registered.

I have the idea but am having difficulty puttin it in to action.

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WebFix Required

Public Pages
NEW – Homepage with search function and image map / hotspots linking to relevant search pages
NEW – Pages with site navigation bar and search function and image map/hotspots to narrow the search. 6 pages all the same except central image map changes.
NEW – Search results page. Same functions as the existing page plus NEW site navigation bar, a different format and a NEW facility to change the search parameters and search again.
NEW – The ability for to add a new search parameter when registering as a business.
New Postcode and regions list to be loaded to the database
Admin section/CMS
New Page called

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WebSite Flash Audio Recording Software Wanted

Need a flash audio recording software which I can embedd on my web site so that when visitors comes to my site, they can record themselves from their own computer/microphone. Then the recorded audio I will download from the server as an mp3 file or can be coverted to an mp3. I saw a few out there which are either too costly or doesnt work properly. If you have one or can suggest something I can use, ill send you a finders fee. Also seeking a Poll for Joomla that does not allow web site registered members to vote more than one time (but must limit registered users email address or user name so that registered users cant vote more than one time).

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Joomla Template Modification & Forms, Small Project

Small quick project
Domain and Joomla in place


Website should be very simple and minimalistic. (examples available)

Modify custom template.
Fonts, colours, Logo, Menu items etc etc

Add quote form linked to database. (Example and spec available)
Cater for Public & Registered user specific quotes (Automated discount system for registered users, desiigned)

Registered users integrated Email Marketing function with statistics, opened, bounced, subscribe. unsubscribe, linked to Google Analytics.

Multiple language options

All Content input & managed by ourselves


Bidders must have the time available to do this work, DO NOT BID if you are too busy.
Bidders should have the relevant experience to complete this in a sensible timeframe and realistic budget.
Bidders should be very easily contactable.

I will give further details by PM, option for further work available for right Freelancer

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Product Review Website

– Easy to register as member and easy to login (same as facebook).

– Easy for registered users to write reviews using standard templates (details will be given).

– Ability for registered users to include pictures to their reviews.

– Registered users can comment on existing reviews,

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Sports Friend Finder

User creates an account with their name, age range, gender, sport and skill level.
When a registered user opens the app we get their location and allow them to chose a time and sport.
The app then matches the registered user with other users in the area and allows the user to send a match request that the other user can accept or decline.

Users will be able to rate their match with a user with 3-4 predefined ratings strings.

Similar web based apps are listed below

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Greenz Direct Delivery

Looking for someone to construct a website and an online store for a State Registered California Medical Cannabis Delivery Service.
The domain name is:

We currently have a website in operation: serving registered patients across the state of California.
We hope in the near future to forward users to the new web address and upgraded site.

Our current site is in operation but does have multiple code errors effecting search engine placement.
We have struggled for placement with Google and want to start fresh and clean with a new look and feel
in 2011.
The site must have all the functions of our current site and more.

Registered Patients must be able to shop online and pay using credit cards.

The website does not need to process the credit card. All orders are processed after verification on a stand alone processing system. The site must only take the credit card information and store it for processing offline.

We are looking for new logos, new banners and an overall revamped fresh new look and feel for the new year.

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Extension Of SOBI2 / CB Integration

Based on an already customised SOBI2 install where a user can click on a button to register interest in a SOBI2 item.

I would now like a user to be able to view a report of all SOBI2 items they have registered an interest in, and that are still published.

From that report, the user needs to be able to click on the SOBI2 item reference/description to get the full description listing. From there they will be able to click a "No Longer Interested" button, which will make the item visible again to all registered users to the SOBI2 listings and remove the item from that users Interest list.

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Help Me Hide Content From Non Registered Users WordPress

I want to give people an opportunity to register on my wordpress site, but want to give them authorization before they become a user.

My goal is to hide posts and certain pages from nonregistered users.

Can you help?

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