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Domain Registration And Setup


This project is for registering two domains and setting up free hosting and one index.html file, so when someone will go to domain name, this html file will open.

1.You will register two domains. You will pay for them with Paypal

2.You will setup free hosting by your choice and setup DNS or forwarding for the domains so when Someone will go to the domain name provided index.html will show.

3.I will provide You with simple html file, that You will put on the page.

You will get payed all costs of domain registration + 15 USD.

Only Serious bidders.

Thank You

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Fix Registration That Is Not Posting To Admin Area

I have an existing website where a feature was previously working and does not work anymore. The site has a registration page to register with user and password and name and address, etc. Once registered, an email is sent to the admin email address and that part is still working, but once you log into the admin area, the registration information is not displaying so the admin person can accept the registration. I need someone to determine why the registration info is not showing up in the admin area.

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Vacation Rental Website -reposted

Building a vacation rental site. The project includes building a clean looking and user friendly vacation rental site.
Please bid only if you only have an existing CMS software in place that can be reviewed and if you have completed similar projects in the past using freelancer with positive reviews.
Features and functions include: owner registration, guest registration, online calendar, image upload etc. The end product should be a fully functional vacation rental site like vacationrentals, homeaway etc.

03/28/2011 at 12:03 EDT:

Payments will be managed only with milestone payment only.

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Need 355 Votes For An Online Contest

I need 355 votes in the next 4 days. These votes must be manually posted. Each time you vote, a separate email or facebook account must be used and you must fill out a brief registration (if using email) and confirm your email registration or the votes will not count. The votes must be used from legit email accounts because the votes and registration is watched closely. Please make sure you can do this propertly prior to bidding. This job is very important and I will pay in full after all 355 votes are verified. Winning bid will get the details of this online contest. Thank you. The votes must be completed within the next 4 days.

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CMS With Shopping Cart And User Management

We need a person with the ability to make a website with the following specifications:

Informative Pages: Home, About Us, Contact (with general contact form and quote form) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Product Catalog: Products ordered by category.

Site Manager: a control panel to add or edit the information and images on their pages and manage the catalog to add and delete photos.

Survey Module

Slideshow Module

User Registration for newsletters

Site Statistics

Pre-designed template that can be provided by us

Blog for site administrators to publish articles

Shopping cart module. Which includes:

User registration to make purchases
Online Transactions
Configuring Electronic Payment Methods (PayPal, 2checkout etc.)

User registration. Which includes:

Registration of the user data.
Option of Posting, Modifying and Deleting publications
Edit profile and password data.
Delete Account.
Contact with users via email. (Single mode: mailto:)

We need immediately availability

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Registration Page For Web-service

The existing HTML-code of a web-page is to be modified to perform the registration process to a web service.
Registration means, the user has to enter a username and a password.
The password has to be entered twice, for verification, and it has to be hidden.
Additionally, some type of captcha verification has to be implemented.

The user/password information has to be stored into a sqllite-database. Unique key is the username.
Parallel acces to the same database by other processes on the server have to be taken into account.

The web-page, to be modified for the registration, already exists, as well as the data base file.

Qualified bidders will receive further details about the project to refine their bids accordingly.

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Create 1 Registration/ Home Web Page


I need to create one page that I have already designed in a Power Point Doc into a Web Page.

This will be the Registration page of my website including>

1) Logo
2) A Picture
3) about 50 words text.
4) Sign In Data forms.
) Name, Email, Password, Birthday, etc.

I have already designed the layout, I just need someone who can transfer from Power Point to HTML/CCS. Please must speak english well, and be able to communicate realtime on Skype or Gtalk ans we are developing.

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Simple JomSocial Site Enhancement

We have an existing JomSocial wesite that we want to utilize JomSocials Multi-type Profiles to create two types of users w/ two registration pages. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. We need:

1) 3-4 modules added (see below)
2) and two separate registration pages for two User Profile types . Have a default registration with a dropdown of "individual" or " organization" If they select organization they will be redirected to the 2nd registration page.

The site is for organizations to schedual events online. Any individual(user profile 1) can sign up and register an event for any organization(user Profile 2), but that event must be

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Joomla Website Registration Filter.

I am looking to create a community website in Joomla.

The site will only be open to people from specific organisations – I am looking to achieve the following so that users see information specific to their organisation when they login.

1. Users register by email address
2. Sucessful registration is dependent on email domain being in list, and user activating account from received email address.
3. Depending on email domain user is automatically assigned to group to receive group specific info.
4. Users can create an additional login account for their spouse at any email address – spouse then becomes member of same group as user.

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Analyze Voter Registration/voter History Records

Use Microsoft Access and VBA to extract useful information from voter registration and voter history databases for a non-partisan political campaign (local school board, about 20,000 voters in database).

I wish to pay per hour, I will provide the data (CSV format on CD-ROM) and explain the info I desired extracted from it (we are trying to identify likely voters, with subsets by age and political leaning). The freelancer will give an estimate and do the work.

With your bid, please provide any relevant experience.

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Facebook Registration Form Into Database.

We have a facebook registration page that has already been created. Once the user clicks register it shows the data on the next page but we need someone to pass this information to our database.

Once user registers, an email is sent to the user notifying them of registration. Put any text in the email and I will edit it later.

I will provide

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Joomla Registration Issue Fix

Fix Joomla/Virtuemart registration/payment issue. When adding two additional fields to Virtuemart user fields for registration (Student First Name and Last Name), registration works ok. However, when attempting to checkout and pay for purchase, the site keeps forcing the user back to the registration page instead of being able to complete the purchase.

Job is to review and fix this apparently minnor issue on our test site ( and include instructions on the fix so we may then do on our production site.

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Consolidate The Registration/Logon For Two Websites

I need the registration process for two websites merged, so that the user will only have to register once to have access and use of both sites. Both sites are on the same domain, and use their own separate database. Both sites also allow for the creation of a user profile.

One website is a freelancer website, and the other is a Q&A website similar to Yahoo Answers.

1. Merge the registration process so that the user only has to register once to access both sites. Registration should be done through the freelancer website. Once the user registers and logs on, they should automatically be logged into the Q&A website, and when the user logs out, it should log out of both websites.

2. Limit the privileges on the Q&A website based on role: Users will register as either employers or providers. If the user registers as an employer, they should be prevented from answering questions on the Q&A site. If the user registers as a provider, they can both ask and answer questions on the Q&A site. Only providers should have the ability to answer questions on the Q&A site.

3. Create a Sign-in/Logout link that will be used in the header of both sites.

4. Merge the profile data across both sites: In the Q&A site, a users profile picture and username are displayed next to the questions that the user posts. Please make sure this information is consistent with the registration information created under the merged registration process.

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WordPress Plugin: Group Management

I need a plugin developed (you may be able to find an opensource plugin to modify) with the following functionality:

– The idea is to start with three pre-set groups.

– Each group will be limited to 5 members.

– Registered users on WordPress will be able to view groups (and current members) and choose to join a group.

– Once a group reaches the limit of 5 members, registration for that specific group is suspended and the user must choose another group to join OR create a new group with the same registration parameters.

– Amount of groups created should be unlimited.

– The plugin would be able to display different groups (and group names) as well as registered members.

– There should also be a field for "group description" and to upload up to 3 pictures for the group.

– A function to send group members messages (only by other group members).

– Each user must be able to unregister him/herself from any group.

– Users may only register for one group at a time.

– Groups must also have an option to purge all members from group automatically at a set day of the week (and option for purge to happen weekly/monthly/or set number of weeks). After purge, group remains intact with only group creator listed as member and registration begins again.

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Customer Registration And Database


Im looking for someone that can create a customer registration form and database on my website so that customers will be able to register with their business or personal email address. When they login, they will also be able to pull up all their old billing, shipping, and credit card information so that they wont have to re-enter it again. This information must also be safe and secure. Thanks!

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Virtuamart Changes For Joomls

1 space from the path

2 space from the products on the main page and the paypal banner and remove

3 show "Home" in the path in the top left

3 remove the word. "Categories" from main page

4 and add the clothing banner up top below the main menu, have it up there all the time.

-file attached

5 check to see if coupon codes work.

6 when you go to checkout it says, "Send Registration" below the form on the bottom left can we remove that and also the button to click say "Registration" can we change that to "Continue"

7 when I click "add to cart" it gives me this "notice" I attached a screen shot. and says "Continue or cart" Can we change the message to say

"Item has been added to your cart" and just options say "Continue" and "Check Out"

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Online Donations And Members Registration For Web Site

I have an existing Web Site for a charity event that needs to be upgraded to include a Pre-Registration page where people can register to attend the event. Secondly, the site needs a page where site visitors can make an online donation towards the project. Lastly, the site needs SEO work to really make it popular.

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Payment System For Hosting And Domain Registration

We have a client who wants to sell hosting packages (all are fixed to only 1 type of hosting package). This package may/may not include an existing domain; of which he will still pay the same price.

But for those who want to register a new domain with hosting, here are the steps:
1. check domain availability
2. confirm and purchase via 2CO
3. hosting package will be created AUTOMATICALLY via linking of payment API with the WHM hosting of our client
4. domain will be registered AUTOMATICALLY via domain registration API and parked to the corresponding package
5. the said domain and hosting will be valid for one year
6. the said domain will also be listed AUTOMATICALLY in our clients security component that checks the validity of the template packages the clients get free of charge only if they register domain and buys hosting package from our client
7. Automated communications with the client

All these steps must be automated. We expect all this to be done by next Tuesday (22nd March) LATEST.

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Modify Joomla Installation : Add Extra Registration Field

We need an additonal field added to the core registration form of Joomla 1.5

Single field only (with confirmation field)



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Codeigniter Registration, Payment, Video, Etc.

BUDGET $300 | NO UPFRONT PAYMENT | Payment by Milestone Tasks

Develop CSS for IE, Firefox and Safari

Server: Linux | Codeigniter 2.0 already installed and configured

HTMLs provided

1. All tasks with complete admin setup – admin jpgs to be shared.

2. Register+login+account setting pages + user profile

3. a. Payment Integration + buying page with payment sections +  Registration payment section
b. vote+banner+video embed code uploading
c. video convert using ffmpeg already installed on server
– create an option for user to embed video code instead of upload

4. Buying Page – 4 payment option
email confirmation with transaction details (date, order #, transaction number, etc.) is sent to user once payment process completes.
a. credit card (
b. International – Western Union, Money Gram and Wire Transfer
:: forms collect data but setup in admin to change "pending" to "paid" which sends email to alert user that they can access their benefits – upload video, banner and/or credit votes to their account.

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Open Source Engineering Website With Web Fora

A new website allowing for a degree of interaction and collaborative work for a non-profit foundation. Deadline 1 May.

Contains: i) basic text and images in an easily navigable structure ii) blog with comment space iii) collaboration space.
We want to be able to administer the site and easily change text as well as make slight modifications to the structure.

The collaboration space should be along the following lines:
– Discussion fora involving registration.
– Different levels of users: those who can read (no registration); those who can comment (registration); those who can up and download files in collaboration space (registration with email confirmation); approval (registered users selected by us – nb not same users as those administering overall website). Indicate whether want to join news mailing list at same time as registration with email confirmation (default yes).
– Different fora on different topics, each under 3 main work areas.
– Ability to download & download pdfs, text files and 3D cad files; searchable indication of language of file.
– Possibility to identify yourself as working on a topic.
– Possibility for approval to be given on topic by approved users – suggest this could be done through a discussion sticky, and ability to change traffic light (see below)
– Traffic light systems per topic: red

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WordPress Site Registration Form Help!!

Hello Everyone.

Im using the Wishlist membership plugin in one of my websites and would like
a nice pretty registration form created for me..

Heres the page I would like to use,

Preferably, I would like it so that after the "continue" button is pressed, a shadowbox popup
emerges with the wordpress registration form..

It doesnt have to be exactly as described above, but Im looking for a clean way like that
to get people to register..


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Add Registration Form To WordPress Site

Need to update a wordpress site with a registration form and add an image to the home page.

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Phpfox Modification Required

Please note – only bid for this project if you have experience with phpfox. (Phpfox is very different from Joomla, drupal, wordpress etc and it will take you a long time to figure out how it is structured if you have no past experience with it)

Project details :

IN Summary : The current standard registration process is not good. A new user has to go to 4 different pages to complete the registration process. I wish this to be simplified.

At the moment when a user completes the registration process they cant enter their ZIP Code or City on the main registration (home) page. These two fields are stored not in the main user table of the database (USER) but in another table (phpfox_user_field) . I wish these 2 fields to be able to be completed by the user on the main registration page.

Once the initial registration page has been completed (and the user has confirmed their email by replying to an email message) the user is currently sent to page where they are forced to upload their profile picture. This works well. But ……

….. On completion of this profile picture I wish the user to be automatically send to the user.profile page so they can complete/edit their profile questions.

So…. What I require

1)That a new user can enter their ZIPCODE and CITY on the main registration page. (Should be easy?)
2) That WHENEVER a user has completed the page (uploaded or edited their profile picture) that they are automatically sent to user.profile page. (should be easy?)

Thats it.

If you know phpfox it should only take a couple of hours work.

If you have any questions please ask.

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Google Maps And Places Registration

We have two websites that require multiple entries for various UK locations on Google Maps.

These sites are…

[Removed by Admin]

We need around 100 entries on Google Maps for each, so its an going project. The text and images are all done for each Google Map listing, the obvious problem to get around is the verification issue. So one one who knows how to get around this is ideal.

Please let me know your best price per entry on Google Maps based on a test volume of 50.

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HTML Cross Browser Compatabilty Needed

I have a php site that uses html templates. My site has not launched yet but I need the registration page to be up and running ASAP. The problem I am having is the template works in exployer, but is not excepting fields when writing to my SQL from Firefox and Safari. I also need my account settings page to match the changes made to the registration page.

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Free sms website and Integration of bulk sms software with the website for individual messaging facility for registered users. It has to be built in phases. 1st phase is just the home page, registration, registration confirmation and Integration of bulk sms software (using which the user will recieve a registration confirmation sms to which he has to reply on a Premium SMS no). You should be aware of Premium SMS service where the sender of the sms pays the premium charges and the reciever gets the monetary benefit.If you are dead sure about integrating these services (specially the Premium SMS service) on to the website only then bid on this project. While bidding please send the name of the bulk sms provider whose service you would be using.

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Web Hosting And Domain Registration

We are looking for sales persons who can sale our web hosting packages and domains.

Payment will be based on as per hosting plan or commission based.

Please let us know if you are interested to work with us.

Further details will be provided later.


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