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3d Desk Designer

We are looking to redo some of our main office desk and like to take the opportunity to design something totally custom. We have a rough sketch of the design. We like to have the sketch transformed into a 3d rendering, with reference to real-life measurements so that we can get it built. The desk will be a surround one, for one person, possibly fitting 2, meaning it will be in the shape of a U, but with the vertical lines slanted. It will consists of roughly 5 layers, with the top layer holding FLAT LCDs to the bottom layer holding a computers and some rack equipment (standard 19"). It must be modular, meaning to be taken part easily, and also contain strategic holes for ventilation, cabling, fans, keyboard / mouse tray. It will have various layers and openings. Final spec will be provided as needed to fix design costs. We are very clear on what we need and need someone who can create an illustration, and resembling a life-size desk using mostly a wood texture, and some metal hinges, glass doors, trays, etc.

If you have any experience doing this or you have reasons to believe you can do it, please submit samples and indicate what design package you use. You must have background in 3d rendering and an eye for detail.

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3D Rendering For A 6000sqft Bangalow

This is a 6000+ sqft Bangalow to be 3D modelled, 3D Rendered with VRay.

Basically what I need is 2 external perspectives with landscaping.

The schematic facade in 2D will be given, however incomplete. You are free to design the facade as long as the language of the building geometry is maintained.

You will be provided with 2D autocad drawing of floor plans and elevations.

The timeframe for this project will be 2 weeks from the the winning bid date or the initial contact date.

1.) Total built-up: 6000+sqft
2.) Total perspectives: 2
3.) Resolution: 2000×1200 @ 150dpi

Provided with:
1.) 2D AutoCad drawing of floor plans & elevations
2.) Materials intended in .jpg

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We are a construction company and we are building a new project.. We are designing and building two different type of apartment.We need this 3D modeling and rendering this our two new type of apartment.Projects ready in Autocad format (interior and extrerior ) and we need video landscape and interior approxpirate 2-3 min..

Thanks for your interest..

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3D House Modeling

We need a 3d modeling of just part of a 2 story house.
Only the rear of the house is needed.
The real house is almost fully constructed except for the finishes.
We have attached .DWG files, actual pictures of the real house and image of a 3d rendering for better understanding.
We dont need materials and textures applied. Only 3d modeling!
The time frame for the modeling is 3-4 days.

We need samples of architectural modeling that you have done to be considered for this project.

Good luck!

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3D Model – Outdoor Restaurant

We need a 3D rendering of a simple layout done asap. Consists of cabanas (eating areas and a bar) and shipping containers, textures, overhead view, supporting files for styling are provided. Out of the 3D rendering we need still images and 3D video walk-throughs from multiple angles. This is for a presentation and needs to be incorporated into Power Point layout. Needs to be modern presentation, solid modelling, and impactfull video. Only those truly capable apply please. This project needs to be completed within 3 days of briefing.

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We are a construction company and we are building a new project.. We are designing and building two different type of apartment.We need this 3D modeling and rendering this our two new type of apartment.Projects ready in Autocad format (interior and extrerior ) and we need video landscape and interior approxpirate 2-3 min..

Thanks for your interest..

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3D Custom Shirt Rendering

I already own a e-commerce website specialised in shirting (made to measure).
I would like to improve the orders process, introducing a 3d rendering of a tailored shirt.

Below you will find some examples:

Please let me know if you have already developed similar project. I need some reference from you.

Thank for you attention

Looking forward to your bids

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Rendering Of Home

In need of someone to create a 3D rendering from AutoCad of a home that will be built. Looking to get just an exterior view of the home. Future work may be necessary to create the view of the surrounding property (buildings, foilage, etc). Currently there are no plans for this home so the design will be created from a process of drawings and conversations via email.

*** Important ***

This home design will be an Indonesian styled home. For this reason skills in both home design and knowledge of these styles of homes is required.

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Chrome Rendering Issue – WordPress Theme

I am having an issue with my WordPress Theme. It has stopped rendering properly in Chrome. It renders perfectly in IE (7,8), Firefox, Safari and Opera. The problem seems to be that something is shifting the menu bar slightly, which causes the main page and sidebar to shift. The right sidebar is pushed off the page and displays below the main text.

The site is and it is using the latest release of WordPress.

This theme was generated using Artisteer and has (until a few months ago) been rendering just fine in Chrome. Not sure what the new problem is.

Using "Inspect Element" in Chrome, I can actually remove (what appears to be) a hidden element with a link to the home page in the "art-menu" class (it appears directly to the left of the "Home" button. However, this code appears to be generated in my Header file using a php function called "art_menu_items". This is where Im out of my element in terms of troubleshooting.

What I need is:

1. A fix to this issue so that Chrome renders properly (using the correct rendering in one of the other browsers as a guide).
2. To ensure that any updates to the theme/functions/css do not change the rendering of any of the other browsers listed above.
3. Cause no other errors/issues with the site functionality.
4. An itemized description of what was changed in code/theme so that I can understand what went wrong originally.

I have attached the theme files as part of this project. If you require any other files (images, etc), please indicate this.


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Rhino 3D Rendering Project

I need someone to do a Rhino rendering for me. (preferably someone located in Toronto)

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3d Photorealistic Rendering – Architectural

We have a revit model of a hotel requiring 3 daytime and one nightime rendered external views of the HIGHEST quality. Turnaround time is 7 days and we would need at least 2 previews for comments prior to the final renderings, which will need to be 5000 pixels wide.
Some internal modelling may be required to add interest to the images.
Previous examples of architectural rendering of an absolutely photorealistic quality are essential.
A minimum 3 years experience specifically in architectural rendering will need to be demonstrated.

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3dmodel Of A Housing Estate Displayed On A Digital Media

A motion 3d environment showcasing the kind of rentals and apartments available. we want our clients to be able to see what options we offer without them having to visit the physical locations.the application will run as either an advert on a digital media or a website.
therefor the designer should have all the skills of modeling, rendering, and animation. and it should be in motion kind of a guided tour.

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3d Modeling And Rendering

I want a 3d model of a small invention i made

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3D Architectural Renderings

We need a 3D rendering individual to work with us on a variety of Architectural projects that we have designed and built.These are to be used on our site, for investor relations and in presentations to clients. please reply with a portfolio,,sample, availability and price per rendering.

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3D Rendering

We need a 3D rendering individual to work with us on a variety of Architectural projects that we have designed.These are to be used on our site, for investor relations and in presentations to clients. please reply with a portfolio, availability and price per rendering

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Fix Web Site IE6 Rendering Problems CSS/HTML

Our web site does not render properly in IE6/Windows. We would like the HTML/CSS fixing so that IE6 renders the site properly. Also to tidy up the existing code. Example of a problem page

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3D CAD Drawing

3D AutoCAD Drawing can also simulate 3D Rendering Works

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WordPress Site Not Rendering Correctly In IE

Http:// renders beautifully in all browsers except for IE. I have customized a template code to allow for an swf background. I cannot get that background to act as a background in IE. Additionally spacing, alignment… are all wrong.

This is a charity project that I am working on. I need help immediately and dont have much money! I know, beggars and choosers, but that is my situation.

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Rendering And Uploading Videos #2

I need some videos created and then uploaded to Youtube. Provider must have experience with sony vegas and have some past experience of uploading videos. Same details as the last project.

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YouTube Video Rendering Up To 100 Per Day Ongoing Project


We have created template videos where we customize the first name and geographic location within the same video. The audio files need to be inserted then rendered and uploaded to YouTube. They will be uploaded to our server in 30 days.

We will have 100 per day in the next 60 days and this is an ongoing work. This might exceed 100 per day in 180 days so advise me of your capacity for rendering….the vids are about 1.20 secs in lenght…

We are providing them for free in distribution through our CRM….and will have 50,000 subs within the year…if you cant handle all the business then let us know how much you can. We CANNOT have someone who promises and doesnt delivery.

Turn around is next day….we will provide a Google Docs where you will be able to create the vids 24 hours per day.

Please give your price PER VIDEO for the work as described above.


Ping me with any Qs.




Premiere Pro CS2 or similar software required for output.

Music -15db.

H.264 codec

render and export settings.

Dimensions: 720×480

Codecs: Linear PCM, H.264

Color profile: SD (6-1-6)

Audio Channels: 2

Total bit rate: 2,793

Compression: H.264

Key frame rate: 24

Frame rate: 29.97

Frame reordering: yes

Encoding mode: Multi-pass

Sound: Format: Integer (Little Endian)

Sample rate: 48.000 kHz

Sample size: 16-bit

Channels :Stereo (L – R)

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IPhone Offline Map Re-development (not Google Map/ Bing Map)

Job requirements:

1. We have a simple prove of concept iPhone Map App which is NEITHER based on Google NOR Microsoft Bing Map, which is rendering from an online source in real time. We need someone to update it to become rendering the map from client side(iPhone) offline map source.
2. Developer not specific in this area should NOT bid this project.
3. Developer with EXTENSIVE knowledge in offline map tiles management, rendering, and storage should found this job pretty easy.
4. We will point you to the relavent online resources.
5. We will provide you our Source Code of the conceptual app.
6. There are already proven apps done. Developer only need to collect pieces of information and build them into our source code.
7. Budget is $400, please dont place any bid other than this. As this would be a really simple task for a developer who is specialized in this area, if you found your man hour cost is more than $400, please dont bid on the project.
8. Developers is responsible to program to make all offline map tiles and data to be stored in SQLite.
9. Developers should able to program our existing source to make some overlay samples on top of the map.
10. Developers is able to transfer knowledge to our team.
11. Developers should agree with our NDA terms
12. Further details will be provided to successful bidder

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3DS Max Project (tile Isometric Modeling And Rendering)

I need 3D modeling and rendering of around 30 tiles (done in batches of 10 tiles so that you get paid more often).
Its for a tile isometric flash game. 3D tiles when assembled together look like this:

#1 You need to do a sample tile, to show your skills and experience with 3ds max. I will pay for this work if it meets size, style and quality requirements – see example tiles and also some MAX files that can help you. All details are in this ZIP file:

#2 Let me know what you want to charge per tile, how much time you need per tile, and what 3ds max version do you use.

#3 You need to deliver:
– 2000×1500 pixel PNGs for front view and back view of the tile (transparent alpha background)
– 3-5 frames if tile is animated
– MAX file and textures (after tile is approved)

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Model For Pattern Rendering 3D-2D

Create a realistic 3D model based on 2D images of white a 3D object (for example clothes) such that it is easily possible to render arbitrary pattern over its surface and get the right shapes and shadows in order to produce a new 2D image of the original object with the pattern on it and in the exact same position as the original 2D picture.

When responding please let us know what techniques you want to use for this problem so we can see how it fits into the larger project.

A relevant portfolio and CV will help too.

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3D Rendering Of External Houses

Hi we have 2 external renderings of new houses. We need these to look more alive, fresh and inviting as they belong to a house and land package. We need the finished project to look professional and supplied in a high res format, for printing and web.

Please send previous examples.
I have uploaded a scanned sample will provide 2 real samples to the freelancer.

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Realistic 3D Diamond Animation Scene In Maya 2011

I want to create a realistic 3d diamond animation. Result should be similar to:

I am currently using Maya 2011 with Mental Ray. I also have access to vray for Maya but I prefer not to use it.

I have a Maya scene with a good diamond model animating in the desired manner, but the render itself is very far from being realistic or close to the example (diamond looks like plastic).

I would like someone to take my Maya scene and tweak it for rendering nicely. I assume the following is needed to be done: (1) adding correct light sources (2) choosing a correct material for the diamond (3) tweaking the rendering settings

I have the following requirements from this project:
(1) Basing your work on my Maya scene and my model
(2) I want to be able to render the animation myself on my computer (with Maya 2011)
(3) The render should take no more than around 30 minutes per frame on a common home pc
(4) The rendered result should be similar to the given example:

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Photo Realistic 3d Renders

Hello All bidders

We produce bedroom, dining room, and living furniture.

We are looking for someone who would create photo realistic 3d renders. Renders should not be different from real.

The designer must be skillful in both rendering and Photoshop to complete this task.

As soon as you submit your bid with a photo-realistic render of yours, we will give you further details of the project.

Thanks and we hope we can cooperate on this project soon.


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Designer For 3D Creative Wildlife Plaques

I require a set of 4 x 3d wildlfe / nature wall plaques approx size 100mm x 180mm by which will be produced in polyresin.

I will provide the club logos on the pmb.

Graphic Designers who bid must be able to produce these plaques to specification with 3D rendering. Strong creative experience and ability expected. Past experience with illustrating childrens books, giftware, posters etc may be an advantage. This is first of 10 similar jobs.

Do not bid without a suitable sample to show you are able to produce a 3D model.

This is an urgent project. As artwork will be provided for developing your interpretation and final design, you must be able to produce all 4 plaque models within 7 days ( including revisions) from bid acceptance.

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