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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT **** Experienced

We need someone to post a few ads for me on CL. I will pay per live ad. Easy work and need this done ASAP.

We seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

Daily post 5 to 10 adds and cites will be USA only , if you work good than we increasing capacity of adds

We will pay up to $.40 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted, deleted or flagged ads will not be paid for.

Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT $0.35 PER ADD

I am seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

I am looking for someone that is experienced in Craigslist posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

Please PM us your price per ad as well as how many live ads you can post per day.

Daily need 10 to 20 adds and cites will be USA only

Rates will be $ 0.30 per live add , we will not pay for any Ghosted ads.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Australian Real Estate Property/client Sourcing Needed

I run a private real estate business In Australia in which i need to be generating more clientelle, need more houses to buy and rent with the intention of buying down the road.
I am based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and that is where i need most of the business to come from although i do branch out to Sydney, Brisbane, The Southern Highlands(NSW) and occasionally to Melbourne and Perth but those areas i dont really worry about.
Need a somebody who is good with clients and can have anybody who is selling, renting or a wealthy client with investment residential properties to contact me as i specialise in real estate turn arounds and turning negative geared houses into neutral or postively geared but i dont mention this to the clients i work with as they usually feel intimadated, need anybody with houses for sale or for rent to contact me, a very basic description of what i do is below, only need the concept to be able to understand it, its not to complicated. I currently dont have the time to do this work myself, but if this project is done well there will be opportunities for full time work, this is going to be a first round test of how you work and when business is increased am going to introduce high incentives.
For Sale Market
need to find people who need to sell their homes,
need to find people whos properties have been on the market for long periods 3-6months or more
need to find vendors who have very little equity in their homes but still need and want to sell
motivated sellers/vendors- reasons people are motivated, built a new house, property too large, property has little equity, want to retire to another state, cant afford mortgage payments, mortgagee in possession, financial problems, failing business, failing health, cant afford cost of maintenance rates and/or insurance, lawsuits, divorce, death in family, heirs inherit unwanted property, loss of job, forced transfer etc.
Benefits for the sellers- receive the price that they require aslong as they work with me on the terms, get their current situation solved(50% of the time their selling to pay off other debts which i can fix that quickly)
For Lease/Rent Market
In the For Rent/Lease markets i will generally target the middle to higher priced homes as the lower priced homes are usually in the rough neighbourhoods and those deals never seem to work out, i will generally only rent the place if i can purchase these homes down the road.
People who want higher rents, will pay enough rent to cover all outgoings eg mortgage+rates with the idea that i buy it down the road once i have finances sorted
The way to get people to agree to this is to tell them that you really want to buy their house but if we were really good tenants and paid our rent on time and we paid enough rent to cover your outgoings, is there any reason why you wouldnt sell it to me down the road when i get my finances in order
Ask if you can just rent the property for a while and buy it down the road, if they say no you just say what if i paid you enough rent and it was equal to what it is costing you to hold this property in which case im paying super rent would that present a problem
Benefits i can provide for the owner include- higher rent, lower vacancy, positive cashflow, outgoings on house covered, no real estate fees on eventual purchase, higher purchase price, owner maintains all tax benefits, lower operating expenses, Major point for the majority of people again is peace of mind.
Wealthy Clients Market
Generally with wealthy clients they have alot of residential investment properties so if whoever takes on this project can have them contact me to do business would be great.
Benefits for these clients- Higher Return on Investment (that is the main selling point i use to these people), keeps all tax benefits, positive cashflow, higher sales prices, secured profits,

I need someone who can generate alot of business, couldnt fit whole job description so will attach file for you to read

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Apartment For Rent Leads – Craigslist/Kijji

Im looking for someone to provide me with daily leads for Apt For Rent/Homes For Rent leads on Craigslist/Kijji or any classified websites. Leads must be 100% fresh and exclusive.

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Apartment For Rent Leads Needed………craigslist

I need apartment for rent leads from craigslist………

other leads provider may also contact. Thanks

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Rent A Car Website Like Hertz With Admin Panel Needed

Do u have a car rental website already done. show me we might have a deal

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DSL Service For Rent (for CL Posting)..

Rent my US based (New York) PC with Internet provider that allows me to change IP address every DSL reloading.

I want to give monthly access to my computer for poster, who will use my PC remotely and will have ability to change IPs as much as he needs. So they will be a real IPs (CL wont recognize them as proxy or something strange). Thats would solve your problems with unique IPs.

So once again:

I will provide access to my PC with DSL that allows you to change IP address every reconnecting to the internet (that would be only your PC, I will not use this desktop, only if you need to fix something).

I will provide you all necessary info to access my PC.

You will get access to US based (NY) DSL that you will use to post on CL with different IPs.

You will get unlimited amount of IP addresses to create PVAs.

I will charge $70-75 per week depending on quality of IPs.

I will charge $20 setup fee.

I will provide a free trial.

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Finish Site In Zend

Some of its function-ability is completed but not all. The site is designed to let people who want to rent there property property list it on the site, and people who want to rent properties post a profile about them and what they are looking for to bring landlords and Tenants Together. Internal Messaging system and admin approval system for properties posts. Need it done ASAP.
Site Files:
Best Price and Time will Win.

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Property Owner Database

We are looking to acquire a legitimate database of email addresses and phone numbers of property owners in different countries in Asia who currently rent or wish to rent their residential properties.

Email addresses must be valid. Contacting the owners is not part of the assignment.

Please contact us for further details and also let us know which countries you can assist in.

Please respond by PM and DO NOT put any details in your bid response.

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Movie Site

Hi everyone,

i have a movie site that need few update.

Here the list:

1- When i create a new product i have a field call : Email Address Extra: This field must send a copy of the email that the admin received when a client rent or purchase a movie.

2- Can we find an easy way to be able to rent with 0$, i mean some movie will be free, rent without any charge. Could we arrange something ?

3- When we rent a movie with a coupon, there is no details that is sent to the admin except a small email saying that a movie as been rent with a coupon. Can the admin receive the detail of the movie

4- Paypal issue when we use the credit card instead of using a Paypal account, when we are redirected to the site, the movie does not start.

5- In the admin, their is a place call static page, we are not able to change the content of those 3 pages, can we arrange that ?

Need a real good php coder that can fix the problem with the site online.

Please let me know your bet,

Good luck to all.


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Youtube Rent Store

What I need is a Video Player like Youtube that offer the ability to Rent the dowloadable movie
example is at click on the rent button and it takes you to google
checkout….I dont care if you use google checkout I just need it to work similar.

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Rent Management

The job is to create a programe to track the rental recipts of a large housing complex having about 100 flats in 4 buildings.
The rent is collected monthly and entered into a data entry page. normally the rent is paid on monthly basis, but paymnets are delayed attracting a penalty. some pay the rent in advance for say 3 months. the prgramme shall take care of all such combinations.the entry is to be done manually by the user, to help him to credit to the exact month, the page for the particular flat shall dispaly rent paid for previous 6 months as well as next 12 months. it should be done in php + Mysql and possible to integrate in Joomla.
on hearing from you and on accepting your quote, specific details can be given.
required to be completed in 10 days. please quote.
thanks for reading.

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Very Simple 3 Page Web Site Rent/sell House

I need a three page web site:
Home page
rent house
sell house

for the rent page, is needed to see available weeks, so its needed to manage the weeks available and 5 different rate of rent

Thank you

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Templatic Real Estate Theme Customization

A. At present the site only allows either Purchase or Rent, please change it so a property listing can be listed as Available for Rent and Purchase, so in the Search Property section the Buy and Rent are check boxes and not radio buttons.
b. The location of the property is defined by country, city and province. Make the Search Property section allow the user to fist select the country, then all provinces in that country must be selectable, and then all cities in that province must be selectable. The country, province and city data is not for the whole world but rather relative to any posts with specific countries, provinces and cities. In other words as properties are added then so the options will grow.
c. Add a new

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Few Changes On My Site


i have a site that required some update. Here what i would like to do.

– I need to have a new field when we create a movie, This field is a email. So each time a movie has been rent or sell the admin received an email, so i need another person to be notified. This person is the email i will have enter in the field.
– i need an option that will allow me to rent a free video

– when the site open, their is a video, i need to be able to make it play up to an hour.

Need to have some advice to enhance the quality of the movie.

If you have any question, feel free to let me know,

Need to start the project now, thanks


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Make My Joomla Website Nicer

Hello here is what I need I have a website called It is installed on joomla website. What I need you to do is make it clean remove all content that is not needed and I will provide you pictures of the house I like to rent. Keep in mind this website is made for just one house to be able to rent. So there is not alot of work but I do need it to look nice. Again I will provide you pictures of the house there is about 15 or less. So your job will be to place those pics on the site and present them the best way possible also if you can make a nice logo as well. Also I need a plugin that is something like this Please check it out that is a type a calendar that tells the customer when is the house available. Please read this post completely before you bid. This is not a big project if you know what you doing. I need someone to start immediately thank you.

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Wanted: Fast Software Development

We are going to have a web based enterprise information management system. we want to make it happen very soon based on existing module (either buy code or rent), the whole system includes about 20-25 modules

Quotation management
Product, components & design management
Quality management
Customer Information management
Asset management
Outsource & Purchase management
Human Resource Management
Warehouse management
cost management by each PO
Marketing information management
Delivery management

Communication management – email
Communication management – phone
Communication management – FAX
Communication management – Short Text Message

each module must be web based and base on existing code (buy or rent).

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10-12 Pages Report

I would like someone to write a report in the vertical rent to own home niche.
The report needs to be 10 pages discussing 5-10 biggest mistakes made by Rent To Own Home Buyers .

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Data Mining Scraping US Housing Listings

I need at least 10k in housing listings for US Housing for rent and Sale

Data must be Verifiable and Accurate or you will not get paid!

Csv file

Everything must have its own column and every column must be filled in No BLANK columns or you wont get paid!


Description WITHOUT CONTACT INFO. email, phone numbers, etc.!!!

Email if there is one

Category ie. Homes for Rent, Homes for Sale, Rooms for rent, commerical, etc.

How many Rooms


Complete Address-no street names with out number



ZIP code

image 1 Pics need to be in separate file but link must be on csv

image 2

image 3

image 4

Must deliver in 48 hours from when i award you the job are you will not get paid

Main Cities:

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Jersey
San Diego
San Francisco
Wash, DC

and surrounding cities are ok

I also want to see a csv file example so i know you understand task

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For Everyone: Help Find Properties Http://

We need people who can help us find rental properties. The people we are looking for shouldhelp us find apartments that can be rented out to tourists and business travellers.

Every country is needed and everyone can work with us.This project is suitable for everyone, no matter age or skill.

Please make a bid and we will get back to you. Please see the site here:

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Want To Rent Your Pc, Windows 7


I want to rent your pc for 1 week.It must run windows 7 os.

I will control it using teamviewer.

Please let me know the spec.

I will pay $1/day


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Cyprus Rent A Car

It is a rent a car website project for a company in Northern Cyprus. it is multi language Turkish and English.

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Rent A Car Script Modification

Need a modification to an existing rent a car script.
Owner of the web site wants to be able to give affiliate links to travel agencies and than pay out a provision to them for car rentals comming form these agencies.

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CL Poster For Housing/apts For Rent Subsection

My team requires experienced Craigslist posters with their own resources (PVAs/Proxies).
***Inexperienced posters should NOT apply.

We need a specific housing ad, that we will provide, posted in major U.S. cities every day in the "Housing/apt for rent" section.

100 ads per day is the initial goal.

You will be paid per every LIVE ad (no ghosted ads).

Fluent English is a must.

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Need Experience CL Poster ( Apt For Rent) Section

We are looking for professional CL Ad poster (Apt for rent )

We will not supply anything , you should have all necessary stuff like IPs , accounts etc….

Payment will be right way daily basis

PM us details with your best offer

only Experience poster apply

If no Experience don,t bid.
This is Long Time work.

Good Luck !

Happy bidding

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Craigslist Poster Need For Apartments For Rent Section

I need 20-40 ads posted in the apartment for rent section on CL. 20 Different citys. I will supply the image ad and title. You will be responsible for posting it as a live ad. This is daily work. 7 days a week long term. Please contact me with your rates. Thank you

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SEO Project For Sagar

The bid is for 2 months SEO work total $500

$100 to be paid on start of project the remaining $400 to be paid on project completion when all of the 10 keywords detailed below are on the first page of google. If after 2 months the keywords are not on the first page payment will be held until they are.

Regular weekly reports with keyword position progress will be provided.

Keyword Phrases

Bangkok Condo

Bangkok condos

Rent Bangkok condo

Bangkok condo rent

Bangkok condos for rent

Bangkok condo rentals

Condo for rent in Bangkok

Rent condo Bangkok

Apartment for rent Bangkok

bangkok apartment

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CL Posters Needed.20–50ads Per Day Apt For Rent Section —

Need Someone to post on CL Apt For Rent Section(Housing)…20….50 Ads Per day After Trial
in major US citys . All i want to do is provide ad
Titles and content(description) and the rest is up to you
You will need to be able to provide a trial run (20 posts) to ensure your skill in CL posting.
Do not Worry….I will Pay You for This Trial….After Completion and then Start
(20…..50 ads daily…may be more)
Long Term …. 5 days a week
You will provide Report in Excell Format.daily…
Thank You

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Site Like (point Driven) W/ Regional Listings

I need a site like but it will be for a Rental Exchange. Users will list items available to rent i.e. (tools, equipment…). Availability dates for the rental item will also be in the item description.

The site will be point driven with a rent it much like the buy it now concept.

Items will show the location and searches will include the location (much like — a map would also be great.

Each posted item ends when the item is rented. IE — there is no ending time scheduled like a auction.

Users can then use the points accumulated to rent other listed items.

Everything will list the (rent it) option but bids could be placed for lower than the listed (rent it) points and could be accepted by the rentor.

Option to purchase points at a discount using Paypal will be offered.

It would also be a Membership Only site where a monthly, semiannual or annual membership would be offered.

The would be no membership fee for the first month unless an exchange has not occured, then the free membership would be extended.

A processing fee would be charged to all exchanges at a value of 1% of the exchange.

For valuation purposes, each point would equate to one U.S. dollar. Site has to be attractive and engaging.

Dark Blues for the site would like to be seen. I like the look, colors and animation of

Non-member visitors can visit the site but details of the rentor will not be disclosed until they become a member.

The site would be U.S. only for now.

I want to be able to duplicate the site for commercial purposes one day.

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Seo Work Social, Article, Blog, Etc…


I need some misc SEO work completed and want to know what I can get for $45.00 US?

I am wanting to increase my ranking on my site for the term/keywords "rent to own homes".

I do NOT need any onsite work done. I need only offsite such as social bookmarking, twitter submission, articles, blog posts etc….

Let me know how you can promote and increase my sites ranking for the the keywords " rent to own homes" for my site with a budget of 45.00 and I would like to hire immediately and have the work started asap.

More similar work later for the right person….

Thanks for your time,

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