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Magento Expert To Repair A Template After Upgrade

After magento upgrade (from quite old version to the template displays errors, front page is distorted and there are problems with some characters.

The site should be repaired today, max. about 10 hours.

I need somebody serious with magento experience who wont let me down.

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ModX Repair Job For Shambhal

Repair to damaged/corrupt ModX theme

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Repair Broken Links On My Website

I have some broken links in my google webmasters tool, i cant find the links on my site so i dont know how to fix it. Need someone to correct this and possible make a robot.txt file or whatever is necessary, afyet this site i have a few more that need the same thing!

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IPhone Repair Website

I need a professional site built that uses google checkout. It will have 7-10 pages and will be similar to an online store.

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Repair Error Paypal Express Checkout On Groupon Clone Script

i have an error on chekout of my groupon clone script in backend i have all access and registration to API paypal but with i try so send payment it wrote me …………The merchant country is not supported………….
or give to me awhite page please i need a good programmer

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Repair And Add To Macro.

I have a macro that was working fine untill I tried to change the name of the sheets. I changed the names back again, but the macro would no longer work.
Also I would like the macro to list the Trainers on the final list according to highest average to lowest.
Also I would like there to be no zeros (just blank) if the trainer had no entry in the race. (Last sheet)
And finally, I would like the macro to clear the contents of sheet 1 and sheet 2, after data has been used.

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Auto Repair

I need three automotive articles 500 words each.

1. How to buy the best used car.
2. Ten things to keep your car healthy
3. New or used car, which is a better buy?

Due in 10 days.

Send work samples to be considered.

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10 Links 5 Forum Posts And 1 Facebook Page For Pc Repair

Links and posts for computer repair website

10 permanant links pr 3 or higher with different ips all content related to local pc repair website

1 facebook page with 1000 friends added ( friends must be local to area )

5 forum posts or articles.

all must be actioned manually.

no payments will be released unless all work is acceptable

more work for the right person if work is to a high standard

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Credit Repair Website

I am looking for someone to design and input my information into a flash template. The website is pretty much put together and designed. I just need to get my information in the website as well as my logo etc. The website will probably be 5-6 pages. If you need any additional information please let me know.

I would like a backend system to track clients and progress as well as possibly having a login for my clients that they can get updates specifically for them. I can add this feature in the future depending on the cost.

03/14/2011 at 2:37 EDT:

I will probably need a shopping cart of some sort that I can incorporate with paypal and my merchant

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SEO Required For An IPhone Repair Business, Gold Coast, Aus

We are seeking an experienced SEO expert for an iPhone repair website in Gold Coast, Australia.

5 keywords/phrases, All must be on the first page and 2 must be #1 in google.


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Joomla Website Security And Repair


I need someone to clean up my Joomla website from any security issues and bugs… The website is

The website has been slow and seems to have some security issues as its been hacked a few times…

Payment released after all work has been completed and report on fixed issues has been given to me…



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Need Advertisement Designed In Adobe In-Design

I need an advertisement designed for my business in Adobe In-Design. The advertisement needs to be 6 inches width and 4 inches high and I need to be able to edit the file in In-Design later so I can change my promotions.

THis advertisement is for my computer repair business. It is similar to Geek Squad computer repair.

I want like the design to look fancy but at the same time look simple and easy to read…

I need pictures and ideas so please let me know what you can do and I will award the best person ASAP!

I need examples of the work you have done for Advertisements so I can decide who to pick!

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Joomla – Add Subscription Area – Cleanup & Repair Site

Hi, we have a Joomla site that is close to completion. We need a Joomla expert to to the following:

1. Add a subscription based element to the site so users can register, pay, and login to access certain content.
2. Make it easy for the admin to indicate which content is for public and private viewing
3. Display the links to private content on the homepage to show public users what they are missing
4. Ability to enter a discount code to reduce subscription cost
5. Monthly recurring billing


We need to clean up and repair a few things on the site:

1. Add a security certificate at registration checkout
2. Fix layout / page issues (CSS)
3. Login module does not display on homepage


We want to move quickly on this, please send a detailed response and price quote.

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IT Consulting Website

I have an IT Consulting business. We do not have a website yet. I would like a website with all the services we offer. We build custom computers. Repair laptop and desktops. Provide onsite troubleshooting and repair. Work with small, med size businesses with network problems. Provide remote support for businesses and personal computer problems. I would like the website built and look professional, also provide all content for the website. I will provide phone numbers and email addresses.

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Repair Index.php Page In My Website

We lost our index.php file and found a copy from a backup made on an earlier server. The index.php was re-installed but some features are not working.

Look at the website at


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Database Of US & Canadian Car Repair Shops Needed

I need a database of all auto repair shops located in the US and Canada

– must be in Excel CSV format
– must include Company name, Street, City, Province, Postal Code, Country, Phone number, Email address, Website

All fields are required, there cannot be any empty fields.

Im willing to buy as much as you can find.

Please send me your cost per entry.

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Repair Zen Cart Webiste

I am looking for a zen cart expert to repair my website problem, the problem is that customer pay to us , can not to enter the order confirmation page. and another problem is shopping cart cant automatically calculate shipping fee.

if you are a zen cart expert , please send me the message.

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Site Repair

I Have a search-site,

but links doesnt work.. Who know how to repair it, please send me at PM.


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Need Joomla Website Only One Page Website

I need a Joomla website made..

It needs to have the following:

Only one page

A Live Chat feature think its called zopin?

Its for a computer repair business so I need it to look like a tech website and also easy to read..

Also need a contact form.

Creative Person who knows about computer repair business.

This site needs to be done fast! I need it up and running by 2/16 9am Eastern Standard Time!

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Repair Dedicated Linux Server HETZNER DS3000 (crash Problem)

Our dedicated server (debian) stopped responding during the night.
after a manual reboot i get all sorts of problems (though it seemed to work for some time after reset)

it hosts one webshop (cre reloaded), several domains, email accounts and MOSTLY pictures for ebay.
ftp access doesnt work. ping doesnt work either.

a rescue system, vnc etc is available

126 – Incorrect key file for table ./store2/whos_online.MYI; try to repair it

delete from whos_online where time_last_click < 1297697591


126 – Incorrect key file for table ./store2/sessions.MYI; try to repair it

insert into sessions values (9537a4b7c08bde54d957c2db1a897b1c, 1297699931, cart|O:12:"shoppingCart":4:{s:8:"contents";a:0:{}s:5:"total";i:0;s:6:"weight";i:0;s:12:"content_type";b:0;}cre_RCI_data|a:1:{s:7:"folders";a:1:{s:6:"polish";a:0:{}}}cre_RCO_data|a:1:{s:7:"folders";a:0:{}}language|s:6:"polish";languages_id|s:1:"2";currency|s:2:"zł";navigation|O:17:"navigationHistory":2:{s:4:"path";a:1:{i:0;a:4:{s:4:"page";s:9:"index.php";s:4:"mode";s:6:"NONSSL";s:3:"get";a:0:{}s:4:"post";a:0:{}}}s:8:"snapshot";a:0:{}})


i cant download and upload stuff over FTP. i get 550 readonly filesystem or filesize download mismatch.
dont know about email accounts if the work properly.

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Need 1 Page Website From Computer Repair Business

I want to have a one page website for my computer repair business.

On the front page I want to include a contact form, pictures of computer repair, professional look but easy to read.

My business is like "Geek Squad" its home pc if someone has a creative idea for a site that would be great!

The possibility for post comments…
Another option I would like to have is the ability to add another page to the site easily..

Also I use godaddy for hosting so I want to be able to upload it easily and I want to be able to edit it if I need to add or change any information…

I need this website to be done..ASAP..

Please include in your bids..examples websites you have done so I can see your work and what your idea is on what you can do..

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$100/Sale Credit Repair Company Needs Telesales Call Center

We are a Credit Repair company owned by a nationwide mortgage company and are looking to partner with an outbound call center to sell our services to US based customers.

We are offering a tiered pay-per-sale commission structure of:

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$100/Sale Credit Repair Company Needs Telesales Call Center

We are a Credit Repair company owned by a nationwide mortgage company and are looking to partner with an outbound call center to sell our services to US based customers.

We are offering a tiered pay-per-sale commission structure of:

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100 Local Craiglist Postings A Day

I need someone who can post 100 similar listings a day in South Florida Craiglist
The competition here is really tough and they flag. I will not pay for the flagged ads. Please offer your bid for a weekly job, i.e. 700 posting a week. By the end of the week – we should have 700 listings live. The listing are about Apple repairs (iphone repair, ipod repair, mac computer repair, etc.). Ill provide listing text. Your job is to post, and make sure they are staying on craiglist website.
Please, ask questions if something is not clear

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Credit Repair Live Transfers Needed From Mortgage Declines!

We are a nationwide Credit Repair company. Licensed and Bonded. We are owned by a mortgage company and are looking for mortgage decline, live agent transfer for Credit Repair. Ideally, we need someone to call mortgage declined data and provide qualified live transfer leads to our firm. Our team will take the qualified transfer call, close the prospect, process the payment, follow up with a welcome call, access the clients credit reports, and fulfill the services outlined in our Service Agreement.

Company must have knowledge and experience in Credit Restoration/Credit Repair. Company must possess the ability to provide a minimum of 25 (twenty) qualified transfers per day.

We are looking for Companies that can begin this IMMEDIATELY. This will be an ongoing project. We have the staff and facility to accommodate several companies on this project. We can handle the volume!


Data is the responsibility of the marketing affiliate company. We will not provide data.

Ideally, We need 1100 mortgage decline live transfers per month.

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Computer Repair

I require a automated numeric database form computer repair work order. This form will be used when a customer requires PC repair. The salesperson will fill out all the information on the screen and then print two copies. One signed and kept and the other copy goes to the customer. And two labels one for computer and one for customer Please note the work order number must increase automatically and the date must also be automatically inserted from system date and time. The fields must include make, model #Lap top or desktop adapter yes or no, password if any , back up required or not, back up folder documents ,pictures ,music, video and other required check mark, diagnosis, system problem, requirement install software, install following parts, estimated charges, final charges and requires all fields. I also require a field to I require to be able to edit fields easily encase change or field description change. Customer signature and technician signature Field also required.
also i need script that my customers can see the status of his computer online , like working on it , waiting for partss , finish …etc
also i need the ability to allow my customer say yes or no for the total cost ….
no user name and password required i will give my customer his ticket number plus his last name ..
if you have more idea please let me know . im willing to do this ASAP .
Thanks for all

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Wp shopping cart has an error

The following directories are not writable:
You wont be able to upload any images or files here. You will need to change the permissions on these directories to make them writable.

I need someone who can fix this error and also blog needs needs custom Helvetica bold, Helvetica condensed bold, Impasto custom embed fonts using cufon also some fonts need to be larger on home page. 2 pics need to be placed in sidebar. the story section and the link section need content added and Google Adsense script needs to be installed. on the blog

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