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Autoreply Script- Timed Automatic Email Reply Program

AutoREPLY from email broadcast.

This should be an easy job for someone with the right set of skills.

Heress what I would like to do and Im not sure if I have to set up a cron job at the host or have something set at the email client.

I think Im going to use squirrelmail as the email client.
I could use google apps if there is a way to get around the 500 emails per hour cap.

I will be using an autoreponder service like autoresponse plus, ListmailPro or
whichever will be able to integrate this kind of programming.

I would like to send an email broadcast to a list of say 3,000 that I upload to the autoresponder from a csv file.

Say I get 200 replies that go to my email client.

I would like those 200 replies I got to get an automated reply back 24 hours later.

If they reply to my reply they cannot get that same automated reply
they must be separated so I can respond to them "manually".

Im thinking maybe a filter that automatically replies to all new emails
and adds these new email addresses to the contacts folder.

Then all emails that come in get filtered for duplicates against the contacts.

If they are already a contact they go to another folder
and DO NOT get an automated reply.

If they are not a contact they get an automated reply (24 hours later)
and they get added to the contacts so they dont get another automatic response
if they reply back to my "manual" reply.

Hope this makes sense.

Any and all ideas are welcome.


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I Need 40 Forum Posts And Replies, For $30

I am looking for someone or a team to make forum post for me. I need 40 forum post and must stay in the forum to make replies. The 40 posts will be done in 2 forums that is 20 for each forum. and you must make at least 2 replies for each post.i will provide the forums and the login details.

All posts must be unique and interesting because i want the readers of the forum to rate me well.
the forums are internet marketing forums. so please only bid if youre experienced in this niche.

So all in all you will do 40 posts and at least 2 replies for each post. I am willing to pay up to $30 for this project and i will escrow the amount after you make the first 5 posts for me. And also you will have to give at least 48 hours before releasing payment to make sure that the posts are still active in the forum not deleted. if you cant provide within the budget kindly save your bid.

Along with your bid send me some sample of posts you did in the past to be considered for the project.

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10,000 Classified Email Replies

I need some one who can get 100% inbox to 10,000 craiglist emails (reply) I need you to reply to these (ads) emails and to promote a niche classified site. If successful there will be more work on a constant basis

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Users For Forum

I am looking for someone to create

* 50 users
* 100 new threads
* 2 replies of each new thread(200)
* over a 30 day period

For my new music and dance forum.

You will only need to set up one email address for the 50 users. I will set up the forum to allow this.

Threads and replies must be reliant to the particular forum. No spam. Poor quality posts will not be paid for and will be deleted.

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Manual .edu And .gov Forum Registering And Some Posting

Hi all the great outsources !

Were looking for an outsource for 200 .gov and .edu Forum registering and linking. What we need you to do is –
1) Register manually – fill in the fields with NON spammy data, upload profile picture etc.
2) Add a link with anchor text to the "Signature"(make it look good) or "Website" box
3) Browse the forum and make 3-5 replies to the threads – NO SPAM, real replies which are not deleted
4) IF possible, add link to the reply in the forum, but make sure that it wont get deleted

Perfect would be that you have the list. Language doesnt really matter, but we would like the anchor texts to be correct. Would be great if the forums were higher PageRank.

Were looking to pay 50$ for this job. If everything fits, were looking to get your service a lot more in the future.

Thank you and happy bidding !


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Need 50 Forum Postings In A Wedding Forum


I will need 1 Forum posters for Wedding/Bride related forum. I will need 50 posts (10 new threads + 40 Replies) in 1 wedding related forum. Its an urgent requirement and I will consider first come first basis.


Fixed pay: $0.10 per post.
Word count: Each post should be a minimum of 30 words with proper English and no grammatical mistakes.
Posting period: I will need a total of 50 posts per user to be done within 10 days. (15 new threads and 35 replies)
Payment Method: Paypal:

Reply only if you are interested. Also PM me your previous forum posting work experience. I will close this offer after I receive 1 forum posters.

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Looking For A PPC Style Site

Dear Programmer,

We want to have a site done that allows users to post replies on Twitter (along with a link) that searches out keywords. You can see an example of the kind of capability at the following site: www (dot)twitterhawk(dot)com

Please review the site to get a good understanding of how this works. Basically, its like a PPC search for tweets onTwitter. But it searches for keywords in "tweets" that others are posting and replies to them.

We would like to have the site developed ASAP.



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Yahoo Answers! Replies Needed 40-120 Per Day

I need 40-120 replies per day on yahoo answers for next 10 days.

All replies must be by level 2+ accounts.

All replies must have my link in them, and be new questions asked within 10 minutes of reply. You must supply any text if needed as long as my links are added.

You can not reply to your own questions made from alternate accounts. All replies must be to real questions.

Bid on 10 day job based on number of replies you can post per day.

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Facebook Application For A Somewhat Similar Discussion Forum

I need a Facebook application created that allows users who like a certain Fans page to ask questions, start a poll, access the usual functions of a forum, and receive replies to forum posts from others. Others will be able to install the application on their Facebook profile page, to view the latest forum posts and the replies therefore, but not able to post unless they "like" our Fans page.

The forum posts must show users photos or pictures that they use on their profile, and must allow them to type in a subject headline of maximum 50 characters including spaces. To remind users who posted that they receive replies to their forum posts is necessary.

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Programmer Needed To Automate Mailing Task

I have a list of forwarding emails (if you want an example PM me) which hides the real e-mail and forwards it to them. The only way to get the e-mail (at least in my opinion) would be to send them an e-mail saying something, and looking for a response. However, with spam filters in place, I obviously cant do that with one e-mail (I have over 10k of the forwarding emails). So I have a bunch of hotmail accounts and my plan is to send about 5-10 emails with each account and move on. The replies will all be forwarded to one central e-mail, and then I can harvest those e-mails from there, and proceed to mass mail. Im looking for a software/program that will do the following:

1) Log in to each of the hotmail accounts, send the generic messages, sign off, and repeat process until 1k hotmails have been reached.
2) Rotate proxies every few accounts.
3) Harvest the reply e-mail addresses from the central e-mail that the replies are all being forwarded to.

If you can automate this, tell me how fast you can get it done, and PM me. This would take too long to do manually and I need a programmer to automate this.

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World Of Warcraft Forum Poster

I need someone to post 5 forum replies and 1 forum post on 5 different forums I supply throughout the day.

We are talking about around 50 forum replies and 5 forum posts over a ten hour period, for a total of 250 replies and 25 forums posts total. The forum posts must make sense, be in good english, and be about world of warcraft. As these are not my forums, doing bad posts will get you banned.

Bidder must sign up for their own accounts on these forums (they are free) and should they be banned, sign up for another.

Each account will have a signature I provide on it. The forum posts and replies must be unique and contribute to the original post (if a reply) to some degree, but can be the same on separate forums. They do not need to be long, however. Two or three sentences will do.

I am doing this to get free targeted traffic to a website, and should the bidder find another good forum to post on we can scale the work and the payment accordingly.

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Need 50 Positive Reviews On Complaint Sites

Need 50 positive reviews for a wrong complaint done on complaint sites for one of our client.
50 positive replies must be posted in 100 days and no two replies on same day.
Each reply to be of 100 words atleast.

URL of complaint to be provided later.
Atleast 3 review sites to post comments on so 3 x 50 = 150 comments.
Each comment to be paid an average of $1 for 100 words positive comment.

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Simple Popup Script.

Need a MSN-Style pop-up script. That will pop when a user gets online to notify other clients.

I think it should check for new online users in like 20-30secs.

Site server uses PHP+MySQL.

You should just create the Javascript that will check if a .php script replies with something or not. For example it replies with username and some details which JS will use to build a box with image (user photo) and the name (username) and a link to the users personal page.

If you need some other explanation let me know.

Its a simple script – so bid for 30!

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Build Forum Questions And Replies

Need Forum questions and answers (can be rewritten) from 30 different users for Technical forum. Must have Simple Machine Forum expertise and able to alter some simple coding in SMF. Must be good full bodied (20-30 word questions with 40 – 50 word answers) content and good English. More details to follow award of bid.

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Need Craigslist Replies…Looking For 1-2k Per Day.

I am looking for craigslist job replies.
I am tired of getting bad leads where the seller resells them to other buyers.

I am looking for long term parter to sell me 1-2k daily.

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Reliable Forum Poster Wanted

Forum Poster With Perfect English Required

I need someone with perfect English to do 50 posts a day. Posts should be realistic and must be like i am posting myself. Just need to build up good repo on my forum user. Need someone trustworthy and reliable and at the same time who could do quality posts/replies like helping people out.

Payment will be $0.8 per new thread and $0.04 reply post. I would need approx 10 new threads a day with approx 40 replies a day. All must be real. No copy/pasting at all.

Project is for one month. So your total daily earnings would be $2.40 and monthly earning would be $72

You should be able to complete the project in on month.

I will only pay the price above and the candidate with good English skills will be chosen.

1) Posts must be realistic and non-spammy.
2) You must help others and post good new threads where you can get good replies.
3) Payment will be done once the work is completed.
4) One liner posts will not be accepted at all.
5) Posts/threads shall be checked everyday and you shall be paid in full at the end of the project.

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Opening For Good Forum / Blog Posters !

Hi all

I am looking for good forum (s) posters to work on different-2 forums and blogs with sign. back to us.


– Comments/ Replies must be of atleast 15 words.
– No Copy paste from other websites..only unique content will go.
– Replies must be very relevant to the threads ( No spam).
– Person must be fluent in English grammar..if you are not then there is no need to apply.
– I will not pay for, if account is deleted/banned for spamming.
– You will provide a daily report containing the following information:
Actual page URL where post can be found plus username and password used for those sites.

My rates are $1 per 9 posts in forums
and $1 per 7 blog comments

Please mind its a long term work. If you are good poster then you are in for making good bucks.

Happy bidding

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CL, BP And Other Classified Sites Poster Needed

Want an experienced poster for Backpage and Craigslist. MUST be experienced and able to successfully post on both sites.

Will compensate based off responses. Starting at $75 per 1k, will pay more based off the quality of conversions.

Posts are for NSA (W4M) ad category. You must provide ad content and forward replies to specific email address I provide in real time. Replies must be provided to me EXCLUSIVELY.

Will test work with a daily payout. Would like to escalate to a regular weekly order with successful traffic.

Being able to drive traffic from additional classified sites a plus.

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.05 Per Reply On Backpage And CL

I wlll pay someone .05 per reply on backpage and cl in the personals and no strings attached section. I am paying weekly. I am paying at the endof the week because i will noot know the actual number of emails sent we will just come up with a daily number together depending on your size of team. This project is based on trust from both sides. I want 500- 2000 replies per day in total, You will cuztomize the reply I will give you generic replies and you must put in the message the city you are replying in. ANd you must be able to change ips every few replies.

.05 per email reply you are paid in full at the end of the pay period. Weekly. I must trust you about emails sent so you must trust me about payment. If you do a good job we will go on for awhile. This is an adult affiliate program i am promoting. Convincing guys the girl in my profile wants to date them. Having a team is a plus because you will make more and i will also.

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Send Replies To Ads For Me, Copy And Past And Captcha

I have a requiremet for someone to send a reply message to adverts on Gumtree – will require copy and paste and captcha entry.

$30 max budget, for replying to minimum 6,000 ads

Very simple job, quick payment. Ill give you the text to send, and the categories to reply too.

Must be ready to start immediately.

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Project7 For ValueOnWeb

– if the user is accessing a page of any deleted ad, it should give him a message that the ad he is trying to access is not available
– The generated_adds.php page shows the ads for any user, it contains two sections, one for the ads and one for the replies. If any one is empty, we should mention that there are no ads or there are no replies (each one separatly)

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Craigslist Posters – Need 1000 Leads Everyday

I am looking for someone who can post in w4m section for me. I need a minimum 1000 replies everyday.
I only pay on replies so bids with per ad will not be considered at all.

-You use your PVA,A/Cs,Content
-Send me replies to address I give

I pay on every 2 days. So, send a PM of your best possible services that you can offer.

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Want 10k Job Replies From Craigslist!!! Will Pay 90$ Per 1k

I am looking at buying 10k job replies from craigslist.
These have to be the actual replies to the ads not just the email addresss.
I will pay 90$ per 1k so total of 900$
I will pay you weekly.
I am legit and will show you how i will not scam you because I am very reputable online.
Please pm me if you are interested.


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CL JV Need Job Leads…Make 800$ Per Week!

I am looking to have a long term relationship with someone who can get me 2k job replies a day.
I have perfected my method and can make anywhere from 300-400$ per 1k replies.
I am willing to go 60% me 40%.
I will pay you every week, so around 700-850$ a week goes into your paypal account.
I need these leads to be fresh, and they have to be forwarded to my email.
If you are interested and can guarentee me 1k replies per day, please PM me.

60% me
40% you.

Not negotiable.

PS i am ready to start any time.

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CL Poster Needed On Job Section And W4M Section.

Need someone to post ads on Craigslist Job section and W4M section.

I will pay per replies/leads on your ads.
$0.08/reply or $80/1000 replies.
Pay via Paypal or GAF.

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Intercept Outgoing Call On Windows Mobile With C#

I am a C# programmer and wish to build an application that asks the user one or more questions when they attempt to make an outgoing call on their Windows Mobile phone.

I have no idea how to intercept the call and then allow it to go through, depending on what the user replies, so I need someone to do the hard part for me. Create a C# application that will intercept any outgoing call, ask the user a question and depending on what the user replies, let the call go through.

I will then do the rest, that is, change the question(s) and build some logic based on the phone number etc.

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Send 2k Craigslist Replies Per Day

Im looking for somebody to go through Craigslist and reply to posts…
You will reply to roughly 2k per day…
I have the exact email text that you must use for the project…
Pretty simple!
Please leave your bid for 1 weeks worth of work – thanks!

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Send 2k Emails As Craigslist Replies

Im looking for somebody to go through Craigslist and reply to posts…
You will reply to roughly 2k per day…
I have the exact email text that you must use for the project…
Pretty simple!
Please leave your bid for 1 weeks worth of work – thanks!

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Vbulletin Vbadvanced Custom Module – Most Views & Replies

I am looking for someone to develop a custom module for the vBadvanced system for vBulletin. Must work in the most recent versions of vBadvanced with the latest vBulletin with vBseo running.

The module must display a list of threads and rank them based on number of views, and number of replies. (this could be two modules or one module customisable in the admincp).

So for example, I may want to display the last 10 threads by most views in the past 24 hours, or the past week. Or threads ranked by most replies in the past 24 hours, or the week. It should be customisable for number of days and number of views/replies.

The module(s) should perform as few sql queries as possible. Obviously if you have experience and are familiar with vbulletin and vbadvanced it should be a very straightforward project.

The Cyb Advanced Forum Stats plugin for vBulletin already has most views and most replies – something similar to this but in a module format for vBadvanced may be suitable.

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Backpage Posters Wanted

Need someone to post ads in the NSA section of Backpage. US Traffic only.

Will provide everything you need.

Only experienced posters please.

The pay is PER REPLY…not per post.

3 to 5 cents per reply. The more your replies the higher the rate. Please PM me to fix the rate for you.

Start now….very long term. Would like 500 to 1000 replies per day.

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Scrape Outlook Emails For Bounced Email Addresses

I have 24,964 bounced emails in MS Outlook 2007. I need you to look into each email, copy the email address, and paste it into an Excel spread sheet (Column A). Twist 1: Not all of the emails are bounces/returned, some of them are auto replies saying that the recipient received the email. These will obviously not be on the Excel spread sheet. Twist 2: There is a handful that are auto replies that state that this email is no longer used but instead give a new email address to send to. In this case, I would like you to copy the old address into Column A of the Excel spreadsheet and the new address into Column B of the spread sheet. Twist 3: Many of these emails are in Spanish, especially the auto replies.

Final result, you can do this in any manner you see fit, but I want this script/program delivered to me so that I can repeat this process without assistance in the future. Also, think about how you will want me to grant you access to the emails.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Need A Reliable CL Poster For 1000+ W4m Leads Daily!! ASAP!


CL Poster – $30 per 1k Unique Replies – USA Casual Encounters w4m section.

I dont care where you post as long as you post within major USA cities, in the Casual Encounters – w4m section and your posts get replies. I can supply you an email for the posts/replies to be forwarded to.

You supply ad content, IPs, PVAS etc. I will pay you $30 per 1k replies and will pay as much or as often as this happens. Need a minimum of 1k unique replies per day. Once your leads are proven, pay will increase, maybe even double.

These leads MUST be unique meaning they are NOT USED/SOLD to anyone else, only me!!


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