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Write A Short Report On Making Friends With Your Neighbor

I want a 2 page article on making friends with your neighbors.

Must not be plagiarized or rewritten, must have great english skills.

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SEO Project


Need experienced SEO for our website to reach top ten position in Google for my given keywords. Your job is to get it all the way to the top.

When you bid, we need following information in PM:
> SEO Methods used ( need numbers, details)
> Time frame

— ABSOLUTELY NO BLACKHAT OR GREY HAT METHODS, ONLY WHITE HAT METHODS. — Google guidelines must be followed and no way should be compromised.

Links building should follow:
– No black hat and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods
and ethical work will be accepted.
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Links must be from my Countries websites.
– Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Links must be permanent, static html links.
– One way links only, no reciprocal links.
– No robots.txt blocking. No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
– No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings.
– No paid traffic sites.
– No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc.

* Links that are not approved must be replaced by service provider.

Report requirements:
We need weekly report from you to see the improvement.

Exact website will be disclosed to winning bidder.

* Please provide us the detailed SEO techniques you will use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done. No canned responses please. Please be specificin bidding for this, by using the word "Elephant".

100% payment when our site appears in Top five position in google.

Milestone payment will be based upon weekly report.

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Expense Management System

The scope of this project is to design, build and test a website and online Data Base where employees can create a log in and build an online travel expense report, the report can be submitted to the employees manager who can review and approve the report.

The site will have very similar to the reference site expensify(dot)com

If you are interested in bidding for this project, you must provide the information requested in the section Proposal Format – See below.
Any proposals that do not adhere to this format will not be considered.


Import Credit Card / Bank Details
The employee selects their bank and enters their online banking credentials and the employees bank and credit card statement are imported into their expense report.

The Employee can create a new expense report. They enterer expenses either manually or using the import feature. The expenses are then assigned to an expense report. The employee can then upload receipt images and attach these to the expenses.

The administrator can create new travel policy rules where restriction on expenses can be set eg if the expense amount is greater than $5 you must have a receipt.
The administrator can then assign a policy type to each employee.

Mobile App
Mobile App that will allow the employee to take an image of their receipts and attach them to their expense reports.

Customised Categories
The Administrator can create pre-defined expense categories, add new users to the system, assign access levels and rights to employees.


Adding new expense rules
tips / help
Assign Email Preferences
Add bank account details to receive reimbursement
Connection to other systems not in scope
Billing where the administrator can add a Credit card to pay fees and reimbursements.

Report on the expenses created eg expenses paid, not paid, outstanding, expenses by category, by employee, expenditure per month.

Submitting Expense Reports
The employee can submit an expense report and identifies their manager who will approve the expense report. The manager reviews the claim and any policy violations are highlighted in red / yellow. You can hover over the report for pop up windows with further information.

Data Export
Need functionality to be able to export all data and images out of the online data base, in .xls , CSV format.

The System will be fully tested in all main browsers.

Proposal Format.
The proposal should cover the following key areas:


Please email your proposal to Eamon Clune at by Thursday 7th April.


The project has some unique features some of which do not appear in websites very often.

The main technical elements are:

Phase 1
1.Development of an online work flow solution, with multiple roles and levels of access – where an expense form can be passed from the originator; to the approver to the payer. The work flow solution needs to be able to route the claim to the correct person in the flow and have automatic email notifications

2.The solution need to have an invoicing feature, The invoice will be made up of 1) the monthly subscription fee based on the number of users per month. 2) the approved expense amount for each employee.

3.The system will have 2 billing/ payment features, 1)the admin enters their credit card details and the credit card is charged monthly based on the number of users that company has using the system per month. 2) each time an employees expenses are approved by their company, their company credit card is charged and is paid to the employee.

Phase 2
4.An iPhone and Android App will be required. The App will allow the employee to log in and create a new expense, take a photo of their receipt and submit this

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Survey Used Engine Oil, Manila Philippines

I require a survey of vehicle service garages to find out what happens to used lubrication oil in Manila, the Philippines.

The attached report is to be filled out in full.

Please read attached report before asking questions.

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I.S Final Installation And Support Plan Report

Need someone to write an Final Installation and Support Plan Report based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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E-Business Report

Need someone to write an E-Business Strategy Review Report on Internet Banking based on a case study. I have attached the case study along with a briefing outlining the main guidelines that should be followed to produce the report. Please read it carefully before posting.


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Technical Report Writing

Can you write research technical paper about face detection using LBP algorithm (Local Binary Pattern) ??
i want 50 pages you can use some diagrams to support the research.
The paper must be plagiarism free.

Budget: $30 – $60

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Report Writing Project For Ishtiak146

as discussed

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AdBook Sample Shopper & Report

We are doing a market study of printers, pricing and product for charity / group "ad books".
Seeking a test-market shopper to go contact printers, price and report on the market for charity ad-book / event program from printers and report on the pricing, process – gather sample ad-books and report.

After an getting a basic script, context and an NDA, we expect to get 8 to 10 examples of printers for ad-books.
Some in Chicagoland and some in several other states.

May include contacting other groups to request a copy of their ad-book and printer information.

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Ebook Writer Experienced With Building Blognetworks Needed


Im launching a domain finder tool soon, and I want to give buyers a free report. I need a writer for the free report

Im looking for Ebook/Report writer who is expert or has experience with building high pagerank blognetworks for getting linkjuice.

I need a 25-50 page ebook writting on this topic. I need advanced up-to-date stuff on the topic. e.g what domains are the best to take, internal/external linking for max linkjuice, common pitfalls, etc etc.

Ive got some information you can use for researching to create the ebook.

Native english writers please.

If you are interested, please list or pm me your price.

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Quality Linkbuilding

We arooking for an experienced Link Builder to start work on one website to demonstrate abilities. Multiple sites and long term work on offer once proven. To give you idea of scope, there are around 30 websites I wish to work on rotation at the moment and more to come. I want you to send me message proposal for how many links you can provide.


$25 per week. I will buy projects in 4 week blocks. Payment made to you each week after you submit weekly report and I have verified results. This job may become permanent as we are an SEO organization.

Send me your proposal to win this job

Your proposal should be for 4 weeks ($100), send me a Message including:
How many links can you create for this money (your target)
The distribution of pageranks of the PAGES where the links will be created (not the homepage, I want to know the PR of the actual page with the link). The higher the PRs, more likely you are to win the project
A sample list of the websites where you can get links.
I will evaluate proposals based on:

– Number of links to create for $100
– PR of origin pages (the higher the better)
– Your samples of sites where you can create them.
– Your reviews from past link building projects
– Your guarantee of replacing dropped links, at no cost, for 12 months after creation date

Work flow
I will send you url, keywords and anchor text and related topic of websites each week.

You acquire the target amount of links during week and send me a weekly report. I will check report and test links over weekend, pay you and setup targets keywords for next week.

Link conditions
I will provide you with a report spreadsheet to complete. The report will include:
– url of page with link
– PR of page with link
– date of link added
– keyword/anchor text used
– domain used
– ip address and c-class network
One way non reciprocal and related websites only
Only European TLDs (preferred german .DE) plus, .com, .net, .org, .gov, .edu
"do follow" links only, no follow do not count
The link buildup will be evenly distributed during the week (NOT all links in one day and nothing on the other days
If the links are dropped you will replace them at no cost for 12 months after creation date
Links are created in pages with less than other 15 outbound links
Each link needs to come from a Unique domain AND a Unique C-Class IP Network. Links from repeated domains/Networks will not be counted
Page where the link will be created has to be indexed by google and cant be blocked by robots.txt, noindex tags and so on.
Page must have been indexed and cached by google within the last 30 days. Last but not the least… Only links valued and accepted by google, no black hat, no directories, no forum profiles, etc..

Summary of link restrictions

– All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links
– Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other related practices.
– no spam links
– no link farms backlinks
– No sites which ask for money later.
– backlinks must be placed on english websites
– backlinks must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices
– No links from under construction pages
– no contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. No spamming
– no blog comment spamming, no ping sites, no links within newsgroups
– No link Directories, no article directories
– No Blog or forum profiles
– No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.

No links from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guest-books, classifieds,
dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, Free For All websites (FFA), hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, violent , black hat sites, forums, spam sites, webrings, newsgroups, rented links,

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We are a french maintenance company operating on Multifonctional printing products. We are looking for a software which will be able to be installed on our customers lan and will be collecting snmp datas from the printers installed on the lan (like printing counters, ip adress, serial number, supplies level….). The software will be able to generate a report and allowed this report to be send by mail.

We are operating mainly on HP, RICOH AND KONICA MINOLTA products, but it had to integrate others brands in the future.

This software will be very light , the setup very easy for our customers.

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US Writers Needed, Shopping News – Huge Potential……

Seeking reliable, dedicated, US based writer-reporters – who have their own adsense accounts – to write about current events related to shopping.

We need reporters that are internet savvy and love shopping, bargain hunting, and travel news and deals. Our news site provides current, useful information to shoppers – from new product announcements to pricing changes, recalls, travel disruptions, new product features, shopping deals, specials, discontinuations, availability and more. You will be in charge of your own research for these stories, but story ideas are abundant.

You will need to be able to consistently write in a 3rd person news style. Just a straight forward telling of a recent or current event,. While a reporter may provide many facts on their own, fine details, statistics, and anything subjective needs to be attributed to a source. Reports will be required to be free of bias, opinion, judgement, hype, advice, tips, leading questions. Just the facts. Just like you see in the hard news section of a regular news paper.

Please understand – this is writing about current events – not rewriting and spinning general articles for seo.

Only US based applicants are being considered. We ask writers to commit to three 200+ word reports a day, five days a week (15 per week).

For the first two weeks (30 reports), we pay $1.50 per accepted/published report. The goal is to use this as a training period. After that time is up, we would work together in partnership, with you receiving a generous portion of the ad revenue through an adsharing program. With this system, you should be able to earn much more than $1.50 per report. Ill send you more details in a pm.

Many of our writers are stay at home parents and/or homeschoolers, as am I. This has been a good opportunity for them.

Please bid $45 (for the first 30 reports) and confirm in a PM that you 1) understand what 3rd person writing means, 2) have an adsense account, and 3) enjoy writing about shopping, products, and travel related issues and deals.

Those that provide a sample of this type of report will receive fast consideration.

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Excel Macro For Simplifying A Tool Generated Excel Report V2

We are currently using a tool, that generates a complex excel reports.

We are interested in writing a macro, that simplifies the reports.

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{K} Powerpoint Presentation And A 2,000 Words Report


I need a powerpoint presentation and a 2,000 words report.

Deadline: April 04, 2011

Details through PMB.


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Montly Reports

My company prepares a monthly report for my client.We are currently using Microsoft excel and Microsoft Word to generate the report. This process is very time consuming. We are looking for someone to experience in PHP and MySQL to write the code, so that this process can be automated, whereas a data entry person can generate the reports.

The scenario is as follows
1. Generate the table for the Report
2. Create the User interface in PHP
3. Generate the Report with Charts

below is the link for the report

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Betfair Iphone Application

UI as so:

two textboxes to capture username and password details.
button to login to betfair.

option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers (3 options: 1 min, 2 mins, 3+ mins) drop down or radio group.
option to capture price move to report on (5 options: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3+) drop down or radio group
option to capure what to report on: (3 options: steamer, drifter, both) drop down or radio group
option to capture action to take (3 options: back steamer, lay drifter, back steamers and lay drifters) drop down or radio group

The required rules are as so:

1. At one hour PRIOR to a UK horse race going live, the software need to store any selections in that race that fall within the "option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers" + 5points, so if the "option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers" is 2, the application records all selections inclusive of the prices 2.00 to 7.00.

2. At "option to capture mins before race to check for qualifiers" the software checks against the stored selections at rule 1:

If "option to capure what to report on" is "steamer" or both" and the price of the selection has REDUCED <= "option to capture price move to report on" and option to "capture action to take" is "back steamer" or "back steamers and lay drifters": present simple screen to place BACK BET as per standard place bet functionality at betfair.

If "option to capure what to report on" is "drifter" or both" and the price of the selection has INCREASED >= "option to capture price move to report on" and option to "capture action to take" is "lay drifter" or "back steamers and lay drifters": present simple screen to place LAY BET as per standard place bet functionality at betfair.

Standard validation is required – i.e check and report invalid betfair credentials, etc

I have the code for this application, but it is written in VB.NET, I basically need it converting to objective-c as I dont know the language, dont have the time or desire to learn it!

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Vtiger Reporting Totals

We use Vtiger in our contact centre clients and we need some customised reporting. Our clients want subtotals and grandtotals in the reports based on the timeframes selected but it doesnt seem that vtiger supports the "count" function for subtotaling fields without numbers.

I have attached an example where the agent calls multiple leads and then they are assigned status such as sale, not interested, callback, etc. The report however shows all the data for the agent as this is the sort field but no function to "count" each status and produce a report that says agent a had:
sales 7
not interested 10
callback 3
total 20

See report attached that needs to be totaled. I would also like a full description of how you going to do this.

Also the dashboard view is a total from day1 … is it possible to make this dashboard by day, week, month?

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Real Estate Property Analysis Report

I am an appraiser and I am looking to create a short program that would enable me to print a custom report of market data.

I need a windows program, excel spreadsheet, or access database that will import an .XLS file containing an exported set of data from the local MLS. The data will be imported to a printable-legal size or letter size-report that shows: a long list of all the data, a more detailed short list of data consisting 3-5 of the records, and a statistical analysis of all the records and trends. The analysis will include: market trend, total number of listings, total number for sale, total number under contract, total number expired, median price, median days on market, and possibly graphing with linear regressions. The reports will be saved in a file or database that will allow them to be re-opened for edit or review.

The finished report will have fields that are dynamic to each report and property that is being analysed and fields that are static with general disclaimers and information that will always be the same. This does not have to be super complicated. Just a straight forward document that shows data in a specific format.

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Analysis/Architect – Online Session For Reporting System

Report Writing

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PHP To PDF Report Create

I need php developer how have high experience to create pdf report from PHP, MYSQL.

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Looking For Good Report Writer.

Hi all,
I am looking for good report writer to help me to complete my courses project. I will write the following about walmat compnay, i will provide u with teh information:

Corporate Strategy
Ethical Standards/Code of Business Conduct
Human Resources
Strategic Managers and Board of Directors
Senior Level Executives
Corporate Governance
Board Member Responsibilities1
Board Committees
Director Compensation

I need it in the coming 3 hrs. I will look for long term relation.

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Find Press Release Sites

Requiring the following

Find 150 free press release sites – all sites must be functional and able to place a press release on the site.
You will not be paid untill I have 150 free press release sites with all the information below.


Required will be the following

1 Sign on to every site

2 Use a user name and email address that will be give to me later

3 Post to the site a generic content that will be give to you

4 Make a report of where the links showed up and what happened with the sign in process
EX: content is in review | Content was published immediately (important)

5- must be 150 to complete project and all will be tested

6 Put in report pagerank of sites….

7: all reports should be in xcel or equ.

Shoot over any questions

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Need A Quick Report Written In 24 Hours About WordPress

I have transcribed 11 videos and I would like these videos compiled into an easy to read report.

I already have the text, I just need your writing expertise to clean it up a bit and make it into a readable easy to follow step by step guide.

My budget is $30

Technical writing skills are a plus since the report is about building websites with wordpress for beginners

I need this done within 24 hours

Thank You

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Research Report On Sit Leadership (for Sapientia Soln)

Need professional help to work on compiling a fairly extensive report on Situational Leadership and assessment.

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Need Super Affiliate Marketer

I currently have some hot top US education, health/beauty, zip/email submits, insurance, auto and finance, etc offers, I need someone who knows online marketing very well, can drive tons of good traffics, who knows well in PPC, PPV, CPV, MEDIA BUY, SOCIAL NETWORK, EMAIL MARKETING, ETC.

targeted traffics, US, CA,EUROP
NO fraud

NOTE: we only looking for super affiliate who can drive hunderds leads per day.

PM me and and tell me your traffic type, methods, give me some screenshot about your traffic report, and promote report, lets make money together!

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Windows App Documentation

This project is a college assignment a report documentation is to be written on an already made windows application this report must be between 3000-5000 words no more than that , so it isnt that big of a project , download the attachment , the report outline can be found on the 3rd page , this is a simple project so i dont expect high bids, anyone interested contact me for more info and for me to send you the application which the report will be based on.

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Test Sites And Send Report

I need someone to go to a list of 150 sites that i have and test if the site is active or not.

Required will be the following

1 Sign on to every site
2 Use a user name and email address that will be give to me later
3 Post to the site a generic content that will be give to you
4 Make a report of where the links showed up and what happened with the sign in process
EX: content is in review | Content was published immediatly

Thats about it bit away

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Project Documentation

All that is need to be done is writing a 2000-3000 word documentation on an already made windows application , provided will be a report outlining all the areas to eb covered

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Editorial Design And Layout For A Report On African Developm

Design and layout for a report on development and poverty reduction in Africa. The report will be around 150 pages long followed by 20-30 pages of statistical annexes. It will be made up of 15 chapters with an identical layout, and each chapter will have several photos, tables, and graphs, in addition to around 600 words of text per page. We want someone who will design the whole thing including the cover, and maybe even a logo for the report because it will be annual.

We will have both and English-language and a French-language version of the report.

We will submit every chapter after we finish editing it over a period of 2 months with the photos and data.

We need to see an extensive portfolio in editorial design, and maybe even some proposals for the publication before we commit to a designer.

We are not very organized, so the designer has to be flexible and a lot of the communication will happen over skype or chat because were based outside the US.

If we are happy with your work, we will be producing 4-5 similar reports this year, and we are looking to have an ongoing relationship with a freelancer.

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Website Tester Must Be Living In America

i need someone to test a website for usability and spelling/grammar issues. There are roughly 42 pages to check with a small amount of text on average.

– Freelancer must have a US cell phone
– Freelancer must live in America
– Must provide report on usability
– Must deliver a report on ever page that contains the following information
— If there are any spelling mistakes
— If there are any grammar errors
— How long it takes for the page to load
— If there are no errors

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