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Networking Task( $15)
i want to do this small task in networking asap

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Small Assignment Of Infrared Music Transmission System

This assignment is based on student budget.

The circuits are consist of Transmitter and Receiver, those two circuits are transmitted by Infrared LED (Tx & Rx).
It would be a simulation of the circuits, and the components hardware in the breadboard.

Mono or Stereo jack is connected from the transmitter, and we must have a tuner (variable resistor in transmitter) to tuning the volume, then we can hear the sound from the transmitter respectively.

The Objectives:
*Able to hear the sound at the transmitter as well as the input music (with any modulation technique, AM is preferable)
*Adjust the tuner, as to be the volume control of the sound

We can use any types of components. Simple basic Amplifier is recommended.
No need Programmable IC or microcontroller Unit. Just use an IC or OP-AMP chips.

The components that available at the moment right now,
*Transistor NPN BC548 and PNP 558,
*Mono Speaker 8 Ohms,
*UM66 and LM 386 for music,
*OP-AMP 741,
*Diode Zener 3.2 V,
*3 pairs of LEDs Transmitter and Receiver,
*Male jack 3.5mm (due to connection cable from computer to hardware),
*Female stereo and mono for jack 3.5mm cable,
*Voltage regulator,
*Some Capacitors and Resistors,
*Battery 9V 2pcs,
*Variable Resistors 10k Ohm, 100k Ohm


Budget is not more than $40. And the complete period would be just 3 days, from the day it posted.
Submission Maximum at Monday April 4th.

Description of Works:

1) Simulation of schematic the current circuits for both transmitter and receiver, by using Multisim or Proteus.
This simulation may be successful in the process, but it must applied to the actual components until the project works.

2) Full explanations of the simulation part. (Ms. Word files and component datasheets)

For instance;
* What modulation technique do we use.
* Basic calculations or any equations that require in the simulations
* Why we use this type of amplifiers? (i.e. OP-AMP 741)
* What the purposes of these resistor of … Ohm, Capacitor or any IC in the circuit,
* If the transmitter use modulation, how the demodulation signal going through at receiver,
* If the sound it is not clear as the input, what happened to the signals?
* Why it come with noise at the receiver?
* And other explanations, regarding how the circuit works properly.

NOTE : The job is only the schematic simulations in the software ($25) and full explanations of why it works and operates, I would ask some questions if necessary ($15). Therefore I will construct the hardware in the breadboard myself.

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Web Development – Modify Existing Template

Looking for someone to develop my recently purchased template. The design and template is fine and I like it, I only need someone to do the back end coding work for e.g. contact form and replacing Lorem Ipsum with our content. It is only a 5-6 page website so not a very big budget work therefore please consider this before bidding.

Template is already installed and working fine, I will only provide URL to the bid that falls within my budget i.e. lowest comes first.

PS – I have 3 more websites coming with similar work required.

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Nginx Specialist With Along Php Deveoper

I need a guy who has strong knowledge of nginx webserver with along php developer i moved my server from apache to nginx some of websites dont work i have 2 problem to be solved

1) there is redirection php script, after changing web server this redirection doesnt work what this script does
if you are from australia and first visit it ll redirect you => if you are from australia and dont want redirect you to page you simply type once comes up and then it will never send you => even you type again.

2) we have also drupal page which doesnt work with nginx this is standard drupal page needs convert to nginx conf file

feel free to send me an email

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Advertising Images For Telcommunications Website

Require 5 advertising images to be created for a telecommunications website.
All images same size, no animation.
We will give you 5 different products and require you to supply professional catchy images relating to the product. To do this we will provide you with a link to each page relating to the product so you can generate your ideas from.
Links will only be provided to short listed applicants.
Product lines may include;
– GSM Gateways
– Phone Systems
– Mobile Phone Plan/Deal
– 13 1300 1800 Numbers (Inbound / freecall numbers)
– Outright Mobile Phones
– Office Phone Plan
Please provide links to example work in your PMB. Will then send you link to website under development so you can see the image location, size and theme.

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I Want Xfilesharing Template

I asko about xfilesharing template design

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PrestaShop Small Modification

First solve a design flow in PrestaShop:if a product has two attributes , in my case size and color and the main is set
lets say size L color Blue and someone order this product all is ok. Next costumer see this product
in the product list, cliks on it and because main product is L and blue stock is 0.The problem is that i have in stock other
colors or sizes but the visitor are not selecting other size or color because they think is out of stock .I want that costumer sees only available sizes and colors.For example if size L is out of stock I will not be able to select it but if size L is available
only on colors red and blue i should be able to select site L but at color field i sholud see only red and blue.
Second i need on the front end an advanced search in witch i can search after product attributes.In my case color and size.

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Need Some Images Photoshopped For Website

I need some images altered,edited and or photoshopped for website

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Talented Webmaster – HTML – Javascript Expert


This project is NOT FOR INDIANS, please INDIANS dont bid.

I have a website in psd to build up and need a talented webmaster to suggest the better technology to be used and develop it.

The menu of the site is a little tricky, so please, bid only if youre an expert and confident working with DINAMIC CONTENT.

Bid only with excellent portfolios, requested Skype contact.

Thank you.

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Complex Screen – PSD TO HTML – Small Budget

Convert a complex PSD to html

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Combine 3 Images

I want to combine 3 separate images of shoes. There will be two sides and one bottom. You need to be able to see all 3 sides by rotating the image. It does not need to be 3dimensional. It will not be on a website, just a single file. I need to be able to add text to the image, so that when you put the cursor over one of the three sides a text box pops up.

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This is a really simple job and you need to be fast.

I will be paying $10 for every 5000 images downloaded.

I need to download about 50,000 image files but Id like to start you off with 15,000 first so please bid only $30.

I want the larger image of the shoe. You must name the image after the shoe name.
It must be in color folder category.

This is the link:

Please show me a sample of the image you download for approval. If you do not put a sample, I will most likely delete your request. IF YOU POST INFORMATION UNECCESARY TO THIS POST, I WILL REQUEST YOUR POST AS SPAM. DO NOT POST IF YOU CAN NOT DO IT AT THE PRICE ABOVE OR BETTER.

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HTML Email Marketing Template

I need someone who will create both an HTML template that for an email marketing. This template will be placed inside outlook or Constant Contact. You also need to supply psd file of the artwork.

This requirement is NEEDED immediately.

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FreePBX New Extension Type

This project is to add a new extension type to the Extensions page in FreePBX. With the new extension type, you will present new settings options for the phone. Submitting the new extension will update the regular settings (similar to a custom type). It will also update a new module database entry and config file.

I already have a FreePBX module working for the new phone type. It updates the MySQL table and creates the config file. However, the current provisioning workflow requires creating the phone with this module and creating the extension in the Extensions page. I want to integrate them so there is only only page used to create this custom phone type.

I will provide the my existing source code for my current FreePBX module, the channel driver for the new phone type, as well as a phone to test your work.

The project will be delivered as a patch to FreePBX 2.8

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DMOZ Listing Needed

I would like my website to be listed in DMOZ. It has been 3 years since its launch and it has a page rank of 4. It is some sort of an online sharing platform. I want only the ones who can guarantee this listing to bid please. I will be paying as soon as I can see it in the directory listing.

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Project Clipper

I am looking to get a basic website made to start an online fashion selling business. Initially I will be uploading pictures and providing commentary on the site. I want to be able to upload information on the site regularly with out being charged for modifications.

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Web Template Modification

I like this template I want to adapt it for my website

Need quote for –
– If i purchase template & you modify
– If you recreate everything at your end.

I would like to try few different colour schemes & will provide images for website but you may need to resize them. Website must open in IE, firefox & other popular web browsers & should not take long time to load as in my current website with which i am not happy at all.

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Website Coding

Html has already been created

Please review file from verification.

Files attached are current website html files and folders with images of webpages need to be created.

Please be available from start to finish.

Quick turnaround

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Small Product Page Fix In Perl/PHP Ecommerce Website

I tried to upload new products to my website however when I did so the products did not load properly. They appear as a blank page on the site with no image despite the image having being uploaded.

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PHPmotion Template

We need one fully developed modern, professional PHPmotion template. We

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Programmer Needed

We are a quickly growing advertising firm with most of our business in web. We are looking to increase our off-site development team with a individual or group who we can rely on for both urgent and normal time frame work. You MUST be reliable, dedicated to each project and have extensive experience in most programming languages.

Must communicate well!!! Communication is one of the most important things to us. If there is an issue, a problem, a delay, or anything…WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.

We prefer to communicate through Skype and email.

Looking forward to working with you long term.

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Links Not Working On A Typepad Template

I need someone who has good experience in Typepad designing, to make the links thats on the header image to work.

Blog URL is

The Navigation links on the top header image (Home, Bio, Photos, Videos, …. Theosims) dont work.

Also there are 2 links in the bottom header image which dont work.

Source code is available

Easy job for someone who knows what he/she needs to do.

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Small Work Alignment And Ordering

Very small work .
I have a PHP project.
There are 6 view pages with tables.
Most of the alignment have been done. Finish off the basic alignment and add sorting to the tables on these 6 pages.Use any javascript.

Max 30 bid and time <1 day.


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Website Folder Real Time Unprotect/protect From HTML

I have a website with two areas – free access & members only access.

Member user names and passwords reside in a data directory outside HTTPDOCS.

A Perl htaccess file in the page template directory restricts members access to that template.

I want the HTML index file in the template directory to change the permission in the graphics folder each time it opens and closes and to allow access when someone clicks to enlarge the image to full HD size if the person is a registered member and to restrict the permissions to standard definition images if that person is not a member.

Any questions please ask.

Bids cannot be accepted from the USA or US dependent territories for legal reasons, and from Islamic countries because of the website content.

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Blogger Template Needs HTML And Javascript Work

I have a number of different widgets, styling that I want to add to my site. I would like to have an ongoing relationship with someone who can do this work.

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Website Duplication + New Template

I have a website up and running. It contains 25 pages and is controlled by a CMS-system. I now want a full duplication of this website (with its the CMS system). I also want a new template for the new website (duplication), which I will deliver in a Photoshop PSD format.

Thank you.

With kind regards,
Dieter K.

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Small 5 Min Voice-over


i need someone to do a small 5-min voice-over for my website.. i have the doc file ready, so I need it soon.

please bid only if you can do it today.. also make sure to PM me a voice-sample..

bid over $30 will not be considered.


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Facebook Like On Website.

I need to have 350 facebook like on my home page and then 50 likes. distributed around the site.
Thats 400 like in total.
I want this spread over 7 days
Small job small bid.

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Ecommerce Store Template And Install/setup.

Design, Install and customize OSCommerce or OSCMAX (latest stable release) to allow for:

– Multiple individual stores pulling and posting data to the same admin and product database. Billing and contact information will vary from store to store. Shopping Carts are NOT shared between stores. To the consumer each store should appear to be its own independent entity.

– Multiple Sub (Child) Stores within a Store, that enables the shopper to enter. For example, the "XBrand store" which is branded entirely according to the "XBrand" look and features only Categories and product that we specify. These products can be listed in the main store as well. Shopping carts WILL be shared with the parent store.

– Creation of template designs for the main (1 to begin with) and (3-4) sub (Child) stores.

– Software must be able to be synchronized to QuickBooks using T-Hub or similar product.

– Template design must be extremely clean, professional and clutter free looking, with an emphasis on usability. So please no amateur graphic designers. If Graphic design needs to be contracted out to a third party, then that

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