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Stephen Soos Requires 2000+ Twitter Followers

My name is Stephen Soos. I want 2000 and above followers to my Twitter account within the month. I am interested to discuss the project with ones who can come up with an effective proposal and strategy.

Stephen Soos

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MySQL Database & Query Optimisation – Reposted

We have an OScommerce based store with a very large number of products (4 million plus) that requires some database and query optimisation.

Some work has been done but the project now requires someone with a skill set that is able to analyse the queries, indexes and tables to optimise as necessary.

This project has been reposted as it could not be completed due to illness

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MySQL Database & Query Optimisation

We have an OScommerce based store with a very large number of products (4 million plus) that requires some database and query optimisation.

Some work has been done but the project now requires someone with a skill set that is able to analyse the queries, indexes and tables to optimise as necessary.

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Penny Auction Maintenance And Customization

Hello everyone!
Im looking for programmer, web developer who understands the penny auction structure, and has a work experience in build or maintenance process. I have a fully working script(php) which has been tested in real work. Our team is working on full project, so we need one more hand.
This part of a project contains 3 milestones:
1. Fix timer ( works fine, but: sometimes its freezing when many people are bidding at the same time; increases time not correctly). So, it needs to be fixed.
2. Add "buy now" button ( requires connection between Front, Backend and Database(MySql)). Admin should be able to assign or not this button to any auction.
3. Develop a new type of auction "Room Auction" using special requirements. ( requires connection between Front, Backend and Database(MySql)). All requirements will be provided in documents.
All project should be tested and fully worked after completion. Extra bonus is garanteed.

Mandatory Requirements: skills, experience, feedbacks, confidentiality.

The candidate has no right to distribute, share, sell any information related to this project in any form.


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Homepage New Design Requires Coding..

Hello i have a ready made design in .PNG i need this coded to my site ASAP. Payment on completion only. Thank you and look forward to working with you urgently.


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Group Buying Website

You must have the know-how to create a daily deal / group buying website.

Features and functionality to be the same as the following examples:

Project requires:

– Login / Register with record of past deals purchased
– Main Page consisting of logo, navigation bar, todays deal, side panel with other available deals, bottom row with references to About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use, etc.
– Another page for Recent Deals (admin can select which past deals to showcase publicly)
– Another page to explain how the website works and a FAQ segment
– Another page that explains a referral system to earn credits that can be configured and will automatically work
– An order confirmation page and checkout page which requires personal information and billing details, whichever comes first
– Integration of a payment gateway, most prob Paypal
– SEO friendly
– Design of website to be clean, not cluttered look, unique & professional. Requires logo design as well.
– Backend must be user-friendly which allows multiple logins
– Highly customizable and secure website

All content will be provided. Please apply only if you have experiences doing such a website before and are efficient.

Please send me a personal message with your portfolio, lead time and quote.

Thanks for your interest.

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RBS System Requires Overhaul

I am looking for either of the following:

A) looking to use a script called RBS by Cogzidel but I am not sure if it is secure and stable enough for a a live commercial environment. I have heard there are many bugs but i do not know enough myself to resolve them.
I would require someone to look over the script and check for stability and security. I will provide a known list of bugs, experience with RBS will be a huge advantage.

The alternative is B:

B) write from scratch a system with the same features and usability as the example above – which ever is the most sensible option.

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Reverse Engineer An EA From A Statement MT4

Reverse engineer an EA from a statement MT4

The statement comes from an imported DLL so there is no source code

The EA works perfectly

It is a form of hedge trading

This project requires to modify a statement which is working but is a DLL used with an EA in Metatrader.

EA requires

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Web 2.0 Submission, Article Submission, Bookmarking

I need someone who can act like a virtual assistant. I will be paying you per project. It requires you to take articles I made and have them submitted to article directories, web 2.0 such as and other platform. It then furthermore requires the person to stumbleupon it, digg it and social media hype. It also requires linking on each of these platforms. It also requires a lot of other types of article submission, bookmarking and marketing.

I will be taking the most intelligent, well-priced and quality person and this will be a long term thing if the quality of work is proven.


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Data Processing Requires Analytical And Logical Thinking.

I need an agent that can do the task fast without compromising the result.

This is a processing of data given and inputing supplementary information thru researching in the web so this project requires a person who is assertive in things, articulate and logical/analytical/critical thinker.

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Help Correct Home Page Web Design Issues

I have two websites that require basic design work.

One site requires a change to the template to allow for better logo positioning when the site is either resized by the user or they use a smaller screen. This should be a very easy job.

The second site requires slightly more work to the template to improve the layout and appearance of the home page.

I cant imagine that this is difficult work for skilled people.

Thanks in anticipation

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XML Parsing + Some Php , Html Modifications

I already have a custom PHP script, to which I need XML data from an affilaite feed parsed. Also I need some customisations on how this data is displayed in my site. Apart from that , some minor changes also required which requires PHP knowledge .
Requires someone who is online at Skype and is an expert in XML parsing, html web design & PHP .

More details can be given via PMB.


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IPhone Dev Partner [ignore Price, It’s Flexible!]


I am looking for a UK based partner to work on iPhone apps.

I have outsourced to Asia a couple of times but the delivery times & communication have proved to be an issue.

I currently have the following apps requiring immediate attention:

1) Existing Offers & Navigation App:
– requires RSS newsreader integration
– requires XML request sending each time an offer is viewed
– requires no connection available check and prompt when being fired up

2) New Tools App
– Requires interface building for navigating to offers [Customer Idea is 360º Penknife with clickable blades]
– Tools required: compass, spirit level, calculator, metric/imperial/quantities calculator [some of these are standards] existing/demo apps I think]
nications have been an issue.

If you are a UK iPhone developer looking for work please contact me – I am East Midlands based – the odd meeting might be needed if feasible [or just as an introduction anyway].

Please contact me with any enquiries etc


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Script Copywrite For Sizzle 1 To 2 Min Trailer

This is a web/ mobile site requires some compelling script writing to convey the message of what the concept is. Project requires knowledge of all social media.

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Upside Down

This project requires a database for users to log their desired information and pay a small fee to do so. The site also requires a search facility to pull correct data from the database – possibly utilizing up to 10 drop down fields previously entered. Alerts and notifications will need to be set up to remind users their weekly / monthly subscription needs to be paid again.

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Modifying A GWT Based Website

This project is a creation of a better UI that is improving the interface pf a site so that it appeals to general public involves manipulation of CSS and good designing skills and graphic designing skills.The Website is predominantly bsed on GWT(Google web toolkit) and requires the manipulation of the CSS and designing of 2-5 HTML pages which should be appealing to the end user.More than technical knowledge requires innovative and creative thinking and designing capabilities.

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Automate Excel Sheet With Macros/vba

Have an existing excel spreadsheet that we use to schedule service calls weekly. The sheet requires automation to enable easier data entry, sorting/filtering, selecting of customer/jobs and batch work order printing. It requires a more friendly UI. Will have other projects but lets start here.

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Blog And Forum Comment Project:

I need a group of blog/forum posters that will comment on blogs and forums.

My site is gadget related. Interestd languages are: English, German, French, Swedish, Chinese, Dutch,Spanish

You need to read the post/thread carefully and reply with meaningful comment.It only counts after the admin approves it.Sometimes it requires to include my sites URL in the comment and sometime it requires to include my sites brand name.

Please bid on every 50 comments(25 are blog comments and 25 are forum comments), and specify which language you are bidding on.

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Magento Problem Requires Fix

We have a magento website which was running 100% uptil now 🙁 when we try to add a product to basket we get the following error:

"Can not add item to shopping cart"

This needs fixing asap

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Magento Problem Requires Fixing

We have a magento website which was running 100% uptil now 🙁 when we try to add a product to basket we get the following error:

"Can not add item to shopping cart"

This needs fixing asap

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PowerPoint Genus Requires. Experts Only!

I require a power point presentation redone with changes to

layout design
Colour theme
Images placed neatly
General design additions

Only experts please apply, only the best will be choosen.


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Internet Marketing Research Analysis


This project requires internet marketing research analysis. This project requires reports in excel sheet.

requirement will be provided on request. Initially you have to provide 10 sample entries.

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Allcord Website

We require an ecommerce site built in presta from an existing design.

We are established design company that requires the help of freelancers on a regular basis and in this particular project requires the help of an experienced presta web developer due to illness.

The basis of the design can be seen online, however we would initially like anyone interested to highlight their relevant skills and experince working in presta even if it has been a one off project.

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Link Builder Requires – Car Related

I require an experienced link builder.

You MUST have experience in link building for a car related website.

If you dont, please do not apply.

In your reply please list the car related websites you have worked on

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Startup Requires A 3minute Demo Web Video

We are a young start-up that requires a 3 minute web demo video describing our software with a voiceover included. looking for freelancers with prior experience in this area at a reasonable cost that can do this within the next 2 weeks.

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Some Small Changes To A Small Game

I will Give you the mile stone payments:

there is one small Game it requires nearly 6 changes:

It requires a deep knowledge of Javascript,HTML,HTML5,CSS:

I will give the mile stones after each changes are done:
ie After the first change if it is found good i will select you and give $12
It continues like this(you have to send full source code,No demo)

All the payments are done in it self

Its $80 Project : Dont bid more plz

If the above condition is okay then only bid else please skip this:
Plz mention "aabbcc" in your bid so that i can know you read all the above


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XML And HTTP Post Job For Loan Site

I need to change the existing HTTP Post/XML form on my loan website to forward form enquiries to a different lender.

This is supposedly quite easy and straight forward which requires changing the HTTP Post and some character strings as required by the lender I am using. I believe this requires knowledge of XML also.

Will prefer the work started by latest Tuesday.

Please be specific in your quote and show me examples.

All generic portfolios will be ignored/deleted.

Payment is on completion of work.

I will also need to be able to gather store all email addresses of those who have applied for a loan on the site in an easy to use format preferably csv.

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WordPress Website Requires Online Store.

Hi guys,

I have an install of wordpress, the url is

I would like an online store setup. i have installed the shopp ecommerce plugin.

I have tried configuring the store but have not had much luck.

I have 10 different categories and would like at least 10 different items in each category. i will provide images, pricing and descriptions.

i would like each page displaying products to display them 3 wide, and however many down.

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Fixed Rate $2 Per Hour Serious Data Entry Person Wanted

Serious, knowledgable, prompt candidates only.

Looking for a serious data entry person with 100% accuracy, for a long term, Technical data entry job. This is not a typical copy paste product entry in websites, It requires entering product data and technical data in seperate forms field by field. It requires searching for specific product details online.

You must know a lot of about computer hardware compatiblity, specially, motherboards, processors, RAM. For example. It requires searching, entering all AMD compatible motherboards, ram with product details, images, and technical spec(datasheet) in several forms. There are already 100+ entries done.

Payments are made per hour as an hours job completes.

Read this very carefully before applying as it says in the How to apply section.
If any copypaste/junk/canned response, one liners like i am interested or stupid marketing texts; It may simply lead to reporting against you weither youre a zero or 100 starar. You must know to communicate professionally. Any chat/shortcut words used will be treated as junk.

How to apply
Because it is a serious long term job, to be considered for this job, you must show some specific skills by correctly completing the tests below.

Test1: List all Compatible AMD processor MODELs for ASUS M3N78-VM motherboard
Test2: List all the technical fields required to show technical spec. of a motherboard.

– Top of your bid add Ive studied it, please check PMB.

On the first PMB add –
– Your age
– A personalised/bid message
– Result of Test1 and Test2
– Could you work atleast 4 hours a day until finished.
– Should have skype chat for further discussion if both of your test results are ok.

Those are not applying according to the format will not be considered.

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