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Keyword Research-100 Low Competition Keywords

I need 100 EXACT keywords.

Low competition
Minimum 750 local visitors.

Must fall under the following categories:

Weight Loss
Online Games
Green Products (Electricity, Sustainability, etc)
Home and Garden
Self Help
Attracting Women
Background check software
Forex Trading

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Russian Advertising Expert Wanted

I am looking for a NATIVE Russian internet marketing expert.
I am thinking about selling my stuff in Russia / Ukraine.
I need someone who will help me to make my estore visible on Russian internet.

You must know:

Russian search engines, directories, price comparison sites, PR sites and everything else.

I will need submission to these sites.

First what i need is market research to look at competition and to decide.

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Content For Travel Website – Egypt


I need help to make about 20 posts about the travel resort Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.
Written in good English.

They could be about a restaurant, a diving centers, a hotel or activites. So some research on Google will be necessary.

Pic in post are approx 600×350, ( 2- 3 pic pr post) that also can be set as Featured image.

You will get username and login to a wordpress site.

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Web Research, Copy, Pasting, Uploading And Approval F

This is an interesting job. We need someone to do the following:

1. We supply a list of companies to whom we will be sending postcards.
2. Employee must find a companies website on the internet.
3. Take a snaphot photo of their website.
4. Paste the picture they have taken into a pre-formatted word document we will provide.
5. Save and check the word document and upload to postcard sending service.
6. Approve postcard so it is sent.

We will start with a test of around 300 postcards and then expand with the right employee.

Easy but fairly repetitive task.

Please respond with previous experience and WHY you would be an ideal candidate for the task.



Thank you for your interest.

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Research Project

I need somebody to do a fairly small research project. You will be experienced and able to complete the task within the next 7 days.

I need a list of UK Journalists to be produced that have written on a specific topic.

The spreadsheet will need –

publications their work has been published in
their status (staff writer or freelance)
position (editor, tech correspondent, etc)
twitter handle
phone (not essential, but handy)
link1 (link to at least one recently published, relevant article)

I can supply an initial spreadsheet with a bunch of contacts already included, and I can supply details of where to find more if needed – I need you to quote for finding 100 fresh contacts to include on the list I already have..

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Market Research (Australia)

This project requires the collection of market research data.

The data needed is for applications for the follwoing services made by Australians to Australian businesses only:
– average number fo credit card application made per month
– average number fo home lona applications made per month
– avergae number of superannuation applications made per month
– average number of life insurance policies applications made per month
– average number of private health care applications made per month
– average number of investment fund (i.e unit trusts, etc.) applications made per month
– average number of residential lease applcaitions made per month

The candidate will need to present a strategy and sound methodolgy on how this data is to be collected before succesfully being awarded the project. Strong knowledge of the main players in the Australian Financial sector and Real Estate market is absolutely necessary!

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Dissertation Help Required

Topic- Performance management
words- 15000
Time limit- 5 weeks
No copy paste work will be accepted. Require original research.

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10 Original 500 Words Articles Needed

I need an excellent article writer to do research initially and then write 10 articles
You will have to write articles as per the topics assigned and the keywords.

The article written should be well researched and written in great English, no grammatical errors accepted.
100% original and must pass Copyscape test
you will have to write excellent 500 words article as per the articles topic, no fluffing or meaningless long sentences. The articles should portray the aesthetics of writer.

Great internet research and writing skills
Creative writing skills ( no copy paste writing, will be checked)
you should be punctual and following the deadlines.
You will need to provide your previous work as sample

If you prove your skills, rest shall be explained later.

Note: Payment through GAF only.


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Project For ScrupulousPen(Laura)

as discussed

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Research Project

I want someone to gather and summarize all the relevant academic literature on the interference effect as it relates to concurrent weightlifting and cardiovascular activities. If an athlete is set on doing both weightlifting and cardio, how should he should he design a program that allows him to increase strength and while also maintaining a low body fat percentage? Should he do weights before running? Running before weights? Weights and running on separate days? Does it matter what time of the day? When does the interference occur? Only between lower body weight lifting and cardio? Or all weightlifting and cardio?

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Quick Research- DID’s For PVA’s

Where can I buy cheap DID numbers to create phone verified C L accounts. I need the source, not sellers websites. Please bid $30 , I will pay extra for any extra time spent. I would prefer someone who already knows to bid. Thanks

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Research On Asian Indian Women In The United States

We are looking for someone to conduct demographic and consumer behavior reserach on Asian Indian women in the United States with specific focus on New York, New Jersey, Texas,Georgia, California, Florida, and Illinois.

For 2009 or later

Overall % of the US population that is Female American Indian between the Ages 22-60.

What % of the seven states listed above is Female, Asian Indian between the Ages 22-60.

For each state we want to know the following:
Top 5 cities they reside in:

Then we need the following statistics broken out by US, By State, and by the top 5 cities in each state
% single vs married ,% born in the us vs foriegn born, employed vs. stay at home, educated vs. not educated, household income; ethnicity (ex. gujarati, sikh/punjabi,benjalis, marathi, south indians, etc)

We would like any retail statistics you can locate on this demographic.

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Technical Report Writing

Can you write research technical paper about face detection using LBP algorithm (Local Binary Pattern) ??
i want 50 pages you can use some diagrams to support the research.
The paper must be plagiarism free.

Budget: $30 – $60

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Research Paper On The Topic Of Eugenics

I need a 2500 word persuasive research paper done. The topic is eugenics and how can we benefit from using that study in the positive way. Paper shoul have at least 5 – 7 sources all cited. For further information please contact me.

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Private Project For Chartered8

We are looking forward for a freelancer who can do research on IT companies globally and input their contact information in pre organised excel sheet. Data base should contain following fields, Name of Company, Generic Email, Phone No, Fax No, Contact form.

Candidate should have good research skills as well as sound knowledge of working on excel sheet.


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Very Simple Research

The research you be about WORKING WITH LATINO AMERICANS the paper should highlight the following information:

*What is the historical background of this group in the workplace? For example, when did this group begin to enter the workforce in greater numbers? Are there any historical, legal, or social events (recent or otherwise) that have greatly impacted this group in the workplace?
*What specific challenges face this minority group at work? How can organizations better accommodate the needs of this group?
*How does this groups cultural background differ from the majoritys (e.g., male Caucasian) culture? How might this impact their behavior at work?
* Discuss any relevant employment laws that protect this group of workers.
* Each student should also address how todays emphasis on diversity may (or may not have) caused a backlash against white men in the workplace. In addition, each student should address the role of white men in organizational diversity issues and how they can be integrated as diversity partners.
Your paper should be based both on empirical and/or theoretical research.

it should be written in APA format, and all references should be scholarly journals and I need a minimum of 5 different references, the paper should be 6 pages in length. Please no plagiarism I will submit paper to to make sure paper is not plagiarize. I will compesate $40.00 for this.

Paper should be complete in 4 days after selecting the candidate to work on the project.

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Information Technology Academic Research Paper

This project is to write 6 short papers (500 words each) on six Information Security topics. This paper is technical and therefore requires an IT student or someone with strong IT background (Information Security specifically) to write them. I will provide the topics to the selected candidate. The first one is due in 48 hours and rest can take up to a week.

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Financial Advice – Online

Hi All

Im looking for someone to help me do research for a project.

I need someone who can research web sites from Australia, UK, Canada and US (in that priority). The research is to find the following

Web Sites that provide individuals to educate themselves on financial advice. The web sites will have some of the following characteristics

Provide basic support for individuals to learn more about financial advice/financial planning
Help with tools. These are mainly calculators

Allow individuals to access a range of products and/or direct advice.

Im not expecting every website to have all of the above. The person doing the research should be able to idnetify how user friendly each site is and how it adds value to the users.

The report back should be concise and highlight the following

The top 10 websites overall
The top 5 websites for Australia
A simple table that contains the following;

Name of each site
Key speiclaisation eg investments, broad advice, direct shares, general education
Core attributes in terms of best features, eg easy to use tools/calculators, simple advice, good forums for sharing information etc
The name of the business that owns the website (ie need to know the key business as opposed to just the name of the site, note also, some could be ran by government departments)
Is if free? yes no, pricing details
Why you liked the web site
How you scored them to end up with a top 5 in Australia and top 10 overall

Hope this is clear and happy bidding

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Academic Research Writing


This is Premium Writings Workshop. We need expert & excellent Academic writers urgently for long term who can write research papers, reports, dissertations, essays & such like stuff on almost every topic. Many orders available everyday and you must be able to do Proper Referencing in APA, Harvard, MLA, and in different schemes as well. The pay rate ranges from $15-$21 per 300 words.

You must at least have a second upper class bachelors degree.

Attach your Best Academic work please.Bids without samples will not be considered in any case.


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Excellent Academic Writers Needed ASAP!!!


I need an expert & excellent Academic writer for long term who can write research papers, reports, dissertations, essays & such like stuff on almost every topic. He must be able to do Proper Referencing in APA, Harvard, MLA, and in different schemes as well.

Attach your Best Academic work!!!!! bids without samples will not be considered in any case.


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MBA Level Economist Business Case Study Writer

You will research a case study and submit answers by April 12. This is not a school paper, but you
need an MBA or Ph.D from an Americian or European University do write this case study, which involves a complex set of decisions related to valuation and present value of a firm in the wake of management shake up. You will use extensive footnotes and compose about 7000 words and a spreadsheet.

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Research: Nordic Countries Governmental Payed Vacation Plan

I need reliable information about a specific activity within the Nordic Countries social security system. Some of these countries send their senior citizen to different resorts as part of payed vacation programs. I would like to know how does this system work from the side of the government, what agencies they make deals with, what kind of deals, or if they organize everything within the government institution. I need facts about government budgets for this activities and some specifics case scenarios with data about cost per citizen for a one week vacation, destinations, etc. I am specially interested in knowing how they work within the "timeshare" resorts model.

I would need the info by Wednesday, the 6th of April.
Please send proposal with price estimate.

Thank you-

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Looking For Logistic Specialist / Expert

I am looking for a LOGISTIC SPECIALIST/EXPERT who will research on Logistic Companies in Germany. Companies where we can place or store our products and ship it over to our costumer directly by our call. I want this person to be expert on this field and thoroughly research everything about that company(s) like their minimum quantity or maximum quantity of goods they can deliver or anything that we need to know about this company. This person may or may not be living in Germany but someone who knows German is a big plus. Examples of companies that I want you to research are as follows:

1. iLOPACk
2. After Pack
3. DHL
4. DHL eParcel
5. eSellers Friend
6. GeoPost Logistics
7. Hermes
8. Brothers schuon Logistics
9. Intropa Speditionsgesellschaft
10. Kopf & Lubben

I want you to give me the necessary information about the companies listed above. If interested, please tell me how are you going to do the job and give me a brief statement on why should I hire you. Interview will be done



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Data Entry,research, Marketing, Realestate, Web Search

project is about realestate research. The complete details are given in the attached doc. pls ask all question you have.

The final output of the research will be word doc/excel spreadsheet (s) with sections & sub sections , titled and with details. Also available ebooks & materials.

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Wine Website Research And Data Entry

Our wine website requires a person who can keep the inventory file up to date. This will require liaising with suppliers by phone and email, updating the Excel inventory file, and uploading it to the website. The role will also require research of wines to establish an optimal retail price, and to find positive wine reviews on the web and add those to the website.

In addition, we may ask you to be trained by the website developer to make ongoing changes to the website. Therefore, knowledge of CMS systems will be a plus.

As some work will be by phone, you MUST be based in Australia. A good knowledge of wine is strongly preferred. A more detailed job description will be sent to shortlisted candidates.

This is a permanent part time role; the work will take up to one day each week – weekends are fine.

The successful applicant will be commercially minded – this is NOT a technical role. You must have an eye for detail, commercial common sense and some wine knowledge.

Please do not apply if you do not meet all the above criteria – especially, living in Australia.

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Rewrite Research Paper (experienced In MLA) URGENT

I am looking for someone to rewrite, and proofread a research paper. I need to to be totally rewritten, so it can pass copyscape. IIt is 5 pages, double spaced, and must be rewritten by 6 pm…tomorrow (March 29) (eastern time).

Also PLEASE…when you rewrite it, I need it to be dumbed down a little…just the big words. There are a lot of big words in it, and I do not like that. But keep in mind, I do not want any info that is in the original paper to not be in the rewritten one.

Only experienced writers please. It will be looked at by someone very tough on grammar and stuff like that.

Will be payed, only if pass my approval. I am very picky. ONLY NATIVE SPEAKERS

Please pm me. 🙂

Will pay from $30 to $40…but only if WOWed. Please only big $30

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Real Estate Research And Details Needed

Need some research done on Australian residential property market,
Just really need someone who can find the owners/vendors direct contact details such as name phone numbers and email addresses.
Dont want any Real Estate Agent details, if the properties are listed with the real estate office just need the details of the actual owners.
Need the property owners details for Every house that is listed for sale and for rent on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Southern Highlands.
Not a real complicated project but need it done.
So actual owners details and contact details, the address of the property and maybe the type of property and asking price, thats all i need done.
Everyone interested please bid


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American Content Writers Needed

Reliable long term content writer with good command of the English language. ALL work must follow AP Style. You must be able to comply with our writing guidelines. You must be able to complete 5 800+ word Detailed, Factual and completely informative articles a week using the keywords we give. You must be familiar with writing SEO optimized articles. All articles Must be unique and absolutely must have excellent grammar. Pay will be deducted if work requires lots of edits. Creative writing experience a plus. Must be able to do very effective research.
Ill take five listed in your bid lets me know you read the full post and you know what "five" means.


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Promote Free EBook On Blogs And Social Media

Pleas read the project description carefully as templated bids wont be accepted.

The project goal is to promote this ebook:

You need:
– research appropriate blogs and send out personal (!) emails
– promote via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon (not spamming but sending targeted (!) messages).
– your creative ideas (please list in your bid)

In a nutshell, it should be very focused and efficient promotion. No spamming in any way.

– Please dont bid over $80

– 7 days

The successful outcome of the project:
– Reviews and posts about the book.

P.S. To stand out, please include the similar projects youve done and their outcome.

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Essay 2000 Words On Financial Topic (accounting & Finance)

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Research Needed

I got some information that needs to be research, simple google search finds plenty! But would like it organized. This is a very quick contract since I only have a few hours to complete research.

You have to be willing to start searching for the info right now and work for the next few hours till you find and organize all.
Will send you details once selected.

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Research Project Due

This project consists of two parts:

A.). A bibliography consisting of 3 books that you have researched. They should be related to
your topic and of a very high quality.

B.) A critique of one book from your bibliography.

You are not expected to read an entire book for this assignment. You should carefully read
the table of contents, introduction, selections from the first and last chapters, and references to
get an overview of the book. You will then evaluate it in a 1-2 page paper, considering these

-How general or specific is the source?

-Who is the author? What are their credentials? Are they a scholar or a journalist?
Do you consider them reputable?

-Does it provide an overview of your topic or a highly technical resource, requiring a
lot of prior knowledge?

-Are there any obvious biases in the source?

-Would you want to use this source at the beginning of your research, when you are
first exploring the topic, or towards the end, when you already have a good idea of
what youre writing about?

In your paper, you MUST include at least one direct quotation and one cited paraphrase to
support your arguments. Obviously, you may use more if you feel it will help your conclusions.
Note: Remember, your in-text citation of a direct quote should look like this:
(Author, Date, page).

example: The author frequently presents her opinions as facts. In one example she
states that, "the library is the most important building on the college campus" (Jones,
2015, p.65) but presents no evidence to support this idea.

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