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Liferay Resource Requirement – Portlet Developers

Resource should have hands on experience doing portlet development on Liferay 6x

– Strong knowledge of JEE with Spring / Hibernate/ JSP/ Spring ROO
– Create Liferay 6 Plugins Portlets/Hooks/Ext based on Java Portlet Standard JSR-268/JSR168
– CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/YUI AJAX, JSON experience
– Strong working experience with MySQL database
– experience working with Glassfish Application Server
– Strong fundamentals in object oriented programming, design patterns
– experience working with Maven, SVN, Liferay IDE

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Resource Management Using FIFO And Banker’s Algo

This is a project which simulates resource allocation to processes using FIFO resource manager and Banker algos resource manager. I have attached a file which documents a sample input and also the logic to follow in coding. The code has to be in java

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Project For Kubwaj 3

1)restricting downloads –
2)latest profiles –
3)youtube pic option –
4)take off premium from utilize a resource –
5)tracking how many times a file has been
downloaded and by whom –
6)Google analytics –
7)remove free between & and training –
8)tidying up the resource page =
will get back to you on this as i have to check the code
9)place a link to the blog instead of favourite –
10) facebook fixing of live stream :
11) live chat integration along with placing a
link in the main page and integrating all the modules :
12)Aweber double opt in form
13)forums updation plus other VA work done so far : on adhoc basis

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Writing Assignment MBA (HRM) UK University

I want to write an assignment for MBA Human Resources Management based on a study case (will be sent) and the following point:

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Openvz / Xen VPS Monitoring And Security Applications

We need a set of scripts / tools to do the following:

Monitor and Report:

monitor and log server resources being used by each virtual environment (VE)
create hourly summary of resource usage by each VE
create daily, weekly and monthly resource usage summaries
email summaries to system admin (hourly, weekly, monthly and on demand)
generate and email a daily top ten list for VEs by:
Disc I/O
Bandwidth I/O
Web based graphs of the above would be very nice to have

Rapid Reaction:

Send alert email if a VE uses more than defined resource limits for defined length of time
Adjust VE limits in reaction to same using predefined rules –
If CPU Load is over x for x minutes set cpu i/o limits to "this" & send alert email
if bandwidth use is over x for x minutes set network connection to "this" & send alert email
If resource x usage is over x for x minutes suspend VE & send alert email

Abuse Checker:

1. Conduct scheduled search of the server for files which match a dictionary configuration file, email alert if match is found with path of the matching file (cron job scheduled)

2. Check running processes against a dictionary file, email alert if match is detected (cron job scheduled)

3. Monitor VEs / server LAN connection for outbound email traffic, send alert email if more than a predefined limit is being sent

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Dedicated Resource For 1 Month

Hello Friends,

we are looking for 2 PHP dedicated resource to work for a our company

all information will be provided once you confirm.



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Human Resource Management

We want a Human Resources Management System (just like OrangeHRM) but built in ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008.

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Resource Booking – SP2010

Room & Resource Booking site

SP2010 site to book boardrooms and other resources.

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We have a GEO IP filtering script (PHP on dedicated Linux server) that uses too much server resource when I ask it to detect AND redirect USA IP addresses to a specific page.

I need a coder that will check the script and recode it to make it work with less server resource.

Its a basic PHP script that redirects people according to their IP address.

I am interested in redirecting those IP addresses that come from USA only but even with only 1 country redirection, its uses huge server resource since 95% of the hits received are out of USA. Anyway, I need the filtering process to use less resource.

Its not a problem from the server side since its configured perfectly.

There is something that is bad in the PHP redirect script to be FIXED.

I will pay $30-50 because I believe its not a complicated fix.

Nice feedback will be left at the end of project.


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ACCPAC Project

Looking for a resource on a hourly basis or on a fix bid basis. The resource should have atleast 3 years exp of Accpac screen modification, GL, OE, PO , Crystal Reporting etc.

Please do send us your profile as a reply.


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Portal Developer

1. Liferay Resource Requirement – Portlet Developer

Resource should have hands on experience doing portlet development on Liferay 6

– Strong knowledge of JEE with Spring / Hibernate/ Struts/ JSP
– Create Liferay 6 Plugins Portlets/Hooks/Ext based on Java Portlet Standard JSR-268/JSR168
– CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/YUI AJAX, JSON experience
– Working experience with MySQL database
– experience working with Tomcat and Glassfish Application Server
– Strong fundamentals in object oriented programming, design patterns
– experience working with SVN, Liferay IDE

2. Liferay Resource Requirement – Liferay Theme Developer/ Web Designer

Resource should have hands on experience doing portlet theme development on Liferay 6

– Create Beautiful/Creative website themes/logos/images using CSS/Image editors
– CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/YUI AJAX experience
– Experience with Liferay 6 based Themes is preferred (Not required)
– experience working with SVN, Liferay IDE is preferred (Not required)
Add to Project Description

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Joomla Fabrik Resource Required

We need an resource to urgently assist us with a problem we are having with the Fabrik plug-in for joomla. We have a booking form which needs to be captured and then automatically emailed to the relevant branch which has been selected. The email component is not working and we need expert assistance with resolving it.

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Create 100 Unique Author Resource Boxes

We need 100 unique author resource boxes created.

Each resource box will have 2-3 sentences with 2 sentences having a place for a link. One of the sentences will have a call to action. By unique we mean different sentence structure, different calls to action, different lead-ins etc…..NOT different names.


Vincent P. King is a professional ghostwriter who writes about **LINK #1**. Visit his site on **Link #2** for more information.

Pay is $50 upon completion.

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Dissertation :Design And Implementation Of Human Resource

Hi …

I need a dissertation of 15000 – 18000 Words.

Topic: Design and Implementation of Human Resource (HR) Flexible Policies in an Organization.

Style: Harvard.

Bids with lower rates will be appreciated as I have few more such jobs in line.

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Research Article Writer Needed.

I need a resource article writer for my site, a freelancer blog(

I am willing to pay $1.50 each for good quality research article of min. 500 words including images and link to where you got the resources from. For my freelancer blog, i will also like to have quality tutorials that include images and steps.. and other freelancer research topics such as css, web design, development etc..

Here is a great example of what I am looking for:

My blog has already been designed to handle this kind of article formatting you see in the sample article above.

Here is the structure in which i want the articles to be in.

-Topics ( should be a link to the resource you got the info from )
– Short summary
-Links ( should be a link to the resource you got the info from )

The structure should look exactly like the sample shown above and it should contain at least 10 resource collection of the main topic. User chosen will be writing directly on my blog so that he or she can use the text editors to add the links to texts and also add images easily.
payment for both job will be after 30 days. And if thinks work out well, i will continue to use you.

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This project involves entering data for a website featuring downloadable free design resources (e.g.icons, templates, patterns, psds, textures, etc.)

* Search for design resources on the web. Downloading them from the web and uploading them on our website.
* Upload one image for each resource (this image is usually provided by the different websites)
* Create a thumbnail (automated process via our user interface, does NOT require Photoshop, Fireworks, etc)
* Enter 10 information fields for each resource (e.g. url, license, tags, description, etc)

Note: Expected time for uploading each resource is about 3-5 min. This does not include the research time to find these resources.

* Up to 1 week for 100 resources

Must be a graphic or web designer and be knowledgable about high quality free design resource websites.

* Please state your price per upload (suggested price between $0.50 to $1.25)
* Email

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Events Calendar

The scope of the project is a management system and calendar events.

The main use case is to request event. Where can you schedule an event, and in this event, the user can request various resources (office supplies, water, cafe, human resource, etc.).

Each resource is managed by actors who are notified by mail. Each actor has to tell the system to a given asset is serviced or not this event request.

Database: Oracle
Development: Flex / Java
Framework: Spring and BlaseDS

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Resource Writers For UAW Articles


I am looking for someone to write me a lot of Resource files for UAW (Unique article wizard). I dont have the skills or time to do this myself.

I think I would need around 200-300 of this a week. I would like you to make a offer for 200 resource boxes. Each should be around 15-40 words and unique.

If you dont have any expirence with writting this, please dont bid on the project.


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Increase Traffic To My Blog

I run a blog about African Trade Beads. The purpose is 2-fold: First, to provide a resource for people wanting to learn about African beads – About Specific Types of Beads, the cultures and the history. Second, as a resource for my customers shopping on my e-commerce store. Most of the traffic to the blog are my customers clicking on "For more information about this product" type links.

I am working on making my blog the ultimate resource for my subject matter. 2-3 blogs are added per week.

I am looking for someone to generate more organic traffic to the blog which will, in turn, drive more traffic to my store.

Include in your proposal how you plan to do this: SEO, Article/link building, Keyword optimization, article optimization, etc. This is a word-press blog.

Preview the blog here: Thanks.

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Resource Allocation Problems

Refer to the doc for more details

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Looking For Technical SEO Resource In Auckland

Hi there,

Were a small Website Marketing company looking for part time SEO technical resource based in Auckland.
If youve got some strong SEO experience and are interested, please get in touch.

Hours per month etc. would be flexible and negotiable, but most likely to work on a contractor basis. Youd be welcome to work from the office everysooften (Mt Eden) if interested.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Resource Box Keyword Generator

Resource box Keyword Generator

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Video Testimonials

Need video testimonials of my interactive bullying resource so that I can post them on my website and on YouTube.

You will need to access my site, try the resource and provide feedback/comments about
– what you liked about the product
– how you used it with your child and what they liked about it
– what your child learned
– maybe some comments about how it has changed their behaviour
– how you used/liked the support material (userguide and activity cards)

I am particularly interested in anyone who is able to interview a child (between the ages of 4-7) to ask them what they liked about the resource or what they learned about bullying. Or simply how they feel when other children do something mean to them.

Ideally I would like to have some video footage of the child actually using the resource.

The testimonial does not need to be long, but it does need to be good quality. If you require a script, please let me know when placing you bid. Also please let me know how many testimonies you can provide and whether or not that includes children.

Please check out the online demonstration of the resource and my website prior to bidding to ensure that you are familiar with the product you will be speaking about

I will provide the winning bidder(s) full access to the product.

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Human Resource Specialist Wanted


I am looking for a Human Resource Specialist who has background in Laws and Employment Rules and Regulations to help with:

Writing Notices for Human Development Purposes
Contract/Agreement Review and Writing
Human Resource Material Writing
Human Resource Management.

Please submit your CV when you bid. State your background and experience in Confidentiality Agreement and in Human Resource Management.


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Joomla Website Setup (already Have Template Installed)

I have a client with a Joomla template from Rockettheme installed which Id like customised to suit my needs. This
customisation shouldnt be too difficult for someone having built something similar before. Im open to your ideas about how to use Joomla to achieve these goals as I will continue with administoring it.

Essentially they want to host an online booking system where people are a bookable resource. Each resource (person) needs a profile page and a booking form. Guests are able to view profiles and members order a resources time using a credit card.

Each resources profile page should essentially be a personal profile with description info, image/video gallery, a simple booking form, member ratings field, comments box etc. Resources will need to be able to update their profile pages themselves along with a calender system indicating when and where in the world they will be available. If not a Joomla extension then maybe Gmail can help?

The geographic locations booked out on the system need to be browsed by users in a regional list or world map format. Clicking on a location one would reveal which resource(person) has booked themselves in that location.

Id also like to get a good social/community builder component setup poss phpfox. People should also be able to get email updates for specific resources or locations.

I have a website requirements brief for those who I think can help me get this right for our client.

Example site which needs bringing into the 21st century:

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SEO Helper Needed For Submitting Articles

I want to someone to submit my article to article directories.

We shall agree on a fixed daily rate of article submission.

I would pay daily i.e I would not escrow money.

Below is a test which I want serious service providers to PM me.

My Test:
Sample: I want an seo submitter for my website

The above sentence (sample) is my resource box link it back to

Anchor: seo submitter



Pm me the correct resource box ie using href and also PM me your rate for 1 submission.

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Human Resource And Biz Opp Leads Or CL Certified Acct.

**MUST BE EXPERIENCED** I need someone to post me ads on craigslist free or paid Needed leads from CL ** MUST BE Human resource or Biz Opps. If you have other sources to get leads then craigslist the that is ok. Dont even reply if your gonna try to scam me or you cant perform the tasks properly. Chat me asap to recruitandstaff at gmail dot com

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WordPress Programmer/ Designer

Please only response if you can create complete Custom WordPress websites with custom plug-ins.

We need a resource to translate PSD designs into fully functional WordPress themes.

Resource should know the following:
– PHP, jQuery, MySQL, PSD to HTML/ WordPress, AJAX, Javascript, and CSS.

*Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 would be a bonus.

We need a per project rate:
– simple
– moderate
– custom

**Resource will be considered for future projects if the quality is to our standards and if deadlines are met.

Please put "I read your response" in your first line of PM/ Response to be considered.

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Google Calendar App For Facility Scheduling

Develop an add-on to the google calendar app that extends the existing (or creates a new) resource scheduling so that it is useful for facility scheduling.

This will need to accomplish the following:

1) Be able to schedule (attach to a calendar appointment) multiple types of resources: room(s) and equipment.

2) Be able to schedule recurring events not only by an "end on" date but also by "number of occurrences."

3) Be able to give a specific warning about a resource conflict. This must be somewhat sophisticated. For example, if a resource is scheduled in a a recurring event that happens to conflict one or more times, then it must communicate which dates conflict and give the option to schedule on the dates that do not conflict.

4) Produce reports that are customizable and useful for those involved in setup and teardown of rooms and resources.

Additional features might include:

1) The ability to track resource use over time.
2) Make events viewable to the public via an interface that can be inserted into your website.

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