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P2 Theme Javascript

I am currently using the P2 WordPress theme ( but would like to add the following few customizations:

#1 Add the ability to play a sound (Ding!) when a new post/comment is added… I presume that should be possible since there are a few actions that appear to take place after the Ajax posting (number count increase on the tab for example), but I dont know how…

#2 Enable posting by just hitting Return (or if not possible, another easy shortcut like Ctrl+Return) instead of having to click on the "Post It" button. You could still add forced line breaks in your post by using Shift+Return for example, but it seems a shame to have so many keyboard shortcuts available, and not this quick posting one.

#3 Be able to upload images at a minimum (video/music/files/etc if possible, but not crucial) directly from the front page without having to go to the back-end Dashboard, by integrating the upload buttons functionality you can find on the Dashboard QuickPress area directly into the front-end quick post section…

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Fix Javascript Form With Ability To Add Fields Dynamically

The attached files are for a Recipe Form. Users will submit recipes to our database. A fairly simple form, however I decided to try and implement a Javascript feature to allow for better usability/user friendliness. However, this has resulted in becoming a nightmare for me!! LOL. I have tried everything. I need expert help.

Heres how it should work: For the ingredients and Directions users can add as many fields as they need. They should also be able to delete these fields as they are creating them. When they hit submit, if there was an error with the form, they must be returned back to the form with all the fields pre-filled as they submitted them.

As I can see now, there are only 3problems with it right now. But beware! It seems like every time I fix something, I see something else that needs to be fixed for it to work right. So it might just take us a few tries going back and forth to get it completely fixed.

But as far as I know… these are the only three problems right now….

1. When you click "Add More [+]" in Internet Explorer, you see a little movement, but the new field is not added. However, this works perfectly in Firefox ???confused?? Thats the biggest issue.

These problems occur only when the user has forgotten to fill out a required field, and the user is kicked back to the form. Their previous entries should be saved in the session and show back up on the Form so they can only fill in the fields they missed. Just leave the Name Field blank while testing so it kicks you back each time.

2. For Ingredients: Say you have three rows, If you delete row three, hit submit and return, row three is Deleted! Perfect!
BUT, if you delete row 2… hit submit, come back, and youll see what happens. Both Row 2 and 3 are gone. When it should show rows 1 and 3.

3. Directions: This one is even more weird.

On first submit, with cleared session, I add:
Direction1, Direction 2, Direction 3
Hit Submit, return to page, I see one, two three. Good!

If I delete Direction 3. Hit Submit and Return. Direction 3 Is gone! Good!

I add Direction 3 back, hit Submit, return to page. And its back. So far so good!

Now I click the "x" to delete Direction 2, hit submit, return to page. I see, Direction 1 and Direction 3. Still good!

Now the problems….

So I now have Direction 1, and Direction 3. I will add a new row for Direction 4.
Hit Submit, return, and now it has replaced Direction 3 with Direction 4.
So now I see: Direction 1 and Direction 4 only. This should have been: Direction 1, Direction 3, Direction 4.

I tried to explain this the best I could in text, if we can chat on the phone or skype it may be easier to explain.

Please make sure you test every aspect of the form to make sure it works for every possible action that the user can take. Thats the idea with any application right?

I need this done as quickly as possible.

The bidder with the clear english, fast turnaround time and expert javascript skills will get the job.


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Want To Buy Facebook Chat APP

I want a facebook app coded that uses facebook chat. upon authentication is begins a chat dialogue with each of the users friends with a predefined message of my choice.

here is an example

if you can code such an app let me know

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SlideShow Addon-2 (Random/Mass Video)


i want to add another function to my existing software to be able to create multiple videos at in one click? Ill explain:

a) User adds say 50 images
b) User adds 100 lines of text (separated by return/carriage return – and by pasting in)
c) User sets random slide duration, between 3 and 5 seconds
d) User sets number of videos theyd like to create, for example 20
e) Then, the software goes through all 50 images, 100 lines of text, any audio, etc. and creates 20 videos by randomly mixing those elements.

this project is reserved for ineedWorkJob

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XML And Webservice

Need a script to generate a XML that is the input for a webservice. Webservice answer is a XML node.

This is part of the code.

$process = curl_init(send PM to know details);
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE);
//curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_CAPATH, capath);
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, FALSE);
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array(Content-Type: text/xml, charset=utf-8));
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $xml);
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_SSLCERT, SendPM.pem);
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
curl_setopt($process, CURLOPT_POST, true);
$return = curl_exec($process);

$SendPM = substr($return, (strrpos($return, "Send PM") + 10), ((strrpos($return, "Send PM") – 2) – (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 10)));
$SendPM = substr($return, (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 18), ((strrpos($return, "SendPM") – 2) – (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 18)));
$SendPM = substr($return, (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 10), ((strrpos($return, "SendPM") – 2) – (strrpos($return, "selloCFD") + 10)));
$SendPM = substr($return, (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 15), ((strrpos($return, "SendPM") – 2) – (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 15)));
$SendPM = substr($return, (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 6), ((strrpos($return, "version") – 2) – (strrpos($return, "SendPM") + 6)));

Please send PM to let you know exact details, whole specification.

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Swish-e To Php Interface

What I need is an interface from Swish-e ( to PHP so that I can effectively say, e.g. by using calls to PHP functions:

"Return me the subset of ids of the documents in such-and-such directory whose filenames are in this list and who match the following text search criteria".

Then I can use the subset of ids (along with other search criteria internal to my own application) to return a matched list to the user.

Search capability should be:

a) simple text match supplied search terms using OR … e.g. php css will return all documents containing either php OR css

b) simple text match using AND e.g. php +css will return documents containing both php AND css

c) combined text search using AND and OR e.g. php css +mysql will return documents containing php OR css AND containing mysql

d) combined text search using AND NOT e.g. php css +mysql -oracle will return documents containing php OR css AND containing mysql AND NOT containing oracle

e) exact text match e.g. "rhubard and custard" will return documents containing the exact text rhubarb and custard

f) exact text NOT match e.g. -"apple sauce" will return documents NOT containing the exact text apple sauce

g) combined search using a, b, c, d, e, f (above) e.g. php css +mysql – oracle "rhubarb and custard" -"apple sauce" will return documents containing php OR css AND containing mysql AND NOT containing oracle that contain the exact words rhubarb and custard but do NOT contain the words apple sauce

h) searches should be part word by default e.g. mysql will match mysql mysqldump and xmysql

i) searches should be switchable to require whole word matches e.g. mysql will match mysql but NOT mysqldump or xmysql – the global nature of the switch will mean that mysql +php will match mysql php but not mysqldump php or mysql php5

The ability to return a snippet of the text surrounding the matched terms woud be a bonus.

I will provide a bare Rackspace cloud server for development/testing which can be provisioned with PHP5 and the requisite modules and libraries. I can supply trial data for development, testing, approval and signoff.

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Asp Recode Query And Page On Web

Changes needed to our asp code for our website/platform

Changes include:
Changing location of secured login to before displaying search results
Add new field (s) for query and query return
Change format of query return text
add checkbox for select all or none to the export of query
feedback button add
add forward and back navigation to the query return for multiple records
Change the export to display the same as the on screen results
add option for more results displayed (ie: 25 by default with the option for 50 or 75, or 100)
Include additional fields on the initial query return list
Alternate shaded lines on the query return list (aesthetic)

More detail on these upon acceptance of the bid/job. All fields required exist in the database, and the field matches will be given at the time of awarding.

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FB Page And Group Scrape

I want to display feeds for different FB pages and groups on my site. The site visitors should not have to log in to FB.

I want a simple javascript function or php script to which my site will pass the id of an FB page or group, and the script will return a json or xml representation of the recent wall posts. Script should work on any public page or group, and should return all the relevant social graph fields.

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Hadeco Shop Mods

Existing online shop using customized shop script (old version) requires a few small changes.

1. News scroll on homepage: change from permanent auto scroll to manual scroll so that user may control scrolling
2. Search facility: results to include whole search word only example:
search red must return red rose – must not return redress
3. Compare products results page must show product details including:
brief description
add to cart
4. When product stock = zero then replace "Add to Cart" (or add to cart button) with "Sold Out".
5. Reduce all product prices in database by 14%

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Website Fix (PHP / SQL)

Ive got a website that I just setup but Im having a few issues that I need help fixing.

1. The site is supposed to use cookies to recognize return visitors to direct them to the appropriate page. A. New visitors go to the subscription page or B. Return visitors go to the main page.

2. I have a database variable that is supposed to calculate a dollar amount my users have saved, but it is not working. Im not sure where the issue is.

I imagine the fixes are easy for somebody familiar with PHP, cakePHP, and SQL experience.

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Airline Project Booking

Portal for the management of a small Arline Company.
The portal must be able to sell the flight tickets to its clients or to the agents of trip with gateway of payment paypol.
Man to bring will owe to foresee the whole administration and the list of the effected bookings. You/he/she must allow the insertion of the fly routs and you/he/she must be able to assign to every sold flight ticket an univocal code of booking.
The search of the drawn ones must happen through proper form that foresees aereoporto of departure and that of arrival and dates of departure and return. The sale must foresee both the solo line of going and is the line of going and return.
The portal site web will owe to be similar to the following portal

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Power Point Presentation With Some Research Work

I am opening a VC for Angels to invest in companies in the seed stage (if you didnt understand the first sentence please do not continue to read).
I will gather some investors that would like to invest and I will be their Super Angel.
I have a lot of experience in operations and my added value will be that I will be "on hand" on the operations and in each company that we will invest in – I will be on the advisory board – so I can control the development.
I would like to have a presentation of around 15 slides that explain what is the percentage of Seeds that succeed.
If we will have around 5M you spread the risk on the Portfolio – under the assumption X percent succeed and the avg. return on an investment in the seed stage is Y – the whole Portfolio will do Z (this need to be researched with backing up the information with facts).
The VC is going to work in Israel – so there need to be reference to the success rates of Start ups in Israel (which is very high)
I want to also know what is the avg. investment in a company in the seed stage and what is the avg. percentage you get in return to those amounts.
I also want to have there the fees that I should collect for this service – again from research over the web I would hope that you will find the figure (as I have something in my mind).
I also think to have a model that every company I invest in will need to pay me as an advisor – and that is how I will get my income.

at the end I need some Q&A:
like why should I invest in Israel – as it is a risky place (so is the rest of the world, this is why its called Venture 🙂
Why should I invest with you – as you want to be an angel – to get high return on your investment – but you do not have the time to look for the right one – and I will also follow it up for you
how much will I be involved in the decision – you can be as much involved as you want…

I hope this is clear enough

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Standalone Web-Based RMA System

We require a standalone web-based RMA system which allows customers to return items from our many avenues of sale, i.e OpenCart Shopping Cart, Amazon, eBay,

It would be preferable to be closely integrated with OpenCart ( shopping cart.

It should have the option to file a new return, by either entering their OpenCart order number, last name and postcode (so it can look up their details) or for the other sales avenues (Amazon) storing details on their name, address, item, order number, reason for return, refund request etc.

Once they have filed the RMA is should generate a unique number for them and generate all the info into a form to be returned with the item. They should then have the opportunity to add the tracking number to the RMA claim once it has been posted back.

They should be able to check for the current status of the return, including an admin panel to update the status and add tracking numbers or refund confirmations. We are possibly looking for some kind of messaging system to be inbuilt as well. This can be discussed.

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I Want USD From AUD

Dear Freelancers,

i need USDs in return of AUDs because PayPal is not in my country and even i cannot withdrawl AUD thrugh a payoneer debit card so interested parties plz contact me ASAP.

i have 414 AUDs and in return want 410 USDs

01/22/2011 at 1:01 EST:

in return i will rate ur profile the best, new freelancers are welcome.

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Php Log Out Script

I have inherited a hand coded php driven web site. Some functions have ceased to work. The first function I need to fix is an error message. When a user logs into the site they are directed to a members area (not https/) and then, if they dont log out and they return to the public area an error message appears and portions of the web structure collapse. The user must manually log out to return to the public pages cleanly. I need to remove this bug. Perhaps a log out when they leave the members page, or at least a time out and no more error and collapse?

After this there is a need to fix the ability for the user to change password online, but that is secondary.

Lawrence Peterson

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Efficient Frontier- Financial Analytical Model

I am looking for a spreadsheet that can illustrate the Efficient Frontier, which is a risk expected return investment model, part of the Modern Portfolio Theory. A programmer can find these formulas on the web to create a hyperbola so that I can place different mutual funds, stocks, and other investment vehicles on this spread sheet and see how the overal portfolio measures up in regards to this risk return analysis.

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Perl Script(very Urgent 1 Hr Left For 3 Small Perl Scripts)


The factorial of a nonnegative integer n is written as n! and is defined as follows:
n! = n * (n-1) * (n-2) * … * 1 ( for values of n greater than or equal to 1


n! = 1 (for n = 0)

For example, 5! = 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 *1 (which is 120).

Write a program that reads a nonnegative integer and uses a foreach construct to compute and print its factorial.
Review: Full, Anonymous: No

Write a Perl script that will use assign interger values to each of two variables.

The program should swap the values in the variables without using any additional variables to temporarily hold either of the values.

HINT: Use the bitwise exclusive or operator to complete this assignment
Write a program that will keep track of expense information in a file. The file is the expenses.txt file that can be found in this folder

The user of the application should be allowed to:

* · Update the expense amount for an item
* · Get a report on a particular category
* · Get a total of all expenses

You should print a menu and prompt the user to enter a choice. If appropriate, based on the choice, it should ask for the category and the amount.

NOTE: since this is an expense file, you should be able to add new values to the existing category expense as found in the file
Whats Next?
Write a program that will keep track of expense information in a file. The file is the expenses.txt file that can be found in this folder

The user of the application should be allowed to:

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Mangento Shop Search Function And Promotion.

I own an mangento store. With slide and image frame on the home page.

1) The slideshow has no hyberlink now. I would like to set up hyberlink. And when click on return a certain "keyword" search result from my products profile.
For example : on click will return all products with keyword " pencil skirt"

2) the image frame on home page has no link too. Set it link to "featured products", "NEW ARRIVALS" .

3) The promotion sliideshow and frame need to change easily. I have now products eveyweek. You have to teach me how to change it patiently.

Add social icons too.

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SQL Procedure Function Help

I need some helps on sql server 2008. I have a hard time to figure out how to get back the data as I want.
The multiple ids in people field are stored in the same rows and seperated by pile(|),
Jobs column are doing the same.

I know It doesnt look right on database design, but the datatable is provided by 3rd parties,
so I have no choose to modify it.

I believe I need a store procedurefunction or some sql server special function to do that

this is my tables

*Helpdesk Table
id People Jobs
100 1|2 7|8|9

*People Table
id FullName
1 Nick
2 John

*Jobs Table
id JobName
7 Software
8 Hardware
9 Network

So, I want to select the data like this way and return the data like this:

select id, ConvertFunc(People,id,FullName) as NewPeople, ConvertFunc(Jobs,id,JobName) as NewJobs from helpdesk

and return:
id NewPeople NewJobs
100 Nick, John Software, Hardware, Network

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Groupon Script Fix Already Purchaed Not Work!

I already purchase the scripted from one of the site.

however, they dont work and just keep redirecting.

we cannot give you access to our site.
but we can give you full code to try in your server.
after you found the problem, let us know and if it fix on our site, we pay.

in return, you can keep the software if you like.

the groupon i bought cost USD1000

please PM me to start, and you need to bid on my project.
if you bid it, but cannot fix within 2 hrs.
the deal is cancel, in return, you get my code already.

please bid USD30 on this project, but NO payment will be made.

as the script cost more than USD1000. <– you can pm me, i will tell you which script i bought.
i sure you can get very good return.

you may resell it if you like.

since i need this problem to be fixed very quick.

i will select as many programmer as i can.

i paid for the USD3 project fee for GAF, so i am not joke.
dont be more than USD1.

as your return is a full groupon site.

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Port AS3 Preloader And Bridge To AS2 (Flash, Action Script)

The task is to take existing AS3 code and port it to AS2. (You will need CS5.)

The preloader has a default animation as well as functionality for serving an ad (four ad types:, swf, or image). To server the ad there is bridge class which dynamically loads during the preloader.

You will not need to do any animation work on the timeline.

Youll be given:
– .fla
– 4 ad classes
– 2 main classes (AS3 document class)

Youll return:
– .fla
– AS2 classes
– example swf and fla for each ad type
– brief instruction doc for installing the AS2 preloader

Time line: Start immediately and return it within 3 business days.

If youre familiar with AS3 and AS2, it should be a quick and easy project.

NOTE: The last person was not able to finish this. Youll need CS5 to be able to test. Please only bid if you are able to follow directions. Specifically, youll need to return the test classes which show the code is functional.


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Indian Tax Return Preparation Website Like

I want a website for Indian Tax return preparation website like No doubt just see the website and exactly similar function website is required.

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Php Scraper

I require a php script to be written to search for a movie (by barcode) on and return the result.

for example:"1234567890"

it should search for the movie on and return the movie name.

Please contact me if there are any questions.

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Backtesting An Investment Strategy With EXCEL VBA

Hi, I have reposted the project under a different budget. I am paying 30 USD maximum as it does not take much time.

I have an investment strategy I need backtested, I will give you sample code with a downloader to download prices, the strategy is simple:

Buy when P > Metric(x)
Sell and move money into risk free when P < Metric(x)

I will provide several metrics and it needs to be done over different time frames: 10 months moving average, exponentially weighted 10 months moving average.

The metric must be user selectable, the user should also be able to select the time frame the metric continuously evaluates.

Several performance metrics of the investment strategy and a graph of the returns (+/-) over time must be done.
– Sharpe Ratio
– Volatility
– Annualized return
– Best and worst months (with the respective % return for each)
– the number of profitable months (successful buy signals)
– number of loss months (buy signals that turn out to be losses)

To explain when you buy, you automatically sell at the end of the month, i.e. if p at jan = 10$ then p at feb = 12$ the return is 2
while if p at feb = 12 and p march = 9 the return is -9

The total return will be needed to calculated.

When the price is less than the metric you "sell" by investing the money in the risk free asset at a user specifiable interest rate.

It needs to be completed prior to November 15th at 01:00 (1am) Paris time.

I will pay you through the freelancer site, (no western union!!!)

11/13/2010 at 3:54 EST:

I will provide you with a sample of the problem done before.

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Facebook PHP Shopping Cart Application.

I am looking to have a facebook application built like:

the site also includes a simple back end area:

I will provide the style for the site.

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Magento Payment Method

What I need is someone who is thoroughly familiar with Magento payment methods. On this project, we are not using any standard methods. We are making a new one. However, the concept itself is not complicated. It is similar to PayPal, in that we are simply sending over a few variables, letting that system handle the payment, and then, once the payment is complete, I can have that system return whatever is needed by Magento to confirm payment.

It may be even more simple that paypal, because we only need to send over a few arguments such as customer name, email address, the amount, and something to track the specific order by, such as an order number. I have specific arguments I need passed, and I can return whatever is needed from the payment portal.

If Magento must pass additional information, that is fine. For instance, the return URLs are something that is passed into Paypal. I actually hope to simplify how much information is passed between the two.

We intend on passing a security key as well, and I have method we have used here before that works well for this.

So the job is to create a new payment method in Magento, pass me some arguments, and accept the return arguments so that you may confirm or otherwise set the status of the order.

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Crawl A Website And Get Return Data Based On Input

I need to crawl a website using a webbrowser component in ASP.NET . I need to make a ESN checking tool wherein the the user can enter the serial no. on my webpage and on submit button the method would crawl the website of mobile network provider, enter data and navigate to url in the same way as it is done manually by the user on the mobile network providers website, and it will return the status of the ESN (valid/invalid) on my webpage. My budget is max $75.

Details will be disclosed on selection of provider.

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Java (access Website/refresh/return)

The application must access a secure website with username &amp; password, select a link, continously refresh awaiting a job posting and return an alert if a posting occurs.

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