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Auction Script/website

I am in need of an already made auction website/script (i dont want a bidding website/script).It must have features as that sold at and ebay features,people must be able to buy and sell on it with a very secured payment means.I want an already made website/script that can be made available within 1-2days,not the one thats has to be built from scratch.Nevertheless,it should be a beautiful one.
Your payment
we both become business partner and we both share the revenue from the website (sales & advert).I promise this is going to be profitable to you cos i have the perfect plan on how to make the website big.I will also like someone with SEO knowledge.
You will also help with the installation(i already have the domain and host) and google adsense.If you interested in the project and meet the requirements,bid with your website/script demo and tell me when you will be online.Only serious partner with a demo!!!!!

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Business Catalyst Ecommerce Website – Australia

We would like to have a freelancer developing an eCommerce website for our company using Business Catalyst. We are a retail store based in Australia that sells shoes, bags, and accessories.

Im sending some inspiration below:


We will provide all the support necessary. Including design guidelines, website navigation structure, graphics, and photos.

Please let me know. I will send a detailed brief with the first contact.


Rafael Granato

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DJ Website

For a client we are looking for a website for a DJ. His music is mostly punjabi and bollywood inspired.

This is a "one man show" company and he needs a face on the internet towards his clients and new customers for bookings. These are the requirements:

– Home (flash intro and music)
– List (playlist of his music)
– Possibility for uploading pictures and videos of the parties he hosts (maybe through his IPhone)
– Updating of upcoming events to Facebook
– He should be able to update the content himself
– Support for changes/updates

Please send links/portfolio to websites you have developed as references.
Looking forward to hearing from you. A well done project will result in further (and bigger) inquiries later.


Singh Web & IT Consulting

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Customized Penny Auction Script / Website

I am looking for a penny auction website very quickly with a lot of different functions

This will include industry standard features plus:

1) Penny Auctions with Bidbutler, etc.

2) Reserve Auction

3) Normal Auction
4) Buy it now store with ability to give credit for prior bids

5) Reserve Auction with Closed bidding after Reserve

6) Members only section with Platinum Penny auctions/normal auctions

7)Lowest Unique Bid Auction

8)Place where users can list their own items for penny auction bid and company gets a percentage

9) Beginner Auctions

10) Ability to clone auction

11)SMS or Mobile App for bidding (can discuss options or do a separate project for a mobile app)

The script must be free of any form of administrative autobidding functions!

The script must be fully tested, SECURE, and 100% bug free. I can with an escrow/milestone type account for both of our benefit. Your bid must also include 6 months of technical support after payment.

We will need this installed and configured on our server including best practices for data security and backup.

We need to be able to have an installation archive with full installation documentation, full source code for making future modifications, and full ownership rights to utilize the script at our sole discretion.

There will be a cash back/rewards system which will mean needing to track not only a Bid Account, but also a crediting system (rewards for bid pack purchase, referrals, reward credit auctions, and others for use within the Rewards Store.

Payment gateways will need to be Paypal, credit cards, and google checkout.

Also, would like to be able to export data for analysis in excel, quickbooks, etc.

I am also open to suggestions for functionality, etc. with the website. Please send me a message with any questions you have.


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Script For Godaddy Auction

I need some to make me a script that will perform a similar task as this site:

It will go through the godaddy auction site, grab the domains that are in the auction, then pull up various information on the domains.

In order to do this, after the domains are harvested, they will need to be checked for the information Id like to show users.

This information includes (basically all that has) domain, PR, yahoo links, sites linking in according to alexa, dmoz, year created, age history according to, the main keyword of the domain (this is questionable if I will have this), alexa rank.

I will also need a search feature that users can filter domains by (same filter options as dropday).

The script will need to run flawlessly, and it must run quickly like does. That means it cant load all the information (such as alex rank, pr, ect) but must load all the options all at once at some point in the day, then users can access the information.

Deadline is flexible – anytime up to a month.

The most importnant thing is quality. If youve got experience in something similar, please tell me about it as youll have an upperhand on everyone else.

I will only work with a very professional individual or company. I need to be able to talk to you over skype or by phone, and get project updates from you.

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Ladder/tournament Script

I have a CMS site that I would like to create a ladder/tournament mod for. The requirements of the script are:

Script must contain ALL of the same features as: or or – with some added features.
(I can provide script for reference)

Some of the features are:

Member XP system with ranks
A Warlight (so that members can turn off/on to find quick matches)
Ladders/tournaments background image changes depending on which console/system/game is selected.
Top teams Hall of Fame – displaying all members ranks
Unlimited ladder/tournament capacity
Automated XP ranking for teams/members
Challenge based system for ladders
Members can report a win or a loss
Tournaments positions can be randomized or set by Admin
Strike/Warning system
Automatic byes on odd number tournament entries
Play-by-dates for each round on tournament
Map image upload (via admin panel) when creating ladder/tournament
Game modes can be randomized or selected by member
Team captains can issue "Join Team Passwords" so that members do not have to wait for invitation
Single Elimination tournaments
Double Elimination Tournaments
Round Robin Tournaments
Seasons/Leagues with option to add any type of tournament at the end
Ability to send Friend Request or Message a member on XBox Live from their profile (if Gamertag is entered)
Chat rooms
Live Events (tournaments)
Support Tickets system and Live Help integrated, with image & video upload for disputed matches
Free Agent system
Staff Applications
Ladder/Tournament stats integrated into profiles
Built in clan/team section (so that clans can have their own pages)
Email Tournament Players
Referral system
Rules manager
Specialized staff permissions for ladders/tournaments
Direct links from tournament/ladder to game description/videos/screenshots/cheats, etc.
Tournaments can have the option of requiring Credits to enter (see below:)

The CMS script has a built in store. The store will need to be restructured, so that it interfaces with Paypal. So that members can purchase items via Paypal. Members should alsoa be able to purchase credits which are used to play in tournaments.

Also, ladder/tournament information should be displayed on CMS front page. (show latest matches, upcoming matches, etc.)

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Change Groupon Script Website

I am looking for someone who has used the site script before.

Its important that you have used this actually site script already.

I am looking for someone to make changes to our theme, it is about 5 hours work. Please quote for this task.

It is mainly a layout / image edit task.

After this i would also like to be able use you has a support for the script, if i need changes/ help, id like to email you each time and pay per hour to solve the problem.

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PHP SMS/texting Website

Hi Dear Freelancer Programmers,

I need an experienced php programer to design a php sms program for me.

Please all I need is a one page php website that contains a program to send bulk sms to my customers. The program should be capable of sending messages to all my clients irrespective of their country of residence or mobile carrier.

Please include in your bid, the things you would need to get this task done. If you have samples of executed a similar project in the past, please include the URL of such in your bid or include relevant files or script.

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PHP SMS/texting Website

Hi Dear Freelancer Programmers,

I need an experienced php programer to design a php sms program for me.

Please all I need is a one page php website that contains a program to send bulk sms to my customers. The program should be capable of sending messages to all my clients irrespective of their country of residence or mobile carrier.

Please include in your bid, the things you would need to get this task done. If you have samples of executed a similar project in the past, please include the URL of such in your bid or include relevant files or script.

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Penny Auction Script/website

Need full script and development for penny auction site, similar to swoopo and bidrivals. However the site will be much simpler as there will be only 1 live auction at a time. Needs full bidding integration, payment systems, front-end, back-end.

We have our own designer, so only script would be needed and development.

Project is urgent as we need to go live in 30 days, so 14 day turnaround time is a MUST.

Budget is somewhat flexible, but we need to see previous builds with demo access to check front-end and back-end support.

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SMS Texting Website And Programme

We own a few small takeaways and would like to offer discounts to regular customers, we would like a texting service making that will do the below functions.

We need a programme making that can do the following:

1. User can send message and receive an automated message back to their mobile with a greeting and code number.
2. The code number will automatically be generated (change) each day so that the following day a different code number can be sent out.
3. We would like an online system that can monitor how many times people have text us and also register their mobile number. The online system will allow us to change the greeting we are sending out.
4. We would like a function that allows us to replicate this for every new takeaway we open. Each takeaway will need a separate unique number for that day. When we open a new takeaway we would like to complete an online form that will register that takeaway with the service so that it will automatically start.
5. Also we need to run a monthly report to show us how many texts have been sent and to which one of our takeaways.
6. Lastly we know their maybe a cost for each message we send to a user so we would like to charge the users 0.25p per message to cover our running costs.

We need to know costs for sending messages and also any other involved costs.



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SMS Texting Site Content

Content is required for an SMS TEXT Chatline line website:

I require approx 50 short stories of approx 300 to 400 words

Repetition is not permitted, nor is spinning the text with software to generate unique copies

The articles can be any kind of sexy story provided it is based on or around the theme of TEXT, SMS, sexting lines and / or contains references to SMS Chat or SMS LIVE CHATLINES: for example it might be a factual article from the callers point of view or it might be a fantasy aricle or it might be written from the point of view of the woman who receives the sms etc…

A very sexy approach is preferred and the articles must each feature specified keywords a number of times.

Before awarding the project I will need to see some sort of sample work

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SMS Logbook And Polling To And From Website

I need an SMS gateway installed in my admin of my website (php/mysql c-panel programming).No 3rd party.Send and recieve Polling questions to members..Auto pull registered phone #s of members to use from my site.Answers are sorted by incoming area code of phone and placed on a USA states flash map (need the map and install).Incoming phone # allows members to accsses there Logbooks from there cell phones to..Logbooks are existing on website..A series of questions (multiple choice) from there logs will be asked (sms text)..Answers are sent to there logs (php/mysql)..These log results are also sent to USa flash map by area code..Install sms gateway,integrate into USA flash map and Logbooks..Admin for polling questions with results to USA map..Build Flash Map webpage..POrtal to recognize cell number incoming and send member to logbook..Create portal on website to send/recieve

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Phppennyauction Script Needed Penny Auction

I runa penny auction website pretty well, i wanted to switch to phppennyauction com script, they charge an arm and a leg for it, i will pay for it if they really offer a good customer service as they claim, in fact, i didnt receive any response in the last 4 days, at this point i dont see the point of getting it at a full price if the customer service wont even reply the emails of a future client….I need the script obviously 100% encrypted, the latest version.

Need to test before to pay, either you show me a demo that i can test, either you give the script, i test it and i pay.

Please dont bid if you dont know what i i am talking about.

Little customer support will be needed after the deal (basic stuff)

Bid and PM with info!

i wont pay as or more than the regular standard price. The cheaper bid will win, anyways will be the same product. Happy Bidding!

If you can design, youll have another job from me right away!

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Swoopo Clone Installation, Editing & FIX

I have a swoopo clone, but it need be installed and editing.
Bidbuttler doesnt work, BidPacks page is blank, it is not possible to add a new auction.
The script lokks like nulled.

For more information plz pmb

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