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Local Business Listing Automation

Totally automate the posting of your clients reviews
Upload and Tag your clients images to photo sharing sites
Create videos on the fly and upload to video sharing sites

ou simply create a project for your clients citations for each of our review sites.

You add…

A Title for your review
A Review description
Choose a star Rating
Repeat with all your clients reviews

As soon as you have added all your clients reviews, our software will get to work drip feeding them to their business citations. By spreading the reviews out your clients listing will look more natural, not only to the moderators but also to Google.

Posting reviews on sites like Yelp and Yahoo local.

module to post your clients images to Flickr and Panoramio. Our software will log in to the photo sharing site and…

Upload your clients image
Add a title
Add a description
Add tags
Tag your image to your clients business address

Again your clients images will be drip fed to the image sharing sites spread over multiple accounts to keep under the radar of the moderators and Google

United States Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps
Yahoo Local
City Search
Insider Pages
Judys Book
Merchant Circle
Yellow Bot
Yellow Book
Super Pages

United Kingdom Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps UK
Yahoo Local UK
Free Index UK
Merchant Circle UK
Scoot UK
Thomson Local
Touch Local UK
We Love Local UK

Canada Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps CA
Merchant Circle CA
N49 CA
Yahoo Canada Local

Australia Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps AU
Merchant Circle AU
Start Local AU
True Local AU

For Reference only and optional, you will get extra bit of visual info here.You can view an example at

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Article Needed On PlayStation Phone

We require a 2000 word article writing on the new PlayStation Phone, it should be a review and discuss all about it and what it does, it should be a positive review and not criticise the phone very much. 500 Words should be a mini review, then the 1500 should be a full review of it.

I want the writer to be English preferably and it must be very good writing and unique with best spelling and grammar. We want to pay $30 for this.

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Need Landing Sites – Review Pages About My Websites – Design

I need someone to prepare me 4 to 8 landings pages…..basically a VERY SIMPLE website that will explain why my sites are good to use, to give positive reviews, visitors can add reviews, open to all visitors, no need to be member, put pictures, testiomonials, product reviews, videos , polls, and more information. forums also

each landing review sites will contain 2 pages…

budget is 20 $ per landing review sites…

very simple work no coding , only good designing.

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Product Review Writer

Need a one page product review article written 500-1000 words. The article must include the following things.

1.Highlight the general function and creative uses for this product.
2.The Pros and Cons from amazon reviews
3.Basic description (ie) size, look…

This is a test project for a future bulk review writer. The project only pays $15 and below..

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Review Project

I need 6 200 word articles written about a niche topic. The writer must be very well qualified with a strong grasp for the English Language and proper grammar.

Happy Bidding

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$500 SEO Project- Removing Bad Review Or Pushing DownA

If you go to google and type in one of my companye keyword like company name review and a few other keywords you will see this review a bad review about us. It is one site that wrote a bad review. I need you to push that bad review to the 10th page or remove it from the site all togehter. I have 100 keywords where the bad review appear. I will pay $5 per keyword that you remove so for the 100 i will pay $500. Please bid $30 for the first 6 keywords and answer the question below.

1) have you done this before (push) bad reviews if so give me a keyword that you did this for and the web site that you did it for and what page is the bad review on

2) this is a very fast project. How long will it take you to finish the above?

3) Before I select you and trust you can do it i need to know exactly what you are going to do becuase we do not want our site blacklisted from google.. if you use black hat techinques so tell me exactly what you will do before you do it.

Answer the above question and bid $30 for a trail of the first 6 kewyords

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Log Review Script-Bash-Linux-Unix

Script Requirements:

1. command line

2. Will ask user the directory path and name of the log file

3. Will ask user the date format of log file (that is date syntax to match)

4. Will ask user how many days back they want to review log file

5. Default date will be current system date.

6. Will ask user the desired path and name of the output file. Default will be original log

7. Will grab the pertinent log entries and send to a file in user indicated path

8. Script must take into account monthly calendars (example months that are 27days, 28days, 30days and 31days)

9. Ability to attach additional parameters to script (example ./script | grep whatever)

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Write Reviews About Website II

Want 24 Reviews about a fashion company to be written on 2 Review Websites.
12 on each.

We will give you reference from which you can use some sentences apart from your own words to write the review.

The Review websites accepts only 1 review from a single IP , so an IP changing software must be used for the same.

You may need to create an account to post the reviews.

Testimonials will be approved by us before posting it.

Successful bidder can also get a monthly contract for the same.

Budget is $30 .

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Write A Techanical Review Paper

I need someone to write a technical review paper.
It is a engineering relative topic.
Project detail:
1. write a 3000-word paper.
2. The paper would be based on the 10 academic articles
(I will provide these ten articles)
3. The paper must demonstrate important engineering concepts
4. plagiarism will not be tolerated
5. It must be finished within 5 days

More detail would be provided after the bidder is chosen.
The budget for this project is 85 USD.

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Writing Reviews For Android Game

The payment will be put in escrow and will be released once I have the reviews ready.

What i need:

1. I need reviews for my app, 1 review per android mobile application. Thats the only project task. I will pay 5 USD for review (the app cost 1 USD so will be 4 USD of profits). To buy the app you will need an Android phone and whatever you need to buy (your phone plan, google checkout, etc).

2. Review structure:
I need 5 starts review

3. Review requirements
Review should be 300-600 words. Original content, you write.
Review should contain 1-3 images inside its body. Original images, you screenshoted.
No grammar or lexical errors please. Native speakers from USA or Great Britain are preferred.

Best regards, Franco

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Expert Level Review Writer Needed

I am looking for an expert article writer who can write 3 product reviews, related to health topic. All of the reviews will be around 1000-1200 words and will be based ONLY one keyword.

This project is for editorial level article writing and not for some article directories or spinned content. Please apply ONLY if you can show me your previous review experience preferably in health niche.


1. Extensive experience writing editorial level content. Not just informational but soft sell and hard sell copy
2. Basic Understanding of sales psychology and what drives customers to click and purchase. You need to be able to write reviews which are actually SELL!
3.Product reviews will be 1000 words minimum with research and soft-sells to the reader.

You will have to take a DEEP research and looking up product manuals, customer reviews at other websites and create a good flowing and personal product review (We will provide template and examples)

If you agree with above requirements and are qualified for this project, please send us a reply and we will proceed with interview. Start your application with the word "REVIEW EXPERT" to show me you red all the job description above.

The smaller bid will be consider as a big advantage! Show me and prove me you are the best and worth more than you charge for.

This 3 reviews project is a test project. If I am satisfied with you, youll get much more work.

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Accounting. Case Review

To begin, please read Case 11-22 on page 487, Ethics and the Manager.

1. How were the standard costs developed?

2. Are the standards set too high or too low? Please elaborate.

3. Should Lansing be permitted to continue the practice? Why and/or why not?

4. What are Cummins alternatives? Should she just go along? Why not?

5. If you were in Cummins shoes, what will you do?

budget 30$

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Review Article Writing

I need someone to write reviews for me. More details in PM.

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Update Medical Website With CMS, With SEO Review

We have a medical website that needs updating
We need a CMS so we can manage it ourselves
We want SEO review to ensure we maintain and increase placement
Remove music currently on site

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20 Review Articles On Various Exercise Equipment

We currently need 20 review articles written on different types of exercise equipment and videos.

You MUST be a native english speaker and be able to complete a minimum of two articles per day. Each article should be checked with copyscape and be 100% original content.

We will supply the topic and you must research and write a fantastic review of this product. Please message me with any questions.

Each review should be a minimum of 700 words.

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Review Writers $3 / Review

Hello Free lancers.

I need some efficient review writers. I need 50 reviews of 900-1000 words with in ten days. My budget for this project is $150.

Please only apply if Youve experience in writing reviews.


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Dating Website Reviews

I need 20 reviews of different dating websites. Each review must be 350- 400 words long. The content must be unique and pass Copyscape. You are free to do research, read reviews from other sites- but make sure the content you write is original.

You will practically review various dating websites such as, and others. Here are some examples:

This is a big project, so I will need articles on a regular basis. I need positive reviews!!!
Native English speakers only.

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Writing Reviews For Android Apps&games


What i need:

1. I need 35 reviews, 1 review per android mobile application or game. Thats the only project task.
[simple example of the review is attached]

You can select the apps/games you would like to review from the list of about 800! applications:
So its easy to find what youll like there. Since i need only 1 review per app – you should send me the list of apps you selected and ill mark them as taken by you.
All applications are not free. You should buy and install them for yourself. But when the project will be completed, ill pay you additional 50$ to cover your expenses on applications costs (or you can add them to your bid and notify me of that). So the applications will be paid by me but belong to you after the project completed.

2. Review structure:

a. main part of the review
b. experience of using app, or description of the gameplay (if its a game)
c. list of advantages (1-5)
d. list of disadvantages (1-5)
e. conclusion (50-80 words)
f. rating (just a number, example: "4 of 5")

3. Review requirements
Review should be 300-600 words. Original content, you write.
Review should contain 1-3 images inside its body. Original images, you screenshoted.
I do welcome concrete words device models, for example : "application is a little laggy (tested on my android G1, OS 1.4b)"
No grammar or lexical errors please. Native speakers from USA or Great Britain are preferred.

Example of the review is attached – Its for you to see what APPROXIMATELY i want. Remember to fit the requirements listed above.

Best regards, Alex

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{K} Literature Review Of 2500 Words


I need a literature review of 2500 words. Please bid along with samples.

Details will be sent through PMB.

Deadline: April 03, 2011


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Urgently Required Science Literature Review

urgently required scientific literature review of not more than 1000 words in 12 hours. should be proficient with harvard style citation and science writing,kindly do not bid if you cannot perform or will cancel last minute.

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Movie Review Writer Needed

I´m looking for writers for a new movie site. You should be able to write a new movie review in perfect English, approx 500 words. I also need latest movie news. You can search movie sites and rewrite the reviews/news articles… I´ll be running them all through dupefree pro/copyscape to check that the article is unique content. I need a sample article. These should be mainly mainstream movies from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe. Some arthouse is ok. All the main movies should be covered… there are some movie sites to keep an eye on for updates and whats hot etc.
How many reviews or movie news pieces can you provide me every week?
I´ll pay US$1 per review or movie news piece. Payment by paypal.

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Link Generation

Need basic offsite SEO using white-hat techniques. Need to build permanent one way links from relevant sites and link directories. Any other suggestion for offsite SEO is also welcome

SEO Off Site
1.Backlink building according to the keywords and competitor score
2.Link building must be one way link.
3. Link Must be permanent.
4. Submitting url to directories like Dmoz.
5. Also we want to achieve page rank 5-6
6. Articles to be provided
7. All work to be done via email account specified and provided by us.
8. Links must be added over 4 weeks so Google doesnt treat them as spam links. Weekly report must be provided

Before bidding read this
1. This is only for serious bidder
2. You must be an expert and must have good review, we read each review and will check its credential.
3. You must have alteast done 5 seo projects

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Literature Review: Compensation For Marine Impacts

I need a literature review of the latest international methods for calculating the amount and type of compensation required for impacts to coral reefs, rocky reefs and seagrasses.

The main form of compensation I am interested in is the restoration of damaged habitat or the replacement of damaged habitat.

For example artifical reefs can be constructed to compensate for the loss of natural reefs. I need a summary of accepted practice worldwide for calculating how big the artificial reef needs to be or what type of reef needs to be constructed.

It is usually too expensive to build a reef as large as the one that was damaged so someone (eg government) has to decide how much is enough. That is what Im interested in. A review of what and how this has been done around the world.


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Review Of Medical Records

The work involves creation of Review of medical records of patients and the pay would be per pages of review created from the records. The review should be as concise as possible with no redundancy. There would be clear instruction and training for the projects.

For: Medical transcriptionists, doctors, medical students, paramedics.

Skills needed: Knowledge of medical terminology and fluency with English and computers.

Full time / Part time work possible.

Possibility of long term employment.

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Review Writers Needed

Hello Free lancers.

I need some efficient review writers. I need 50 reviews of 900-1000 words with in ten days. My budget for this project is $100.

Please only apply if Youve experience in writing reviews.


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Only Bangladeshi New Workers

This is the project for only Bangladeshi New people who dont have any review. This is a chance for getting so many reviews. If you are interested bid on it. I am telling again only Bangladeshi people who have no review. Thanks.

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Website Review And Documentation

We have a website which was written a long time ago by consultant, who didnt leave the documentation. Pages of the website are using css and java which have more stuff than pages really need.

We need a freelancer who will do following:
1. Review css and javascript files and will find what is not used and can be removed.
2. Check existing pages for errors and proper usage of html tags and javascript.
3. Document existing website pages and will come up with the recommendation on how to create consise html framework – currently the site is written using CodeIgniter.
4. Recommend on how to compress javascript to make download of the pages faster.

Freelancers bidding on the project will have to commit to a quoted deadline and price. We will send all the urls to freelancers whose response rate and price range we will find attractive for funal determination of time / price.

Please accompany your bids with examples of your previous work.

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30 Book Reviews $1.00 Each

I need 30 Book Reviews for $1.00. It can be any genre, but needs to be a practical review of information. Each review should be 300-400 words in length and I need them ASAP. Please only bid $30.00, GOOD ENGLISH IS A MUST, and MUST Pass copyscape!
Can be Non-Fiction or Fiction of any genre, and may be either a book in print or an eBook.
Thank you

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Fund Transfer, Easy $5 And Positive Review

Hello, i have 50 euro on my account that i am unable to withdraw as the only withdrawal methods that i can use, payoneer and paypal, do not have an Euro withdrawal option. So i will create an escrow payment of 50 euro for provider i will have selected and will release it once my payoneer has been loaded with $65.

Do not bid if you do not have more than 3 reviews.

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E-commerce Latin/Mexican Store Product Reviews

Our Latin Products and Mexican Products E-commerce Site Contains Thousand of products.

We need someone to WRITE AND POST reviews in our e-commerce store for certain products that will be provided.

Each product has an area where you can add a review of that specific product. So, I need you to write a minimum of 25 words on each review. Each review needs to be unique and written in perfect English. The name of the product must be included in the review, you must not add the product size or price in the review. You must use a different name (USER leaving the review) on each review, so it will not look like the same person.

All reviews will be approved by us before posting in order for it to be paid.

Our Maximum budget for this project is $0.15 per review, so please don

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Writing Product Reviews

I need good writers to write 50-100 words reviews about some products.
I need about 350 reviews and I will pay $30 for this job.
You should have good English skills and must respect deadline.
Each review must be unique and not a copy from other reviews.
This is a long term project.
Please, specify your price per review.
Thank you.

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CAD Drafting Software Review

I need three articles to review current but inexpensive CAD software.

1. The top three values in CAD software (mac and PC)

2. Why is CAD a skill that I should learn?

3. Where do I find CAD jobs?

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