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25 Articles – 350 Words Each – Pay: $2.00/each

I need 25 articles of 350 words each.
Subjects will be: 25 different products. (Gifts)
(1 article for each product)

You will need to write each article with a proper title and 4-6 paragraphs.

The articles will be carefully reviewed byvour in-house team so the articles must be:
– VERY well written in US English with NO (0 = zero) grammatical error.
– 100% unique and 100% about each specific product.
– Written for the reader in a catchy, clever and interesting way.

Think SEO when you write the articles.

Articles must pass Copyscape pro.

Articles that DO NOT meet the above requirement will NOT paid for.

Links for each product will be sent to the winning bidder.

Provide at least one sample article

Budget for the project: $50.00 (do not bid more than $50.00)

Type: I agree to all terms in your bid.

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Need 20 SEO Articles

I have 2 keywords, each keyword need 10 articles, all articles have to apply good seo principles:
1. 300 words
2.Be keyword rich
3. Use America English
4. Unique content, pass copyscape
5.Ill pay $15 for this project.
6.Ill owe the copyright.
7.I can only pay you by PAYPAL.
Will need sample articles from bidders, thanks.

Happy bidding.

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Professional Writer

Hello everyone.

I need a professional writer and has experience or knowledge in the MLM.

The project is as follows:
Complete, create and review a presentation of a MLM company.
Create a text of 500 words for a video presentation.
Create three tours to the website.
Review terms and contracts.
Faqs and write a few words of welcome pages.
Few pages.

I need spelling perfect writer to be native.
I need the text to be unique, pass copyscape and be very attractive.
With experience or knowledge of the MLM.
It can be completed in 3-5 days.

Pay from $ 50 to $ 120.
Those who bid less will have more chances to win the project.

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Articles Needed

Articles needed. My budget is $5 per article. Must pass Copyscape. Ill assign 3-6 today.

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10 Articles, Product Reviews Articles Needed


I need 12 articles about Weddings & Events.(reviews)
I will supply the keywords
I give you tips and directions.

1. Accurate, well-researched and full of real information.
2. All articles must be 100% original in perfect English and MUST pass Copyscape
3. No grammatical, spelling or structural errors.
4. Articles MUST BE of good quality.
5. We own the full rights on the articles
6. 5 article-min. 500 words and the other 5 articles- min. 1000 each

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Popular Film & TV Show Reviews Required.

I am looking for UK/US based native English speakers with excellent spelling and grammar to produce regular reviews of current popular television shows and films.

Each must be 400 words or more.

All work must be orginal and pass copyscape etc.

All rights will be transferred to me upon acceptance.

Bid is for 30 articles in the first instance – if an excellent writer is found, the work will be made long term.

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$1.50 Per 400 Word


I need someone to write 15 articles of 400 words within 3 days. Long term prospects.

I will pay $1.50 per 400 words.

Articles must be written in perfect english with proper grammar and sentence structure. They must pass copyscape and be unique.

I will pay via paypal for every 5 articles received.

PM with samples of your work. Thanks

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Need 50 Articles, 100% Copyscape Pass.


I need 50 articles written.

I will give you 50 titles, you have to search on google, and write 500 words article on it.You can rewrite but it should be 100% copyscape pass.I will check all articles through copyscape and I will not release the release the escrow if they are not unique.

I will pay $1/article
500 words /article

Also, I want the article to be good, no spun article or translate at all, I will not accept it.

For me to give you the work, please pm me, and I will give u 1 title, send me 500 word article on it, if I like your work, I will select your bid.I will have lots more work for you.Also, I will send u $1 payment for the article.

And I need the work to be done fast, I will have lots more work in future (1000+ articles) and I want them in 2-3 days.
For this work, 50 articles, I want it done in 1 day.If you cant do this work in 1 day, then how long u will take when I give you future work ?

Qualification are:
can finish in 24 hours.
quality 50 articles, 500 words each article 100% copyscape pass.

Happy bidding.

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24 Articles Needed – 400-600 Words Ea. – $6 Per Article

I am looking to hire a highly experienced writer to write a total of 24 original articles on the following subjects/topics:

1. Mothers & Daughters decreasing conflict/increasing a loving bond
2. Improving the mother-daughter relationship
3. Teens & Stress – coping strategies
4. Teens & Self Injury – healing the past and looking foward to future
5. Teens & Depression/Anxiety – Targeting Triggers & Creating a Meaningful Future
6. Motivating your Teen
7. Parenting Teens in School
8. Teens biggest stress? School! How to help them Cope.
9. Couplehood – Establishing Trust & Intimacy with your partner
10. Grief & Loss of a Parent – Rebuilding your life, carrying on loving tradition & memories
11. Rebuilding you life after the loss of a child
12. Affluence & Teens – Values, Morals, Ethics for the future
13. Affluence & Couples – strategies for Managing wealth
14. Teaching your kids about money
15. Single Women & Love – Building a strong self to share with others…
16. Divorced parents – learning how to co-parent in a supportive, caring way
17. Mens Issues – A fine line between balancing work & family
18. Marriage – How to create a strong, loving, supportive bond in any stage of marriage.
19. Post Traumatic Stress – Healing past wounds and Creating passion
20. Life after Battle: meaning and purpose for a happy life. (Post Traumatic Stress)
21. How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids.
22. Communication in Marriage is Key.
23. Marriage and communication: Tips for talking
24. Couples – setting boundaries with family

I will end the bidding early – when I find right freelancer.

These articles should be for the laymen. Professional, and well written but not scholarly…

You must be a native American/English speaker and be familiar and comfortable with these topics. All articles must be 400-600 words.

All work will be unique and must pass copyscape. Articles will need to be written with excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment.

I will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away these articles.

*** please do not reply if you dont have perfect grammar as i am under a deadline and dont have time to edit.
*** Keyword density should be at 2-3 percent (keywords provided upon hire)
*** Absolutely NO article spinning.
*** No article should be copied. Will be approved only if they are copyscape complaint.
*** We will not pay until copyscape approves the articles, we will just check your article using copyscape and if no similar article is found it is approved.
*** Spelling, grammar and punctuation must be completely correct.

Please PM with at least 3 samples, minimum. Samples and articles will be checked with Copyscape. To be considered for this job, samples must be specific to the above mentioned topics.

A combination of the lowest bid and best samples will be chosen. Weighing heavily on the BEST SAMPLES!

These articles must feel like they were written by an American Dr. of Psychology.

READ ABOVE LINE AGAIN: These articles must feel like they were written by an American Dr. of Psychology.

If you are not qualified to write on these topics from the above perspective, please do not submit a bid.

**Please put "I fluently speak American English" in your bids to be considered.

Thank you for your time and bids!

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I need an experienced/professional writer, who can write quality articles.

I need a lot of articles (URGENTLY) written on the subject of credit cards, forex, Insurance and other finance related topics. They should meet following criteria:

Range in size from about 500

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23 Review Articles

You will need to write 23 simple review article with minimum 300 words per article.
I will decide the concept & arrangement of the content. Its very easy actually. You will provide with the details spec and then you just need to rewrite it again and adding few opinion regarding on the product.
Thats all you need to do.
Prefer who can bid usd2++ per article because this is very simple article review. We provided you with the details of the product

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Fresh Writer

I need someone who can help me with my project that are capable to write
in PERFECT English with fast turn out time in delivery.

Rates are the following:



RESEARCH JOB= $1 for every topic at least 2 pages

One thing:

1. I dont put escrow or milestone, I will pay if my client approves the articles
2. I dont pay if these are copied over the net
3. I dont pay if those are not pass Copyscape

Instead Ill CANCEL THE PROJECT to you.


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I Need Someone To Rewrite Articles

This job is an easy job.

Im looking for someone to rewrite articles.

You will be rewriting the article and Title.

You will rewrite articles that are placed in local newspapers. (This will be your source.) to rewrite articles.

Must have correct punctuation, and grammar, and spelling skills.

*You must speak ,and write fluent english.* If you do not, DO NOT BID!

This will be long term if your a good writer.

In your bid place your *PER article price*

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Repost Rewrite Mixed Articles

I need someone to rewrite my 35 PLR articles :

10 articles on Solar Power

10 articles on Purchase a new home

10 articles on Car Repair

5 articles on Chevrolet Cruze

Never use a spinner software, I need real people to rewrite them. They should also pass the

Ill instantly approve bidder that bids $1 per article and promise the fastest delivery time. I have tons of other articles waiting to be rewritten, so I need fast hands…


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Lucky Buys Yucky Houses 8$/400 Words Articles

I need article for $8/400words on lucky buys yucky houses , yucky houses .

The reference sites for both of the keywords lucky buys yucky houses and yucky houses are:

In start I need 5 articles in 2 days time. If work was good we ll keep you really busy and in pocket.

Since both of the keywords lucky buys yucky houses and yucky houses are low competitive words so you should be careful not to spam or overload it.

Note: All articles should be unique and should pass copyscape and should not be copied. Do check the reference site before writing anything otherwise we dont just need to fill space, we need on the topic articles..

Thank you and happy bidding…

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We are looking for ITALIAN professional content writers with experience in writing HIGH QUALITY articles, for a long term job. If you want to write for just one week, please, dont bid.

Articles must have EXCELLENT ITALIAN (dont bid if youre not NATIVE).

The mission is creating 100% original italian content. we will check for originality.

Knowledge and experience on the SEO industry would be a must but is not essential: you will have to research on the internet for the topics requested, then write with your own words.


– 450/500 words each (in article body, not counting title etc ..)
– 50+ articles/month.
– 100% orginal content Copyscape passed.
– Must use keywords in the title, first and last paragraphs, at least.
– well provide you specific topics/keywords and/or long-tail keyword phrases.


– We will request an article sample to make.

– Bid for 20 articles, so around 50$-75$. dont bid for more. bids higher than 80$ will be deleted.

– Well check every article written for compliance with guidelines above, before payments.

– Payment will be delivered after a 10 articles set completion.

– We will not pay money upfront.

– We are looking for at least 10 articles per week.

– If you bid, please let us know how many articles you can write in a day and how many in a week.

– Provide to us samples of your work .


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Articles Needed

I am looking for professional writers to write 20 articles for our blogs. Each article will be around 500 words. All articles will be about kitchen and bathroom design, keywords will be provided each week.

1. Articles must be original.
2. Must be familiar with SEO.
3. Your grammar needs to be flawless.
4. US English required.
5. All articles MUST pass copyscape.
6. MUST be on time.

I need someone to start immediately! This could be a long term relationship since we need 20 articles every week.

Please place bids for 20 articles.

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Experienced Landing Page Writer

I need an experienced landing page writer to write 1 landing page.
The landing page are selling a weight loss product
landing page must contain
1, 100 words product introduction.
2, 5 sentences of the product key features.
3, 200 word product info and why product should be bought

All of them must pass copyscape

If you are really an experienced landing page writer, please bid for this project with your sample work attatched.

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10 Blog Posts – Topic: Tropical Island Resorts

Needed: 10 WordPress blog posts about unique tropical resort destinations. Must be researched and contain substance.

English at mother tongue level

Knowledge in writing for the resort travel niche

Content MUST be unique

Must pass Copyscape

Please provide examples of your past work.

Must be available on skype.

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Rewrite Articles,$1 Per Rewrite,No Research4

No single research is needed from your own part, i will supply you with the content to be rewritten in word document and you will rewrite the whole article. THE BASIC RULE IS THAT ALL ARTICLES MUST PASS COPYSCAPE, MUST BE WRITTEN IN CORRECT GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION AND WORK MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME. The pay is is $1 per 400-500 words articles and payment is through freelancer. Only serious writers should bid please.

All writers interested should paste at least 100-200 words of their writing sample that pass copyscape.

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100 Keyword Articles For SEO

I am in need of 100 articles between 400-600 words written on about 5 keywords for my website. I will provide you with they keywords and the appropriate links as I want theses written in html format. I can also provide you with several of my competitors websites for writing ideas.

Article must be cs passed in and without any grammar error

Must be knowledge of seo articles and e-zine articles


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ONLY FOR AMERICANS…0.25$ Per 100 Words!!! # 4

I need good American writers who can meet deadlines.I shall pay 0.25 per 100 words. Articles will vary in words. I have bulk work. Except Americans, all other bids will be rejected so dont waste time.

The articles must:

1- Pass copyscape

2- be Plagiarism free

3- be 100% unique and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

-Payment method:
I pay through GAF.

bid only 30$!!!

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American Article Writer Needed…0.20 Per 100 Word

I need a good American writer who can meet deadlines.I shall pay 0.20 per 100 words. Articles will vary in topic
Articles must be 100% unique and be plagiarism free. I will also check for grammar and spelling. I do not pay for
articles that do not pass these requirements.

Payment Method: Pay Pal

Bid only $30!!!

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ONLY FOR AMERICANS…0.25$ Per 100 Words!!! # 3

I need good American writers who can meet deadlines.I shall pay 0.25 per 100 words. Articles will vary in words. I have bulk work. Except Americans, all other bids will be rejected so dont waste time.

The articles must:

1- Pass copyscape

2- be Plagiarism free

3- be 100% unique and free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

-Payment method:
I pay through GAF.

bid only 30$!!!

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Technology Articles Rewrite

I need 5->10 articles written on a daily basis of 400-500 words per article

The articles will be for $2 per article or if you have a weekly/monthly rate i will consider that as well

Please dont bid if you cant be contacted daily!

The articles will consist of rewriting articles I give you
They need to be in extremely well written English with no grammatical errors
The articles need will be checked for original content.

It is extremely important that the articles are in PERFECT English and make sense without any errors.

I am preferably looking for a Native English Speaker.

This will be an ongoing project so please keep that in mind, i will give you about 5-10 article topics a day

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10 X 300 Words Articles

We need 10 x 300 words quality articles about the services offered by our website.
All 10 articles must have unique content and must pass copyscape (I will verify that).

We will provide article headings, exact keyword focus, content focus and specific services to be featured for each article.

You must be an experienced article writer with strong SEO knowledge.

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