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I need 2 writers to rewrite at least 2500 words daily with no research required. Just use another expression to describe the same meaning from the original article. If the quality and turnaround is good I can easily increase your workload.


Rate: $0.25 per 100 words rewrite.


– Rewrites must be 100% unique and will be checked with Copyscape
– Rewrites must be grammatically correct and use standard American/British English
– Rewrites must make sense (no spelling errors, no missing words, no bad grammar, etc.)

Payment will be delivered in every 3 days via Freelancer for accepted work so I cant create any milestone payment.

Bid for more information.

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Convert Html Website To Joomla


This is a meaningful project for a non-profit organization.

The project involves converting a very basic HTML website to fully functional Joomla template with some changes. It will need to have standard components as event calendar, photo & audio/video gallery, few fill-form pages and classifieds (optional). The template should have dual language selection functionality.

Here is the HTML website template that needs to be converted. The top, left, right, bottom menus needs to be changed. I will provide all the details in the word document.

If I find the right person I will select them right away. Payment after you show us the Template is ready. I will then escrow the payment and you send the template in Zip file that we can install using Joomla Template Installer.

Budget is $100 max. This is a religious non-profit site and you will be working on a good cause, ultimately affecting 100s of thousand lives in a positive way.

Thank you!

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Peace-Loving Global Citizens

The task at hand is to take my raw pre-writing materials, poorly transcribed text and anything else I throw at you and organize it. We can talk over SKYPE to decide the best format.
Before bidding on this project please watch these two videos. (Include the last word in your bid)

For the right person this job will be educational, informative, transformational, and hopefully down right enjoyable (not to mention profitable).

SKYPE (with a mic) is a must.

Study the man behind the curtain (that would be me) and get to know me so well that I cannot tell the difference between what you write and what I wrote and spoke. see attached file

This can be a very steady job for the person who inspires me with an attitude of excitement and genuine interest. I do not want to work with someone who is primarily motivated by money. I believe that such a person talks and writes solely out of the content of his mind rather then from a connection to life. The words and writings of such a person are dead, for they have no life-force flowing through them to others. Why would I want to pay to work with a dead person?

Prove to me that you can work with my particular type of material; which is philosophical, abstract, metaphorical and often riddled with figurative speech (and often disorganized), and I will award you this project and a lot more work.

I only pay in $30 increments (I never want to owe a stranger more than $30; I hope you understand). If you bid more than $30 you will be ignored.

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Javascript. Change Div’s Class On Browser Window Change


I have a basic problem i need solved. I believe this should be quite easy for JavaScript experts.

I have a website, two divs. Left and Right
The right div is fixed position.

However when the user browser window, is less than the height of the div, i need it to be no longer fixed, but to scroll with the rest of the page.

I imagine the logic to be the following:

-detect div#right height

-if window-height is less than div#right height. change div class to xxx
-if window-height is greater than div#right height. div class stays at yyy

(must update window-height everytime window is resized)

BUDGET: <$20
DEADLINE: 24hours

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Idea Entrepreneur For A Portal Of 4500 Domains


We are a company that recently bought a bundle of 4500 domains.
Our first idea was to build adsense websites on all domains, but we need one or more entrepreneurs to make the right structure, because we also would like the domains to do more than Google Adsense.

We need to create the right setup, so we do not need to change 4500 websites manually when we get a new idea, so before we start building sites, we must know :
– How can we get most out of the domains
– How to get most traffic on Domains.
– Is Google Adsense the right choice or should we combine with clickbank and other ads.
– Should we have same CMS on all Domains or 1500 WP, 1500 Joomla etc.
– We want to build 5-10 "backlinks shops" and use our portal of 4500 Domains for backlinks, is that possible ?
If it is possible, how should setup be ?
– How can we earn extra money while we have 4500 domains
etc. etc

In a few words : We have 4500 Domains that must be optimized and generate as much money as posible – how should the setup be ?
You should only come up with the ideas and structure of the portal, you do not build the sites.

If you have no experiense in handling this kind of project, please do not bid.
As bidder on this project, you need to come up with a detailed plan and winner(s) will be awarded with 50$.
Maybe winner(s) will be given long term jobs after this.

Thanks for bidding.

Best regards

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Firefox 4 Basic Side Bar + Right Click Context Menu

We need a template extension.

*** Full compatibility for Firefox 4

– Add toolbar icon – on click , a sidebar will be opened (could also be opened using a shortcut combination Ctrl+Shift+D)
– Add a right click context menu with sub-items

thats it,

the extension is just a template.

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Quality Article Writer Needed For Long Term Project.




I want few writers for long term. So if you are a part time writer, please dont bid here.

I need quality writers who can write good quality articles. I am looking for at least 5000 words per daily.

I need good quality writers who can write original article and rewrite them and also can write attentively without any grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

I want 100% copy scape passed articles. Quality and on time delivery are a must!

Please send a sample of your previous work.

Rate: $0.15 per 100 words and will increase in future. So please dont bid if you are not satisfied with the rate.

Payment will be delivered in 24-48 hours after submission of work via Freelancer.


Place your bid if you are ready to start working right now.

Bid for only $50 so that I can understand that you have read the project details.

If you are busy with other projects, please dont bid here.

Happy Bidding!!!!!

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Joomla Template CSS Modifications ( Errors)

We need a joomla template to be corrected.

This template has been adapated from a Yoo template, by modifying backgrounds, colors and adding a menu with background images.
However, we have a lot of errors
* When displaying modules on (left or right) positions,
* Errors with this image background menu ( float on right on IE). Menu images only appears for a somes Menu IDs (so i have to modify ID in database)

The template need to be cleaned, tested and then be fully functionnal on major browsers

I can send template files by MP and an URL to see somes troubles

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Editing And Formatting

You will be editing, formatting and organizing my years of research centering on the founding philosophy of Korea.
For the right person this job will be educational, informative, transformational, and hopefully down right enjoyable (not to mention profitable).

I pay in $30 increments at $5 per hour until…
Bid only $30 to get started
You need SKYPE (with a mic) and PayPal

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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Appointment Setters Telelmarketers

Who we are?

We are a small call center that focuses on appointment setting and sales.
We have been in business for close to 10 years now and work in travel, finance, and various other industries.

What we do?

We call clients and set up appointments for a product or service. Right now we are focusing on the travel and finance industry.

Who we are looking for?

– The ability to call the USA
– NO SKYPE … skype unlimited only allows 50 calls per day
– We will allow the RIGHT person to use our dialer
-EXTREMELY MONEY MOVITATED with the ability to SALE YOURSELF! We are ONLY looking for people who are interested in making at LEAST $200 USD PER DAY!

You must have FAST INTERNET .. If you are in the Philippines NOT THE GLOBE 1 MBS .. its not fast enough NOR IS THE GLOBE 3G KEY unless you are in Siargao.

$$$$ Per qualified appointment you receive $100 USD $$$$

NO COPY AND PASTE, if you read and understand this post type the word "EMPIRE" in the subject line.

If we like what we hear, expect us to contact you. We are looking to create a LONG TERM relationship with the RIGHT person. Our office works like a family and we are seeking someone that would like to be apart of our winning team!


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Facebook Forum App


I need to integrate smf with facebook.(I am also open to other forum software)

I want it to work like this:
1. User goes to facebook
2. User adds the forum app
3. User gives facebook permission to get their profile details
4. User is automatically registered as a member and can start posting. No need to ever log in or register!

So the person can post right after adding the app. There is no registration, its done automatically. I have found an app that does just that with phpBB:

After you add the app, you can post right away. It uses your name as your username and your default picture as your avatar.

I also want it to be integrated into the facebook newsfeed. Whenever someone starts a thread, there should be an option there that is selected by default that posts the new thread on the persons newsfeed or facebook wall.

I would also like each members profile to have a link to their facebook page. I am also open to other suggestions that you may have.

I am not looking to spend more than $150 on this project.

Please let me know why you are right for this project. Tell me what experience you have with facebook app coding and smf forum software. Dont just send me a standardized list of things youve done that doesnt relate to this project.

Thank you very much.

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Magento CSS Layout Correction

We have a working e-commerce website in Magento.

The margins of the header section are great, but the margins of the body section (left column, middle, right) are too big. So it doesnt look right.

I have searched, but can not find the right settings in the CSS files.

This should be extremely easy and quick job, if you are an Expert in Magento.

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Good Writers Needed For Long Term- Start Now(Daily Payment)


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Commission 10 – 15%: Skilled Telemarketers Needed!!


I need skilled marketers/telemarketers to promote our services all accross the globe. We are engaged in providing the following services:

1. Article Marketing.
2. Social Media Marketing.
3. Search Engine Optimisation.
4. Website Design and development.

We will pay you either through pay per lead or you may process the full order by selling our products to the customers on our behalf.

For every valid lead, you will be paid $ 2 – 5 depending upon the number of leads (minimum 10 leads required a day) plus additional $ 50 as a bonus.

If you choose the second option, then you will be paid 10-15 % of the upfront amount that will be collected from the customer.

This project could lead to long term mutual relations and you can earn potential earnings if you have the right skills. Please contact me through PMB along with your resume and also describe briefly about yourself, your goals and the way you can help this organisation grow.

I am looking for really hardworking, sincere and result oriented resources and will be picking up more than two three freelancers. So if you are the right person, please contact me without any hesitation. All the payments will be occur through paypal and GAF, though we may discuss further over the payment terms once satisfied from each other.

Bid for $ 30 and send me your details, I have to start this project immediately so will picking up you within no time of your bid. Happy Bidding and Good Luck

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Photoshop Genius Designer Needed Right Now

need a UI created, will provide example of the layout and color scheme, fast turn around needed, bid with portfolio of 5 of your BEST work
so once again bid with your co. website and 5 of your BEST UX / UI designs and NEED IMMEDIATE TURN AROUND / WILL START WORK RIGHT AWAY /

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Need Category And Product Page Layouts For Ecommerce Site

We have a basic template for an ecommerce store located at

What we need is:

– The footer finished. We html/css/graphics to be an attractive addition to the template using the same colors. Use text placeholders for items you would find in a footer (contact information, links to privacy policy, maps, graphics for payment types like VISA, etc). Were not concerned about the exact look of the footer as long as it matches and looks good.

– We need a category listing page created to match our template. We would like a menu on the left hand side (using generic text placeholders) and a listing of products on the right in a grid layout 3 products wide. Use the page as a guide (menu on left, products on right).

– We need a product detail page template created to match. This would have a layout similar to where the product picture is on the left and detail section is on the right. We would like our page to have all the product items in the example (price, description, customization fields, shipping information, etc)

The end result will be a deliverable containing our existing template with completed footer, the new category page with footer, and the new product page with footer all coded in valid XHTML with the valid supporting CSS file and any images needed.

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Writer Needed For Large Collection Of Erotic Messages

Im looking for a writer that can put together a collection of one-liners. Simple, erotic messages less than 30 words each.


1. Hey baby, Im horny right now and cant wait for you to send me a message. Hurry up while Im still wet!
2. Hello there. Im sitting in bed naked right now waiting for you to chat with me. Please please please hurry!


This project will be for 250-500 messages.

There are some other things that I will explain to you prior to you starting the job. For example, how to include some replacement variables, etc.

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Reliable High Quality Writer


We are in need of a talented reliable writer, or a team if need be.

Your tasks will include small amounts of research
and of course high quality writing. The topics, lengths and
SEO needed will vary from project to project.

There are opportunities to move up for the right person or team.

We will be paying the right person $2 per 500 words.
Again opportunities to move up and get paid more are
very available for the right person or people.

You will be required to do a small sample project
just to ensure that you are capable of providing
high quality in the given time.

That is VERY important. This business is booming and moving
VERY quickly. You will need to be at the top of your game to
keep up.

Please provide some samples for us to look over.
Regardless of the samples you will still be required
to do a sample project.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

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Good Writers Needed For Long Term


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5 Eyewear Articles Plus Upload To Joomla

I need five articles written about eyewear for an optical e-retailer. The titles of these articles are as follows:

1. How to choose the right glasses frame
2. Demystifying Lens types
3. Eyewear fashion trends for 2011
4. William Morris Eyewear: New Brand on the Block (overview of an new eyewear brand)
5. Choosing the right contact lenses

The articles are aimed at consumers wishing to buy glasses or contact lenses from a UK based website.

> Articles should be around 600-800 words.
> You will also need to find two acceptable images for each articles.
> Lastly you will need to upload the articles to our Blog using Joomla.


I have identified the following existing articles that can be used as a basis for the above:

How to choose the right glasses frame

De Mystifying Lens types

Eyewear Trends for 2011

Choosing the right contact lenses
Embed video:

William Morris Eyewear – New Brand on the Block
OneSpecs will soon be selling William Morris Eyewear and we need to tell our customers about the brand, what it stands for and what styles it has. I have asked the company for any additional literature they have. About Us page

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Meeplace Script Customizations

Need my current site "" customized. Just brought the scripts and it is installed, and need the following item customized:
1. Rearrange the main page such as: delete "best of", move the "browse to category" area to right, delete "new chatter", delete "new list", add graphic, move things around and some other stuff…this page needs the most work.
2. Change the word "chatter" to "R&R" throughout the site
3. Help with changing the logo
4. Change the rating stars icon to a heart icon
5. In adding a business, hide the option of adding a "permalink", instead have it automatically populated in background

This should be a simple job for anyone with the right skill set. Im looking for someone that can do this fast and are price reasonably.

Thank you.

Before you BID:
*Must have experience in CSS, mySQL, PHP and design
*Please provide similar works youve done in the past
*Must be able to complete work within time limits you stated
*Must provide training on add/modify/delete of the new item changed

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Blogging And Social Media Content Writer

A person that can closely follow directions and keep to a pre-determined schedule is needed for ongoing help with blog entries and social media for a variety of subjects. A self starter is needed – one that can rapidly grasp what is needed and deliver the services required in a timely manner and without needing too much supervision to get the actions done.

Blog entries must be original and 2-4 paragraphs; social media entries must be tips or facts and invite interaction. Social media following must also be increased for several accounts – not with spam followers but actual, interested and relevant followers.

The right person will be paid on a production basis with rate to be worked out depending on quality and ability to get the job done in the time needed. The right person will have an ongoing job.

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Mod Clipbucket Script To Allow Mp3 Upload

We are using a clipbucket script on our site to archive recordings of our presentations. Right now we can only upload video files. We recorded a bunch of audio files too, and want to be able to upload them using the site we have setup. The audio files could even play just like the video files without a picture, or adding a logo of type of visualizer inside the video box would be a big plus. Right now any audio files uploaded result in a Failed message instead of showing up.
Clipbucket script accepts plugins or mods to the script. It would be cool if it was done as a plugin so it is easy for me to install it, but anyway to make it work will be good. The better it is done will be worth more.

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Social Engine Plugin Intergration.

Hello, i have a social engine script. I have an advertising plugin that i have installed already. This plugin offers an option to ad these advertisements to non-widgitized pages. Normally you would place an ad on a page through the layout editor and drop a widget ad on the page. The plugin also generates a code so you can place it somewhere so it will appear on a non widgitized page…. here is what they say..

Please copy the following code and paste it at the desired location on a non-widgetized page to display advertisements over there.
Note: Please be sure that you are pasting this code at the right place. After pasting this code in your template page, if the page layout becomes disorganized, then contact your theme developer to assist you.

here is the code they give……

—<div class="layout_right"><?php echo $this->content()->renderWidget("communityad.right-none"); ?></div> —-

I would need the code placed so they appear at all of these locations. These locations are non widgitized pages

– sign in page and associated pages
– sign up page and associated pages
– music page and associated pages
– albums page and associated pages
– videos page and associated pages
– groups page and associated pages
– polls and associated pages
– blogs and associated pages
– events and associated pages

What i mean by "and associated pages" is if you go to for example videos link. thats a set of ads on that page. next if you click a video you go to another sub video page and i want ads to appear there too etc.

I want the ads to appear on the right hand side
like the other pages that already have ads.

Looking to get this done so someone give me a good price and youll get the bid.

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WordPress Fixes

I have a wordpress site which we have recently launched. we are using the wp-members plugin. I need some adjustments in how this system behaves, including a way for subscribers to update their details.

i hope this work is a couple of hours at best. However, good programmers always get more work from me. You must bid $30 for this. If it should be extended, more will be paid.

If you cannot do this work right now, meaning today, RIGHT NOW, do not bother bidding.

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WordPress Cleanup

I also need the right sidebar expanded so that I can fit 300 px ads on the right
I also need a plugin to be able to add something like the Bitchie Lynx after each post
See Example

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Need A Designer

I need a psd designed for a 760px wide page, more details will provided to the interested candidates…

Budget $30 no more than that.

Its urgent project and I am gona close it right away if I find a right candidate.

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WP Plugin Popup

Unique popup WordPress Plugin

I am looking to have a brand new WordPress plugin created that will shows popup.

Before you bid on this project, I must stress that all work including coding and images must be 100% unique and not taken from any other plugin on or off the market.

By placing a bid, you are agreeing to this and take full responsibility for it.

popup features:
can be rotoated, each time show diffrent content inside the popup.
can choose to get thank you notification after click inside button.
can appear after every visit, but once they subscribe .. no more popups!
can disappear on amount of second time user(website owner) choose too, for exmplae popup shown for 10 seconds and then disapper without clicking the x

once untill browser is closed
one time when visit the site
every: 2 min, 3 min(option to choose how much)
when new visitors arrived
at all time.

each time when visitor leave site
each time when visitor upload site
on specifics pages
on specifics blog post
on home page
on all pages
Only show PopUp Domination once you have recieve a certain number of impressions from a particular user.

Rich Text Editor
html option
background color
border colore

seconds before showing popup
set popup location (center,left,right,custom option for input for example 34px left / 300px right)
user can also setup the size (high. width)

A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup
rotating lightbox(if you as proggramer now more optn i willbe happy to know)

Overall, the plugin needs to look professional and be easy to use by the end user.

I look forward to your bids as this could be an ongoing partnership for the right coder/team.

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Only Serious Writers Needed (Daily Payment)


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Forum Facebook App Integration


I need to integrate phpBB with facebook.(I am also open to other forums) Where a user can go to facebook, click on my forum app, allow facebook to get their details, then automatically register than as a phpBB user.

So the person can post right after adding the app. There is no registration, its done automatically. I have found an app that does just that with phpBB.

After you add the app, you can post right away. It uses your name as your username and your default picture as your avatar.

I also want it to be integrated into the facebook newsfeed. Whenever someone starts a thread, there should be an option there that is selected by default that posts the new thread on the persons facebook wall.

I would also like each members profile to have a link to their facebook page.

The rest of the forum modifications I can take care of through phpbb mods.

I am not looking to spend more than $150 on this project.

Please let me know why you are right for this project. Tell me what experience you have with facebook app coding and phpbb forum software. Dont just send me a standardized list of things youve done that doesnt relate to this project.

Thank you very much.

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