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Effective Sales Partner Required For Expansion Into US

Mqusic is about to extend its succesful music competitions into the USA. We need a brash confident partner to sell entries for a USA wide online rock music competition.

The successful partner will get exclusive rights to sell entries, sponsorship and advertising for the USA Rock competition, with commission of 66%. Assuming you reach the minimum target for entries, which will be 2000, you will have the automatic right to be our partner for our next USA competition.

For more details please private message

"Mqusic, the X-factor online for real people. Giving artists the opportunity to perform, win record deals, and achieve their dreams."

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Skate Deck Designs (Indie Rock)

Company looking for a graphic designer that can design Indie rock themed art to put on skateboard decks.

Max. 4 colors

Please send sample or mock up a.s.a.p

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Audio Creation – Backing Track Loops

I am looking for someone to create 25 very short backing tracks that are loopable.

I have designed a program that functions like an mp3 player that will loop each audio track indefinitely, so now i need the audio. The audio need to be 4 or 8 bars long, so 5 – 15 seconds in length, or longer if you prefer.

All 25 audio tracks need to be in the same style – however, you can pick the style (preferably rock, metal, blues, country etc) and i am looking for AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! If you can provide 5 sets of 25, then you will get paid 5 times. I need a variety of audio sets, different styles of music ranging from everything from rock to hip hop and dance, so any style is OK.

Please bid now, for 1 audio set of 25. The lower the better, as i need a lot done.

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Website Header And Background Image Design

Im in need of a freelance graphic artist with an understanding of 80s rock music to design a new website theme which consists of the following –

1. An online version of a neon lightbox (like the ones that are suspended from the hoarding outside the front of a hotel or a retail shop). Really need the neon effect.

2. Create a header image featuring the lightbox to the left, a large rock club style lighting rig across the top with lights beaming down on a tagline. {978 x 114px)

3. A page background image that is simple, clean and will work with the header. (1349 x 250 px repeat vertically)

Its for an established hard rock website that needs a makeover.

Delivery as Photoshop files is mandatory.

Fee moved to escrow on acceptance, released to freelancer after delivery. Dont bid if you dont agree with these terms.

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I need an eye catching flash site. The owner of the site is itself a digital media production copmany, from adverts to magazine content to books to websites they do all. The owner herself is a marathon runner athlete so I thought I use her as her illustrated look of her And her company name is: mineral so I thought of using minerals. But imaging minerals is difficult so I thought of using rocks because rocks has minerals in them. And she runs in a countryside or some town streets and then countryside or all in countryside, a nice scenery. Show me 3 draft options and I choose) so she runs in a realistic running movement (her running motion whould be nice and smooth and slow). So she runs and when I mouse over a rock the menu item highlights ( in off mode there are already menu names on rocks ) and when I click on that menu rock its page opens and preferably and external .txt or xml formatted text and pic opens in that page. And 4-5 pages like that and 1 page is portfolio page so that portfolio page is like a gallery. And also a contact form page of course. maybe at the beginning an intro.

Full browser page flash site.
A runner will run and while she runs scenery will change,
she runs in a countryside earth, trees, sky, rocks etc…
and on the way there are some rocks
when the user clicks a rock she comes and picks a up that rock and on rock a page opens enlarged so the user sees the content of the page
One of the page portfolio gallery page the others just text
so there are 5-6 pages like that so every rock is a menu item

All the content text and pics and site logo will be done by the project owner.
Designer will do the main navigational animated menu and page layouts.
Designer first need to show some portfolio links of similar to above flash interface.
PS: Please do not send any links if your site consists of only simple basic flash, or just flash menus or nothing to do with animated flash. A good illustrator and flash designer should reply. So this project can be a start of many other flash projects of constantly forthcoming. Thank you.

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Full browser page flash site.
A runner will run and while she runs scenery will change,
she runs in a countryside earth, trees, sky, rocks etc…
and on the way there are some rocks
when the user clicks a rock she comes and picks a up that rock and on rock a page opens enlarged so the user sees the content of the page
One of the page portfolio gallery page the others just text
so there are 5-6 pages like that so every rock is a menu item

All the content and site logo will be done by the project owner.
Designer will do the main navigational animated menu and page layouts.
Designer first need to show some portfolio of similar to above flash interface.

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Animator Wanted To Create Marvel/DC Comics Type Promo Video

Talented and self motivated Animator sought to create a Marvel / DC Comics styled Promotional video in a Gothic setting for an established European Metal/Hard Rock band. The track also features a guest appearance by a FAMOUS Rock Singer with a HUGE worldwide fanbase that will ensure MASSIVE exposure.

The timescale is VERY aggressive with the video being planned for Worldwide release in Mid-February alongside a digital single, with the subsequent album release due middle of March. We would want this completed and ready for release (on the web & possibly on DVD or VCD – so quality has to be HIGH) in LATE JANUARY.

We want the individual to take our concept and create a story board which should incorporate the "story line concept" plus the BAND & Guest animated performing the song also.

This is an excellent opportunity for a talented individual to gain some worldwide exposure, and also break into the European Music scene.

We ABSOLUTELY must see examples of your work in this style …. or you should at least be prepared to show an example by animating/drawing the lead singer of the band (Photo will be provided on request) to grab our attention and make sure that you are on the RIGHT track and are totally serious about working with us on this project.

If you are the person we are looking for then please reply by saying "LETS ROCK" in your reply.

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Rock Nutrition E-Commerce

I want to have a website designed for ecommerce. I will be selling nutritional supplements through a dropshipper. Will need a way to add/delete products, adjust pricing, and be able to keeps purchasers info for future purchases. i do want ssl, shipping estimater, and a payment source. Give me a price or email me.

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Facebook Fans For A Progressive Rock Band

I need 100 fans for a progressive rock band facebook page. 100% from United States. 100% like music. At least 80% like rock music. This will be an on going job if you can deliver the first 100 in a timly maner.

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Ecommerce Music Merchandise Store + Ebay Store & Listing Tem

The Rock Vault Store Design Spec
We are about to expand our music merchandise company and require a fantastically designed ecommerce store based on the open source cart magneto ( We trade in clothing and merchandise of all the latest and greatest rock/indie/metal artists and are about to increase our stock range x10m we cover bands such as Rolling Stones. Beatles, Motorhead, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Metallica and much more. We have chosen magneto as it is the most compatible with our chosen mult channel stock control system. We aim to launch a national printed advertising campaign and therefore it is imperative that our site does not only impress our customers but functions perfectly.
We have had a small business for a while on the eBay platform ( We also have an ecommerce store based on a monthly subscript store ( We are unhappy with the current store both in functionality and design.
The project contains two parts:

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Business Directory Cms


I Need help to mount a business directory on line.

I wish mount using word-press for the security and the most important part for the simplicity to use and implement some rocket theme plug-ins like rock stories, rock tabs, rock news pages and rock Ajax search.

Also I wish to use word press because there is a lot of plug ins for calendar events that are free, and the easy way to publish a blog, rss feeds, and a lot of stuffs for free too. But i am open to review your recommendations. I don´t believe in joomla because in the past i got a security attack that off line my site.

If somebody wants to add his business ad he can do it for free and he will get access to publish: Business name, contact name, phone number (only one number), address without Google map location and short description.

If the free users or a new user that needs to ad his business in our directory publishing: Logo image, address with google maps location, 6 images gallery, contact email, maximum 3 phone numbers, url without link and follow, zip code, contact name, business name, and contact form from his ad and short business description; they can made payment with paypal, debit and credit cart or bank deposit for one, three, six or one month payment with option to automatic renewal.

I want to publish in the home page:
A banner like rocket stories in the top
A "carousel" like rock tabs.
A "carousel" that load the logo image of all ads showing the images in random with a left right arrows to show new random group.

Ill provide you the graphic design.


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Custom Joomla Template For Rock Music Festival

Were looking for a new joomla template which fits our activities.
The site will be mainly used for gathering information about the festival but we love to see some socialmedia boxes / space which can be filled in by modules.

an example can be viewed at which also runs on joomla.

Please keep in mind that theres enough space to enlist our sponsors and partners.

Good luck!

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Visual Effects Required For Rock Music Video

Looking to add effects to this video The type of effects wanted are best explained by reference to this video However we

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Need Rock Star Personality! Radio Host


We have a highly profitable Affiliate Marketing program. I need a solid host personality to really give a good LIVE WEBINAR and sales presentation. Lets work on a power point presentation together and really send people to the webinar. You will answer questions at the end and also interview other successful affiliate marketers.

Im looking for a teacher type personality. Someone who naturally sounds great but just needs some direction.
Im the ceo and i can come on as a guest sometimes. Ill drive the traffic and promote the event through the company.

We are just about to launch this company and were on a limited budget but we just closed some huge deals and new suppliers. were about to hit it big and need a rock star personality. Male or Female it doesnt matter im just looking for talent. You also need to have at least one good picture of yourself and a decent facebook profile.

Bonus commissions will be discussed during the interview process. Thank you!

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Web Site Design For Rock

Design, theme: rock.
Example site who like:
From you:
– Working conditions;
– Examples of work;
– Timing and cost.

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Rock Social – Rock Orientated Social Network

A rock orientated social network. Similar in concept to Needs to have:

– member registration
– social network orientation
– ability to upload music
– ability to register as users/artists/record labels

Will discuss more on quote.

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Rock Solid Transparent Firewall (** Firewall Guru Needed * )

Hi There,

We are looking for a open source Transparent firewall solution.

Basically we are running servers on Datacenter, need to have them all on public IP. I dont want to mass up with internal network setup just want to have something in front of it,which will protect us from external attack.

Its needs to be pretty stable as all of client servers will be behind this firewall. Once setup its work as super solid 24/7/365 no downtime.

Budget – $60

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The site will be for Rock shirt online store. This site is for customer to be able to upload their own design or user our design. This also will be e-commerce shirt store. They also can created their own design. Price will be change upon each design and modification that they want. The site will be like Please check the detail below

CATALOG – will be for shirt/embroidery and accessory.
CREATE YOUR OWN FEATURE- this tools will be for screen shirt and embroidery.;

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Search Rock Festival Video Footage

I need some footage from a rock festival (any festival, doesnt matter witch one).

Heres the list of shot I need.

– A band playing on the scene
– An audience watching the scene
– People drinking at a bar (still in a rock festival)
– People eating snacks at a festival (such as chips, nachos, or whatever)

Those scene doesnt have to be very long, less than a minute will do.

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We are a rock band looking for a Internet marketing Campaign.
We would like this campaign to be targeted to people from specific areas of the world and between some age ranges we specify.
Aside from that we would like to know what could be done to promote us on myspace / youtube / facebook , and how much you would charge.
Previous experience with a rock band is a plus.

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Website Design


I want the design for a music artist/singer/songwriter.
I will post some pictures of the artist and will try to give some examples of the kinda of work to do.

I want a website that is a beauty, modern and kinda of «rock» style (thats the style of the artist: Rock, Metal)

All that I want is two(2) proposals for the design (psd or png).
I will need the homepage, bio and tour page.

I will only spend 85$ for this project.

Many thanks

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