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Classified Ad Poster For Rooms And Share Section


I need a poster for rooms and share section of cl.Please contact if you can post live ads without violating Craigslists TOU.

If anyone can do this than contact me asap!

I need 50 ads in cl and

I am ready to pay $50 for this.


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Software To Paint Buildings, Rooms

Hello friends,

Ive a small project with language of your choice though Id prefer AS3.

My project is, user will upload photos of their buildings, rooms and the software should give them option to paint over the room. They must be able to use different color to paint ceilings, walls, pillars and so on.

Please include the text bazinga in your pm so that I will know you read the requirement.

Im asking for help as Im pre-occupied with other stuff. I myself am a programmer, so I can give helping hands now and then.



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MS Access Application To LAMP

We have a customer with a MS Access application that was designed for their camping ground and accommodation. The programmer now has no time to take it up a level to have web integration and online bookings. We would like to see the full Access Database turned into a web hosted LAMP solution.

There are three stages to this project.

Stage 1. Migrate the full system from Access to MySQL. Including Forms, reports, functionality etc.. Also taking all old data. Having this solution tested and then operational for their systems.

Stage 2. Provide a web bookings mechanism. Adding functionality to allow customers to book rooms directly. This would be down by creating "allotments" where a selection of rooms or sites could be selected as available for online bookings. The customer could then browse for dates and take these rooms, when payment / deposit is confirmed the room is removed from availability. Appropriate notifications, process etc… to go with this.

Stage 3. Develop an API or integrate with up to 3 other online booking systems to allow a 3rd party to communicate and take bookings or to publish rooms to other online booking systems.

We have access codes and installation for the whole system to get access to the full database and permission from the previous contractor to go ahead and get changes made (the system is owned in full by my client).

We are accepting quotes on Stage 1 only as a completed stage 1 should help to give enough idea of time to integrate web bookings.

Kind regards


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Architectural Walkthrough

2-3 min. Architectural Walk through. I will supply the plans and some design references. The Home is 8500 Sq Ft. with about 18 rooms. I want the animation to begin at the Front entrance and fly through to each room, going into the main rooms and just looking into the smaller rooms and bathrooms.

I will provide the plans and design reference images.

There is a time crunch for the project, so please only bid if you are confident you could complete the task within a 4 – 6 week period.

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Bathroom/Room Design


I need to illustrate some bathrooms/rooms etc to builders. To do that I need a design of the rooms. I would send you dimensions of the room to design and the items to be located in it. I would take a photo of the tiles to be used, etc. Your job would be to create a 3D design. This would be a dynamic process i.e. I would make several changes, which would need to be incorporated into the design. You can use any software you are familiar with, as long as I can open and view the file without the software. When bidding please point me to a link where you can show a similar design. Please bid for design for 3 rooms. Please let me know if you have relevant similar experience and what it is. Thank you.

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Poker Rooms For Social Networking Website As FB

Hello guys i need poker texas hold em rooms game on real money if there is ready made is good as well i need the script for website like face book only for serious people design not required

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Access Help!!!

The Presidents Inn is a three-story hotel on the Atlantic Ocean in Cape May, NJ, a popular Northeastern U.S. resort. Ten rooms overlook side streets, ten rooms have bay windows that offer limited views of the ocean, and the remaining ten rooms in the front of the hotel face the ocean. Room rates are based on room choice, length of stay, and number of guests per room. Room rates are the same for one to four guests. Fifth and sixth guests must pay an additional $20 charge each per day. Guests staying for seven days or more receive a 10% discount on their daily room rates.
Business has grown steadily over the past ten years. Now totally renovated, the hotel uses a romantic weekend package to attract couples, a vacation package to attract young families, and a weekday discount package to attract business travelers. The owners currently use a manual reservation and bookkeeping system, which has caused many problems. Sometimes two families have been booked in the same room at the same time. Management does not have immediate data about the bed and breakfasts daily operations and income.

Use the information provided in this description and in the database tables on the Laudon Web site for Chapter 3 below to develop reports that would provide information to help management make the business more competitive and profitable. The database and related queries should be designed to make it easy to identify the information, such as the average length of stay per room type, the average number of visitors per room type, and the base income per room (i.e., length of visit multiplied by the daily rate) during a specified period of time.

After identifying the above information, write a brief report describing what your database information tells you about your current business situation. For example, what is your strongest customer base? What specific business strategies might you pursue to increase room occupancy and revenue?

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Poker And Chess Game Script Needed.

Hello Everyone,
We need 2 ready made games, one poker rooms texas holdem and one chess rooms designed for social networking websites
1. Poker
2. Chess

Only serious bidder with excellent sample can send me pmb,others will be rejected.

Note:- This project is not for writing flash game script from scratch but i need the script of the game which you have already made for someone else. After buying script from you we will edit that script to make similar game.

Happy Bidding!

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Hotel Booking Website

Website was developed in PHP. I need a section which will enable checking of hotel room availability. available also rooms will be entered from within admin section. Each hotel should have their own interface from which they could indicate availability of rooms. because payment options here are limited, I also want to introduce a scratch card system which will enable users to buy a scratch card off the shelf to topup their accounts or make deposits by scratch cards. They should be also able to login their accounts to make check or edit their booking.

Another required change needded is to create a section that will enable visitors to bid a hotel room by their budget form a list of rooms displayed according to star rating and geo location and not by name. Bids will be made available in a pool so participating hotels can see them and accept them or ignore/decline them. Participating hotels will be notified by email. The website is

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Elgg Template And Module Integrations

Need a template and module tweaks, new module implementations to build an alternative to Tinychat using .

Project requires:
– php programming
– experience or time to study elgg, videowhisper, twitter, facebook php frameworks
– clean css based design

Current project includes these 2 VideoWhisper modules:

A sample site of current project is available at .

Extra module functionality required:
– live user count per room (applications can call a script from time to time to notify that user is online and live users can be tracked in a table)
– site widget to list most active rooms (with most users), from all modules
– site widget to show screenshots of online users with webcams on (screenshot can also be generated by applications, just need to create and use thumb from this), also from all modules
– configurable admin settings to cleanup unused rooms (rooms not entered for X days) and also configure other module settings like rtmp server address, streaming settings and other parameters listed in the settings or login scripts
– widget to place on users site/blog: users can copy and paste html code that will load a js showing link to their room and current number of users ie. My Room (5)

Like the 2 existing modules (for conference and 2 way rooms), new modules should be integrated for:
– 1 way streaming (with broadcast and watch interfaces) from
– e-Learning rooms from

The new template, module tweaks should include functionality improvements as on, and some more:
+ Descriptive frontpage to create rooms (selecting from available types), access features, signup, signin
+ Template should be css based, clean, modern web 2.0 style
+ Live directory (listing rooms with snapshots already generated by the existing modules)
+ Twitter and Facebook connect, status updates when entering a chat first time that day
+ Twitter and Facebook integrations should have viral functionality: announce link when user creates new rooms or enters a certain chat room. This should have flood protection (no more than one announcement per 15 minutes).
+ Tweet, Like on site and rooms
+ Template should keep Elgg features like latest activity, friends, groups, dashboard, support for other modules, spotlight.

All current php source code is available under GPL for further development.

Code should be built using Elgg coding standards and should work with latest Elgg version.

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XML Import For Travel Agency

We have a travel agency website and we need to import our partners travel offers (hotel deals, package deals, etc.) through XML to our database, and to check the availability of those ofers when needed.

We need to import from 10 partners that are providing us XML, each one with its own format.

STEP 1. Build a script which imports XML data from our partners
– match our database with the partners databases for: towns, countries, etc.
– Check if the hotels in our partners databases are already in our database, if they dont exist, create them, if they already exist, use those ones to create offers based on prices from XML
– match the tipe of rooms from our database with the type of rooms from our partners databases
– make the import from our partners databases regularly automaticaly (we must be able to set and change how often it should update the data for each partner individually)
– we must be able to modify the prices, both with a percentage or with a fixed amount (we must be able to change those values). If we modify the percentage or the fixed amound that the prices are modified by, all imported offers should be updated with the new values
– every offer has to have a start date and an end date. Start date = when the offer is posted. End date = the last day that has a price offer.
– the descriptions (such as hotel descriptions) must be translated automaticly from English to Romanian using google translate.


Every offers availability and price must be able to be verified and calculated depending on the number of rooms, period, number of people ( number adults and number and age of the children), number of nights. You must make a form, displayed in each offer, where the client can fill in the period, number of nights, number of rooms, number of adults and children in each room, age of the children in each room. After the customer fills in the form and presses the "check availability" button the offers availability and price must be checked by XML to the partners system. If there are more than one option available (for example two different type of rooms they can pick from) they must be able to pick the type of room they want and then be sent from there to the booking form. The form must be made in AJAX.


to our existing search engine you must add a check-box named "search only offers with instant confirmation". If the customer checks that check-box all the offers found by our search engine in our database must be checked in our partners system, by xml, and only display the offers for which we have available rooms.

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Flash Real Estate Virtual Tour Driven By An External XML

We need a flash virtual tour created for a real estate website.

– ability to hold down mouse and scroll to the left or right to get a 360 degree panorama of the selected room
– auto rotate left and right buttons
– it needs to be a full screen image with a navigation strip to select additional rooms
– EVERYTHING MUST BE xml driven, including the video for the room, the titles for the rooms, the screenshots in the navigation strip of the rooms) to easily integrate with any property

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Java + SQL Work (Multiple Chat Rooms – Expand Code)


– Add multiple rooms to current Java-based chat room (code provided) (Use of RMI)
– Add database functionality (username/password/chat log etc) (JDBC compliant)

Project fee $30-$55

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Java And SQL Work (Create Chat Rooms)


– Add multiple rooms to current Java-based chat room (code provided) (Use of RMI)
– Add database functionality (username/password/chat log etc) (JDBC compliant)

Project fee $30-$55

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Swinging Website

Am looking for a website designer who can as far as possible emulate all the features found in the website
There must be a facility to amend which features a "free" user gains access to and again which features a "paid" user gains.
There must be the facility to upload pics and videos and for video chat, there must also be the ability for the site owner to give certain users "operative" status which would allow a certain amount of extra privalidges especially in the chat rooms.
Users must also have the ability to create chat rooms which can be password protected

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Jomsocial Profile Plugin

Your mission is to create a JomSocial profil plugin (user application).

This pluginll allow the user to create their own rooms and videoconferencing that based on the joomla component of Big BlueButton.

The creation of rooms is on that component currently only on backend by the super administrator, the idea is to allow the user to do that on the profile and always having a table in his profile that displays rooms he created and which can be accessed with simple click.

Thank you contact me by PM for more details.

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Hotel booking should be like theatre ticket booking system…
reserved rooms should be in red colour avail rooms sholud be green colour.. payment gateway integration… complete compontent and module wise… i need compelete demo…

If u can show demo plz bit otherwise quit ….

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Facebook App – IRC Based Chatrooms

Looking forward to develop a chatroom(s) based application on Facebook.

If youre aware, MSN Chat used to be an IRC-based Chatroom platform, with MSN + user-created rooms. Im looking forward to replicate the same experience on Facebook, with the following features –

1) IRC Based rooms (hosted on our own servers) and managed by us.
2) Flash OR Java based client which helps user access the chatroom, via Facebook.
3) Real-time chats, emoticons, actions and moderation in room(s). Just like IRC – there can be an Master Admin, Admin and Moderators.
4) User-created rooms to have their own moderators (3 level of moderators – gold / silver / bronze) and ability to manage rooms (mute user, kick user, re/de-moderate users, deleting rooms etc.).
5) Zones for every country or continent – App-based rooms to be featured on top and user-created ones below them, with about 20-30 rooms on each page.
6) Ability to connect to the chat-rooms using IRC Clients (and obviously run incredible trivia / quit / vote scripts).
7) Ability to see a user FB profile from chat (they can then add them as friends).
8) Unlock achievements and ranks based on user-vote, time spent, words spoken etc (optional at this stage).
9) Built-in filters to minimize abuses (in the client).
10) Create "Featured Rooms" by users, for some credits which can be earnt (using SuperRewards) or bought (using Social Gold).
11) Buy special emoticons, personas, fonts, colors etc via virtual credits / currencies. (good way to monetize).
12) Display Ads above the app and below it.
13) Ability to ban a user and / or IP from accessing the game. This can be IRC Server controlled.
14) Abuse report system for users (so they can abuse a mess maker).
15) Full Facebook Integration and App.
16) Possibly creating Tabs, which can be added to other apps (like their own chat-rooms).
17) 30 days of support (to iron out bugs, glitches, if any).

The idea here, is that this app will be basically an IRC Server-based Chat app, where a user will log in using his Facebook credentials (on the Facebook app) and chat with people.

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LiveGames Casino Rooms

I want to create live Dealer Casino application
Technology ,Flash as3 or 2 vs Flash Media server ,stream

I want to start from basic lobby
Live Roulette
Live Blackjack
Live Baccarat
Live Texas Holdem

You can see tons of similar applications like that all over the web .

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Home House Interior Design Decorating 3D Rendering

Hi Freelancer!

We are a construction company, UK based. We have a current project making a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom contemporary design house. We are a looking for good designer with knoweldge of interior design and 3d CAD skills to help with this project.

We need someone to provide us with a modern and contemporary interior decorating design concept for all rooms in the house including 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen, and all other rooms.

Deliverables to include 3D renderings of each room with positioned furniture, colours and lighting ideas and the floor plans with positions for items once completed. You may also need to provide us with a layout for where to put light fittings (ceiling and wall).

We can supply you with:
*PDF of outline drawings for the house and room sizes etc
*Replacement staircase design
*Furniture options to choose from (over 100 items)
*Bathroom options (over 30 options)
* Lighting options
* Door samples
* Tiled floor options
* Kitchen sample design
*Images of house ideas that we already have in mind

We will use modern classic furniture such as Eames chairs, Barcelona Chairs etc.

there are approx 16 rooms in total plus the hallways

All details will be provided to selected designer. PLease send your bid, timescale and also your portfolio of similar projects completed. Please enter code "TBRY" in your reply to know that you have read this.


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Jomres Customisation

We are needing some customisations to Jomres, and are looking for estimates from interested people to assist us.

We are using Jomres for a hotel booking website that takes bookings in monthly blocks.

1. We need to disable the availability (and the fact that jomres only shows available rooms) as we are taking bookings for third parties and the availabilty is not important, and all rooms are potentially available
2. We need a check box for the booking (ie you have 2 types of rooms and instead of selecting how many of each room you would like to book, we need our customers to check a box, as we need all applications for rooms to be made individually) ie customers can only book 1 room at a time.
3. We need the system to automatically send out an email 3 weeks into the booking asking the guest if they would like to extend their stay.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Ideally we would like this project completed before christmas if possible.

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Site To Host Multiple Chat Rooms On Seperate Pages + UI

I am looking for a site to be built that can run 50+ chat rooms each on a separate page such as www.domain/chat/room1 then room2 room3 and so on.
This is a site to discuss specific topics in each chat room but with the ability to jump to a different chat room. Besides a home page listing which chats are most active and the ability to browse the chat rooms, there will be a premium (upgraded) account with a one time fee. As a premium member, there will be a user interface "custom dashboard" where you can save your favorite chat rooms and create a user profile which will list a link to your own personal blog, your favorite shows and general information. One of the benefits of a premium member is being able to open up to 4 chats at once from your dashboard- so there must be an option for pop out chats.
On each chat room page there will be a link to relevant social media feeds such as twitter and news feeds from articles about that chat room topic.
This is the basic idea for the site but there are more specific ideas and will possibly require further and future updates to the page so the ability to continue working with us on a long term basis is important.
Please attach links to any relevant sites that you have already built.

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Wanted: Home Furniture Designer For Small Rooms

We want to design furnitures for small rooms, the furniture will cover:

1, murphy bed or wall bed
2, sofa-murphy bed (in living room);
3, multifunction table (served as tea table infront of sofa or dinner table at meal time)
4, other furnitures.

we want you to give us concept design, style, structure and drawings for manufacturing.

this quote is for murphy bed (wall bed) only.

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Hotel Reservation Module – Web Programming

Develop a Hotel Reservation Module (iframe Compatible Module)
Features to be included:

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Advertising Apartments Or Rooms For Rent. Online Or Offline

I have various websites I want to advertise. They all deal with either apartments or rooms to rent.
I am open to advertising either online or offline. I have advertised on Craigslist in the past but am
open to try more social networking sites like facebook, etc.

If you have any kind of advertising background or have actually advertised successfully websites especially rental
property please be free to bid. Also if you have advertised offline such as in newspapers I would like to hear from
you. Interested in people who have had some experience. I advertise my websites to USA and Canadian
markets only. Could be long term.


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Advertise My Website And Put Links In Chat Rooms

I have open new website, I would like to drive trafic to it by advertise it on a specific chat…

I will provide you the chat url and the text that you need to put in the chat to advertize me, you need to post those ads on this chat over and over again.
The problem is that you can get ban by your IP so you need to know how to handle this issue also..


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Japanese Voice Required (English Speaking

I am urgently looking for a Japanese voice with own studio and ability to self produce to voice a script which will be used on in a multi-media presentation. I will need a Japanese and English read. Please get in touch as soon as possible with portfolio, demo and quotes. Please – only authentic accents need apply. Thanks


JAPANESE TO BUILD $80,000 CLUB HOUSE. Structure will stand at Washington Street and Maynard Avenue and will contain theater provisions will be made for Japanese theater and meeting hall. The first floor will contain store rooms and the upper rooms will be uses as club rooms and dormitories.

JAPANESE TO CELEBRATE, Japanese residents of this city are planning to celebrate the fourth at 7:30 o"clock tonight in Nippon Kan Hall.

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Chat Room (HTML5+PHP; With Beaconpush/pubnub API)

We are in need of a full working chat room. It needs to integrate smoothly with our MSSQL database; to fetch customer data (profile information). There will be no sign-up process in order to enter the chat room

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Poker Rooms Review Website

Our client needs for a WordPress template design for a website that

– ranks online poker rooms and casino websites
– Have news and content
– Have banners and advertisements.

Poker and Casino Thematic.

Need a custom wordpress template and custom logo for the website.

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Room Booking System

Online Hotel/room Booking system,

I need a documentated framework with this features:

The system must support Multilanguage. (es. with specifics define file for any language)

The system needs a main frame where the user can show news and offers.

The system must allows the customers input days of arrive/ departure and search for rooms, makes reservation and book the rooms (incl. Payment facilities, Paypal).

The customers must to register his data to complete the reservation (name, surname, birth date, document number, mail, password etc).

The system must allows the customer to add facilities such as beakfast, meals, room requests etc.

Once a booking has been done through the front end, an automated email will be sent to the user and another email to the hotel.

An internal system (accessible by hotel staff only) to input their rates, upload pictures, anage their availability, and manage their hotel details. Also a overview of all past/present bookings and a list of customers (with detail) will be available, along with the guest details, and confirmation numbers.

The Hotel staff will log into a secure admin portal, and immediately see a calendar view, with a list of rooms underneath each day. The rooms are colour coded to indicate if they are available or booked. This provides a nice integrated view of all rooms, by week/month and overall availability.

the internal system (back end) allow staff to register customer and insert a room reservation without use the front end functions.

The booking system will also allow the ability to add/remove rooms from the system.

Additionally there needs to be a User Management system:
– Define user group, and privileges to the group has (view/add/delete, etc)
– Define users, which group they belong to and username/password

Budget: 200 USD

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Cold Storage Room.

Dear sirs

we want a proper layout for a cold storage room that can hold 4000 tons of meat products.


NOTE: this will be installed inside a 12000m2 prefabricated steel warehouse. which is 12meters high. (we want to use part of this warehouse to install the cold room)

we require the following:

Layout for cold storage room that can hold 4000 tons of meat products, this room must be devided in the following way:
1 room that can hold 2000 tons of meat products
1 room that can hold 1000 tons of meat products
2 rooms that can hold 500 tons of meat products

the layout must show the following:

1.- each room should be accessed from outside with rolling industrial doors for loading and unloading of products.
2.- each room should be accessible from inside also.
3.- you must design shelving required with space for forklifts inside the rooms to load and unload products.
4.- each room should work with its own compressors
5.- rooms must have the option of that there is no requirement of using, they can be shut off. for example if we only have products for the 2000 and 1000 tons rooms, the other two 500 rooms can be shut off.
6.- we require to know also the compressors brands, requirements.
7.- we require to know the material to use for the rooms (styrofoam panels?, etc)
8.- a backup power solution in case general electricity or generators fail.
9.- temperatures will be standard -25 degrees.

any other requirements let me know.

please if you bid on this project, send me private message to let me know what you can do for this project.

bids that only say things like "we can do it" and do not send any details, will be ignored.


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Chat Room (.NET)

We need a full working chat room in .NET. It needs to integrate smoothly with our MSSQL database, where it would fetch a customer

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