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Android Application For RSS Feeds

Android application for RSS feeds

Looking for Android Application Developer, to develop an application will pull contents from RSS feeds which contains TEXT, IMEAGES(jpeg) AND VIDEO (mp4).

we need to include below functionality for Android application(UI should be as attached files = Android-EnglishUI.jpg for English language and Android-ArabicUI.jpg for Arabic language):

-List news items as categories. 13+ categories to display news items. Categories are included image file and video files in mp4 format.
-Arabic and English UI. Separate UI for both languages.(Option to select preferred language (Arabic or English) on initial application start then language can change from setting page to restart app to get new UI)
-Tag feature to a news items (Ability for the user to save specific news items in their bookmarking section for later retrieval. Option to un-tag/delete from bookmark section)
-Reading experiences with text increase and decrease.
-Default thumbnail as company logo. if no images are available.
-Next and previous buttons. Feature to go to next or back articles by finger tap.
-share->facebook, twitter, email and SMS
-Landscape mode view.
-Integrate basic analytics within the app (
-Integration with an Ad Network for banner ads (AdWhirl)
-A settings page for various things that user can add
-generic search.

contact me for more details with your suggestions to complete the application as soon as possible.


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400 Profile Links ( Angela/Paul/Terry Kyle Backlinks)

I will need 400 profile page links from PR4-PR9 sites/domains using Paul/Angelas/Terrys backlinks method. If you dont know what this is please dont bid.

– Profile pages on different domains/subdomains i.e. all domains/subdomains must be unique.
– DoFollow text links (Links with Anchor text only)
– Publicly viewable text links
– 2 anchor text links for each profile
– Different gmail account/name/profile details (will be provided) for each project of 2 links
– No Adult,XXX, gambling, Pharmacy Forums

DONTS for all the backlinks:
No duplicated backlink sites
No Black Hat or unethical SEO/spam techniques
No use of automated software or bots
No links from rel=nofollow or noindex tag for pages and anchor text
No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, penalty site banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing.
No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, session IDs, etc.
No link farms and link exchange programs or web rings such as,,,

DOS for all the backlinks:
Permanent, static html and never expire
Located at English language website only
Text link only, no graphics
Visible, readable, indexable by human and search engines

After all the profile pages are created, you need to:
1. Take all profile page URLs and convert them into RSS feeds using HTML2RSS for instance
2. Create one single custom RSS feed which contains all profile pages URLs using RSSMIX for instance
3. Submit the new feed to the top 5 RSS aggregators except Feedburner (provide account details)
5. Ping all the RSS feeds

I will check the pages 6 days after you sent your reports to make sure the links have not been deleted
If some links have been deleted within the 6 days, you agree to replace them on a different forum
Payment only if ALL profile pages are created as per my requirements

* I require an update in Excel with the links that are created
* I require the following information:
* URLs of the domains where profile pages are created with PR
* URLs of the publicly viewable links + URLs of RSS feeds + URLs of the social bookmarks of those feeds profile page accounts: username + password
* Anchor text and link used
* gmail user/pwd used for the profile

Please do post sensible bids if you are interested in long-term working relationship.
Our budget for this project is $40. Please do not place a bid over this amount.

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Neec PHP Script To Translate RSS Feed Via Google Translate

I am looking for a script to install onto a server which takes RSS feeds and translate into English using Google Translate API.

Looking for something like:

# Supports HTML in feeds
# Outputs all feeds in utf-8
# Auto detects source feed language
# Strips existing links
# Supports images

Need urgently.

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Basic Iphone Rss Reader

Project Purpose
To work on an Iphone application to a person or firm who use Opencart system.

Project Detail
To make sales products of firms who use Opencart system through Iphone platform.

Worked on Iphone application will update firm and contact informations by using RSS infrastructure.
Application will consist of 3 categories. Every categories will use different RSS.

1- Main Menu
2- Products
3- Contact

You can see the attached file for project details…

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Need Script To Translate RSS Feeds Via Google Translate API

I am looking for a script to install onto a server which takes RSS feeds and translate into English using Google Translate API.

Looking for something like:

# Supports HTML in feeds
# Outputs all feeds in utf-8
# Auto detects source feed language

Budget $150-200. Need urgently.

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Script To Translate RSS Feeds Via Google Translate API

I am looking for a script to install onto a server which takes RSS feeds and translate into English using Google Translate API.

Looking for something like:

# Supports HTML in feeds
# Outputs all feeds in utf-8
# Auto detects source feed language

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Database W/ Automatic Input/output

Youll primarily make the code, some already provided, for an RSS feed that automatically extracts information from PDFs, e-mails that have attached JPEGs and PDFs, e-mails that have attached Word documents, and text in an e-mail body.

The idea is to have something that only takes a few seconds, costs as little as possible to maintain, and works entirely on the web. The project involves receiving band press releases to a single e-mail address (the web host) that will then automatically be posted to the web publicly so announcements are instantly delivered to fans.

The information should also be searchable (initially start off with an estimated 3,000 searches per month with room for growth). Seeking a database that is also highly customizable for myself and the consumer. Those who access the RSS feed should be able to personalize/filter it with a login along with about 10 user options, and be able to search archives depending on those criteria.

Samples e-mails and images/PDFs can be provided. (Note: the e-mail server is gmail; the code provided is a portion of the RSS.)

Obviously, the formats are not all uniform. But also, the JPEGs themselves of documents are also not all uniform. The code will have to consistently pull out the right information from key fields. About four different JPEG sets would be the initial target, but the XML would have to be designed in a way that fosters easy growth when a new type of JPEG is added.

The project must also include alternative outputs to the RSS feed and website, which include e-mail and text messaging. Some ingenuity may therefore be required to keep this bid low.

Also ideally, if the different inputs could be streamlined into a uniform output, that would also be preferred. So different date formats would be translated into a pre-set format.

Basic website display and secure encryption requested (The RSS feed will display on a website). Superior design skills are a plus.

Please break down parts of the bid into what each segment would cost.

Awarding bid will be based on bidders previous work and communication skills. Provide a link to your site.

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PHP Programmer Needed For RSS Feed Project

More Details Will Be Provided As Needed:

I need someone who can take various RSS feeds and create a system for me to choose individual posts and dump the data from them into our database for editing
I have a list of about 300 RSS feeds that I would like to dump in to our back office, sort by country, and grab the data from them and turn them in to individual posts on our site for use. They should be approved by our admins, go in to a holding tank, and then wait for further input before being assigned as "live" offers

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RSS Aggregator, Save And Search

Part A:
I currently have a custom RSS aggregator but I need the data to be searched.

I need an advanced search function that allows me to search by:
1) keywords using simple logic (specific phrases, and, or, not)
2) sources (for example, only search from articles from
3) specified date range

Part B:
There are some websites that do not have a RSS feed, but update articles in a standard format daily. I want to scrape the articles and turn them into an RSS feed into my data base.

Part C:
I want to turn my emails in my gmail inbox into a RSS feed that can feed into the database to be searched.
The emails often contain pdf files, I would like those pdf files to be searched as well.

Please let me know if you can do any of the parts above. Thanks!

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Scripted Querying Of Different Websites

We need a script written to query 125 to 160 different websites for data. The script to be written will run these queries twice a day. Most of the sites to be queried have rss feeds and/or basic html interfaces.
We need about twenty one total fields of data to be gathered from these sites, so if some of these sites do not have an rss feed with all of the fields of info that we need, you will need to setup to gather that additional information.

We would prefer you work with Perl/PHP, but am open as long as you can get the job done effectively.
You will have the script write the data to our API via database.
We also need the script your team writes to query via proxies.

I have the API .sh file available for further viewing as well as the list of sites to be queried.

Thank You Very Much for Bidding and Looking forward to working with you!

-David L. Chaps

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I need a player like

But only admin can upload rss url links…

Or the player like this one

to display videos from different websites and channels (Rss feeds) like youtube, vemeo, dailymotion and more.

It should display latest videos on top

Milestone will be done only when you can show what you have done, before you install to our website

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Simple RSS Android Application

Header image
6 Tabs to pull info from a Rss Website
banner support

User should have knowledge of Rss

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PHP For Kadukmm

RSS parsing using PHP

Merge RSS feeds using SimpleXML

Parse XML

Incorporate previous keywords PHP script

Tidy up existing script

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Joomla Real Estate Site

My websites need to support joomla, especially use database ( IDX format) for the integration of the mls/ property listings. I need a blog on the site for own post. The blog forwarded as an rss feed. Backdoor to manage client and agents. The client login should have their property search saved and able to make their search list an rss feed. Google map integration for all searches.

Please pm before bidding so that I can forward the website that will be used for design purpose.

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400 Profile Links + Rss & Pinging

400 profile links + rss & pinging

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Add Rss News Feed To Joomla Site

Need to add a news feed to joomla site

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RSS Feeds Script

I need a site that is able to take rss feeds and feed them to twitter.

The site will need a back end for member to sign up and add there feeds similar to:

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Car News Sites Fed By RSS Feeds Running Joomla

I need 3 sites made on Joomla that displays car news articles from RSS news feeds. one site will display general car news, and 2 other sites will display car news of a specific brand of car. I will provide RSS news feed URLs. I will provide an existing sample site that i want the site to similar to. The site will need to also feature the following

– Basic logo
– ability and placholders to add google, yahoo or AOL ads on the sides, footer or headers (possible joomla module)
– users should register and login to respond to an article ( joomla native capability)

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Create Rss Feed For Around $10

I need to create an RSS feed from the following search: and I need it done today. It is for a clients wordpress site and I need a page with this feed showing like the way it does on the newspapers own page. If any part of the feed is wrong I want to make sure I have a way of it not showing up once I have seen it.

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RSS Aggregator Deal

I need of a webmaster that knows how to make the RSS for some "Deal site."
I have a site as Yipit. But I need the RSS for some Italian sites, just 3 site: Groupon, Groupalia, Poinx.
I look for someone who has already done a similar job.
If the job will be done well, we will pick up this person to work for so many other sites.
I waiting for….

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Add Image Rotator And Rss Feed Content To A Wp Theme

I am looking for someone to edit a theme to add rotating images and rss content. This is a test project to find a long running relation. Details below.

Theme is here:
1. The "Analysis / Lorem Ipsum / Image on the right" section will turn into a image rotator.
The default title, text and images to rotate will be arrangeble from admin.
The title, text, number of images to rotate and images will be assigned per page.
If title/text/image is not assigned on a page, itll display the theme option inputs.

2. For 2 of the texts on the homepage, content will be taken from an RSS xml.

I know how to do these all but I wont tell here. I want to see your PM including explanation to how you will do these and which scripts you will use. Any PM without this information will just be ignored as spam.

I know how long it would take for me to finish all these if you actually know what you are doing. As I mentioned its a small test project so I can find another long term provider for many projects I always have.

Also, please note if you are actually using skype or gtalk. And do not copy paste your long standard message, I just ignore those bids.

If you check my employer references you will see that Im a good catch. So please be honest and fair.

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Versatile Webmaster

I need a Versatile web master with expert knowledge of WordPress, CSS, JS, PHP, RSS, Micro Blogging, cross browser compatibility and CSS+W3c Validation.

The website is and I need to move it into word press.

The project is simple, your responsibilities will be to:

1. Sub Domain: (Day 1)
Create 5 sub domain within word press (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas)

2. Menu: (Day 1)
Create a clean dynamic drop down menu –

3. CSS:
I need to go table-less & loose all font tags
Cross browser compatibility especially Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari but also look at Mozilla & Opera
Header, Footer and two side bars (Side bar one – 5-10 buttons. / Side bar two – List of businesses i.e. bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants)

4. Validation:
CSS Validation: All my webs pages needs 100% perfect validation
W3C Validation: Flash Header, JavaScript & PHP scripts needs 100% perfect validation or stored in an external file. Any ideas to make the website more dynamic is welcome however We are looking better JS & PHP based widgets.

5. Templates:
Events Page:- I need an event calendar installed & a micro blog set up just like here –
Business Page: I have about 90 of these pages. I need to set up comments and reviews like this –

6. RSS:
Set up for syndication. Feeds should appear on main twitter (@evitaparties), & on the actual RSS page. It should be enabled so that subscribers can receive feeds in their inbox.

I need to also install some WP plugins to replace some of the functions on the site.

You only have to do the specific things listed here. Nothing more.

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Need A Brand New Website Project – Only Skilled Developers

I need a website built for my SEO company. I would like the website to be written with SEO in mind and all in css. The site will start off being 5-7 pages. I need a small clean logo designed for it as well. The site needs to have a quick contact request form on every page. I need a simple blog created and rss feed.

Here are a few sites I like, what I like about them, and would like my website to look similar to:

I like the overall look of both of these AND I like that they have seo writings at the very top of their template so its the 1st thing a search crawler will see.

Id like an rss feed similar to: at

Id like a blog to have a look similar to the look for my website. it can be done in wordpress – i know how to use wordpress and will be able to update myself

I also would like images of google, yahoo, bing, etc…like has at the left.

I would like links to our facebook and twitter accounts.

I really like the look, design, and color of this one:
I like the look of this site as well
I like the clean look of this as well as

Also, i would like some changing or scrolling images like and has on their homepage. Maybe 3 or changing images

Please only professionals with good communication skills and good price. We are on a tight budget. I am looking for a long term relationship as I have other sites that will need to be worked on as well.

Thank you.

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I Want A Custom Php Script With The Following Features

I need a php script with a form and the following fields:

-URL(web address of an rdd feed)
-Tag Name(name of the tab were the search will be made)
-Search button

rss feed example


when the form will be submitted I need the script to do the following:

-check that all the fields of the form are completed(user side and server side)
-download the xml content of the rss feed
-searches for the keyword inside the tags name
-prints after the form the results of the search.

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Add Fully-featured Blog & Rss To MODx Evo Site

I need someone to create a fully-featured WordPress style blog on a MODx Evo site. Must include archives, tags, categories, prev/next post links, social bookmarking buttons, and rss feed.

Could lead to on-going work updating and adding features to MODx sites.

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Downloadable RSS Reader

I am looking into producing downloadable rss reader

The software will post RSS feeds from a specific job posting from Craiglist , Indeed, Oodle,Twitter Search, SimplyHired.

Here Is an example;6

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Add RSS Feeds To My Homepage

I have 7 blogs on my site each on different subdomains…..

I want someone to create a RSS feed on my homepage that shows the article title, and any pictures of the newest blog posts from each of my blogs.

I will need each feed to show in a vertical row that is already created to hold the feeds.

This is a fairly simple project.

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Feed Reader

Rss feed url:

We need a user control that reads the content of the feed above and display it like (we also want to do the required styling) :

We should be able to limit number of records returned by setting control property and it should be written in 2.0 framework,

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Mortgage Industry Content – Looking For 25 Site Consumers

I want help in getting at least 25 sites to pull my uniquely created mortgage information.

I have a RSS feed for the mortgage industry and am providing weekly content. I am looking for a few site owners who want to consume this content. You can use my RSS feed … my site publishes the best rates we find for weekly rates for the mortgage industry for 15 *30 year loans, adjustable loans, and FHA loans. These are press releases and are created uniquely for my site. You can pull them with RSS and sites can use them as an RSS feed.

If you are interested in bidding, please provide what it would cost for you to help me get 25 sites up and running. You can also bid more.

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RSS IPad/iPhone App

I need an iPad – iPhone Rss App to be written for my website. The app must pull in my rss feed, with the ability to forward, comment & share via email, facebook & twitter.

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IPhone/iPad App – Webradio Streaming & Articles

We need an iOs app with 4 main functions:

1. "Listen": Live radio (streaming from our shoutcast server), choose between 4 stations/stream, play selected Radio Station
2. "News": List of articles (scroll titles click and read the full article from a rss feed on our website)
3. "Travel tips": List of articles (scroll titles click and read the full article from a rss feed on our website)
4. "About US": Simple Contact page with all information about our webradio

Please consider this parameters in your bids:
– graphics production by you or by us
– compatible iphone and ipad versions

Deliverables required:

– Full, well documented source code (Xcode)
– Support for uploading app into the appStore
– Support for additional features

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Dynamic RSS Feeds Using PHP, MySQL And Apache

Dynamic RSS feeds using PHP, MySQL and Apache for MediaxxxScript v2.2.1

Hi ,

I want a rss script generator (refer title) for my mediaxxxscript . I would like the script look as an example stated on the below address and similar to its requirements : –

Please reply me as soon as possible . Tq .

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