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Ruby On Rails – Application Must Clean Coded

I need a person to create a simple application for a client. Please contact me for more detail.

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Design Work As Discussed

As discussed for the project designing work.

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Profile Matching Program

I need to create a website that allows for creating a series of questionnaires that users fill in, then matching users profiles to each other based on the responses to these questionnaires.
– Each user may have many different profiles, and there will also be a relationship model between users.
– The size/style/number of the questionnaires, and questions/answers will be determined by administrators, but must be able to be adjusted without upsetting the matching algorithm
– This project will preferably be completed using RoR as I have some familiarity with it
– Im looking for a simple solution at this stage but if the project is successful there is potential for further ongoing work

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RAILS3 Developer


Project: multilingual web search application
To write MVC code for a multi-model form with javascript (framework) for embedded models.
Based on e.g. formtastic, accepts_nested_attributes_for,
To extend above form to allow for batch entry of same multi-model objects via table/spreadsheet like form (a la MS Access) or spreadsheet upload

Please contact for more details!

Rails 3
Deployed to heroku

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Add An API Functionality To Simple Rails App

Looking for someone who has worked with Ruby/Ruby on Rails and APIs to add an API functionality to a simple Ruby on Rails App. Looking to display images based on keywords. More detail can be given in message. This needs to be done ASAP, so only looking for someone who can start right away. Should take about 3 hours. Will pay your hourly rate. Please message me as soon as possible!

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Rails Programmer That Can Integrate API

This project should take about 3 hours and needs to be done ASAP, today… Will pay whatever your hourly rate is. Need someone with experience with ruby/ruby on rails to integrate some API, for example, yahoo search or flickr, to a simple rails application. Whichever API is simplest can be implemented, possibly two. Really need someone as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Ruby Gem To Connect And Upload File To A Website

I need a rubygem in order to log in and upload file to a website that share videos content.
May include javascript convert to ruby for the login part (token, etc …)

The gem would be work like that :

– log into the site
– fill informations from .txt
– upload the files
– return the url of the new video uploaded

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Property Search Engine

Property Search Engine based on crawling, data text-mining, dynamic navigation based search, AJAX and Ruby-On-Rails
technology that will allow deep crawling of websites to find and accurately extract key meta data for inclusion in the search engine such as price, location and features.
In addition, the search platform would allow for high performance, fast search indexing and querying allowing users to experience an instantaneous response to their search, refined by detailed property features, and retrieve the latest properties on the market.
Front End already has been developed and is up and running.

References with contact tel. numbers and NDA would be required.
Important: No Upfront Payment. All work will be scheduled in stages and payment will be released on stage completion. We would be happy to provide references should you require.

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We need assistance on RESTful integartion using Ruby 1.9.2 & Rails 3.0.3. A sample program will do. We are specific about the Ruby and Rails versions. Please apply ONLY if you have worked on these versions with

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Ruby On Rails Developer

We are looking for a candidate (preferably from the Philippines) who will continue developing our website using Ruby on Rails. We need a candidate who can work for us full-time, 40 hours/week on flexible hours.
Desired Skills:
Good English communication skills
1+ years of experience in RoR development
Enthusiasm for working with the CEO and with the team

If interested, please apply, kindly place your bid.

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Autocomplete + AJAX + Foursquare API

I need help implementing an AJAX search function that receives venue data from Foursquare API.
It should be display a list of Foursquare Venues suggestions based on user text input.

Im hoping to pass the JSON data to Token Entry or Jquery Autocomplete for the UI in my Rails 3 app.

[URL with contact link – Removed by Admin]

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Group Purchase Site With RoR


We are looking for a RoR script for group purchasing site.
If you already have a script for sell – we are willing to buy after verification.

If you can develop from scratch, we can supply detailed requirements doc.

Please supply us with some jobs portfolio.

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Need Someone Experienced In Ruby, Javascript, And Facebook

We need experienced in Ruby, Javascript, and Facebook application development. Our project requires developing from scratch a web site, and a corresponding application for Facebook.

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Ruby Webshop


Feather Comfort is a company that sells bedding items through a webshop. For our new website we are looking for people that can work with spreecommerce website based on the ruby on rails technique. We want you to integrate a webdesign into the spreecommerce shop.

To be clear:

We already have the shop running only the design needs to be integrated. Therefore we dont need a admin page or whatsoever.

Looking to your reply,

Best Regards.

Leon Burgering
Feather Comfort
The Netherlands

Tags: , , , , , , is an industry portal. I have had tons of trouble finding a capable company to help get this site off the ground. The concept for the site is simple: Users should be able to easily search for industry information, Specifically, users should be able to easily navigate towards targeted search company results. On the flip side, the site should also be designed to entice kiosk-related companies to join our site/directory. Once they sign-up for the free directory listing, the navigation should target them to purchase an upgraded vendor profile with added benefits. Additionally, vendors can also opt to purchase banner ads and/or sponsor a business category.

As noted, this site has had a series of "bad" developers. 90% of the site is already working (ruby), but my recent graphic designer (hes fired now) has messed-up some code. Some of the features that were working 100% previously, have suddenly stopped working. I suspect this is a minor code error issue. I need all these things put back into working order. And then…………I need a better layout/design. I need someone who understands site navigation and conversion to paid customers. I have a detailed list of the "fixes" available.

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Website Fixing

My latest developer was
They wanted to build the site in Ruby on Rails…..
Fine…go ahead.
They seemed liked they knew what they were doing.

Months and months of ongoing delays and excuses.
We finally got the site running (technology-wise) to the point of 90% good.
But the user -experience/ navigation and branding was terrible.

Low and behold……….Integrum then tells me they do not do this…..
They tell me I must hire a designer……….

Now I have my own issue to find a designer.
This is not an easy task, because apparently not many graphic designers work with rails programming.
I finally found someone who said they had an out-sourced rails person that could integrate the new design/navigation. His name was

He took the project, and gave me tons of promises.
Delays/ delay /delays………..excuses/excuses/ excuses.
As it turns out……his ruby consultant (Blaine from )ran up a bill to Cody, that exceed my entire contract price with Cody. Classic…………underwater situation.
Cody squeezed me for a few more payments, but had no financial incentive to finish.
He dragged me on and on…………Im suing him.

To make matter worse……….
Apparently Blaine (ruby) had no idea what he was doing.
Im 99% sure its minor tweaks, but he disabled some of the functionality of the code I gave him to

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Rails Backend Development

I need help on finishing a backend for a Ruby on Rails application I have been writing. I am only looking for someone who can complete a few resources that I do not have time to finish. The following tasks would need to be done:

– Develop between 3-7 models
– Develop controllers for the respective models
– Write test cases for the controllers and models
– Write custom XML and JSON views for all the current resources.

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Multiple Ruby/rails Websites That Need Maintenance

We have multiple websites on our servers built on ruby on rails. We need basic maintenance from time to time and possibly some additional functionality to be added.

This will be on an as needed basis for the maintenance and some hourly work for the additional functionality.

If you are interested please contact us with recent work examples.

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Port Flex Application To HTML 5 / AJAX

The application to be ported is the one available at

– Open / GPL technologies are preferred;
– Specify what framework you plan on using to do the task;
– Send a link to your portfolio.

Budget is $450.

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Booking Site

Booking site needed on ROR that can accommodate private rentals and hotels . Same look and feel of with extras features to be discussed in detailed. Must include (uncompleted list)

-Email system
-Social integration (e.g. facebook sign in)
-Booking engine
-Payment engine
-Seller administration
-Referral system

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Complete A Partially Done Ruby On Rails Website

We have a partially done Ruby on Rails website. It is essentially a deals website. Models are already written, the login system is already in place using the "devise" gem. No layout, CSS, or web design is needed.

The following 4 pages need to be done:

1. A page which displays all the deals for a user as a moving feed. All actions on this page should be via AJAX

Additionally, each deal in this feed will have some clickable actions like rating, like, share

A "more" button at the end to display more deals

A set of filters in the left column that will filter which deals are displayed. Each filter is a link or a search box with auto-suggest

A dropdown box which allows sorting of deal on various fields

A search box that searches through the title/description of the deals

Each deal is tagged with categories, and user can filter and search by these categories

2. A page which displays a list of stores that the user is not yet subscribed to. All actions on the page should be via AJAX

Each store has an associated thumbnail and status. Clicking on the thumbnail updates a field in the database and changes the status of the store

3. A "Manage subscriptions page" which has a list of subscriptions for the user with some actions on each subscription. (Activate, subscribe, unsubscribe). Again all actions should be via ajax

4. Integration of existing login system with Facebook Login

Additional information:

1. NO layout, CSS, or web design is needed. Just the functionality

2. We are using jquery. You need to write unobtrusive javascript using jquery and effects using jquery-ui

3. Your code needs to be compatible with blueprint-css which will be used for layout after you are done

4. Code needs to well written so someone else can continue to work on it when you are done

5. All code is currently on github. Youll write your code and check it back in to the repository.

Well setup milestones, 1 for each of the tasks above and review for each milestone. If the project is well done, there is lot of additional work to be done on this website.

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Need Site With The Groupon Tech Features

Our company needs a site that should be similar to in usability and overall graphic style. The site will have three main sections – a deal like groupons one with different variants of online payment; rating system (the rating is done by admin) and news blog. Also social networking should be included. The site should be as usable as possible. Rubi is preferable, but you can propose different ways to create the site.

Please write to me for more details, brief and proposed stetches of pages.

Please include portfolio details in your e-mail.

Thank you!

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Marketing Ruby Slipper

Im a new florist based in Sydney and I am looking at increasing my sales. I need assistance with increasing my placement on search engines and also increasing my customer base of weekly corporate flowers and weddings.

As i am a fairly new florist and not positioned in a high activity area i also need assistance to market to the local area to increase awareness.

Id love to hear from anybody who can help me.

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Community Website To Be Done In RoR Or Python

Hello Programmers. The project is to build a website allowing members to trade items within a community. The items will be physical items therefore there must be a location search.

Fluent in Ruby on Rails or Python
Active Portfolio

Advance Search
Trading System
Users Feedback
User Panel
Update Information
Add Listings
Manage Trades
Administrator Panel
Manage all aspects

Please include your portfolio in your bid.

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I need a guru that knows how to create a site-crawler/parser.

There are 4-14 sites that I wan to set up site-crawlers for. I should be able to adjust the crawlers with ease, how often they search, where they search, what they search for and where they store that data.

Stored data will need to be in a database which i can export and extract for reading and analysis.

please reply with links to similar projects

[Removed by Admin]

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Ruby On Rails – Online Reservation System

I am looking for a Ruby on Rails expert. I am looking to build an SaaS solution based on Rails which will allow individuals/ businesses to accept reservations online.

Our Target customers are : Restaurants, Doctors, Dentist, Laywer etc..

As well as the online booking engine, we will need to provide the customer with a widget which will allow them to accept online bookings via their own website.

We are thinking of using as our billing solution but are open to other suggestions.

I am looking to find a provider who can bring ideas to the project, and have delivered successful profitable SaaS applications on Rails. There will be ongoing support work for this application as well as a pipeline of additional products / functionality.

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ROR Work Done Sites

I need ROR work done. I need it done in the 18 days or less. Ill pay $250 for this work.

All the details are here:

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Database Computation And Presentation

I am seeking a web application designed that can do significant pre-computation of a large database in the cloud, which is then subsequently read and displayed by a client browser application

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Hi all
id like to rewrite my full website from RUBY-on-Rail / MYSQL

to the same but in PHP/MYSQL


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I need a guru that knows how to create a site-crawler/parser.

There are 4-14 sites that I wan to set up site-crawlers for. I should be able to adjust the crawlers with ease, how often they search, where they search, what they search for and where they store that data.

Stored data will need to be in a database which i can export and extract for reading and analysis.

please reply with links to similar projects

[Removed by Admin]

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Mobile Tracker For IPhone/Android/Web

Looking to develop mobile app with:
– geo-location features,
– real-time push notifications,
– polls,
– rating systems (thumbs up/down),
– individual pages for businesses with images, twitter feeds,
– QR code recognition that will add "points" to the users account
– a backend management console for each business to edit some of their individual pages, see live results from poll.

Were looking for all of the features to be included on iPhone, Android and our website.

Must have strong background in design and proven mobile development experience.

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Game Server System Consultant Needed

Looking for a person who can help with consultation on a game server system.

What kind of job is this?
We will be communicating over skype and e-mailing. We will ask you for your expertise and guidance in the planning of a new game server rental system and also solving existing problems. We will ask you questions like for example "Which language should we code in and why?" "How can we keep FPS stable on the game servers and yet run as many as possible on every dedicated machine?" Etc.
Sometimes we will ask you to write down some requirements that we will give to our programmers.

*We need a person with prior game server system experience in company environment
*We dont need any programming work from you, only planning and discussion
*We need someone that can give us a few hours every week and with perfect English
*Really high programming skills, even though no programming will be done.

Perhaps you are a fulltime developer and can help us on your spare time

About us:
Our game server rental system is coded in core Ruby. We rent out counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike:source game servers.

The script runs on linux debian servers, communicates with a PHP website coded with MVC and MYSQL database.

We recommend very high knowledge and experience in the following technologies:

* UNIX (linux debian especially)

Send us a PM and tell us about yourself and why you should get this job, prior experience etc. If you give us a copy/pasted PM we will ignore your application completely.

Salary: $10-$20/h
Will need your help for a long time, probably more than 1 year, a few hours every week.
This is a very comfortable job and a good chance to earn a little extra money without any hassle.

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