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Transfer A Complete WordPress Site From 1 Server To Another

I need someone to transfer a fully functional WordPress site to another server, and leave it running exactly the same way it runs on the previous server.

The WordPress site is completely done, therefore no extra designing is needed, just the ability to fully transfer the site from one server to another and leave it running perfectly as stated above. Thanks!

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Research Project

I want someone to gather and summarize all the relevant academic literature on the interference effect as it relates to concurrent weightlifting and cardiovascular activities. If an athlete is set on doing both weightlifting and cardio, how should he should he design a program that allows him to increase strength and while also maintaining a low body fat percentage? Should he do weights before running? Running before weights? Weights and running on separate days? Does it matter what time of the day? When does the interference occur? Only between lower body weight lifting and cardio? Or all weightlifting and cardio?

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Joomla Module Install And Demo Of Completion

I bought the module jfbconnect and 2j tabs and I have an scroller installed on top my goal tonight is to

Have jfbconnect installed and running

Have 2 tabs running i would like the articles just two samples so i can do the rest. The samples will be two separate articles with three tabs each the default probley will not work . I want to link to each article and then have three tabs on each one I create . You use any templete make it look good and clean 100 is my budject

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Install Centova Cast On My VPS

I will give u details to login to my control panel to install the linux os of your choice. install centova cast on VPS, up and running with auto dj. ftp running so i can upload files via ftp. i only want the minimal installed to run cast via http & least overhead on server.

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Java Swings Project

This is an urgent requirement of the project based on two versions of development

Stand alone: java swings + sisctus Prolog

a java swings tool will be running at the front end and back end an intelligent solver will be running in prolog at the back end

Web Application : Php + Prolog

the same project in web version in Php (front end user interface at client side and sisctus prolog will b running at the

If expert in any java swings or php can bid
pls try to attach some sample work
as it is urgent work can be started immediately once the person is able to convince the capabilities

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I Need A Phpfox Community Website

I need a website running the latest version of phpfox or something similar. That website should also have oscommerce running in case the users want to sell products. One of the most important thing I want the design The template to be really nice really colorful

The purpose of that site will be for people who want to exchange items. The website members will be part of a community and they can post messages and talk about what items they want to exchange.

I want tthe site to have space to do advertisement ads for future offers..

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Move Websites And MySQL From One Server To Another

Need 4 websites that exist on virtual server moved to another virtual server.

Current server is only accessible via SSH and has no control panel. I need websites which are shopping cart systems running x-cart along with mySQL to be setup on new server.

The other two websites are just HTML/Data sites that can be easily moved.

New server is a virtual server running Centos/WHM/cPanel and allows for SSH if needed.

Any questions just PM

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Plesk 8.3 On IIS6 To Plesk 10.1 On IIS 7 Migration

We are migrating 30 domains from a Windows Server 2003 running IIS6 and Plesk8.3 to a new VPS with Windows Server 2008 running IIS7 and Plesk 10. Migration will be done from Plesk Migration agent but some websites are not working after the migration. In total we have 3DNN websites, 1 multistore/multidomain(3 total) website running aspdotnetstorefront, 4 custom CMS .net websites and some php website that could have a problem (1 on joomla). We did not complete the migration but the figures above are the total websites we estimate with problems, we stopped the migration when we identified the problem.

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Process Migration

The project aims at developing a utility that will migrate a running process from one system running on Linux to the other machine running on Linux. The architecture of two systems can be assumed to be same. The project is divided into 3 sub parts-

1. Storing of context of a process in a file.
2. Transfer of the file to some other machine connected in a LAN.
3. Resuming the process on this new machine from where it was stopped on the first system.

The implementation will be in C. Kernel programming will be required. The utility should be capable of being added as a separate module using the feature of loadable kernel module (LKM).

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Facebook Connect Application Modification

I have bought and using for a while a script running on PHP and it has a ready Facebook connect application running quite good.

At the moment it simply creates a user and connects the user (signs in) with facebook ids.

What I want briefly is a modification on the plug-in, so that
1. it publishes a story on the persons wall when he starts to use the app.
2. I want a button on my site where it opens a window for the user to invite his/her friends to the application
3. Right now I am getting only email, name and picture of the user in my db. I want a seperate table to get the extra info like gender, birthday and connecting time etc.

I want an experienced programmer for fast and good quality work. No downpayment. Give your best bid, dont have a big budget for this work. But I will work with the awarded bidder for further developments.

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Help Me Get The Slideshow Running In My Drupal Theme

I have Drupal 7 and a theme installed which I am customizing. The front page slideshow is hardcoded, but it wont show images. Help me get it running! Thanks for looking 😀

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SEO Link Building For Running/FItness Blog

I need 300 Links building from the following:

150 Forum Posts:
From the following categories:Sports, Fitness, Running, Health, Weight Loss
NOT links from forum profile
Links must be from relevent forum posts that are at least 30 words each and are not taken down as spam.

50 Article Links:
Write me an article, spin it and submit it to 50 article directories.
Do Follow

100 Blog Comments:
From the following categories:Sports, Fitness, Running, Health, Weight Loss
Links must be from relevent comments that are at least 30 words each and are not taken down as spam.

All links must be approved – links that havent been approved do not count towards the total 300 links.

Evidence of links must be provided as a spreadsheet at the end of the 30 days

Time Frame – 30 Days

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WordPress Theme Customization

Hello everybody,

I currently have a WordPress website that is running on Genesis. I have a default theme (Lifestyle child theme) running on this framework and I need a freelancer to customize the layout for me. I also require that you design an attractive and suitable logo for the website. I would like that you include your portfolio when contacting me. No portfolio = No job.

This is an easy job, also concidering the fact that it is running already on Genesis.

Place your bids.

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Ipod Icon Creation

We are providers of Iphone apps in the running sector. For our next project,we need an icon for the running calendar Ipod/Iphone version. The icon should represtent correctly the subject of Running, Marathons,Calendar, Sport.
the dimensions: 57 px & 72 px &114px x 512 px (format PNG)
If you feel you can do it, contact us.
Only serious designers!!!!

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Iphone Icone Creation

We are looking for someone that would create for us an icon for our Iphone application soon in Apple store.
We want an icone for Running Calendar (elements to be gathered :running, calendar, (optional marathon )
the dimensions: 57 px & 72 px &114px x 512 px (format PNG)
If you feel you can do it and do it good contact us.

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Full-Time Marketers Wanted – Recurring Monthly Income Hosting is has now opened its doors to Internet marketers who are interested in earning a recurring stream of income advertising our hosting services.

For more information go here:

Right now we are currently running a special promotion that allows all new customers to signup for their first three months completely free! Imagine how easy it will be to market when promotions like that are running all the time!

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Geolocation Based Mobile App

Mobile app to work on iOS. Ambitions to launch on Android as well.

Application will be able to use Geolocation to detect other iphones running the same application within 100 yards.
The application is going to store only one picture, a first name, and a 150 character tag line. All of this will be shown when another iphone running the application is activated.
Also want

Job requirements:
Build GPS functionality to display other iphone running the same application in a 100 yard radius.

To be supplied:
Design elements and buttons
Detailed wireframes and mock ups of layout

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Magento Tweaking / Server

We have a dedicated server running magento, however we do have some issues with too high load compared to what is normal. We have installed Tinybrick full cache module, this helps alot, but server is slow whn it comes to checkout. There is high load on php.

We are running nginx webserver.
We need to have a magento expert / server specialist to look at it.

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Help With WordPress And Paypal

We are looking for someone who is familiar with Word Press and can help us with our admin. Our Logo will also need to be redone to perfection. You must have time to assist us and help configure website that is already up and running. We would need help in uploading information as well as setting up PayPal payments. Please do not response if you do not have the skills or time to work one on one with us in getting our website up and running within one week.

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CRE LOADED Website Speed Optimization

We have a CRE LOADED site that is running extremely slow. Apparently our site is getting throttled which is why your site are running slower. We are seeking a developer that can fix this issue and allow it to run normal.

The following is the information given to us by our host provider:

With throttling, its generally a result of your PHP/MySQL processes and database queries. Youll want to check the

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Fix Website Layout On IE

Looking for someone to validate few web templates (11 templates) which are all running fine browsers other than IE. The site needs some fixing with the CSS and HTML

We are running the e-commerce Opencart. The template are running fine, but we are having issues with IE. We believe the errors are bad tags like "div"s and possibly the CSS.

Please check the sites on IE and you should see the errors. and

I will help you with fixing the errors. I believe within couple of hours all can be fixed.

Thank you.

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Trial Version Websphere V6 Or V7 Installed On Linux/VMware

Need to have a vmware prebuilt linux appliance running Websphere V6 or V7 server and IHS. Only need them to be installed and running (no other installation required). This package is just so our developers can play with the application server.

Linux version is open to any which are supported. The IBM website discusses your linux options.

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Automated Order Processing Solution

Looking for an analyst programmer capable of developping and support a workflow software on a 6 month fixed term contract.

Ideally, the software will be developed in ASP.Net, with C#, running on a SQL database.

We are in the process of rewriting our main workflow and need a light version of our workflow to support existing business during the rewriting project. The current application running has been developed in Visual Fox Pro and therefore knowledge in this area would be a plus, although not mandatory as the application developed part of this project will be a new build.

The software need to be capable of handling the following:

1) Automatically import order data based on xml submission
2) Create a job bag automatically containing all relevant information for the production of this order and a barcode that can be scanned out on dispatch
3) Create a delivery list that our despatch department can work to, listing all jobs required to go out on a given day
4) Have a scanning application running so despatch staff can scan the jobs going out and take them off the work to list
5) Potentially integrate with our UPS Worldship software to create shipments automatically via xml submission

This software is aimed at handling orders received from web to print solutions. They will then be produced in our factory.

Once application has been developped, the successfull candidate will have to add new clients and support the application during day to day operations. our development team has already written a base application which is currently running.

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Penny Auction Programmer

We have a penny auction up and running . looking for someone in southern california (someone i can meet in person) preferably san fernando valley area to handle all changes and updates. from changing products to changing timers.
I believe its php programming . Looking for hourly rates? Everything is already built and running just need someone close to make monthly changes.

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Professional Craigslist Ad Lister "Long Term"

We are currently looking for a long term reliable Craigslist ad lister

We need a professional to post 100 ads per day in the dating section for the USA only.

Work hard, get us results: no black hat techniques, no spams.

Your Responsibilities:

-You must know the main Craiglists of the countries you are posting.

– Backpage and Kijii are also main sites for posting my ads.

-Ads must be re-posted or changed if flagged or ghosted, one Ad must always be running in that city at any given time. All ads are free to post.

-You are responsible for using your own PVA accounts and IP changing.

-Daily updates of active Ads that are running is required via email with ad link.

We are paying $0.30 per Live Non-ghosted ad! This figure will increase overtime based on ad and traffic quality!

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OPENSIPS – Asterisk Load Balance Configuration

I have two asterisk servers running openglue installed and running. Both are connected to a Carrier SIP Trunk receiving calls and running applications.

I need someone to configure the Opensips ( OpenSER ) to load balance across the two asterisk servers, this trunks, some endpoints and two new Trunks from different carriers .

When receiving a call to the opensips the opensips will route the call to the asterisk dependent on the load.

This project involves configuring the Opensips only.

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SEO For OS Commerce Website Running CRE Loaded 6.2

We need a contractor to optimize two OS Commerce websites running cre loaded 6.2 at the backend.
We need the site optimised for two keywords each.
We need a contractor who specialises in os commerce and cre loaded to optimise the website including all tags for us.
The websites are quite small at around 20 pages each so the work could be completed quickly.
If you are interested send us your background incompleting seo work in cre loaded and any examples.
Failure to give us a brief background and any examples of cre loaded seo work then your bid will be removed from bidding process.



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Magneto – Set Up UPS And SSL On Godaddy Server

Help me config SSL for magento site.
My magento site :Magento ver.
Host : Go Daddy running cPanel.

Also config UPS and USPS running and when you are finished. Our site will be live.

Please bid if you sure you have done this before.

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