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Facebook (with Per Acctt. 50 Frd)

Hi every one i want to sale face book acctt. every acctt. has friend 50. , picture, profile

who is interested to buy the acctt. bid and tell me your rate.

i also want to sale twitter acctt.

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Importing Data

Importing real estate agencies listings from one site to another and setting on Cron.
listings are to be imported under the correct criteria eg… house, apt/unit etc..also, Commercail, Rental and for Sale.
Agents details also to be imported.

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Drupal Reverse Auction/Bartercard Payment Module

I need someone that can incorporate Bartercards internetPOS system into

Users will need to be able to do the following:

– fill in their bartercard ID on sign up. Same as entering paypal ID.
– use the bartercard internetPOS for transactions for all areas of the site, auctions, barter, classifieds, etc

I also need someone that can redevelop the Auction Script in Drupal to work as a Reverse Auction (lowest bid wins)

Anyone who is reliable and can get this done quickly and under budget will have the opportunity to gain ongoing work from Icon Studios.

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Fix Errors In My Site

I have a site , are some errors in comments(comments cant be posted by users) for all features:blogs,photos,polls…etc
I need you to fix these errors in comments.Bid only if you can do it.
Low bid will win.
NO upfront payment,please dont bid if you want this.Payment will be done only when you fix errors,in paypal.
Happy bidding!

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Check And Repair Malicious Code In Site Script

Avast anti-virus is blocking access to my site. "Malicious URL Blocked".

I need this resolved asap

Only specialists should bid – your reviews and references will be checked.

No payment until task complete (escrow fine).

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Facebook Connect External Script (Site) Needed.


I want a External Facebook Script using facebook connect,
Script will ask the user to click on the button i.e Login button or any customized button and using any language like javascript it should automatically click the allow button without the user have to click on it,the app Authentication will be done without telling the user! it should click allow by itself,you have to make something to click the allow button for Authentication of the app,when authentication is done,it should then automatically post to their walls!! and also on their friends walls using read_friendslist permission! when these are done,it should then click the like button on our site,all this will be done automatically using any kind of script you can make!! when everything is done,user is taken to the final page were we will place our content..

The Script Should Ask the following permissions

I want the script to have a option of posting on users wall using offline access!
it should have a form which will ask me to fill like message,post title,caption,description,link,image link..etc.
If i click post on users walls then it should post on users walls only! if i click post on friends walls then it should post on the users friends walls,it should also have posting option for pages! for eg. if the user is an admin of any pages then i should be able to post on his page! and all of this should also have location based and time based posting option too,for eg. if i want to target US users,then it should show me US option in the drop down,so if i select US then it will post on all US users! using user_location permission! and time aswell,also i need my script to upload photos on users profile and tag his friends on it,no limit in uploading photos! i can upload and tag the number of friends i want to tag and what i want in description i can add for that photo!

I also need commenting feature,i dont know if it is possible to comment using facebook connect but if it is possible i need that option too,comment is posted by the user on his friends posts..etc.

Also very important i need a spinner for everything!! i mean spinner for wall posts,comments..etc
eg:- {hey friend|hi|hello} <– this is the spinner it will spin the words and i need with nested spinner

eg;- {hey {friend|pal|buddy}|hi|hello} so it will output to sentences randomly like – hey friend or hey pal or hi..etc

i want installation panel too,like wordpress has it,if i point to then it should show me the installation process step by step!

Also the admin panel..were i can mange my apps,edit,add,delete can make a copy of my own app from inside the admin panel,i can add any number of custom wall posts for the apps,i can add any number of apps!
admin panel will be protected by security! only if i enter my login details it will open,i need some more ideas and your suggestions to make this script better,so bid only if you can make this project,i need this to be done asap,i need a team of experienced guys to work on this!


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Reverse Auction Site Like Freelancer Dot Com

I have just purchased reverse auction factory component but it still far from what i want.

I wan it to link with gantry framework from rockettheme (if possible, please pm me as the optional price) and have exactly same functionality as freelancer dot com website (majority). I like all freelancer website, simplicity, modern and fast…( i am not expert, so I am not sure how to describe).

I have experience in creating joomla website for 4-5 site.

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Create A Penny Auction Bid Site From A Script

We need a freelancer that can install and customize our script ( in order to create a pennyauction site.

We need that this freelancer can being able to install it, customize the script with an original graphic and logo and make it live in order to match a site like

Urgent job

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Pay-Per-View Script/site.


We are looking for a pay per view site/script. although We already have a script and we can use that but we have to change the design and make some changes and debugging to the script before we can use it.

If you already have such script made then please provide a demo link or if you can Fix ours then state it in your bid or PM.

We will need an on going support after sale as well.

Thank You

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UK Newsletter

Please do not bid unless you are Template Sale

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Unique high/low bid site w/ store

Unique highest/lowest bid site.
In short, I do NOT want one of the kiddy scripts floating around on the web with some modifications done to it. This is a

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Bidster clone low bid auction


I must see it working, so you must have the site loaded on a live server and I will ask for 3 user login so we can test the front end live and ensure everything works the way it should.

I will also need an admin access to test the backend operations.

The script must be able to handle up to 100 thousand users.

I am not giving any detailed information here because if you have a swoopo clone you would know exactly what is included in the script.

We will use a professional web designer to design our site and launch it, so all we need from you is the script. However if your design work is up to standard we can talk about it.

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