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Ticketmaster Bot


We are looking for software to assist in the pulling and purchasing of tickets on We need software that will monitor the on sale web page and at the instant the ticket on sale opens up the software will navigate its way through the on screen dialogs, solve the captcha, and pull the tickets, then give the user the option of purchasing the tickets. The captcha needs to be solved at a very high success rate. The higher the success rate, the more we are willing to pay for this. The other requirement is to be able to queue up a number of these processes simultaneously, so they will all be pulling tickets instantaneously after a ticketmaster sale opens up. Within seconds after the sale opens up we would like to be prompted with numerous ticket choices for purchase. We would also like to be able to set the program in "spinner" mode where it constantly polls an event for tickets that meet certain specifications and if it finds any suitable tickets it automatically purchases them for us.

The winning bidder for this project will most likely already be very familiar with the ticketmaster web site and will have a lot of experience in this type of programming and be very familiar with what our requirements are.

If we find the right partner, we would like to establish a long term relationship where we can develop and improve on the software over time and as ticketmaster makes changes to their system.

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Need Database Expert For Inventory Control

I need a database expert to do the following:

Create tables/databases for
1.Individual Ingredients Inventory
2.Formulations List
3.Hardware Inventory brushes, boxes, bottles
4.Suppliers List
5.Invoicing Records
6.Shipping History
7.Existing Customers List
8.Customer Category
a.Bulk Sale,
b.Box Sale,
c.Packet Sale,
d.Formulation Sale,
e.Contract Manufacturing,
f.Private Labeling
Establish relationship between:
1.Databases and inventory levels
2.Formulations and the ingredients composition (percentage)
3.Databases on the website and Material (Individual Ingredients) Inventory
4.Information on Orders received and Customers
5.Customers and Customer category
Presentation Requirements
1.Present information on a web-page tab view
2.Tab 1 View Inventory
3.Tab 1 View Inventory Alerts
4.Tab 2 Show Orders History and in process
5.Tab 3 Show Customers Order History
6.Tab 4 Business Value categorized for each business
a.Bulk Sale,
b.Box Sale,
c.Packet Sale,
d.Formulation Sale,
e.Contract Manufacturing,
f.Private Labeling
7.Tab 5 Admin access

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Telemarketers $100/per Sale

Ubiquity Capital, a leading loan modification software company is looking for an aggressive offshore call center to handle its outbound sales! We spent a great deal of time creating a program which sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. Now all we need is an A+ call center to bring in the $$$$. The call center will be in charge of selling the #1 "Do-It-Yourself" loan modification program in the industry. Philippine based centers preferred, but open to other offers. The call-center must be willing to work on a commission basis. We are offering a very generous commission of $100/per sale. Lets separate the MEN from the BOYS and lets make MONEY!!!!

We are looking for the heavyweights in telemarketing, no 1st timers…..
Must be Aggressive, Persistent, and Goal Oriented………
This is a easy sale (for the right company) as your telemarketers will be selling a very economical package to people who are desperately in need of solutions.,………

Your demographic: Homeowners (MILLIONS!!!!)

$100.00 ON EACH SALE (if we supply the leads)
$150.00 ON EACH SALE (if you supply the leads) <——Highly Recommended
(We will supply the script and rebuttals)

This is a great project for a Call Center looking for a fast infusion of cash!!!

We will pay on a weekly basis!!! EVERY FRIDAY FROM OUR ACCT TO YOURS!

2. You will not work on straight commission
3. You have less than 20 agents available for this project
4. You are not ready to start immediately

If you do not meet the above criteria, please, do not waste
your time or ours.

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Car Sale Portal

We are setting up a multi phased ecommerce portal. Phase one will be to develop a Car Sale portal and subsequent phases will incorporate other products and services that will be added on.

I have seen the readymade packages available but they look too cluttered. The portal needs to cater for both mobile and regular users. It will need to have capability to extract the car details from the VIN by looking it up from the Internet.

Display images of the cars
Simple navigation
SMS and email integration to send notification to sellers about offers that are being made on the car
Pages for latest additions
Notification of additions to registered users
Multi language capability (English and Arabic)
Users should be able to upload images And display their Ads after either an online payment or if they are a registered user with appropriate credit.

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Site For Sale Now Cheap – Profitable Site…

Hello I m selling My Site
Which Have great SEO and have 1st page in several keywords
Its on First Page in Many Keywords
100s Of backlinks
daily 250 + visitor
Adsense earning = $5 Per day
Interested Buyer Can Bid Here and Pm me
Bid Star From = $350
I have posted this website in otherforum also so bid here fast

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Facebook (with Per Acctt. 50 Frd)

Hi every one i want to sale face book acctt. every acctt. has friend 50. , picture, profile

who is interested to buy the acctt. bid and tell me your rate.

i also want to sale twitter acctt.

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USA, Worldwide Verified Emails For Sale

Good day all,

My company now offers Email addresses for businesses to further reach out to the masses by selling our list of verified email address.

Interested parties please PM me. Thank you.

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Site For Sale Now

Hello I m selling My Site
Which Have great SEO and have 1st page in several keywords
Its on First Page in Many Keywords
100s Of backlinks
daily 250 + visitor
Adsense earning = $20-$30 Per day
Interested Buyer Can Bid Here and Pm me
Bid Star From = $350
Paypal Accepted

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Site For Sale Now Cheap

Hello I m selling My Site
Which Have great SEO and have 1st page in several keywords
Its on First Page in Many Keywords
100s Of backlinks
daily 250 + visitor
Adsense earning = $20-$30 Per day
Interested Buyer Can Bid Here and Pm me
Bid Star From = $350
I have posted this website in otherforum also so bid here fast

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Site For Sale~~~~~~~~~~

Hello I m selling My Site
Which Have great SEO and have 1st page in several keywords
Its on First Page in Many Keywords
100s Of backlinks
daily 250 + visitor
Adsense earning = $20-$30 Per day
Interested Buyer Can Bid Here and Pm me
Bid Star From = $350

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EBay Auto Lister For Collectors

Colnect is a website offering unique collectibles (coins / stamps / banknotes / phonecards and more) catalogs. These catalogs are unique and built by the community. Collectors on Colnect can manage their personal collection as you can see on collector profile pages on Colnect.

What we need is the ability to offer collectors to automatically list items they have for sale on eBay. Obviously, they should have an eBay account and a Colnect account for it.

Here are the scenarios:
1/ From a single item page on Colnect there should be a "list for sale" button which would request additional details (mainly specifying an items condition, price with shipping and possibly other details available on eBay sales not present on the catalog). The script will then fetch the catalog information from Colnect (including pictures and all data fields) and open a sale on eBay which will include the link to the item itself on Colnect.

Heres an example single item page:

2/ A collector should have the option to open a sale for a complete list of items such as:
In that case information and links for all items should appear in the sale.

Please write specifically if you have previous experience with automatic eBay item listing and if you believe all can be implemented via JavaScript or if youll need some backend (in that case PHP would be the choice).

Mind that before listing the script should check if the user has permissions on Colnect to use the auto-listing (a URL will be provided and the result will be a numeric code and possible message) and after listing it should be logged by a call to another URL.

Thanks for reading and good luck bidding 🙂

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Ebay Sellers Needed Worldwide – £100 Per Sale

Looking for experienced ebay sellers to sell items on a regular basis.
Items are mainly t.vs.
Excellent commission rates.

You must meet and agree to all of the criteria below :
1. Ebay account must have 100% positive feedback
2. You must be an experienced seller
3. You must have a fully verified paypal account
4. No selling limits on ebay
5. No limits on paypal – you mut be able to send and receive funds immediately
6. Excellent command of English
7. You must forward all questions from buyers me and liase with me on a daily basis via messenger
8. You must fill out a simple report after a transaction is complete
9. Must agree to send 50% of payment to me on every sale made immediately and the other 50% once tracking number is sent.( Only accept paypal to protect me and you.)
Delivery Time is 2-5 working days.

If all of the above sounds interesting and you meet the criteria please bid now with Ebay Selling as your subject.

Thank you for your time and good luck !

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Market My Australian MOTEL Business For Sale

I need help to sell my Motel business ( in Australia.

I need you to decide the best way to do this and suggest possible advertising to people who wish to immigrate to Australia who need to purchase a business to do so.

I need an experienced marketing person for this and suggest writing articles on internet for inbound marketing, contacting bloggers to blog about the Motel, submit the info to various review websites, market on facebook, twitter and other social groups basically anything possible to increase the awareness about the motel for sale locally

I am looking for someone to help put together a plan as well as be able to EXECUTE this plan effectively. I am only interested in bidders who have a proven track record of past marketing and promotions.

Must be able to show previous success.

Message me what you plan to do and how you plan to advertise to sell

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$5 Per Sale

I am need of top affiliates to get me unlimited number of sales we will be marketing products with master resell rights the full product list of items includes over 100,000 mrr articles over 2000 ebooks over 40 resellable ready made plug and play websites and much more

ow many will be to sign up as a affiliate so i can track how many leads and sales you make from your link
I am in need of top marketers who can at least 2 sales per day it gos without saying if bring in more you make more
You can use any form or format to bring in sales most experienced marketers will know what and what not to do

will be to give you the link to sign up and start
pay you $5 per sale that you bring in

will be made weekly one week withheld meaning sales feom this week will only be paid on the third week cos i need to verify payments
Plea note that will be know upfront payments made upfront if you should want milestone payment provide me with 2 sales that will be paid to you 3 days after payment date

thank you
Please not that you should let me know in your bid how many sales you can make per week and
ie every sale will cost $15.99 $

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We have a premium domain – for sale. We need a seller for this domain. Please advise if anyone can sell this domain. Please bid your sale price and commission required for the task.

We have a fully developed website domain (part of our global network that provides information services in wide variety of topics across the web)- The Reference Book. We would like to sell this domain at a good price.

You can review the contents of the domain at –


The site includes a huge collection of videos and articles from different universities and how to do videos.

examples- WordPress, Youtube, Google, Yahoo and other news and aggregated blogs.

The site is fully indexed in the online search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL) &amp; the blog search engines at Google Blog Search, Msn Blog Search and also has an inbuilt search engine onsite.

Please bid only your fees for selling this project and in the PMB quote the price at which you can sell this domain. The bidder has to arrange the sale and find the prospective buyer for the domain.

Fees for the agent is not an issue if we are getting the good price.

Currently we do not have any major advertisements on this site. However we have placed one ad code few days back but we are not promoting it so we have never targeted at the revenue generation on this site from Advertising.

The unique features of this site are-

1- A good Domain Name
2- Already Indexed By Google.
3- Currently has two systems- a-Fully Developed Blog Platform, b- Complete CMS Based Portal.
4-Site is indexed in major search engines.
5- Content will be provided along with domain
6-You can check the value estimates of The Reference at the below sites –

Please suggest at what amount you can sell it. We are looking for the best deal.


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Create Site: Video Clips For Sale

Hi all,

I need to setup a website where video clips can be sold.
With different sell options: pay per video, video pack
or monthly subscription.

The site has to be "easy handling".
This means I have to be able to update the site
adding pages with new videos, new comments,
changes prices, etc in a simple way.

Some other active features it need:
blog, voting of videos..

If you are 110% sure to design this,
let me know and I will send you more detailled information


Rgs, Pieter

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NYC Craigslist Ad Poster For Sale Section

NYC is tougher then any other city to post in. This is for the FOR SALE SECTION.
"Cars and TRucks" – by Owner or Dealer.

THis is not for beginners. You must have your own pvas and ips.
You must post 1 ad in NYC to prove that you can do it.

THese ads must be posted throughout the day. 1 ad Every 30 minutes.

I need 30 ads a day. 5 days a week 15 on Saturday and Sunday.
TOtal 180 ads a week

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Domain Names

We are looking for individuals who have a experience of marketing who can help sell domain names.
You would be required to send targeted emails manually via Gmail and telesales marketing probably
via skype or alternative. You should have good telephone negotiation skills and represent us and yourself in a
professional manner.

If you secure a sale, you will get 25% commission on the net sale of domain name sold. ie after any sales commissions are paid out if sale conducted through should the domain go to auction, or other selling fees such as escrow which we would expect buyer to split fees 50/50

A list of the domains we currently own can be viewed at
We do have many other top generic names which we may release for sale at another time although these may be developed into websites in the future.

We will advise of the minimum price we would sell domains for. Our expected prices are sensible and we are open
to negotiation from potential buyers. Our available domains are listed at


Bid Submission
* Advise of the past work youve completed. It will be held in confidence. Please provide us an example of your work.
* Experience is important and proof of quality work and extensive experience is required.

* How many emails you can send each month. If you omit this, then I will know you have not read this carefully

I hope that you may be interested in this project, and look forward to working with you shortly.

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Virtuemart Custom Theme Needed

1. The category and product pages would look exactly like the pages from the dorothy perkins site. However, no Refine Search by criteria is needed on the category pages.

2. On the product categories page, if the user takes the cursor over an image, a small magnified window should open up letting the user zoom into the image.

3. On the actual product page, both the zoom options should be available on the iamge. First, if the user takes the cursor on top of the image, a small magnified window should open up. Also, if the user clicks on the image, an enlarged window should open up.

4. Option to view all the products on the same page, as well as 10 items per page, 20 items per page, 50 items per page etc.

5. On the products page, Along with Add to Basket, the following options should be available –
Ask a question about this product
Email a friend about this product
Feedback about the product

6. For every product the default values would be as follows –

Optional Colour – Same as image
Optional fabric – same as image
Size – (least value from the dropdown)
Stitiched or unstitched – stitched
Sleeves – Same as Image

7. For the size for ladies, there are 3 extra large sizes available – XXL, XXXL and XL+. If the user choses XXL it would be +£10, for XXXL +£20 and for XL+ +£30. These amounts should get added automatically to the cost of the product and should be visible as a breakdown when displaying the total cost of teh product. if the user choses any of those sizes. This extra cost would be visible to user in the dropdown itself i.e. XXL (+£10), XXXL (+£20) etc.

8. For Sleeves, if the user chooses long sleeves, it would an additional £10 that would get automatically added to the cost of the product. This should appear in the dropdown as long sleeves (+£10). We need to print the following below the Sleeves dropdown –
*If the product shown in the image already has long sleeves, no extra cost would charged. Please chose the option same as image so that no extra cost is charged.

9. I would need a sort on the product sub categories page where all the products would be listed. Sorting should be available on the following fields –

Arrivals: New to Old (default)
Arrivals: Old to New
Price: Low to High
Price: High to Low

Please refer the sorting available on the following page –

10. I would be able to tag items as New which would flash on top of the images. If the New tags are static and do not flash even that would be fine with me (Incase the flashing slows down the loading of the webpage). Then there would be a link available from the home menu bar that would accumulate all such New items in onc place.
Please check the following link –

11. I would be able to tag items as Clearance Sale which would flash on top of the images. If the Clearance Sale tags are static and do not flash even that would be fine with me (Incase the flashing slows down the loading of the webpage). The Clearance Sale items should have a Was and Now price associated with them. Also, all the Sale products should have a X% OFF tag on them letting the customer know what percentage is off on the sale. Then there would be a link available from the home menu bar that would accumulate all such Clearance Sale items in one place.
Please check 2305-Sarees / Bridal Sarees on the follwing page –

12. This is a seperate requirement which I feel is a bit complex so please size for it seperately-

You see that we have tageed items as New and Clearance Sale above and provided a simple link on the menu bar on the home page. What would it cost me if I made the whole process dynamic i.e. I could tag any item as ABC and a link for ABC would appear on the homepage ? I belevei this would be treading on the lines of

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75 Articles For Sale

70 articles of 50 words on Air Filter and 5 articles of 400 words on different drugs. I am ready to sell at the lowest price. Bid your prices and take is asap

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Ready Website For Sale

Want to sale my community forum for reason, Havent time to maintain.

With 12006+ Valid users
Domain name
cPanel unlimited hosting
Forum Administration

If any company needs to start business with ready community forum,
Contact myself ASAP. Want to sale this ASAP.

Community link:

Thank you for read.

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Mobile Site Maker Customer Needed $20/Sale

Hello i m mobile site maker i can make mobile site up with in 24 hour
There are NO UPFRONT CHARGES and best of all the
service is FREE for the first 30 days!

This Require one time setup Fee of = $100
If u can bring customer for me i will pay u $15/sale
and if u bring more than 10 customer then i will pay u $20/Sale + Bonus

i want customer very fast so plz bid fast and pm me fast
only active person wanted

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List My Ebook Package For Sale One Major Forum And Sites.

I would like someone to list my ebook for sale on major websites such as :

Warrior forum
Digital point

And any others they know of.

Please PM me with the cost to do so, plus what sites you know of that you will be selling it on.

I will provide you with the sales text, all you need to do is post it.

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Over 65,000 Leads For Sale!!!!

I have leads for sale.
Please contact me for more information about the leads.
These are leads for homeowners who are located in the US. And Australian business and home owners.
Also have insurance leads
Each lead being sold for $3-5. We can negotiate.



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$49 For You Per Sale Of My Automated Adult Video Script

Im looking for someone to market and sell copies of my automated adult video script.

the sales site is here :

Each sale you will receive $49. The price i charge per script is $99.

I will handle all the installation etc, you just get me the sales.

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Sales Professionals/Telesales…Hunters/Closers Only

Great Career-Telecommute -Sales Professional
Our company, On-The-Go VIP, designs and builds custom, mobile-optimized websites for small and medium sized businesses. Our mobile websites are optimized for smart phones and feature phones. Almost every small business with an ad in the Yellow Pages or your local newspaper is a potential customer. More than 95% of all business websites are not MOBILE READY!

In 2011, millions of small businesses will suddenly realize that they MUST HAVE a mobile website. The Internet boom was big! Mobile is currently overtaking the desktop Internet and is projected to completely eclipse it by 2013. As Googles CEO, Eric Schmidt, said: "The answer should always be mobile first."

We are building a national independent sales team to sell mobile websites to small/medium sized businesses. Mobile is extremely exciting with tremendous growth potential. Almost any business with a website is a potential customer. This is the perfect opportunity to make a substantial part-time or full-time income with minimal effort. No geographic restrictions; you can live anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. This service can be sold over the phone or in person in your local area.

This is the service you will be selling.
(View via YouTube.)

This is a short and simple sale.
The sale is $397one-time setup fee plus $29 Hosting/Maintenance.
We Pay Sales Professionals 50% = $198.50 per Sale, plus Bonuses.

Our Sales Professionals Earn
1 Sale A Day ($ 49,627 A Year)
2 Sales A Day ($ 99,250 A Year)
3 Sales A Day ($148,875 A Year)
Plus Bonuses

We are looking for hunters and closers.

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We are a group of singers from Singapore who are trying to do our bit in raising funds for the terrible catastrophe that has struck Japan in the last week. We are currently in the process of recording a track for sale to the public & we would like to create a site to sell the music & collect donations. The work for this site will be split into three main sections:

Part A: Sale of Music
We are still awaiting responses from iTunes & other distribution channels on partnership. Details of sale of music will be provided at a later stage. We will probably be using a third party distributor for the sale of the music (such as iTunes or Bandcamp) so there wont be any need to set up direct payments on the site as we do not want to collect credit card details directly.

Part B: Light a Lantern
1. People can "Light a Lantern" on the site at US$1 / lantern & they can light as many as they like (i.e. 10 lanterns at US$10).

2. Once people have purchased a lantern, they can leave a message to the people of Japan & this is viewable on the site. We also want the messages to be translated to Japanese under the english versions. i.e. John Smith from Iowa : This is a terrible tragedy, our hearts & prayers go out to the people of Japan (Japanese translation of John Smiths message)

3. This will be linked to the beneficiarys (i.e. RedCross, MercyCorp, etc. We are still awaiting a response from the beneficiaries) Paypal account directly.

Part C: Google Adsense implementation
As there are costs involved in creating this site, we would like Google Adsense implementation into it to help generate some funds to cover hosting fees, etc

Your responsibilities & points to note:
1. Create a site with the functionalities listed above. Designs will be provided to you.
2. I already have a Google Adsense account so you can just link it to my account.
3. Please make this site very SEO optimised & direct as much WHITE HAT traffic to the site. The more people we can get on the site, the more chances we have of people donating.
4. As this is a charity project, your LOWEST bid will be much appreciated, however PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL. We want this site to be able to go up ASAP so that we can raise funds. Our timeline for launch is next Monday (March 22nd) & we would very much like to stick to that.

Thank you & I hope we can cooperate in this effort to help the people of Japan in this time of crisis.

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SEO Expert Needed For New Website

We are looking for SEO EXPERT to get our BRAND NEW website on top 10 ranking in and

The website is mp3mp4players. co. uk

The keywords are :
– Mp4 players for sale
– MP3 players for sale
– Cheap MP4 players
– Android Tablets for sale
– Cheap Tablets for sale
– Portable DVD for sale


Google guidelines must be followed and in no way should be compromised.

We will need Link building, article submissions, blog commenting, directory submissions, banner placement, etc.

– No black hat and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods
and ethical work will be accepted.
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Links must be from UK and USA Websites
– Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Links must be permanent, static html links. (NON-EXPIRING)
– One way links only, no reciprocal links.
– No robots.txt blocking.
– No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
– No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings.
-No paid traffic sites
– No banned sites, porn, illegal sites, etc.
* Links that are not approved must be replaced by service provider. (We will check all links)

Report Requirements:
Detailed weekly reports (including links, article submissions, blog entries, etc.)

Please quote: Budget – timeframe – SEO method to be used
Info regarding past projects is a plus (confidentiality will be kept regarding your past projects)


Payment will be released once the site reaches top 10 google rank. (No upfront fees will be paid.)

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Sales Man Needed

We have invented a software which can do work alone. It needs to just one time guide, then it will do the work if there is no man! So we need sales man to sell and marketing this software. Please let me know how you will do the work. You will get 5% from each sale. SO if you can sale the product more than rate then your commission will be more. I like to work with all over the world but specially prefer Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri lanka. But people from all over the country also welcome.

***************************** HAPPY BIDDING *****************************

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Flight Tickets Sale Sreens Css+html

We need a graphic designer for online flight sale screens, this screens going step by step. Please send your similar works.

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