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Global Sales Partner IV

We are a USA based Corporation that provides High Performance PCB Design, High Quality Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly. We are looking for sales representatives to improve our bottom line sales revenue and are looking for sales growth on different global locations.

Our company is currently in need for Global Sales Partners who can bring in sales from companies who are looking for a Credible Supplier to outsource their work.

We would like our Global Sales Partners to be initially on an Incentive Based Compensation Structure through Freelancer.

Applicants must also be comfortable working in an aggressive, fast-paced sales tempo environment.

We offer Very Competitive Price, Excellent Communication with customers, and Responsible After-Sales Support so you dont have to worry about Product and Service Quality.

We look forward to finding strong sales candidates. Please send us details.

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EBay Sellers Needed & Wanting To Sell

I am US based with a product that everyone seems to want or own. This business proposition applies to eBay sellers. Here is what I am looking for from sellers on eBay:

– Good feedback status
– Previous experience in eBay sales
– Good customer care
– Verified PayPal account without limitations

Amazon sellers also welcomed.

Our project includes:

1) Full listing support- professional item descriptions, title, gallery pictures and everything else needed for eBay selling

2) 2 different commission options for the seller on every paid item

3) We will cover all eBay and PayPal fees.

4) The job itself is simple – its basically data entry & customer care- the rest is pretty much our part of the responsibilities. It will take appx 1hour a day if done correctly. Please consider that we need to be able to contact you daily via Skype/MSN/Yahoo or e-mail if for only a few moments.

5) This project is fora long-term partnership so if after the first month both sides are satisfied we can increase commissions upon an agreement.

We are a USA based company and once we start our partnership I will send you my contact information so you can feel secure about all your business sales.

Payment Methods: Will be discussed upon working together. We are flexible to work any way just so both parties are comfortable and feel safe.

I will provide you with out products once you feel your interested in knowing more. These products sell anywhere from 100-300.00 per item and every item always sells. you can make a substantial amount of money depending on the amount you want to list.

PLEASE provide your eBay ID if you decide to contact us.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Viral Marketer-Consultant -Someone To Get Us Sales & Traffic

Here is the deal.

We have many websites online.
We need real traffic, real targeted visitors, so this traffic can convert to sales.

We already have articles, bookmarks and all sort of SEO work being done as of now.
We need the best viral marketer/consultant.

Your job is to tell us your tactics and plan of attack to drive real traffic to our website that will convert into sales.

We are doing SEO already which takes time for results, so no need of SEO.
We need faster results.. Things that will get our investment back very fast, high ROI. (return of investment)

No black-hat methods aloud. No upfront payment. We will start testing your service with a small budget, if it works out great we will higher it up all the time and use your service for a long term relationship.

Please dont suggest us to do press releases, back-links, banners ads and ADWORDS only. If you do viral marketing campaign, you know what it takes to get your websites out there promoted strong and with legit and Search Engine approved methods.

We have banners ready already, articles for press release are ready also.
You need to do the consulting job and tell us this can be done for the best ROI for this price and on and on .






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Sell And Keep 100% Of All Sales And Revenue

Sell Software Keep 100% Of Sales

Make a lucrative living today. As a Software Reseller, pay a small monthly fee, sell as much software as you can each month and keep all of the revenue.

Unlimited potential and profits. Sell Software Today.

This is not an affiliate program. You actually sell and keep 100% of the revenue from all sales!
Become a Software Agent and sell software today

Start making $75,000 , $150,000 , $300,000 or more per month. Make it a reality today.

Finally a simple, straightforward way for you to make the revenue you deserve while we handle everything for your customers. Simply Contact Us to start making lucrative money today.

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WRITER- Online Flyers, Website Content Writer (WordPress)

Looking for a long term individual or group who can provide quality sales proposals, online flyers and be comfortable uploading content into WordPress.

We would like tech-savvy bloggers (specializing in social media) which have really mature english and have done tech blogging before.

Needs to have good marketing messaging.

Successful candidate will be measured upon success of a monthly sales campaign and will be considered for a full time position.

We would like bidders to provide experience and work samples.

Thank you

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VB6 To .Net POS

I have a fully functional touch screen Point of sale program written in vb6. I want it converted to and enhanced with customer ordering and to-pay or short term credit sales as well. It was written with only cash sales in mind and operational since march 2005.

The current implimentation require changes to facilitate hawker, to-pay, short term credit sales,(customers that take product to sell on the street or to shops and then pay in later the day or the following day. As well as enhancements to the ordering(Inventory) modules.

These hawkers get discount(commission) on the products at various levels(most volume based) and can change daily. All hawkers do not get the same discount.

Reporting can be basic with enhanced exported to csv, open office,excel. i have run a quick count of code lines, see attached
Please feel free to make suggestments for enhancements

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Commission Based Sales Reps Wanted For B2B Sales

We are a young green company selling eco friendly products to retailers and commercial end-users. We are looking for enthusiastic, professional, customer-oriented sales reps who have a true passion to paint the world green and feel good about the products they are promoting, just like we do.

What We Offer:

* Great commissions
* Flexible hours (perfect for college students)
* Work for a green company!
* Full sales support

Required Skills:
-Sales and customer service experience preferred
-Excellent verbal communication skills
-Ability to overcome objections

Job is commission-based. We ship all over the continental US so candidates from all over the country are welcome.
The ideal candidate would be outgoing, motivated, fun, energetic, warm, friendly, and someone who enjoys talking to and meeting people.

This is a canvassing position; so reps would need to generate their own leads. Not very hard, since almost all US retailers are a target. Wed love to have people who are excited, have a positive attitude and want to be part of this growing field!

We need highly motivated sales people that can produce numbers!

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Seeking For Good Telesales Person

Here I have a wonderful earning opportunity for Sales driven people.
We will accept everybody who bids on this project. You should bring new clients to our company

I need sales people to make calls from 9 to 5 UK , canada, and the US on their time pick which you want to call, to small businesses specially self-employed businesses i.e electricians, plumber, barbers etc. Who can offer them professional and affordable website starting from $199 only.
I believe it is a fantastic market beating price for a complete web design package. And clsoing a sales should be easy with such an amaizing offer.

Package details are:
Basic package $199
5 pages website design
Free domain name for 1 years
Free Hosting for 1 year
5 company Email adresses.

I will be providing lists of customers.

I dont want to pay any fixed monthly payment but want to work on a very good commission.
I am willing to give up to 20% commission per project. For example for the project costing $199, I will pay $40.
So if someone making calls every day and succeeding in closing 2 sales per day. I would be paying them $80 per day. Which means you can potentially earn 400 per week and $1600 per month.

All you are required to do is to offer customer this really low valued web design package over the phone, close the sale and let me know. Ill then call customer to take 50% payment before starting the project, as soon as customer will make 50% payment Ill pay you half of it which will be your 25% commission straightaway.

Ideally you are required to use your own means to make calls but If some one is really good I can pay up to $40 for phone or other expense per month.

Preffered Skills Required:
Good English
Excelent communication skill
Some web knowledge

please feel free to contact me if you have any question or need some clearification on something.

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Website Design With Online Sales

Looking for a website for a natural health clinic. Can supply some graphics. Require Home Page, Services Page with several Sub-pages, About Page, Contact Page and online shop to sell approximately 10 products. Shop needs shopping carts but can checkout with PayPal. Website needs to have a relaxed yet professional, polished, clean look.

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Creating Sales Funnel For WordPress Site And Blog

I need help creating a sales funnel for my WordPress static web pages and blog posts. Website URL is

What I have already done: I have already set-up this WordPress site with several static pages loaded with content, a couple blog posts, installed an SEO plugin (have loaded and activated with title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords), and I have E-Junkie order buttons installed on each static page ( I also want to be able to offer my eBook from my blog posts.)

What I am looking for: Professional with copywriting, web design, programming skills, that can create a sales funnel that maximizes several ways for the prospect to purchase my eBook from my WordPress web pages, blog, and from several choice eBook retailer sites.

This will entail.

#1: Setting-up eBook with several retailers like Amazon, Createspace, Lulu, Kindle, Smashwords, etc. to offer my eBook

#2: Setup a system to capture leads from web pages

#3: Help writing excellent content for autoresponder series of emails for maximum response

#4: Link those emails through a no cost low cost listing service to my website

#5: Offer any suggestions to improve sales beyond what I have mentioned above.

Note: The work will ensure my website and blog is optimized and the sales process is fully functional and automated.

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Advertising / Sales / Marketing Letter Needed

I need an ad writer or advertising / sales / marketing expert for the following:

A professional written letter (full page 8 1/2 x 11) with design to sell a website to potentials clients.

My target market is new entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

We know, there are thousands of website companies out there, so we need to be the one that stands out. What would inspire a business owner to redesign his existing site? What would inspire an entrepreneur to come to us for his website to be developed? Why us? Thats your job, to inspire someone to choose us other than our competition.

If the client already has an existing website, I want them to upgrade to what Im offering.

The advertising will be used as an insert in a small local advertising print magazine.

I will provide more details upon request.


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HR Product Sales Expert In India / Asia

Telesales Professional/team for a cloud-based HR recruiting software targeting recruiting agencies and enterprises recruiters.
Our Product is a Cloud-based Relationship Recruiting Platform with complete Applicant Tracking System features allowing recruiters to create and manage their Branded Job Referral Network across social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Currently we are expanding our business to India.

** Your tasks:
1.) Marketing and Get free trial signups
2.) Follow up on existing accounts
3.) Present online demo to all trial users
4.) Help customers get started and customer support
5.) Convert trial user to paid users
6.) Collect payment

** We offer:
Base fee per month + very High commission.

** Qualifications
The qualified candidate should be capable of doing the online marketing and generating the free-trial users.
Also the candidate should be able to do the online demo and also provide product support.
We will provide all back end support to help you track the performance.

** Notice
Your major income of this project will come from your delivered sales. Please dont apply the job if you cannot deliver the sales.

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Joomla Security Expert

We require an expert security technician to determine where and when a joomla site has been hacked. This is an immediate project.

The site in question has seen an 80% sales drop on increased traffic and no market changes. When the site was moved to a new server, sales jumped back up for two days before dropping again. Our server logs show daily hack attempts but do not seem to be successful. This project will be based on a project fee and an additional reward of $500 if the source / type of hack can be proven and stopped.

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Talented & Motivated Account Executive – Long-Term Potential

We are looking for ambitious, energetic individuals to join our Inside Sales Team.
Headquartered in New York City, we are a fast growing start-up company (similar to livingsocial) in the emerging daily deals market.

This role is all about building a market by identifying and calling on the top local merchants in New York City, negotiating irresistible offers on behalf of our subscribers and local consumers.
We are looking to find highly motivated, engaging individuals that have clear reasons why they are driven to sell for our company.

This role calls for individuals who are: (1) comfortable selling over the phone, cold-calling into various types of local businesses; and (2) confident as they prospect and close leads in their assigned market.

As part of our team, youll:
Make a high volume of outbound sales calls to an assortment of local business owners daily
Manage your own leads and drive the full sales cycle from prospecting to closing
Educate your prospects on the power of online advertising with our company
Produce better, long-term business results for your clients as you take them beyond traditional methods of advertising through our solution

Qualifications & Characteristics:
Bachelors Degree
Exceptional phone skills and professionalism
Unwavering work ethics
Outgoing and personable
1+ years sales experience in a professional environment
Comfortable working from home
Native English-speaking individuals only

Project Requirements:
We will provide you with a list of leads. You may also be asked to gather your own leads. Each lead will be a restaurant, spa or similar type of local business that has ran a deal-of-the-day campaign in the past with a provider such as livingsocial or groupon. The problem were looking to address is that their last daily deal provider may not have been able to get the business enough pre-paid customers. We want to help fill-in the gap and get them some more. So were offering to re-run their last deal with our company in order to get them closer to the results they were looking for. Your job is to consult with and close as many leads as you can. Closing each lead should be relatively easy since the businesses that you contact will likely have been under-served by their last provider (i.e., livingsocial or a similar but smaller version of livingsocial).

This project requires the closing of at least 40 leads. Youll have access to a high volume of leads. For each lead that you successfully close you will receive compensation. You will get a fixed amount of money for each deal that you close plus a fixed commission for each sale the deal attracts. So, the sweeter the deal you negotiate for our subscribers, the higher your pay will be. This project provides the potential for a long-term relationship with our company.

Send us your resume and a brief message explaining why you would be a good fit for this project.

Thanks in advance for considering this project. We look forward to a great, collaborative working relationship!

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Sales And Marketing Materials Needed

need to create a sales and marketing brochure. You must have experience in creating sales material and motivating individuals. Looking for text for a marketing brochure that will prompt action.

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Freelance Salesperson To Sell To Australian Businesses

I run a CD and DVD duplication service, aimed at both people who want their music CDs duplicated (i.e. bands etc.) as well as companies looking to distribute software or anything else that goes on a disc.

I want to expand my service offering to supplying outsourced duplication services to larger companies, for instance a printing company (like Kwik Copy of Kinkos) so that they make the sale and I fulfil the order for them, thus saving them the hassle of training staff on new equipment, having to have expensive equipment in every branch and allowing them to offer another product at no risk to themselves, other than any marketing they might want to undertake.

I am very good at the back end of running things but am terrible at sales and would like to develop my business further and thus am looking for a freelance salesperson to sell my services.

Marketing to large companies that could use my outsourcing service is the primary aim here but any and all business brought in will be paid for.

Sales will be remunerated on a commission basis and if a contract is landed for outsourcing an ongoing commission will be paid for a significant period of time. Commission is negotiable, depending on what amount of business you are able to bring into the company. I am happy to take on several freelance salespeople as well.

Email me with your proposal and what you are able to do for me that others cant. Not really looking for Telemarketers, I am looking for someone to handle the sales process from beginning to end, not just set appointments.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

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Marketer And Sales Person In Lyon And Paris (Wanted)

Urgently looking for a sales person and marketer in Lyon and Paris to sell our DTP services to France companies.
You will contact them. Find potential clients.
Post some advertising in France based websites and French classifieds.
Thanks and please state your experience in sales and marketing.
You must be well versed in marketing and sales strategies in the two areas and live in France.

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Sales Presentation And Script For Salesmen Of Website Design

Job Description

We are looking for a world-class, persuasive, already put-together website design sales presentation and a sales script.

It will be used for the selling of web site design by in-person sales people to small and mid-size business owners.

What format are we looking for?

The presentation can be in the form of a power point presentation, or flash presentation video. It can also be in the form of a simple series of 8.5" x 11" pages with words and imagery that tell a convincing message to small and mid-size business owners of the importance of having a great website and how our company can best do this for them.

Our company has been in the Southern California area for many years and is looked upon by many businesses as a vendor with integrity which consistently offers good value.

Over the last few months we have developed a formidable team to provide website design services.

To introduce these services to small and mid size businesses, weve hired a team of in-person sales people.

So were seeking a smart, persuasive presentation and sales script we can give to members of our sales team.

The script and presentation must help the sales person effectively (and respectfully) guide the prospect through the necessary sequence of sales gateways that leads to the sales close.

Were hoping a presentation like this may already exist on the web or that you may have such a presentation. Our idea is to either place our brand on it or modify slightly if necessary.

Well pay for a convincing presentation that our sales team may use effectively.

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I Need Help With Internet Marketing

I have a coupon website I need to advertise.

If you can bring quality traffic, sales and positive ROI, the budget is unlimited.

Let me know what you can do – what is your method? what is cost per click? volume? I would need some sample traffic / testing to see that you can deliver what you promised.

It needs to be immediate solution (no long term solution please)


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Increase Sales SEO Company

Hi. We are looking for a provider who will help us to increase sales of our internet service. In PM set please the prices for: unique article creation/submition, directory links submition, social bookmarking services, static back links building, PR4-6 Blog Comments – dofollow. We are looking only yearly submition services, not only per-month.

Don`t send us your great history of how great you are. We just need yuor prices and we will make a desicion.


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Sales Commissions Project

Project Description:
We presently have a web site that our clients and sales partners use for information regarding our products and services. Sales partners use their own login to access a repository of sales material such as contracts, product specifications etc. The purpose of the Commission Calculation project is to calculate the sales commission from revenue type we designate per compensation plans and allow access for sales partners to view the calculations. There will be tables that are manually maintained and data imported from another process. This doesnt require any data entry or import modules.

This commission calculations project will use our existing sales partners login to access their sales commission reports. The login will need to be modified to assign permissions to the sales partners login so they can only view their sales commissions and no one elses. Any authenticated user will still be able to view the sales material. There will be 4 levels of permissions
-Sales Partner views only their own sales commissions
-Manager view commissions from a designated group Sales Partners
-Administrator view ALL commissions
-Lead view ONLY commissions that there are assigned to (LEAD receive commission in addition to the Sales Partners commission.

There will only be a couple of new pages for this project.
-Commission report search parameters page this page is giving the user options to filter the commissions that they want to batch from commissions they have permissions to view
-Summary Commissions page
-Detail commissions page
-Total Only Page

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Make Change To My Sales Copy, Squeeze Copy,etc.

I have changed my sites offer, as well as name of site, I need someone create one squeeze page copy and one sales page copy by using the copy files in attached.

Detail guideline is in attached file, please download it.

I need an experienced copywriter to do this job, if you are not very good at copywriting, maybe you cant do this job.

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Online Car Sales Platform.

I want a price and information on building a car sales website for Ireland with possible future expansion to the U.K. or Australia. The information and detail I would need would be similar to ,, , Obviously automation for customers is very important aswell as multiple easy payment options. I would be hoping for a very clean simple design. I also wish to have a business directory on it too which would also have to be automated for easy use by businesses. They would load up onto set parameters like – Company name – company address – specialisation – link to there website. I would also like to include google maps on the site.
I am not opposed to a template being used if it is suitable.
Please give prices and an estimation of turn-around time.

Thanks in advance,

James OFlynn.

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Need A Good Hosting Sales Person


My name is Jacob

I currently work with a company called Om Linux Hosting. We need to grow and I would like to work with someone with this to help me with that.


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Need A Good American Hosting Sales Person.


My name is Jacob

I currently work with a company called Om Linux Hosting. We need to grow and I would like to work with someone with this to help me with that.


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Copywriter Required For Single Membership Site Sales Page

To save time I need an experienced sales copywriter familiar with the I.M. Online Income Niche to create the following…

1. High converting single front page sales page for a brand new membership site launching on May 1st.
2. Ad copy for the same (Title 50 Characters, Ad body 150 Characters)

Existing bare bone copy is available to work with but needs to be intensively re-written to really capture the emotion.

You will have an existing portfolio of verifiable work for consideration.

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Sales Copy For My Website

Headlines, captions, content for my product website.

One product is sold on my website and my general visitors are not very tech-savvy although my product is. I need a talented individual to turn the technical, frightening and unknown aspect of my product into the friendly, exciting and simple and easy to use product that it really is!

Must communicate to an audience with a fifth grade reading level kinda thing.

I dont really care which country you are from but you must have an excellent command of the English language at least where sales copy is concerned. As we all know…sales copy does not have to be grammatically correct.

I want copy that grabs the reader and gets their blood pumping so they feel the overwhelming need to click the BUY NOW button!

If you are a good copywriter the product on my website will not matter so I will discuss that in PMB only.

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Lead Generators – Telephone Sales People Needed!

We need telephone sales operators and lead generators to call on pizzerias in the USA and ask them to join our free marketing program. each agent will be given a list of pizzerias in a region to call.

operator must have good phone skills, dominate the english language without accents

have a telephone to make unlimited calls to the usa, and be available at least 5 hours per day. mon-fri

all applicants must be willing to start a 4 weeks training online, during the first 4 weeks of training agents will be compensated based on registrations, after 4 weeks training all agents will be hired based on monthly salary.

all applicants must be ready to start immediately, please do not apply if you dont nave any experience.

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Writing – Sales Page For Business Product

I am looking for some help writing two sales pages for a simple business software product.

2 sales pages, around 500 words per page.

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Need An Affiliate To Sell Me ClickBank Products

Hi fellow Affiliates / Marketers,

I need some one to help me with ClickBank sales and I will accept any of below two options:

1. Either accept 50% of the overall commission received from ClickBank (after deducting the running cost of hosting domain names etc).
2. Or suggest a fix amount that is paid out monthly after receiving the commission from ClickBank (but this option means the sales commission should exceed your fee other wise pro rata basis fee apply)

Terms and conditions:
1. I will not be able to share my ClickBank account.
2. The report will be generated and emailed to you on your request.
3. I am looking forward to have a long run partnership relation with you so be serious.
4. Chargeback from ClickBank will be calculated in next payout.

– If you are interested in option 1 then please bid only 50$ on this project.
– If you need the fixed amount option state how many sales can you generate per month.

Wish you a great day ahead,
Ayaz Moeen

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