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Bulk Email Push/Distribution

Bulk Email Distribution

The candidate for this job of bulk email distribution will have a history in the distribution of high volume and scalable emails direct to consumers marketing with the ability to do in excess of 1 million plus email pushes per week. The candidate must have the ability to upload supplied targeted email lists from Excel formats, .RAR, ,and distribute the high volume targeted bulk emails through multiple IP addresses which the bulk email distributor would supply as part of their service.

The bulk email service would be responsible for supplying all opt out data and extraction for list as well as other data that would be declined for delivery, including the daily and project overview reporting of opened emails, undeliverable emails, bounce back emails and all analytical data related to the push of the supplied emails. The service would be responsible for making sure that they are compliant with all services, so that the campaign is not flagged or excluded from any potential consumers from the supplied email list.

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School Management

Create project for school management system

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Project Manage A New Site

We are seeking the services of a highly experienced project manager to oversee the building of a new website.

You MUST fulfil the following requirements:-

* Show that you have past experience in this role, providing TWO links to sites you managed or currently manage.
* Be available during business hours (Sydney, Aust time) via Skype / email
* Have excellent English and communication skills
* Sign a Confidentiality and Web Developers agreement prior to receiving the full project overview
* Sign a Contractors agreement if we select you as the project manager.
* Be able to put a team of freelancers together that individually have a good track record
* Oversee, and be responsible for all freelancers and their performance – we will approve their services prior to them being appointed.
* Fully test the site including the database
* Offer advice as needed
* Find a host server for the new site that is comparable to our current one

1. You will be responsible for arranging the building of a comprehensive website that is very similar in its functionality to EBay and
2. We need the site written in PHP with a comprehensive MySQL database, payment gateways / merchant accounts, two-way sms, emails, forums / chat room, a rating system, validation processes, and detailed member profile pages. There are also elements of Ebay such as updates of the purchase cycle that we

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Want Ready Made Project Management/team Collboration Scrip 3

Want ready made project management/team collboration script3

Better be scripts developed by your company

May my previous bidders/winners contact me again

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Magento extension and site set-up (reposted II)


We are building a store using Magento.
The store has products created directly in Magento and products added dynamically from a data feed from another website.
Before a product can be purchased it needs to be customized. This is done using an existing flash plugin that interacts with another website. Just like this one: (open source from

We need:

1. Set up and configure a simple store
2. Set up the theme we purchased
3. Slightly modify the theme to add a few custom product properties and links to external resources (dynamic links)
4. Develop an extension that will:
4.1. Import product data from a certain data feed
4.2. Create new users in a 3d party system (a simple HTTP GET with a few IDs, nothing major) to sync Magento user data with that other system. One way, no updates, create only.
4.3. Show a third party flash plugin that customizes a selected product

I estimate 40 to 60 hrs of work if you are good at it.
This is an open source project.
We split it into 7 tasks:

Project overview:

Detailed interaction is described here:

It may all look scary on the surface, but the 3d party API that you will need to use is pretty simple. You just pack a few IDs into an HTTP GET or HTTP POST and get XML back. All you need to get from that XML is like 3 to 5 attributes even if it returns 50kb of data.

You will be given unlimited assistance with the 3d party API, so no worries there as long as you are good at Magento.

We do not consider bids that do not personally address this projects needs.

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