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School Management Website

I want a School Management website which will cover below items

1. All student related transactions (attendance, registration, fees, exam, result, transport)
2. Payroll for school employees
3. seperate login for teacher, parent, students
4. Library management

I also need the source code & the rights to the software. I will make the payment in stages with each completed work. The final 25% will be paid upon completion and testing of the site.

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School Upload/Download Scripts

Hello, i am looking for someone who can deliver af script which can do:

– Log in as a user
– upload/download documents in different categories with description etc.
– Point system, for example, you have to upload 10 documents to download 20 documents
– Private message user to user
– Search function
– I will make the design 🙂

Looking forward to hear from you guys!

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Joomla School Management System

A complete online school management system.

Attendance by classroom, Time-tables by classroom, Schedules, Transport, Syllabus by subject, Announcements, Games, Forums, Chat, Complain-Box, General info, Grades by student and classroom, Canteen Info, Fees, Quote of the Day, Achievements, Events, Homework and assignment posting and submission by class and subject

Must have the ability to assign a profile (account) for each student by classroom and department. Each department must be assigned specific subjects. Teachers should be able to manage their classroom and subject for posting homework and assignment and collecting homework.

Chat and forums are also needed in for instant communication between Parents, students, teachers and admin. Guests who visit your school site can navigate the front end portal and view the staff and facilities available in your school.

Parents can login into their accounts and view the progress of their child. Attendance and grades with remarks and feedback makes the parents module and takes it to the very best that is needed in todays world of instant communication. Complain-box facility is available for parents to send an instant trouble ticket to teachers.

Students can login to their accounts and view their syllabus, time-tables, attendance, grades in graphical mode, and mark sheets. Students are encourages to play games online and chat with other classmates, online discussion board allows them to post their problems & solutions can be provided over there.

Teachers can write in the remarks, feedback and answer the complains. They can even view their schedule which is set according to the timetable data inserted into the timetable module of students. They can also view and retrieve homework and assignments.

Please send us some of your similar work or module which you have done in past.

Freelancers with past experience in similar module will be preferred.

bidders are required to send the demo link of their similar work if available.

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Driving Instructor / Driving School Website With Flash

Hi, I am looking for a web designer with flash experieince to design a website for a driving instructor / driving school.
I will provide all the text and some images to use. Website needs to have animated flash banner with moving cars, and online enquiry form. I will provide some links to sample websites. This is not an urgent project so the designer can take upto 3 weeks for completion,

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Move To Drupal CMS Site (School Site)

Project Obectives
– Installing, configuring and transferring content on this site to a Drupal site and configuring security for users
– Transferring and existing website to a Drupal site so that the teachers and staff can edit their respective pages.

Maximum budget for this project is $200

Among other things, the following modules will be need to be installed:

Facebook Connect
Content Analysis
SEO Checker
fckeditor – full (with file upload ability etc)
SEO Friend
Google Analytics
Media Youtube

Pages: About the School, School Info., Photo Album, Partnerships, Activities,
Capital Campaign

1. About the school: Drop box – About Us
a. Online Application – form
b. Contact Us – form
c. Mission
d. Goals
e. 5 Principles
f. Volunteers/Employment Info. and form

2. School Information:
a. Teachers & Staff
b. School Schedule/Sat School
c. School Calendar
d. Parent Page
e. Music Department – Drop box???
f. Student Handbook –

3. Photo Album – a lot of photos

4. Partnerships
a. Parent Council – May need drop down box
b. Fundraising – May need drop down box
c. S.W.A.G.
d. Student of the Month

5. Activities – Drop box
a. Band
b. Sports – Basketball
c. Community Service Club

Full post-project support is expected

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Ace Bunny Art Studio

I need a 5-6 page web site for my new art school. I have a template that was done by my friend and all the designs were done by me. I have a specific idea of how the site should look like. It will have a gallery of my drawings. Also on the index page a flash animation (done by me in flash). Also, I will need help to put as much key words into the site so google puts me on the first page as a local art school.


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Crabber Baseball

I need a logo for sweatshirts, bumper stickers, t-shirts and hats promoting/supporting a high school baseball team. The team is the Hampton High School Crabbers (Hampton, VA), and the school colors are red and white (with some black if necessary). The mascot, the "Crabbers", refers to Hampton being a seafood town and one of the most famous harvesters of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs.

Id like a logo that contains these elements: a baseball or a baseball bat (or a combination if appropriate), the words "Hampton Baseball" or "HHS Baseball", and the image/drawing/sketch/design of a chesapeake bay blue crab. The crab should be creative and not necessarily realistic, and "tough" looking (befitting the toughness/strength/aggressive nature of a high school baseball team. Current designs can be seen by Googling "hampton high crabbers" — i want a different design, something with a slightly slimmer crab, and maybe with less internal detail in the drawing (even just an outline of the crab would work). For example, I really like the image of the crab used by a local crab processor, which can be seen here .

The image also should be "scholastic" — in other words, it should look like it belongs on an American high school t-shirts and sweatshirts. See for a good look at shirts/sweatshirts and a background on the school.

Id like something simple, yet classic, but Id be curious to see what someone creative can come up with.

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Facebook Scraper – SCHOOL & YEAR

I need a simple Facebook Scraper, as follows;

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Data Mining And Email Blasting-High School Teachers In USA

Hello! Newcomers welcome.


I need someone to find emails of High School Teachers in the U.S.A. only. To do this, you must search for different school districts, look at schools, go to the different high schools, and collect teacher addresses. The list of school teachers name and email address must be saved.

Once you have the contact, you must send a generic email to the teacher.

Please provide how many emails you are willing to complete for $30. (Also, include if you are able to work after this job as this will be ongoing).

There is NO UP FRONT ESCROW…see my feedback, I pay well. Once results are shown, you will be paid.

Provider will use an existing gmail account or another service of choice if need be.

There must be proper proof that emails are being sent to correct people and making it to their inbox.

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I would like to have a website built that is like but BETTER – so a cross b/w and this site – but with the most amazing and superior SEARCH function & variables. So I would like to include all categories of school/sports/uniform gear, including dance uniforms, school uniforms, sports uniforms, equipment, music equipment, etc. So the search needs to be so good that you can select by SIZE of clothing (from 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10, etc / years of age) – and so you can search by sports club, school, dance school, etc.And you should be able to search by girl or boy, mens or womens, as well as STATE or province or town/suburb eg. Queensland (in Australia) for the state, or Brisbane for the town/city. Purchases should be able to pay by secure payment gateway including paypal, credit card, etc. I want people to be able to enter their items for AUCTION or Buy it now pricing, and for me to be able to collect a transaction fee on each item sold – with this transaction scale: There is no time limit on the ad. Listings will remain online until they are sold.

* Our fees are 5% of the listed sale price for items up to $100.
* Above $100.00 – our fee is $5.00 plus 10% of the amount the price exceeds $100.00

The maximum fee payable for any one item is $25.00 (excluding postage which the seller arranges with the buyer like ebay). So the seller would have to be able to enter their product item with all of the above fields so that the search would work. So the key point of difference to Ebay and other sites is that you can, from the start , not only list your items in a specific category, with specific details of the school, dance club/school, sports club etc but you can have others SEARCH your item by these specific categories – primarily age of child – even if its an age range that it would suit eg. 2-3 years old, 3-4 year old etc. as well as the SIZE of the item.
I would provide the website branding and logo from a design perspective. The url would be .
I would want Search Engine Optimisation to be taken into account and the site to be built to maximise search engine rankings. And advice on settling up google analytics to provide reporting on the website traffic, etc please. Advice on the most cost effective and reliable webstie host hosting would be good too please.

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Gap Medics – American School And College Marketing

Gap Medics are a UK based company which provides clinical experience or students looking to study for a healthcare profession in either medicine, nursing or dentistry.

We operate in the Caribbean, India and Tanzania and send students from all over the world on placements ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. Students get to shadow doctors in each destination aswell as having a unique travel experience too.

We operate from the UK and thousands of students overseas each year from all over the world.

We are looking for someone based in America to help drive our sales forward. The job will require a self starter able to generate leads and close business through a variety of methods such as securing school visits and visits to pre-med colleges to deliver presentations about our programs. There is real potential to earn a significant ammount with this opportunity but it will require someone with the desire to generate appointments and deliver effective presentations.

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School/college Portal Design

Am creating a school/College portal software.
I need a user interface designs in html format.
i already have the code, just need a user interface layout, and i will tailor the code n css to work with the user interface. portal is being developed in java/j2ee application.

i have a design of my own, need something more mouth-watering. so if you could have a ground-up design, thatd be kool.

youd provide the layout and images to go with it.


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E-School Managemente

Hello, Im working on a project on the web concerning educational institutions.

The idea is to create a system like but with jquery 2.0 graphics and colors characteristic of sites like www.twitter. com etc.. and with english and italian language of interface if possible.

I wait your offers of participation in the project.


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IPhone School Enrolment Application

I need an iPhone application for the enrollment of school students. the application needs to be able to read a 3D bar code, or QR code, and then "check in" and "check out" the student. No data can be stored on the iPhone. It needs to be able to read data and send data to my web site. The application will need to be able to display information regarding the stunt including the students photo for identification purposes.

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School Management System

Need a Full School management system.

School Registration
Student Details
Admission details
Shoping Cart
Parents module
Teachers module
Admin module
Guest Module
Interested people please send us the PRD if you have already done any such projects. Only experienced candidtaes should bid and send the details.

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Simple School Data Entry And Copy Writing

I need some one or a group who are capable to make me success.
This is an school project thats why i need a man or a team who has excellent type speed and
hung experience to perform this job.

if you are capable to done this you have to submit this work with in 15 days (time will net be change able)

If you are agree to work with me send me PM Quickly.

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School Uniform Site/Business Name Ideas

We are looking for help in coming up with a name for our school uniforms business. Quick turnaround (1-2 days) desired.

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SEO For An Oscommerce Site

I have a live oscommerce ecommerce site that I would like to have optimised for searches on the leading search engines : (google, yahoo, bing, altavista etc )with regards to the following search tags and more .

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early learning ideas in Nigeria
art materials for creche, playgroup, nursery
Learning resources for playgroup and creche
Learning resources for primary and secondary schools lagos nigeria
school books, school resources, educational resources, school equipment, science equipment
school supplies, art supplies, classroom supplies, Phillip Harris, teacher supplies, Nes Arnold, Davies Sports

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School Management System

Project was built to automate the school mangement system.It covers 4 Modules related to
student,teacher,libraryand Cafeteria.It was built Using Java J2SE Swings and MS-Acess as
back-end option.

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School Website Design Need Urgently

Need urgently the HOME and the Internal Page design for the School.
Need to see the sample before i award the work, i already have a reference how we can design to make things easy.

Budget for this is $35 Fixed.

I just need the layered PSD for BOTH Home and Internal pages.


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Lead Generation For School Software

We need leads for our School Management Software,

product profile :

10$ per Lead,

200$ per Sale.

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High School Sports Articles

I need high school sports and recruiting articles complete. I need around 100 articles. Please bid asap!

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Flash Web Site

I want a Flash Website a for school but easy to change my .
so do not need more specific only a few animation be done.
if in this that area previously study send me review.
will consist of six categories;
Home Page

in Home Page
very small para
a Announcements
a few return picture.
a few misleading in a number of animation

in Programs
in my school class about information.

in Guidance
Article in Guidance about. this area that XML based because insert,update,delete aritcle.

in About
a about my school Write

in Foto Gallery
a foto-gallery

in Contacts
Contacts information.

finally, i want this site free web site hosting web site space to develop this friend threw, I would be happy of mine provides me see

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Complete School Management System

Need a Complete web based School Management System. Complete mean required all features need for a school.
Need to complete within 2 weeks.

Student Registration
Library System

all need to be there. Currently we have a manual system.

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School JAVA Project Help Needed

Dear bidders,

Im searching for a experienced JAVA programmer,
I have to make a school project in BlueJ JAVA editor, Some parts are in dutch, but a good programmer knows what he can do with that.

I need to get this keypressed event able, and some layout changes. most of it is already done, and the only things that have to be done are:

– replace image of robot (triangle) with a image i have
– make it keylistening able
– and that it can do random balls in the field that it detects when its underneath a obstacle.

this with all explenation of HOW you did it, and with detailed information so that i know in the future how to do it myself.

This is really important that you give me the information of how you made it.

Kind regards,

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PHP/SQL Database Website Development

I need to make a webpage very similar to
(please do check the website)
need to develop a database which can be updated
and searched by questionnaires.

this project will be updated to school website
and my school server runs on linux -php – mysql.

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EShop For School Uniform

Build a web-based store to allow users to shop for school uniform.

– Targeting 100+ schools
– Support both English and one other language
– Prefer to use opencart as the shopping engine

Pls contact webmaster [at] for additional info

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Web Based School Management Solution

We required complete web based school management system
school info
School Accounting
School Inventory
Teacher Payroll
Teacher Time Table
Student Registration
Student hobbies
Student Health Info
Student Attendance
admissions exercise
System should be capable of sending sms to parents
solution should also have a web chat module where parents can chat with any available management staff
teachers, parents and administrator should also be able to log into the system remotely to upload grades
capable of also generating reports(academic, financial, attendance e.t.c)

this is just the summary

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WordPress Project For School

Convert a Joomla site to a WordPress site.
Approximately 10 pages.
Contact form.
Social media buttons.
Application form.

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College/School Management System

We need web based College/School Management Software. This should be readily available with full function front/backend.

Pls send your Demo.

Only Serious bidders

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School Gradebook Manager

An application that manage students grades offline, allows the back-end user to upload the informations for students and parents to see. scanned details of this project shall be made available upon request

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