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Article Writer Needed

I need freelancer(s) that can provide high quality articles. I only deal directly with writers so for those who outsources it need not apply. The kind of articles ranges from reviews of products, hows to right up to info based. There is no need to attach past work as I rather like to asses your ability real time. Bidders may like to attempt to a skill test. If you are keen to work together with me for long term you might want to attempt to write a 250 words on " How to install a patio glass door"

Happy bidding

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Database Practice Table Needed For Training

We have a set of students on Database training and needs someone who could set up about 10 tables using Oracle express editions. 2. provides at least 40 questions per week (divided into 2) on commands on how to query the table using all commands ( I will give u the commands later)
3. set up the Oracle express edition on a server and allow for username and password of only the students who could have access to the server.
4. Provide easy link for the students to download the table in order to be able to use the Oracle
5. Provide quizzes and project assignment based on the use of the oracle using the commands.

We will not pay upfront. The payment will be made twice. Ist payment when the tables are completed and the Oracle set up for the students. Final payment made once the questions and the answers to run the queries are submitted and worked correctly.

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Real Estate Education App Needed To Create

Android /Iphone app needed for a global real estate business, to include edcuation books and videos, products, and any other ideas welcome

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Designer Needed To Create T-shirt Designs.

I am looking for an artist who is good at creating people. These images are going to be screen printed onto t-shirts so they need to be fairly simple and preferably one color. They also need to be done in vector art. This is a requirement for the screen printing process.

I need 4 pictures created.

The first is a picture of a man from the chest up. He is going to have a giant smile on his face and his hand is in the air as if he is waving at anybody looking at the shirt. I want the man to look slightly older, maybe in his 50s and starting to bald. Other than that, the details are up to you. Be creative and ill give suggestions as you go.

The second picture is the same man from the first picture. This time he has his arms crossed at his chest with his head slightly tilted as if he is trying to act like a hip hop rapper. Once again the small details are up to you on this.

The third picture is going to be 3 guys standing shoulder to shoulder at the end of a ping pong table. The guy in the middle is going to be shorter than the other 2 and a bit over wieght. He is also wearing sunglasses and sweatbands on his head and wrist. He is also going to have a ping pong ball in his hand and getting ready to shoot it to the other side of the table. The 3 guys will only be seen from the waste up since they are behind the table. They are playing beer pong and if you are not familiar with the game I can send you a picture of what im looking for. I will also help guide you through this one if need be.

The fourth picture is going to look like a road sign. It will be a silhouette of a bear attacking a man. The picture will then have a circle with a line through to indicate it is not allowed.

Once again you will have a lot of freedom on these four pictures. Just remember that they will be screen printed on t-shirts and they are meant to be simple and FUNNY!

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Consultant Needed To Create "Ubuntu Plymouth Theme"

I need a consultant to create an Ubuntu Plymouth Theme. Linux and graphic skills are required for this task

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Insurance Content Writer

We are looking for a website content writer. The subject matter will be auto insurance. The candidate will be required to create content for auto insurance websites including slogans, single paragraph entries, articles, etc.

Instructions on what to write or where to place the text on the website will NOT be provided, it will be the candidates duty to be creative to make the websites appealing.

Website editing knowledge is NOT required.

Please bid on 5000 words composed.

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Artist Needed To Create Children Books Illustration Artwork

I am looking for someone to design/illustrate a series of childrens book for me. First and foremost, the artwork must be original and will become my property. This could be a very long term project based on how well your illustrations are. I will pay you $30 per book and I will increase that amount once I start to sell the books and make money. For your hard work, I will also give you 10% of all the sales as well for the first year of each book. You are going to sign a non-diclosure agreement if you decide to do this project. All the text material is already copyright propected but I just dont want the choosen provider to be passing out the book information to anyone before its release. Please respond with a portfolio or demo of previous work. Thanks and I look forward to a long lasting relationship.

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Content Writer

We are looking for a website content writer. The subject matter will be auto insurance. The candidate will be required to create content for auto insurance websites including slogans, single paragraph entries, articles, etc.

Instructions on what to write or where to place the text on the website will NOT be provided, it will be the candidates duty to be creative to make the websites appealing.

Website editing knowledge is NOT required.

Please bid on 5000 words composed.

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Need A Good Writer

I need a competent writer to write 5 articles per week – Roughly 500 words each together with keyword, tags and relevant local and global links and images.

A minimum of 1 per day

The articles will be on game design and development topics that you will be given in advance of each day.

Articles Should be :

1. Well written, so they are easy to read.
2. Have SEO with correct keyword placement in the text, along with tags etc.
3. Be original, not copied from somewhere else – so they must pass any sort of plagiarism test.
4. Written into our WordPress site directly.
5. Have at least 2 images associated with them (that you should find / suggest)
6. Link across our wordpress site to other articles.
7. Link across the internet to other prominent sites and reference.

– Please bid for your weekly fee – (i.e. per 5 articles)
– Please include a link to an article you have written that you think shows off your skills as a writer

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Craigslist Poster Needed

Need someone with a track record to post around 15-20 ads per day in the housing sections of various cities. The job will be for one week and if everything goes well will continue. Company/person needs to be current with craigslist changes. I will not pay for ghosted or deleted by author. The person must have their own pvas and ip solution and post in the am everyday Central Standard Time. I have 5 test ads and after that we are good to go. I post myself so I know whats up with craigslist but I just do not have the time to post anymore. Prefer to work with someone in the states but open to anyone if the price is right and the quality is also.

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Article Writer For Science Educational Technology Topics

I am looking for someone to write 50 five hundred word articles on topics that I will provide and each MUST include a reference to a published article that I will also provide. THIS IS NOT A REWRITE. I simply want to give credibility to the article by referencing a reputable source.

Writer must be fluent in English. Work must be as if written by someone whos first language is English. No spelling errors and sentence structure must be exactly correct.

Please provide a sample of your writing on the PMB when bidding. If I like your writing, I will reply with a sample published article to reference along with topic and writing instructions to be clear that we are on the same page for this project.

Budget is limited so price will be a major factor in awarding the project.

Payment will be through paypal upon completion.

Thank you for your interest in this project. I look forward to seeing your bid.

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Hiring 2nd Writer From Philippines

We need someone from the Philippines to write articles for us.

The rate is currently set at $1 for a 500 word article.

The article must pass copyscape test.

Please attach a sample and introduce yourself. Thanks

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Freelance writer in Supply Chain Management Subject

We are looking for qualified and experienced freelance writers in the following fields:

Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Project Management

This position requires professional individual writers to create new pages for specified subject with details, accurate, timely and up-to-date information.

Candidate must be self-motivated, flexible and adaptable, pay attention to details, willing to work within tight deadlines and under pressure.

Payment details:
Pay is negotiable depending on experience and wring ability.

Please send your CV together with covering letter to


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cronjob project

cronjob erros, need fixing and TESTING

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Iphone/android game app

This job is for iphone/android game. the game needs to be a clone of "brothers in arm" game, please research this. The controls need to be the same. The characters, places, scenery, and other need to be changed. this is a shooting/war game, different weapons, can not copy the game or i will be sued. game needs to be tested. job must be complete as soon as possible. lowest bid wins.

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2 Writers on Urgent Basis


I am looking for two writers to work on regular basis. Writers should know how to use keyword phrases and know how to generate orginal content.

Those who do not know how to create a good piece of article need not apply.

I would only pay via paypal every saturday.

Please bid only with samples.



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Need Flash Header


I need a header done in flash, similar to what is shown here:

Image/s needed will be provided, except for the flames, which I need created.

It would be helpful if you could PM me links to similar work youve done.

Thanks!! 🙂

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