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30 Positive Reviews On Google Places And Yahoo! Local

I need 30 positive (five star) reviews for my business on Google Places and Yahoo! Local.

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Google Local Listing / Reviews To Write


I have 3 google (Ads) listing,on Google local business .
i need someone to post good reviews on each listing and to give it 5 starts( each review is under different gmail users of course ) and to do it in a period of time of 3 weeks OR 4 listing a day per location ( i cant have 10 reviews in 1 day ).

I need on each listing 10 reviews , that means 10 reviews X 3 listing.

the text for the review HAVE to be different between one to another as the gmail user name (if u can do different ip it will be great !)
the text should be short and to the point, its for locksmith service , Exp: "the locksmith service was great, thank you". OR "thanks for the fast locksmith, he got me to the house fast"

Reviews must be written in fluent american english so they look real. I will not pay for reviews that are do not look real!

NOTE: If you have a way to get the listing up to be the first, u will have Advantage !!!

Good Luck

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690 Business listings

I am looking to hire someone to setup 115 Business Locations.

Each Location will need to be listed in the following websites.

Merchant Circle
Yahoo Local
Best of the Web Local

Each listing is going to contain the same information as far as services offered and website. The only difference will be different locations.

Each Location is going to need to have a unique gmail email account setup.
total listings will be 690.

The project needs to be completed in less than 3 days.

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