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Website Scrap

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from website.

Records must include:
Company Name
Zip code
email (if available)
website (if available)

I need minimum of 3500 records from the website.

Deadline: Within 24 hours maximum.

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Website Scrap

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from website.

Records must include:
Company Name
Zip code
email (if available)
website (if available)

I need minimum of 3500 records from the website.

Deadline: Within 24 hours maximum.

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Private Project For Diamond247 – Web Scraping 1k Data – 2

– As we discuss
budget- $30-$250

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Web Scraping Gurru

"IMPORTANT" Only Bid if you are a data Scraping Expert here is a very small project data needs to be extracted from drop down menus that are in chain web site will be provided to you privately please bid "30 USD" that can be adjusted after complete understanding of project wirte "ABC" at the start of your bid.. its an urgent project dont bid if you are not free and cant work on this project from right now..

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Web Scraping Program Developer Needed ASAP

We are trying to capture data from each record (name, phone, email, title, etc) and export it to excel. We do this search many times per day and would need to be repeated often.

We would need a program that would be able to scrape this information for us on a regular basis. Screen shots of the information are included in the projects description.

The website is

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Scrap Data From Website To Excel Spreadsheet

I need someone who is very skilled at scraping data from websites. There are two websites. Websites will be given in PMB.

I need records for:
Event Planners
Event Management
Event Planning Companies
DMCs (Destination Management Companies)
Wedding Planners (if available).

Records must include: Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone, email, website url and contact person (if available).

I need minimum of 1500 records from each of website. Total of 3000 records from both websites. So bid according to that.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Private Project For Diamond247 – Web Scraping 1k Data

As we discussed

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Scraping Website Fields Into Excel

I am looking for someone with scraping ability to create an app or an excel macro to scrape groupon pages for defined fields.

I need each link on this page followed

and once the link is followed, I need this information from the Groupon landing page for each deal.

City (Groupon Identifies the city in the url by using /City-name like
URL for the deal
Description of the deal
Name Of the company
Company Website URL

I need to be able to update this daily. This should be either in excel format or in a program that is easy to export to excel format.

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HTML Scraping

I need a Class developed which I can plug into a large application. This class will need to be able to make an HTTP request to retrieve the HTML from a given URL, and then parse the HTML into a object model I will provide. There is a main page which will need to be crawled, which contains a list of links which will each need to be visited. Additionally, when on each sub-link, you will need to visit one link of each sub-link.

Its a structured navigation pattern, and the problem probably lends itself to some copy-and-paste.

This must be a C#.Net application, compiled against the .Net 4.0 Framework. Also, while not mandatory, it is suggested that the solution use Regular Expressions.

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Want Scraping Email Addresses From Forums & Bulletin

want a script or software which can scrap email addresses from bulletin or forums.

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Web Scraping, Data Entry, Excel, Address & Contact Info

I have an Excel spreadsheet that requires filling to make a list with contact names, email address, company name, tel, fax, full address location, type of business input into specific cells (Excel template provided) – for the following types of businesses located only in USA, Canada, and UK:

Computer stores / PC Stores / PC Shops / Computer shops / PC equipment & accessories
Colleges and Universities

The data can be found online from directories such as yellow pages, superpages, business pages, shopping finder, computer store directories, direct websites, etc….. Requires web searching, web scraping, data entry (no duplicate records).

Will pay for every 2,000 records as milestone. Bid on this figure.
Potential to lead to ongoing work.

Please advise of the process you intend to use and timescales to deliver.
Thank you.

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Large Photo Scraping Project

So theres a website out there with small photos, then you click on the photo and it opens up in flash, and you can zoom into the photo…

After you zoom into the photo, you cannot see the entire image unless you move it within the box.

I need somebody to set it up for me so it can be automated and save the entire image, and then set it up on my computer so I can enter in the URL.

I also want it to create a database or excel spreadsheet which has the item number, description, picture names, date of scraping, all of these details. It must be all automated.

I am using a Windows 7 PC with very high performance, if that matters.

Please send me a message and Ill tell you the website. I think this is a difficult job give me a fair price and well get started.

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Python Data Mining And Web Scraping Using Scrapy

We are looking for a skilled Python programmer with knowledge of web scraping and data mining.

The project aims to write a web crawler, also known as spider, using the Scrapy framework (see The spider will extract information from a consumer website, such as product price, name and stock availability.

We provide examples of existing production-ready and fully working spiders. We will also provide a clear specification of what we expect the spider to extract from the website. You are expected to write clean and well-structured code.

Solid experience of Python is essential. A solid understanding of Javascript, DOM traversing and XPaths is essential. Experience with Scrapy is a large plus but not essential.

It takes between two and four hours to write a spider.

Successful completion of project is guaranteed to lead to a long-time project.

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Need A VB 2008/10 Scraping & Multithreading Wiz To TEACH ME!

I am a Microsoft certified VB programmer (but am a bit rusty) and I am looking to start programming some web-scraping multithreaded applications.

What I am looking for is a VB scraping and multithreading wiz / guru that IS FLUENT IN ENGLISH and can be there for me to guide me (through chat, email and teamviewer) and to answer all my questions so I can learn this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

As I said, I am already ok with visual basic, have visual studio 2010 and am already programming my apps, but I want someone that can answer the tougher questions and help me get up and running in the shortest possible time.

If you truly are a wiz with what I need, are fluent in English and are willing to work with my strange time schedules, please let me know your hourly rate via personal message and also, please also put in your reply to me the words "i am your wiz and I read this" so I know you truly read this project listing and are not just one of those people who simply responds to all ads… If this line isnt in your response to me, your bid will be ignored!!

To be fair, I want to see how good your communication is and how well we can communicate (please also let me know what times you generally are available for chats – I am on US Eastern time – and how quickly you believe you could reply to me via email once we start working together), then, if we have good communication and you know your stuff, Ill escrow your payment in 3 hour intervals (so youmcan get paid more often) and Ill keep paying you as we move along… Fair??


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Email Scraping

I need an experienced email scraper to scrape emails from specific Australian business sites using very specific keywords I will provide.

Small project
Niche will produce around 5,000 email addresses.

Thank you.

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Rss Feed Scraping Help

I want to take an amazon product feed, like, but i want to add my own links to the feed. so the product description does not link to amazon, it links to the site of my choosing.

what i need:

1. biggest possible aggegration of amazon product feeds
2. script where i can specify my own links to link out from the product descriptions

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AutoIT Programer Needed.

Need someone to continue with a screen scraping project stated by another developer.
AutoIT is the language being used.
Must be able to contact you via S K Y P E to discucss details

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Crawling Scraping Google, Database Design And Development




We are a development company that builds web based software on linux and we provide to others to use for a monthly subscription.

Some of our tools include keyword rank tracker on google, yahoo and bing, backlink checker, and all are seo tools for scraping and DB organisation

We need 1person who can do many things – including huge scraping of google – 120 million pages per month, use of proxies / servers and put into DB, configure servers, design and implement very nice front end for users etc etc – i want one person to do everything.

There is very much work to do, and we need someone who is at the top of their game.

We have 4 projects we need starting ASAP. all are quite complex and involve a very fast brain.

The work is full time and we only want the very best!

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Visual Web Ripper Expert Needed


I am looking for someone who is an expert in Data scraping using Visual Web Ripper (Latest version ONLY).

I am pretty well-versed in it myself but need a little help with some issues I am facing.

I am looking for someone who can act as a help to teach me data scraping at ADVANCED level.

-Available on Skype for voice chat
-Must have Teamviewer to connect to my PC
– Agree on hourly basis
-Expert in data scraping using VISUAL WEB RIPPER (no other software, ONLY this)
-Send me samples of data extraction from an AJAX web site
-You must be able to scrape data from CAPTCHA web site

Serious bidders please.

When you bid please do the following:
2. Version you have
3. At least 2 web sites you have extracted data.

And the bidders who type "SWAN" at the beginning of their message to me, only those would be considered.

Happy bidding

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Canadian Residential Database Required

I require web scraping of for all address information under personal for all of canada.

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Web Scraping

Need someone to scrape the website data like, elance, freelancer.
I only need their name and emails for sending news or invitations.
The person need to be honest and able to do it in less than few days.
you need to be professional and fast as i have more jobs avaiable.
no time waster please. after you completed the job , i will check the emails to see they are geniun or not.
i have around $500 emails from those site so any hoax email and reject automated fake emails not acceptable.
you get paid 7 days after testing. the emails should be more than 250,000.
NO trial or unprofessional..

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Data Extracting/Scraping

I need to hire a data extracting specialist to extract telephone numbers from this telephone directory website ( There is a lot of different kind of searches you can do in this webpage, but what Im looking for is extracting phone numbers by adress. Check this page (in portuguese). For this kind of search you must login account, then insert the street name and number we want to search, choose state and city from a dropdown menu and press enter (will provide details). The initial result page will display just the first 15 contacts of all the land lines installed in that street and/or number organized by the first letter of owners name, starting with A. You should retrieve all phone numbers with name and adress from the result page and sub-pages (the links for the other pages of this search) and save it in Excel (.xls) format. I need someone to work on long time basis and will pay by the thousand data extracted. Like 1.000 data = US$. We are talking about a very large amount of data and short time to deliver per job so the use of a data extractor software would be better. Please bid for a amount of 100.000 data extracted from this website.

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Web Scraping Yellow Page Sites

Im looking for business listings you have scraped from USA yellow page web sites such as superpages or yellow pages. Please send me the file you have for sale and the price.

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Data Scraping

We are looking for a professinal who can data scrap ecommerce websites and upload it into sql server database. ( item , complete description, image). We will be giving the sql schema.

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Data Research

I need to find a company/individual who can scrape data from several different websites and collate into a single CSV or excel file.

The information will be about Universitites and the courses they offer. I will provide templates and the initial list of websites to scrape to the winning bidder.

There are approx 20,000 universities that I need to collect contact, address and other simple information for. It would suit someone who can write basic web scraping scripts.

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Scripted Scraping For 150 Different Sites.


Scripted Scraping for 150 different sites.

I need about 150 sites setup for automated twice a day scraping. Many of these sites have rss feeds or basic html, but alot do not. There are a list of about 20 total fields of data that I need scraped from these sites, with about 10 of these as CRITICAL components. You will be setting up the scraper to gather this data for an existing site/database so it is important that you/your team can communicate well w/ the current site developers.

Another important factor here is that these are to be queried twice a day using proxies so our IPs do not get banned. Duplicate information filtering also required.

Please pm me for the list of sites and fields you need to gather. You can go through all of the sites and then tell me the cost.

Looking to start within 24 hours.

Thank You

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Web Scraping

You will need to scrap 4 different websites and organize the data into relevant fields in an Excel worksheet.

Fields are: company name, street 1, street 2, city, zip code, country, phone, fax, email, URL, product category, etc. You will receive a template to follow.

Reply to this project if any interest and I will send you more info.

I have regular jobs of that type, so if you can do an excellent work (QA is very important), then we will be friends for a long time. And you will receive excellent ratings from me.


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Extract Data From Website (web Scraping)

Web scraping project, i will give you website and you will create script to collect required data. I expect results in csv file.

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Web Scraping

Mozenda provides a simple point-and-click interface, enabling you to extract specific information and images from any website. Basically, it makes scraping very simple and easy to run at any time through a SaaS model. You can learn more about the tool here: Literally anyone can build a scraper using Mozenda, but it is recommended that you have at least a basic understanding of (x)HTML in order to debug scrapers.

We use Mozenda to build "Agents" to regularly scrape our catalog for product feeds.
We will provide you with:

* Data points we require
* A Mozenda account
You will be responsible for:

* Building a Mozenda Agent to scrape the data points
* Testing and debugging the Agent
* Providing a report with any data points that you were unable to find and/or successfully scrape

NOTE: If you would like to play with Mozenda before applying for this job, you can download the "Agent Builder" at

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Web Scraping For Business Phone Numbers And Contact Names

I have an excel database of business names and addresses. I need to scrape or the web at large for phone numbers, officer names and employee size range.

the first project will be for 200 – 300 records. After that, if satisfied, will offer larger projects.

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Data Mining/scraping Project

I already cancelled the project due to Thousands of fake bids bellow is the URL

please only bid those people who already worked on web scraping,crawling projects

apply with example other wise please dont bid.. example means program example not any images, or data that can get easily from google…. so i will only conduct interview with those who will provide any working example ..

please only bid if you are ready to work and dont have any heavy project because i have many work to give you all projects will be time sensitive

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Expert For Data Scraping Sports Bookmakers Live In-Play Odds

I need a scraping script for Live In-Play odds from Online Sports Bookmakers

Sports Bookmakers: bet365, unibet, 188bet, 12bet, sbobet

Only programmers who have experience with Online sports Bookmakers and odds scraping


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