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Javascript Imacros Script Required.

I am struggling with this iMacros code that I am running on the iMacros firefox plugin:

SET !LOOP 134017
TAG POS=2 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Send<SP>friend<SP>request

When I click PLAY LOOP it runs once OK but then stops.

It will only work if the !LOOP is set to a very low number.

I found a bookmark that will change a numbered URL by an increment of 1 each time.

javascript code:


I understand macros can be written in javascript or a combination, so I am hoping this is the solution.

If you can help me with this, please bid!

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E Flip Brouchure

We are looking for a company to develope a e brouchure similar to what this company produces we are an interior design business in Thailand and have a wide range of products we import from China, India, Indonisia, Etc

We export our products throught Europe,Australia, And Africa and also have a designer shop in Bangkok.


I would like the brouchure indexing in sections Bathrooms, Bedroom, Dining rooms, Living room, Lighting, Flooring, Pictures, Stone, Wallpaper, Fire,s @ Fireplaces, Garden Furniture, Rattan, Vineer.

Thees are the sections of the flip brouchure each section will have a tab sticking out of the closed book so customer can click half way throuch the closed book on the section that says bathrooms for example and it will load the bathroom index first page.

Products can be listed landscape with brief description two three line underneath the grapic about the product and about the price.

We like the design layout to look like this the modular catelouge this design would suit are requirments.

Happy Bidding

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Animation For One-page Script

Looking for rotoscope or black and white style animation for a one-page script with four character inside an ambulance. Traditional animation is not likely to be accepted, CGI-style may be accepted. The voiceover work is complete.

Security Hourglass pricing this work at $100. The average salary for animation team to produce this page would be several thousand dollars. Accommodate your time accordingly.

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Script Debugging + Easy Installation

Hello, we are .

We recently released several scripts but we found that we surely have some bugs on them:

We need a good PHP (and better if he know ASP too) freelancer able to try our scripts (for each of them we have a front end and back end demo page) and send us a detailed analisys for each of them regarding bugs founded.

In simple word the job is not so complex:
a)i need that you try deeply our demo script sites
b) check all bugs founded and report in a word document or an email too is ok (one x single script)

Wating for your response

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Facebook Fan Page With Script

I need someone to design a facebook fan page that can be easily copied. Page needs to include some custom scripting I currently have the JavaScript but need it converted so it works with facebook.

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Facebook Script … Need Today!!

Can anyone tell me how I do the popup like Coca Cola do …

Its on "The Page Creators" if you click an image.

Thank you in advance!

I will pay $30 if someone can send me this script today.

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Click Bank Sales Page

I would like some help from someone experienced in click bank campaigns.
I have several products i need to get promoted right away.

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Auto Click In Html Page Script

One word is there in HTML page called push to top.
create a Mozilla script that may click on the word push to top word is click-able.
we can set time interval that when to click like each 15 minute each 30 minute.

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