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Mobile Apps Developers

My company creates, develops, tests, distributes and markets Mobile Applications on the Dutch market. My clients are the corporate clients, Advertising Firms and Media companies.

I am looking for the best iPhone and Android developers around. Very specialized in the development of Mobile Apps.
– Experience in the development of Apps for the iPhone & iPad.
– Experience in the development of Apps for Android
– Essential to be fluent in English or Dutch.
– Essential to have a portfolio of Apps that you have created yourself.
– Essential to have knowledge about how to get the app high in the app stores (of both Apple and Android).

Best regards,

Jasper Bongers

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Creative Writer/reviewer – Mobile Apps

Were looking to hire someone creative for writing a reviews for mobile apps (descr, pros, cons)

We have system allready online.
How it works ?

You choose an app, once you see official description of app you have to create own review, own opinion
the best way is to test app on your own iphone and write own opinion on it..

Id like to focus on the beginning on iphone / ipad devices.

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Mobile Apps

I need a developer that is experienced in iphone/ipad/android

I have a lot of apps that need to be developed from

– ibooks
– e-books converted to interactive apps
– games
– videos

I need a reliable person. One that is looking for long-term.

I will provide actual details of the app I need but I need to see samples and hear about your experiences.

Need to have info about previous mobile project worked on.

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Need Mobile Apps Developer ( Nokia )


I need a software for Nokia mobiles . If i add a USB infrared to my mobile . Can detector any infrared in the rang .

specification :

1 – The software is Encrypted .
2 – any one can download it with free 3 days use as a test .
3- if the user agree to buy one licence i can send him a activation code . ( each mobile need different activation code )
4 – I will be the owner of the software and i can upgrade it with any developer in future.
5- also i need other software can work with IPHONE but Nokia is first.

I need to detect nearest devices only . work 24 hours. Operating mode .

No need for PC Suit .
I dont want to scan every 5 seconds . i need it ON 24 Hours.

If you have any question please ask me.



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MAPiXS Mobile Apps


We just recently launched our new website on 2nd of May 2010, our site and we have around 5000 viewers per day and already reached almost 1.000 active members now and keep moving, the demand of mobile applications from our members are quite high especialy for BlackBerry, iphone and other mobile web app.

Please quote me your price for making 5 different Mobile Apps?
– Blackberry Mobile App
– Iphone

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Oracle Mobile Apps Developer

We are looking for an Oracle Mobile Apps developer. It would be short term to build an app and also train in house resource.

Please include your CV and put a bid for 1 month.

More details about the way we work and the company:

I work for a company that provides remote staffing. To find the right staff we usually work with offshore companies in more affordable destinations such as India, Pakistan, Philippines and Eastern Europe and Latin America. The company will need to have proper infrastructure in term of broadband internet and generator to make sure we provide a professional working environment.
Our process usually consists of interviewing the staff before supplying him to the client under our Brand. We actually going to do most of the management so there won

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