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Install PhpPennyAuction Script

I need this script installed:

I tried and got this error:

Fatal error: Class Router not found in /home/ptick/domains/ on line 283

Please help! Thanks!

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Need Twitter API Expert For Script To Read Data Stream

I need a developer who is familiar with the Twitter API to create a php script to read the Twitter data stream and send messages. The script will run via cron every 15 minutes and needs to use OAUTH to authenticate, and the script will be sending messages from multiple accounts. Ill provide more details to the lowest cost, highest quality developer. For someone with Twitter API experience, this is a very simple script.

Please note that I use GoDaddy to host my systems so it needs to be a plain php-based script that doesnt require special code libraries to run… and it needs to run on GoDaddy Linux servers.

I would like this script to be built and delivered to me ASAP; time is of the essence.


If you want to win this bid, please dont just copy and paste a boilerplate standard reply that lists everything you have done and all the skills you have. I only want to receive bids from developers who have read this description carefully, who can deliver this specific application, from a developer who wants this job. DO NOT SEND ME YOUR PORTFOLIO UNLESS IT SPECIFICALLY APPLIES TO WHAT I AM ASKING FOR. Please post any questions in the public clarification area so I can post an answer that will be seen by others.

Thank you!


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Sign Script Requiring UniversalXPConnect Privilege


I have a website which uses some functionality implemented in the Firefox extension, which I developed. JavaScript script on one of my webpages requires UniversalXPConnect privilege for communicating with XPCOM component implemented in my Firefox extension.

By default, when my script tries to enable this privilege for accessing XPCOM component:"UniversalXPConnect");

… the following error occurs:

Error: A script from "" was denied UniversalXPConnect privileges.

To enable this privilege currently users need to manually edit "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" setting in "about:config" Firefox page.

From this page: I learned that it is possible to explicitly sign my webpage containing script which requires this privilege. After I sign my script users will not need to manually edit above mentioned setting.

I will provide you path to test webpage. Website is hosted on Linux platform.

I would like you to give me detailed step-by-step instructions on how do I sign my script (what tools should I download, how to create certificate, etc.), such that after following your instructions editing about:config setting will not be necessary.

Thank you,

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HTML Form To Unix Script

Create a form in HTML for the purpose of creating a customized script to build containers for Parallels Virtuozzo.

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Landing Page – HTML


i need a Landing Page.
Must be HTML Page.
I have a form on that page. The user fill out the fields and submitt their name, phone, email to my email account.
Should be java script.

Design comes from me.

Must be W3C valid and error free.

Its Only 1 Page, nothing more!!!

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HTML Script Needs Shortening! – Need Help NOW! 1-2hrs?

We have just developed a new basic HTML template but some of the work was done in Frontpage 2003. There is also a javascript and some CSS in the coding.

– We need the number of characters reduced (such as get ride of unneccessary code, spaces, change font tags to use css, CSS moved to a linked file?)
– We also need to get rid of ; from the coding which appears from Frongpages code and also the javascript so the javascript may need linking also?

Really were looking for someone who may be available today (now?!) for a 1-2 hours? and I would like to know your hourly rate (please pm this if Freelancer doesnt allow a bid of lower than $30). I would like the person helping us to have access to MSN or SKYPE when they have accepted the project for ease of communication.

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Moodle Enrollment Script

I need a script that will enroll users into courses. This script will take a First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Course ID as input.

It will then check if the user already exists in the Moodle database. If the user does not exist, it will create the new user, using a pre-defined password. It will flag the user to reset their password at first login.

If the user already exist, it will simply determine the user id.

It will then insert a record into an external database using the userid, roleid, and courseid. It will use the built in Moodle external database enrollment plug-in.

There are a few things it would have to consider, such as the next userid to use when creating a new user. It would have to stamp the current date/time (using gmt-8) into the record. It would have to send the user an email with credentials and a message about their new enrollment access. It would direct them to a thank you page with the same.

I have already set up a moodle installation, and external database for enrollment, etc. I have tested all of this using manual SQL queries. Everything seems to work.

I need a good PHP script written to do all of this with error checking and perhaps things I have not considered. I have done all of this setup, investigation, and testing. The manual process was very easy without even knowing how Moodle works. I need someone who knows Moodle to do this and to also make possible suggestions. Perhaps a module already exists that does this. But if not, these queries would appear to work.

The budget for this is no higher than $60.

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Modify existing Python script to use pyodbc

I have a Python script that reads data from a serial port, performs some basic math calculations and writes to a CSV. I need the script to insert new rows into a MS SQL 2008 database instead of writing to a CSV. A small bit of script cleanup may also be required.

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