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Install Script On Xoops Cube And CakePHP..Fix Xcube Problems

Sites are made on xoops cubes and another site on cakePHP. Having problems installing the xoops cube and cakePHP on new server, if you can fix this problems let me know.
Give me sk yp e ID we can chat more and i will pay you on freelancers.

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Install PhpPennyAuction Script

I need this script installed:

I tried and got this error:

Fatal error: Class Router not found in /home/ptick/domains/ on line 283

Please help! Thanks!

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Encode Script With Zend

I need my script encoded with Zend. Please make sure the script can be FTPed without using the binary mode (in other words, dont switch it to binary).

I also need a license restriction imposed where the user can only install on 1 server. Please PM me about this, as I am not very familiar with Zends licensing manager. Thanks.

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Install Video Script And Correct Dsn

Install video script and correct dsn

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Freelancer Script Needed PHP

I need a freelancer script developing in php, much like the custardspoon freelancer site. it needs to be easy to navigate and must have payment integration, paypal for example.

it must be easy to customize as my experience is limited.

may also need you to install the script for me but we can talk about this later and will be reflected in the price.

send me your suggestions.


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Install A Script Into Xt Commerce (Veyton/Smarty)

I need some help to install one of these Scripts into my XT Commerce Veyton Product Page Template (smarty Template).

This should be done until this evening.

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Install Arcede Script


i need for you to install a standalone arcade script with a few ad ons firstly a affiliate tracking system, tell a friend tracking and tell a friend email out member log in email password and recovery payment gateway when people sign up there must be a erea where the can ad there alertpay details if thy dont have there must be a alertpay link to sign up i need a frontpage i will tel the winning bider of details

the winner will be the person who will complete in the fastest time and payment will be made a week after completion cos i do need to test that everything is working
if you dont agree with terms please do not bid

payment will be made by allertpay or paypal

thank you

hope we work grate together

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Install A Proxy Script On My VPS

Hi there, looking for someone to setup an elite proxy on my VPS.

Ill hire one (after consulting you about my requirements and how much RAM / cores / etc I should get) then send you the access details and you can install the script.

The cheaper the better 🙂 Not looking to spend much on this.

Please only bid if youve done this before.


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Install Alertpay On My Script


I need AlertPay to be intergrated into my script.


My Site, will be given to the winning bidder..

However, Winner should understand cgi programming… The script DOES have fully working PayPal API on it,

Main Objective:
When members buys my product through my site…After successful payment, the item should be available to them immediately.

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Install And Configure Script On My Server

I want to install smartdd on my server and configure it with one product with a custom download page that I have created.

I have a budget of $20 for this and it should take about 2 hours from start to finish.


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Handshakes Script

I need help with handshakes script from dzoic. The support there is almost none existant.
I want someone who has experience working with the script. the problems are minor but since dzoic get paid to install and setup my server Iam still having problems with the script. I want someone who can be reach by email as well by phone or texting.

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Script For Big Blue Button & Elastix

Big blue button has created an install script for Centos 5.4. Elastix already has many of the components installed that Big blue button. This aim of this project is to create an install script for elastix and big blue button without interfering with the normal Elastix install tree.

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Install Ajax Script – For Prosperoweb

We discussed this project last week. We purchased the needed ajax script. We need you guys to install and blend in our app. For more info refer my conversation with your PM. thank you.

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Dating Script

Im looking for someone that has done a whole dating site. I will by that whole script (youll have to install it) for $100-150. No design or any of that is needed. Ill have someone else change the design.

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Visualize a number – Real-time count up script

We need ASAP a count up script that plots out a numbers string that is to be updated real time at the closest interval possible. The string is to be "clean" so we can css it.
Basically the script will add a given quantity to the numbers string for each time unit that passes on the visitor computer.
We need to be able to place multiple counters on one page.
The base number should be easy to change for each counter. End result something like this (but with only a flatnumber as the base number:

The possibillity to set it on a yearly cycle (resets January first) or to make it run continously from a given start date. It will be based yearly statistical numbers.

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Alexa Ranking System


* Extract Date From Alexa for various sites and display them in there appropriate ranking order.
* Members who have joined the site to be able to view the list, can join these sites using the build in downline builder.
* If a site is not listed a member can list the site and the program will pull the data for the new listing, rank it accordingly and place it in the downline builder
*Upgraded members can use a rotator that will rotate the sites the select.
*Upgraded members will be able to track the results of the sites they have selected for use in the rotator
*A resource library where embers can purchase ebooks from industry leading professionals on the topic

That is a brief overview. I have a broader overview in word format. I can also be contacted on Skype at bformhals

Thank you, Bruce

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Video Testimonial Required

Script will be provided – UK accent required (ideally gentle Scottish or Irish) – more details available by PM

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Sweetcron Installation and minor customization

I need to have a blog script installed on my webserver. The blog is called Sweetcron Beta, you can read about it on All documentation of the script is here

The script will install to the original theme. I have tryed installing it on my web server (cirtex hosting) but ran into difficulties.

After installing the blog, which shouldnt take longer than 15 minutes, I need it to be basically customized to me. Using the original theme is fine I would just need any information or photos that are generic swapped out and replaced with images I will give you.

This will require some graphic design knowledge in order to make the blog personal to me and also aesthetically pleasing.

Any questions feel free to ask ill be here the next hour or so. Looking to get this done tonight so anyone whose good at blogs go ahead and bid.

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Batch input page

There exist a current webpage which ask for 5 fields
once you enter the 5 fields and submit you get a confirmation page1, once you hit confirm you get a confirmation page2 showing something like

The Customer 54788454 has new balance: 551.51. Recharge (TxnId is 54564 ) for 200.00 (Airtime-200.00: Tax-0.00) was successful. Your credit Balance is 4000.00.

I need a page which allows me to enter field 1 to field 4 and then 32 instances of field 5. when i hit submit a script will process one of the 32 entries at a time and data must be marked in mysql db table
I need the following fields in db
field Date 1,2,3,4,5 54788454, 551.51, 54564 200.00 4000.00 (values from confirmation page)

There also exist a few error pages which can come up instead of confirmation page2, in that case I will need the error message marked in a field calls error

at end of run the input page will show which of the 32 entries has new balance and which have an error with the error marked next to it.

there will be an option to resubmit some entries by putting a check mark next to every entry you need to resubmit and hitting submit again.

the current webpage which accepts single entry at a time is a https page. I only have web access to this page
there is no captcha

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