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Meeplace Script Modifications Needed

– The city list for people registering as a new user is way too long and hard to use. We want this to be an auto suggest box. This needs to work with wildcards at both ends of the results ( i.e. *term* instead of term* )

– We also need to have a good multi country functionality added. All of our listings right now are limited to the US, we would like to be able to add new countries. This doesnt have to be through the CMS, we are comfortable with editing the database to add countries if need be.

– We also need a better tell-a-friend page. We want the script to request permission from the user to pull their contacts exactly the same way that facebook does this. We need to do this with gmail, aol, comcast, msn, hotmail and all yahoo addresses (.com etc.).

– Due to the fact that this is a business directory script, its not easy to add products in a cohesive manner. We need a separate page template that would allow for product listings that would leave out some non necessary info such as zip code, street address etc. This would be the default page template for several of our categories so we would need to be able to control that as well. We want a new tab in the admin panel for product management.

– The city autosuggest feature is buggy. Right now if a city has multiple zip codes it suggests once for each zip. So if you have a larger city like LA you end up with close to 100 suggestions.

– We have created a new header template through photoshop. I would like this sliced and coded in css and used as the new header design for every page.

– We want to create a new sorting function in the search results. This would allow us to sort by name/rating and one other category that we will discuss later.

– We also have small design bugs throughout the script. Such as an extra linebreak in the search results that we would like removed.

$500 Dollar Bonus for the following features beyond your estimate

We are offering an additional $500 USD if you can complete the following two tasks. In your quote please list whether or not you are able to complete these additional tasks.

– WordPress integration. I want to have wordpress installed in a directory called /blog and I would like to have it so that people logged in through meeplace would be able to comment on blog posts and the username would link back to their meeplace profile. This needs to use the same stylization as the rest of the site.

– Meeplace offers a premium listing feature, we just want to automate the payment process so that it is hands off. We want a custom area for people who have approved claimed businesses that will allow them to become premium members by paying a recurring monthly amount through paypal. Once approved their business would be featured and highlighted at the top of all pages where their search results would normally appear. We also would like to add the ability for a featured business owner to select which of their user reviews they would prefer to have highlighted. These reviews would be featured at the top of their business page.

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I Need A Simple Image Script!

I have a background image that is tiled. It is an image of smoke at the top of my website. The image shows in the background and the content of the page overlays the smoke image. I want the smoke to scroll horizontally so the image looks like its moving. This script should work on any browser and should be html/javascript/css only.

Budget is $30. If you have a demo please share it in PM so I can see.

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Script Modifications Required

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Do not bid over the estimated budget or your bid would be ignored.

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Server Side Script To Get IP From Image Request


For an image hosted on server, I need a script that will
get info about the client when that image is requested in an html

Specifically, this script will:

1) Get the IP address of email reader. If they open in Outlook for example, ideally
want to get the current IP of where they opened. If they open in browser email, or gmail, etc.,
I understand that we will only get the IP of gmail and that is ok.

2) Would like any other info that is available:
– operating system
– brower
– time

3) Would like that info emailed immediately to a specified email address.

Essentially, I want to implment the equivalent of what does but
I want control over the image that is used.

Please indicate in your reply if there is any special server requirements that we will need.

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German Traffic To Certain Links

I need "controlled" German traffic to certain URLs and tracking pixels.
IPs must be from Germany.

The links are not supposed to show up anywhere. Best would be access to germany proxies or the like, and a script that is self written, changing IP, useragent etc.

Please PM me with your suggestions on how to proceed.

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Satellite TV To PC Script

Hi Guys,

I am looking to buy either a ready made script or have one made that allows the user to watch "Satellite TV on PC".

You must be able to show me a working version and be able to offer me full resale rights.

Urgent Project


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I Need Script To Run On Hp Unix OS

I need script to run on hp unix OS. The get daily report in text file which I want to show in graph. I have attached text file. Please PM if you have any query. Thanks

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Online Store Php Script Needed

I need an online store script ready to use should be a nice design and should have payment options such as paypal moneybookers and so on and should high class something like amazon. I will be selling electronics items mainly

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Modify A Script

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Bids from cost effective countries/bidders prefered.

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Raffle Script

I need an addition to my vBulletin Forum.

I want to be able to add a raffle to a thread, like the poll. My members must be able to choose numbers between 1 and 49 and then pay for them at my specified and varying price via Paypal. Once the number or numbers are bought and paid for by them it will show as purchased by that member and cant be resold in that raffle.

Something visual will be ideal

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PHP Script For Joomla – Content Fetcher

Hi! I would need a php script, which would fetch content from several websites! Script must automatically fetch and write down into Joomla database. It should be workable on Joomla 1.6 CMS platform. For any further questions please ask me. Kind regards

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Groupon Clone Script Littel Modification

Hello i have groupon clone script i want to add a new field where user where buy deals have to write obbligatory FISCAL CODE so when thy print deal coupon fiscal code in write over there because they have write it on form!
for have more information before BID please contact me on skype: pacio982


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Script Modification

I need someone to modify a php script to do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Details will be provided to shortlisted bidders so that you can provide your time and price estimates.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

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Auction Website

I will need someone to add a decrease functuion to my script. I have a penny auction script. I need to option in the back end so I can choose a reverse penny " where the price drops evertime someone bids" A example would be I also need someone to add the design I have to the website and update the logo I have designed.

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Write MLM Compensation Script For WBO

I need someone to write a script for a video we need to produce of an MLM compensation plan, its very unique and I need a very creative writer that can put what the visual should be for the video as well, Please do not bid on this project if you have not written a script for a MLM compensation plan or do not understand what one is, I am sick and tired of people who know nothing about mlm bid on these projects and then I spend all my time doing the project that I am paying them to do. You will be responsible for creating all the ideas for the visuals and the script to go with it. You will also in your bid include the time to direct the production of the video and I will pay for the production. Please do not bid on this project unless you send me a compensation script that you have written for a MLM compensation plan, thank you very much. I am attaching the compensation plan so you can look at it and when you write me you can comment on some ideas that you have that are creative concerning the uniqueness of our plan.

Danny Levie

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Need Script To Rotate / Manage Link Redirection


What this script must do is detect if a certain page/link is still alive or has already been deleted. If it detects this page has been deleted, it must start redirecting the another link.

I will load several links on this script, lets say around 30 links, and the script must redirect all traffic to the first link, and the page of the first link is deleted (ie: Page not Found), i need the script to recognize that and start redirecting the traffic to the second link, when the second link says "Page Not Found", start redirecting to the third link, and so on.

I need to be able to load as many links as i want on this script.

Ill be more specific via PM.

Let me know if you can do this.


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Real Estate Script Or Website

im looking for a real estate script or website my budget is 30 dollars i have tried most of the free ones but they dont work to well
i want to be able to upload property listing and manage the property.

I have a website template so maybe another approach is to have a freelancer build me a small cms script that will manage a database and embed the database onto the website page – i must be able to mange the listing and add fields as required.
if you can help with this project please let me know. thank you so much .vgd

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Unblockable Automatic PopUp

I need an unblockable popunder script working on page load and opening on a real browser window of latest versions of firefox, IE 6,7,8,9 , and Chrome. Not a dhtml layer popup.

If possible, I would like this popup to be automatically closed after any amount of time that I set (must be variable), or I can set it to stay there. I need the size to be variable too.

It is a similar script that some affiliate networks like cpxinteractive, paypopup etc. uses for serving popunder ads when page loads (if blocked they display pop-up/under when user click on page)…


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Excel Spreadsheet Tool / Script

I need a tool, script, setup of Excell to handle changing all numbers in Column I (PRICE). The resulting number would be a % of Column I (PRICE) plus the original number in Column I (PRICE) . For example, if the original number was 100, and I need the % (to be added to original #) was 30% the resulting calculated figure would be 130.

I need to see a proof that the tool, script etc works.

I will pay best offer on proven work.

The Spreadsheet attached is to be used and the column to be edited is attached.

Thanks, Casey Connors

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Create Script To Place Google Alerts On Web Page Automatic

Want Google alerts placed onto web site automatically. Will also need for you to install onto server and upload necessary files. Will provide a template page. For now, only state of California, will want to expand and pay for other states in the future. This task is budgeted for $60 USD.

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Wanted … Websites Script

Im looking for site similar to Users should be able to login and upload pictures of their cars on their own pages. They should be able to add descriptions of cars, rate cars, communicate with each other through messages and comment. Site will have to have a forum. Online shop is not needed.

Members will have to register and enter info of their cars. On the main page should be search option (car manufacturer and model … etc ). Also, there should be space for newest, last updated and highest rated cars.And news.
But I want the script to show and work from right to left to support the Arabic language.

We need an expierenced web designer And programer, so please have a portfolio with similar projects.

Thank you

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Sport Website With Phpfox


i want to build social sport website, we have phpfox script and already installed .

i want to have in my website these parts:
1- champions
2- teams
3- matches
4- players – coachs – managers
5- articles
6- stores
5- video/pics

i already designed whole website with details and convert it to xhtml

i need some one to implement design with script and make sure that all parts connected together.

please provide me with your bid and milestone and duration and what you need from me.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Script

I am looking for a script that will trigger an automated email to send to people who abandon their shopping cart. This scipt should be HTML or text enabled, should link them back to their order and automatically enter the coupon code offered in the email when sent. Basically it must utilize their cookies. I will provide example to who over wins the bid.

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PHP + MySQL + Smarty + JS Script – Changes Needed – ASAP


Im looking for a good developer to do some changes and fixes in a PHP + MySQL + Smarty + JS Script

The maximum budget for this project is $30 USD. Changes to be done ASAP (understand this as NOW)

Ill provide the link of the script by PM.

After this urgent changes Ill deliver more changes to be done.


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Log Review Script-Bash-Linux-Unix

Script Requirements:

1. command line

2. Will ask user the directory path and name of the log file

3. Will ask user the date format of log file (that is date syntax to match)

4. Will ask user how many days back they want to review log file

5. Default date will be current system date.

6. Will ask user the desired path and name of the output file. Default will be original log

7. Will grab the pertinent log entries and send to a file in user indicated path

8. Script must take into account monthly calendars (example months that are 27days, 28days, 30days and 31days)

9. Ability to attach additional parameters to script (example ./script | grep whatever)

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Modify Script

I need someone to modify a php script and add additional features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

This work may take a few hours to accomplish but not more than a max of 2 days in any case. It all depends on your efficiency. However i can allow you 3-4 days to get this done if youre working on other projects as well but not more than that in any case.

Budget is $100 and under.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

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Script To Insert Data In Joomla

I have a mysql database with titles, article content and category structure information (few levels).
I need a script to insert it automatically into my joomla website using either an existing extension script or to modify an existing script or to write a script yourself.
End result should be the joomla site with content listed like in a directory with all the menus and articles inserted.
Need coder with the following skills:
Would need a coder with the following skills PHP, Mysql, CMS, Joomla, K2, and template, Rockettheme, Yootheme.

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Install SquirrelMail On Linux Web Server

I am looking for a kind soul to install SquirrelMail on my Linux reseller web server. Too busy designing to be able to spend a day trying to work out how to do this.. Budget is £30.

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Vacation Rental Theme Customization

Hi i will purchase vacation rental script from, as they have very simple theme and on their website which is very basic for y project. it says the script is fully customizable, but im very poor on code knowladge, i want some one can make an attractive theme for that similar to, , ,
dont want same as them but just something attractive. is there anyone can contact with me?

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Product Uploading To CS-Cart Through Script

Hi Everyone.

I have CS-cart product selling website. I would like to hire someone who can make a script to upload all the products automatically to website with images. there is little bit mannual work as well. images and description needs to download from other website. all can be found on one page so you no need to do any search for this. only need copy paste my watermark to other images through mspaint. i think total products are approx 2000-2500.

work is very simple. i would like to go with automated script rather to do it mannually.

Feel free if you have questions.

Approx budget is 150-200$.

Thank you

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