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Wanted Penny Auction


I need a professional Penny Auction website which will be similar to Penny Auction sites like:,,, The script must be tested and 100 PERCENT bug free. A full working demo is needed asap. Also, a full support of at lease 90 days. Upon completion of the project, and testing by me. You must also install and configured the application on our server and make it so it is relatively secure from any kind of hacking.

All bidders must have have experience in building or customizing Penny Auction scripts and Penny Auction websites or similar.
If youve done a Penny Auction website prior, we would like to see the completed work. Please send us a sample of your auction site.

We need all auction platform that includes everything from the bidding process, to registration, buying bids, Autobidder.

Need to have the ability to add new features as we grow with time.

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Penny Auction Site – Bigdeal, Wavee…

We are looking for a coder or a team with solid experience in penny auction site.
Our site would be a mix of features from 5 different site:
Wavee, bigdeal, bidcactus, ballonnbidz, beezid
We are not looking for a bug free custom made script, we would test all the features in demo mode before sending the payment.
It needs to be customisable and ready for upgrades.

There would be 2 main styles of auctions: Penny auction and seat auction.

We are ready to start now and of course we have the budget available to get this project ready to get launch within 2 weeks including the phase test.

Get at us now for more details about our project and start our collaboration.


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Penny Auction Template Design


Im looking for for a template/theme to work with phppennyauction. The design would be similar to and or images/auctions rotating at the top, with auctions below it. The software is written with cakePHP and is all theme based utilizing .cpt files.

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Penny Auction Soft Optimization

We need help with our penny auction site from penny auction soft. We believe somebody is hacking into our site and we need help figuring out how to prevent this from occuring

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Need Traffic For Penny Auction Urgently


We have a penny auction site with the most innovative and new ideas but unfortunately havent received a lot of traffic till now. We have had some amazing feedbacks from our users. We need targeted penny auction traffic urgently.

The payment is negotiable. We are ready to pay nice amounts but we need to see some demo before we finalize the project.

The choosen candidate will be paid according to quantcast analytic.

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Grafic For Penny Auction

Need new grafic for penny auction

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Build A Penny Auction Bid Site

Need need all features Like

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Penny Auction Timer

Need urgently a script for a penny auction timer – such as in and for existing website. Pls bid only if you have done this before.

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Penny Auction Timer Script

Urgently needed a penny auction timer script (example for existing website . Please bid ONLY if you have done this before!
Thank you.

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Custom Penny Auction

Hello guys,

I am looking for a team of coders or a single coder to make me a custom penny auction website.

I already designed all the pages on photoshop so all you need to do is slice it and make it into a website.

The features are really basic:

-signing up
-getting 5 free bids
-buy bid packages
-modify your profile
-start biding
-Use coupon codes

Admin side:
-managing users (see how signed up when, how many bids does he have, add more bids to members, create new members)
-Creating an auction
a) add the title
b) add photos
c) enter retail price
d) enter the countdown (how many hours left for the auction)
e) enter the timer ( +20 seconds or + 10 seconds ) thats the clock goes up once someone bids
f) Chose if the product winner is going to be: a regular member or a bot

-managing and creating bots
-creating coupons that will give free bids

It will be very simple as said.

The bidders must have some kind of experience and unfortunately i cannot work with freelancers from india since the timecode is so different.

I love in canada.

I want a good and professional job without any bugs.

The winner will get payed 25% to start the project and the rest once its completed and bug free.

a side note: the site will be in english and french,

i will provide all the keywords though

Happy bidding and tell me if you already have a made a penny auction website.


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"Penny Auction Same As Quibids Needed"

Hello, I am seeking a programmer to make a penny auction website which is inspired by Quibids.

If anybody have a product ready I will be very interested and i need it as soon as possible.

I will need special interfaces develop and thats the confidential part i cant say what kind of interfaces needed. Please contact me via PM so we can discuss the project together.

I will give priority for those users who can provide me samples and previous works done.

Thank you.

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Penny Auction Site Modifications

Hello, I am interested in getting a quote for this project, the more affordable the better, and i have a slight programming knowledge so please dont try and give outlandish quotes or they will be ignored completely.

I am interested in the script that runs, , visible at , however would like a quote on the following (and possible more, ill PM if it changes) modifications

*Images do not resize when in the product description
* Timer is ok, but bids take a while to transfer
* There will also need to be major changes made to the User structure, which is fairly confidential and so would rather be discussed over PM, however it is a fairly straightforwards job, basically just involving creation of 2 different types of accounts; one regular and one which can upload items and more. Pm for more details on this.

I am not yet sure when work will start, this is mainly to find a good worker and quotation so that finances can be sorted out.
I appreciate your time and if it is found inappropraite that there is a lack of certainty in this work, please remove this immediately or contact me and my apologies.

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Penny Auction

Make a penny auction site

Sites to look at:

Payment methods
1. Paypal
2. Clickand buy
3. Goggle pay
4. Credit card

1. Full administrative for multiply sites
2. Requires chat police
3. Chat room in site
4. Multiple pages for items
5. Tick timers on individual items, Automatic and able to set by Admin
6. Requires Data base to store information
7. Seller registration and bidder registration
8. Full 1 one year maintenance on program
9. Required to install on domain of choice.
10. Builder will provide sites to look at that are built by programmer
11. Site will mimic but have additional requirements like Swoopo .com or
12. High level of security for site
13. multiple language user capable UTF-8 to allow multi lanugages

We need a simple and clean design. Similar to with ideas from,, and some interface. It should be easily upgradeable in the future. Open to your ideas with the design of administrator side of project – it needs to be simple to use.

I expect you to provide some warranty on your work, which during this time you should correct, any errors etc.

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Penny Auction Site For Websree

Penny auction site

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Penny Auction

I am looking to start my own penny auction website so Im actively looking around for skilled programmers, coders and designers to help me. This is not a career offer its more like a hobby, you can think of it as a modding team. Financial compensation will of course be relevant when the final product is released. If you are interested and wish to participate in this project send me a pm preferably with some kind of contact information; skype, steam, msn or xfire to get more detailed information.

In case you didnt know this is actually a great business idea and its about time that I was a part of it. A very good example is two Finnish men that started their own website two years ago and are now living on a tropical island. Im not saying that I want to be as crooked and as much of scam as their website is but its actually very legal much like a lottery only it attracts more people with its manipulative system.

This is an example the business model Im going for

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Penny Auction Programmer Needed $50,000.00


I am seeking a programmer to make changes to an existing Penny Auction Script that I already have. This is a big project and you must have professional programming skills. I have already spent thousands of dollars on this project and once completed and paid the programmer stole everything and left me with nothing. I will win the current court case but this doesn

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Penny Auction

i need a ready made penny auction site …anyone having already developed auction sites are buggy scripts please.


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Script Installing And Customizing Penny Auction Bid Site

We are looking urgently for a Freelancer for customizing a Penny Auction Script for create a Penny Auction Website similar to

The script was bought on this site: ( ) and the script is GuruPennyAuction Script Standard )

Please post your bid only if you are able and intrested

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Penny Auction Website

I need a quote for building a website similar to the below

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Penny Auction Website

I need a quote for building a website similar to the below

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Create A Penny Auction Bid Site From A Script

We need a freelancer that can install and customize our script ( in order to create a pennyauction site.

We need that this freelancer can being able to install it, customize the script with an original graphic and logo and make it live in order to match a site like

Urgent job

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Penny Auction (Swoopo-type) Script

We are looking for someone who has a proven Penny-Auction Script.

DETAILS: We would like it to closely emulate Swoopo (Doesnt everybody? 🙂

Your script must be ready to go – complete and functional.

It must be well commented – so we can make any modifications required.

It must be PHP MySQL and function on a LAMP system.

It must have Google Checkout payment option

2checkout payment option

Visa and Mastercard credit card payment option

It MUST BE your own coding, and not some other downloadable version with bugs and callbacks.

It must NOT be encrypted.

TERMS: Maximum Escrow Payment will be 10% of your bid. Final Payment will NOT be released until the script is loaded on our server and fully tested. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from bidding. We deal honestly with all of our providers and have excellent feedback as proof. All we ask is that you be honest as well.

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Creating A Kick A** Penny Auction Site!

I would like a site similar to
With 8 auctions at once and replace product with next after a couple of minutes of displaying that the auction has ended for that product.
It is very important to keep it simple and with NO issues with timers! 🙂
I would also like to keep the person I chose for the project on a long term basis afterwords for any changes that may need to be done and improvements as the site grows.
I would like this project completed ASAP, so speed means a lot too.
I look forward to working with you!

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CakePHP Penny Auction Autobidders

Hello, I search somebody who can make the Autobidder in my penny auction script more realistic. The Script is written in cake php. The users should not notice that the bids are placed by a autobidder.

Please, only bid if you know penny auctions and have an idea as one can make this.
The Autobidders should place their bids like real user.

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Fixing A Few Things On My Penny Auction Site !

Here is what i need done
1. I think this mite be an easy fix the timer on my penny auction counts down to " 0 " then it pauses with no winner need it fixed.

2. The site also has a login box in the top left corner i need it removed.

3. I need the Bid Paks on the front page changed to reflect the site.

4. I need my contact info added to the contact us page.

5. Add facebook, tweeter, bookmark us link on bottom of main page

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Penny Bid Auction Web Design (Graphics Only)

Graphics needed for penny bid web site based on designs from other similar sites (reference list will be given to designer).

A mock up of the basic concepts for the major pages will be given.

Designers should provide links to their portfolios in the bid descriptions.

Designs should be completed in a standard format, such as PDF.

Design will include: main page, auction list page, registration, help, profile, bid purchase page, and auction listing. A logo should be included as well.

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Penny Auction Website (pay Per Bid)

I need someone to build me a penny auction website (pay per bid). I want it to look like and have all the same features that the top "penny auction websites" have. I want it to have a rotating banner that will show different auctions that are coming as well as a recently sold auction (like what the top "penny auction websites" have). Also needs to be very secure and have a well laid out admin area where all auctions, bids, banners, and etc.. can be easily set.

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Facebook Penny Auction Game

I am a penny auction site owner and I want an application for facebook to entertain the users and promote my site.

Send me your ideas please

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Unique Square, Similar To Penny Auction

Can you do me a website that people can win items by playing a game, for example the game having 1000 squares and they need to guess which one is the winning square by clicking the square and they guess it then they win the item, but first they need to buy clicks/bids and then play the game. If they dint guess it then they lost the a bid/click. It can probably a big square with a lot of blocks and with that big square they can maybe win more then one item.

this website is probably very unique, I dont know if you can do it.

This website must look similar to a penny auction website like, but this is not a penny auction site because is a game square.

it also needs to have a cpanel so I can control everything similar to a penny auction site

My budget is $90 max

thank you

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Penny Auction


I am looking to build a penny auction website. I want it to work like most other penny auctions. Users must be able to buy the bids like the traditional penny auction.

I would like my site to look and work just like this one but unique enough to not be copyright infringement:

Also, I would like the website admin to be extremely user friendly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by PMing me.


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Penny Auction Robots Bidding Against Each Other

Looking for a designer that can code my current script with auto bidders bidding against each other.i have auto bidders in my script but they only bid once

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Penny Auction Site


I am looking for someone that can create a Penny Auction Site(PHP 5.x, SQL, Apache)which must include the following:

1) Ability for owner and consumers to post products for auction. This function must be switchable in the admin section.
2) Multiple Currency enabled and currency conversion with automatic updates from or similar site.
3) Ability to select 1-unlimited number of auctions at any given time.
4) Newsletter Opt IN / Opt OUT
5) Tax set up which could include multiple tax rates based on registered users location.
6) Admin controlled Meta Tags and SEO URLs
7) Must have at least 3 templates that can be switched within Admin. This would only include colors, banners and or layout.
8) Admin controlled Banner (advertisement) manager
9) Admin must be secure with admin creation/delete option
10) Users must be Admin controlled with full edit ability of user information, amount of bids available and blocking ability according to IP address. Users must be able to auto-bid on individual products at a set increment to a maximum amount.
11) Robot Bidder ability.
12) Products must have HTML editor for description (FCKeditor). Must have reserved pricing available. Bidding increment selector. Start and Stop date/time.
13) Payment settings must include credit card payment through a virtual terminal as well as PayPal payments including recurring payments.
14) Shipping will be table based, flat rate and UPS real time.

15) The front end will feature, log in / register, About Us page, Terms and Conditions Page and any other pages as defined within the admin (HTML Editor with this as well)
16) Users will have to the ability to watch the auctions without logging in.
17) Users can view a list of completed auctions (amount pre-determined in admin)

Once complete, this site and all content and graphics will become the intellectual property of the purchaser. The coder will not tag, encrypt or copy protect any portion of the website.

This job has a projected has a 4-6 week completion. The coder will support the site for an additional 30 days after completion and correct ANY issues that arise during that time.

The code must speak and read fluent English and must accept payment via PayPal.

This project requires an immediate start as I have already lost 5 weeks dealing with a programmer who realized he was in over his head and could not even finish layout the project.

For further information, please contact me.

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