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Simple Visual Basic Application W/ Heavy GUI

Heres my project:

I have a few of these 12V USB relays. See link here:

It is fully compatible with visual basic applications.

I need an application that will do basic functions, for example, in the application, when "FUNCTION 1" clicked, the instructions may be to start relay 1 for 3 seconds, start relay 6 for 8 seconds, wait 4 seconds, then start relay 11 for 2 seconds.

I will also need to be able to add these functions from the application itself.

Also, at one point in the application, there will need to be a feed from a webcam connected via USB.

Sorry Im being vague, but I need to keep this project confidential.

This will be a very GUI heavy application. Please only bid if you have experience with building a GUI. I am a graphic designer, so I will be able to supply you with PSDs of what the program should look like, you just need to build it.

All in all, this is a pretty simple application, but has a GUI-heavy component. To ensure that youve read this whole listing, please start your comment with the word "guava". Thanks.

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Java Implementation Of Data Stream Aggregate Counter

This project is to implement a Java program that

– reads a file containing CSVs a timestamp and a unique id in the format
"Mon Mar 28 11:09:27 +0000 2011", "1234"
"Mon Mar 28 11:09:28 +0000 2011", "1235"
"Mon Mar 28 11:09:29 +0000 2011", "1234"
"Mon Mar 28 11:15:00 +0000 2011", "1234"

– takes as command line arguments date/time, number of seconds, number of frequent elements

– outputs the count of the unique ids starting at the date/time specified ending number of seconds later, displaying the counts *only* of the N most frequent elements

This must be efficient and able to scale to processing tens of thousands of items per second.

When bidding on this job you must specify which algorithm you plan to use and whether it is approximate or exact.

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50 – High Definition Commercials Trailers Videos

We need 50 High Definition (720p) videos ranging in duration of 45 seconds to 75 seconds.

The videos must be of HIGH quality, not grainy at (eg Youtube – nono), in mp4 format.

This is for a private library for development, so copyright is not an issue, just need someone to collect them up.

US Based (english).

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Toll Toopen Website Every X Seconds

I need a small tool that opens a website (e.x. with built-in explorer) within x seconds. I need the feature to enter the website and time manually.

The tool will run at a Widnows Server 2003.


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Copy-paste Images To Ms Word Document

I have 720 images need to be copy-paste to Microsoft Word documents. It is easy and simple, no need to design or writing, just open each image with Ms Paint then copy-paste to Word. Depends on your skill and speed, approximately it needs 3 hours working if you can copy-paste each image in 15 seconds or maybe 6 hours working if you can copy-paste each image in 30 seconds. Need to start immediately.

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Oscommerce – Slow First Time Page Load Fix

OSCommerce active store. For last 2 weeks the initial page load has been getting slower and slower. No add-ons or plugins have been installed in this time – more products have been added to the store though.

I attempted to index the database but not sure I did it correctly. Did not speed anything up.

Upon first page load (20 seconds), all other pages load in 2 seconds. Total page size is under 200kb, so it is timing out or slowing down on something. If a user is inactive for 30 mins or so, the initial pageload will take around 20 seconds again.

Need this problem fixed ASAP.

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Need Video Testimonials – Only 30-45 Seconds.


We need several people to make short testimonial videos. They only need to be between 30 and 45 seconds.

We will pay you however you would like.

Each video will be 10 dollars :)…..That is a simple 10 dollars for 30-45 seconds of your time.

We will be accepted 5 people at first to see how it goes.

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Translate Spanish Video, 1 Minute 29 Seconds Of Talking

I need somebody to translate a Spanish video for me that is right at 1 minute 29 seconds.
Translation from Spanish to English.
Please bid $30 and also be able to have it done fast.

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MP3 Player


Looking for an MP3 player where I can set intervals according an exercise strategy called Tabata. You can read a bit about it here.

I would like software, MP3 player, where I can upload/play my music and be able to set intervals of when the music is playing loud and when it is several decibels lower.

This will be like a standard MP3 player with a few added features. I also want a very flashy looking skin.
First I would like the ability to upload multiple songs or more prefeably, drag and drop like ITunes etc.
After I upload my favorite music I want there to be 5 settings.

Warm up, Workout, Rest, Interval, Warm down

Warm up = typically 5 minutes. Want to be able to set this to whatever I want.

Workout = the time I am exercising. I want to be able to set it to whatever I want time frame wise.

Rest = same thing. If I want to rest for 10 seconds or 10 minutes, I want to be able to set that to whatever I want
Interval = how many times the workout and rest repeat. For instance, if I want to workout for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat this 8 times, that would be 8 intervals. An interval is one workout and one rest.

Warm Down = same as warm up.

Second function that is important is a record function. I would like to be able to record the session so I can upload it to my IPod.

For example, if I want to warm up for 5 minutes, work out for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat or

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Voice Over For Animated Clip. ~60 Seconds.

Voice over required for a "how to do" animated video clip for a new website.
about 60sec. similiar in shape to:

langauges required: Spanish (castilian), hungarian, english.


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Animated "how It Works" Video For A Website. ~45 Seconds.

A 45 seconds 2D animated video describing "how it works" for a new website.

The video should be similar in concept to the groupon "how it works" video –

The video should be suitable for multilingual versions, and the project requires handling on all levels (from story board to high quality video product).

video required by begining of May 2011.

Talented, original, reliable designers with experience in such projects are welcomed to bid.


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Video Of Actor Being A Chiropractor For 30 Seconds

I need a 30 second spo for TV of a chiropractor speaking. I can be an actor.
Must be in english. good looking man best. $100 dollar budget best. Will be played on TV.
White jacket helpful not necessary. If you do not have a camera or the actor dont bid.
More work in the future likely.

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Small Entry Bot

Im looking for a very simple bot because i dont have the time anymore to do it by hand. the bot only needs to read the informations from a text file. the website requires an account to post ( i got enough accounts, so ill give you one for testing if the bot is working correctly ). because its not allowed to use any bots/scripts that do this automatically the bot will need a custom delay between every next entry. the delay should be modifiable ( e.X: i enter "60 – 120" and the bot post at 65 seconds, 110 seconds, 85 seconds, … website can be requested per PM.

*.txt e.X.

file size (mb)



file size (mb)



and so on.

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60-90 Seconds Viral Videos (3) Need To Be Created

I am looking to promote the newly launched New Music Discovery site where Musicians can upload their Music Videos/Audios and Fans can discover new music.

the kind I am thinking of is along this sample videos here
Actimel Russian "viral video" advertisments by Pavel Samokhvalov
please watch all 7 videos and you will understand what i am trying to achieve

I want an EXPERIENCED Professional to produce VIRAL Videos to promote our MUSIC site. The Viral videos will be used to promote our Site via YouTube and other Video sites. Also if the company can also point us in the right direction of how to spread it via EMAIL it will be an additional bonus also (via seeding in the right portals etc)

– Video Requirements:
These videos should be short and snappy 60 seconds to 90 seconds long and have that

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Joomla Virtuemart Too Many SQL Queries Fix Improvement

My site has been suspended by my host (shared hosting via siteground) due to the following:

"…the problem was exactly due to very slow SQL queries which are in turn slowing down the whole service"

My site info:

PHP Built on: Linux #6 SMP Fri Feb 20 02:45:11 CST 2009 i686
Database Version: 5.0.91mm-log
Database Collation: utf8_general_ci
PHP Version: 5.2.9
Web Server: Apache/1.3.41 (Unix) mod_gzip/ mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.31 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 PHP-CGI/0.5
Web Server to PHP interface: cgi
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.5.15 Stable [ Wojmamni Ama Mamni ] 05-November-2009 04:00 GMT
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/9.0.597.94 Safari/534.13

with debug turned on the following is typical of a page load:

Profile Information
Application afterLoad: 0.000 seconds, 0.24 MB
Application afterInitialise: 0.044 seconds, 2.50 MB
Application afterRoute: 0.086 seconds, 4.23 MB
Application afterDispatch: 0.579 seconds, 11.20 MB
Application afterRender: 0.749 seconds, 14.32 MB
Memory Usage
1207 queries logged

I also noticed 989 legacy queries logged

I have upgraded to Virtuemart 1.7, used phpMyadmin to optimise tables and tried turning off SEF to help the problem, but whilst it has improved the queries is still too high.

Once this is resolved I will also be looking to move hosting to a cloud provider (not SITEGROUND!) and also have 6 other sites. Therefore potential for additional work, but for now need this fixing ASAP.

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EBay Scraper Site

I am looking for someone to creat a site with similar functionality of
The site will need to register useres. The user will then have options to save searches, and have the results emailed to them. The user will need to select to run the search every Day, 4 hours, 1 hour, 30 min,15 min, 1min, 30 seconds, 15 seconds .

Search Options

* Search Title & Description
* Sort by Buy it now, Auction, Buy it now & auction
* Filter By price
* Select Catagory, (all category levels)
* Creat A list of Sellers To Filter Out and Apply it to Searches
* Filter By feedback Be able to search sellers with less than or greater than X feedback

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3D Animation 60 Seconds

Using an existing 3D CAD assembly (STEP, IGES File) to create a 3D rendered animation of product assembly, showing all the steps of a typical assembly and product features.

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Animation Presentation /Video Of Less Than 60 Seconds

We are an Internet Marketing company providing SEM and Online Lead Generation Services to clients in India and US. We need a presentation that we can use on our site to showcase how clients can benefit through our offerings. The presentation needs to be simple with less text. The requirement is of less than 60 seconds.

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Tibata MP3 Player

Are any of you familiar with Tibata? its High Impact Interval training (HIIT). You do an exercise for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds than repeat.

You can read a little bit about it here you like:

I would like a software, MP3 player, where i can upload/play my music and be able to set intervals of when the music is playing and when it is not. For example, i upload song X, it plays music for 20 seconds or whatever timer i choose, then it pauses for 10 seconds or whatever time i choose, then continues with the music for 20 seconds etc.

Tibata sets are meant to be 20 seconds of workout, 10 seconds of rest, 8 intervals or sets. I would like the MP3 player to give me the choice of "Workout length", "rest period", and "intervals" Essentially if i want to go 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds, and do 10 intervals then all i would have to do is select those options.

You can use any MP3 player you want, it doesnt have to be fancy, just needs to allow me to upload songs and set timers…

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TV Commercial Avdertisement

I need someone who can make TV commercial advertisement like this one (but lasts 20 seconds):

01/16/2011 at 5:03 EST:

I need someone who can design TV commercial advertisement like this one (but lasts 20 seconds):

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Random Media With Weather Addon/Script For XBMC

This addon/script is needed for an in-store ad setup using XBMC 10 as the player. The script needs to randomly play all videos and images in the selected local or networked folder. It needs to remember the last 2 displayed items (image or video) so the same media doesnt get displayed twice in a row.

The weather app that gets displayed is the full screen app that gets launched from the XBMC home screen.

Options needed:

Folder to read media from
Images get displayed for X amount of seconds (e.g. 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240 seconds)
Weather on/off option
Weather gets displayed after X amount of media files (e.g. after every 3rd media type, display weather)
Weather gets displayed for X amount of seconds (e.g. 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240 seconds)

The script needs to run 24/7 without user intervention.

The script needs to auto update itself so if new media is added or old media is removed from the folder, the script doesnt complain and just keeps running.

The remotes "Back" button (Key ID = 61606) exits the script

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Create 3D Movie Clip From .MOV Footage (20 Seconds)

I have 2 .MOV clips of about 20 seconds. They are filmed on identical cameras mounted eye distance apart. I need them editing together in 3D format options to see which works the best.

Please only respond if you have experience editing 3D movies together because I need to understand what the best options are.

This is a prototype to be followed by more movies that are 5 minutes in length.

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OS X Media Player/Processor

1. Graphical interface with modifiable MP4 playlist manager.
2. Can add, remove, or sort MP4s.
3. Play and Stop button.
4. Error dialog on mediafilesegmenter failure.
5. The GUI should show the length of the MP4 in the playlist.
6. Configurable FTP target.
7. Configurable mediafilesegmenter options.
8. Configurable between "Live" or "VOD".
9. When you hit play, the file is sent to mediafilesegmenter and .ts and .mp3u file are uploaded to FTP target based on mediafilesegmenter options. The idea is to simulate a "Live" broadcast from a VOD file. Typically, a .ts segment is 10 seconds long. The m3u8 file updates every 10 seconds. Both that 10 seconds of ts file and the corresponding m3u8 file should be uploaded via FTP (Does this make sense to you?).
10. .ts files uploaded to the FTP server that are older than what is listed in the m3u8 file should be deleted.

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Corporate Flash Presentation – Graph & Flash Ninja Wanted

Hi there,

I would like to order TWO flash based corporate presentation similar to the one we can see in Zimbra Home Page. The video you can check at Watch a Demo Link – at Zimbra in Action Area – Left Side of the frontpage.

As you can see these presentation are very clean, smart and dinamic. High quality are very important to me.

Colour and effects will be almost the same. Basically we will only change the content.

– Presentation one will be basically a overview about my business and how we can solve my client problem. These presentation may take 60 seconds.

– Presentation two will be a more operation view about my website. It will have some videos – I already have then – showing my website operating. And it may last 60 seconds as well.

After hire you, Im able to send to you a Powerpoint presentation with the content I would like to show at the presentation.In those presentations I also tried, under Ppt limitation, to simulate some of the effects the flash simulation should have. I may help you out.

Finally, after graphic and effect are done, I may add my voice to both presentation or just a background song (please quote with and without voice. Please quote just with a background song too).

PS: Those presentations will be the first two of 10 Im planning to order along 2011.

Any query, please let me know.
Best regards,


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Design A Short Animation (10 Seconds)

We need an expert 3d Animator to design a short animation 6 to 10 seconds max wich contains these two words appering in 3D " Feres Vampi"
Colour : Red (blood)
You have to add some effects to the animation (Words ad background )
for example: you can make the M for the second word appearn like two fangs
Anything related to Vampires in the backgroud also for example : Coven .. NO CROSS
you can imagine it "Feres Vampi" appearing and deseappiring with some effects related to vampires
5 winners :
1st : 100 $
2nd: 50$
3rd : 30$
4th and 5 th : 20 $

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Save The Date Animation

My fiancee and I are looking to make a small animated video to announce that we are getting married . We are looking to have photos of our faces put onto cartoon figures and have text explain how we met and fell in love etc. It will be in 32 different frames which will last for 2 seconds each and will be to music. The total time for the video will be 64 seconds We have the text that we want on each frame and would require you to animate each frame according to instruction (this will be in a powerpoint presentation). The animation does not have to perfect and is more a fun, comic book like story (maybe south park cut and paste style of animation)

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TV Animation Project

Need 1x 60 second animated pilot episode for a major Australian television network.

Im not 100% clear on what this would cost, but please give me estimates. This is being paid out of Producers pocket, not the networks so I unfortunately dont have an unlimited cash source.

I am looking for an opener (about 6 seconds) the actual show (about 48 seconds), and then closer (about 6 seconds).

Audio is being produced separately, so Im just looking at visuals for now.

Please send me examples of your best animations so I can see what type of work you do. Scripts and opener/closer material will be sent to the successful animator.

If episode order is picked up, I will be able to pay decent wage and give you credit.

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Shell Script To Perform Web Request Every 30 Seconds

I need someone to write a shell script or equivalent that performs an HTTP web request every 30 seconds. This script needs to load when the linux server boots. This should be a simple task.

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Quick Image Batch Resize

Need someone to find or develop a tool to batch resize images in a Linux box (debian with 128mb with 15% free mem)

A solution already exist but is way too slow (from ImageMagick tool)
mogrify -adaptive-resize 20% MyBigImageFile.jpg
The mogrify command above takes 35 seconds to resize an 8MB photo
The solution must take 10 seconds or less.

Like mogrify, the aspect ratio must stay intact. Optionally the size specification may be expressed in K(ilo-bytes) instead of percentage, as in the following example: "resize -max 512m -i MyBigImageFile.jpg -o MySmallerImageFile.jpg"

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Create Voice Broadcast Solution On Elastix Call Centre

Automated Voice Broadcast Solution
***Please ask any question you like****

In your application to this task you must advise
-Yes this is 100% of the request is achievable
-No these features are not achievable……..provide details
-Estimated Time to complete from time of receiving order
-Your fixed price quotation

Create a complete step by step how to guide to develop the following solution
You must write a functional specification and return to me for approval before proceeding
You must advise any improvement you may offer in design, architecture of function
You must develop the solution
You must test the solution
You must document the How to Guide so that I can implement the solution (letter by letter line by line)
I will test your guide and approve

User interface Platforms:
Operating system independent – windows, mac linux etc
Web Browser – all main versions, Internet explorer, Mozila, Chrome etc
Be capable of Iphone in the future
Be capable of Android in the future

Elastix 2.03 with Call Centre 1.5-3.2 (Current Version)

–Fundamentally leverage the core platform without depricating any existing features
–Must oeprate in a manner that will allow upgrade of core platform
–Automated outbound Dial and message delivery based on call centre outgoing campaigns
–Must use Virtual Agents – meaning that no actualy logins are required
–Broadcast message will be the selected IVR message- IVR fucntion must maintain operation.
-If IVR has a nested IVR-1 then opetation must be maintained (press 1 goes to IVR-2 with new selection options)

Admin Interface:
-Create Users
–Assign IVR to User
— Assign quantity of Ports (Agents or lines or something) to limits concurrent call access
–provide access to results report
–Set No Answer ring Duration
–Set Support Contact Details – Name, Logo, Phone, Email, URL

User interface to:
—select IVR to use in outbound Campaign
–Time Scheduled start and Stop of campaign with repeat option and future scheduling
–load a group of recipient numbers from .csv to be readily available to select per broacast (Saved Groups)
–Ability to create new recording by entering a phone number and initiating a new call to the recording interface
Assign name to new recording
–View and select recording to be used for broadcast
-View results reporting of my user broadcasts
-Display Support Contact details

Message Delivery Operation
–On Live Person answer – begin play back of IVR Message
–On answer machine – beging playback after tone
–On Busy / Fail end call
— On No Answer end call after 60 seconds of ringing
–Ability to detect and release call on Hang up by remote party (Recipients will be mostly residential Analogue Lines)

Reporting Interface
to view and report on all user accounts for all broadcasts (master view of all results)
to count resutls of calls as a tally
-Failed Number
-Busy Line
-No Answer
– Answered by Answer Machine – message delivered successfully
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 10 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 20 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 30 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 40 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 50 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 60 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 70 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 80 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 90 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 100 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 110 seconds of Play Back
– Answered By Live Person – Recipient hung up after 120 seconds of Play Back

To show me you have read my specification you must begin your application with
Yo Marko

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