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Optimized Multiple Route Planner

This is for the UK. I am looking for a simple planner for my plumbers to optimize their appointments by finding the quickest routes for multiple jobs and putting them in the correct order by postcode.
This would be preferably through excel sheet uploaded. (open to suggestions)
I would require the following.
Jobs entered by postcode then number of property.
Time slots (we carry out AM/PM appointments and 2 hour appointments) there should be a default time and a adjustment time that can be altered.
A section for the name of the plumber to be added to the route with home postcode attached as finishing point (can be adjusted)
Start and end postcode defaulted and adjusted required.
Section to type in a postcode and find the nearest operative by the planner for that day.
The results produces a map of the route to follow and step by step directions that can be downloaded.
The software should be web based and log in facilities for plumbers to log in and see their route only and ability to download.
Icons for use should be in the style of ipad/iphone apps
Back end user for me to update the routes daily/weekly. Change names etc.

Hope this explains clearly enough. I have small budget so hopefully not a complicated programme.

Thanks for looking

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Website Rebuild (wordpress)


I am wanting to redevelop our website to a wordpress site, with a
similar look and functionality as it presently has (but better).

Not sure where to start and just looking for some sort of ball park.

The current site is a bit of a hack and extended so many times it
ended up being a bit of a mess, and the SEO it dreadful!

Basic requirements
– Mostly blog with the ability to categorise articles in multiple
– Simple online store to purchase subscriptions and back issues, we
want to later be able to add some other product to this section. This
also has a discount coupon. We want to use an intergrated paypal
gateway for this to help reduce our costs.

– As is (categories and listings of businesses)
– We want to make this better by being able to open listing and get
more info (photo galleries and videos, more text etc)
– Ability for companies listed to edit their listings by logging in

– Wed probably need to find a way of integrating this, rather than
re-doing, its pretty complex. But take a look and see what you think.
– may be good to set this up an another site, that we link to and
link back from???

I know this isnt much info, but should kick us off in the right
direction. Let me know if you have any Qs.

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Classified Ad Poster For Rooms And Share Section


I need a poster for rooms and share section of cl.Please contact if you can post live ads without violating Craigslists TOU.

If anyone can do this than contact me asap!

I need 50 ads in cl and

I am ready to pay $50 for this.


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Craigslist Posting In Housing Section.

Im looking for someone who has an IP solution and their own PVAs to post in the housing sections in CL. You must be 100% sure that you can get the ads LIVE in the housing section.PLEASE DO NOT BID BEFORE YOU TRY POSTING AND BE SURE THAT YOU ARE GETTING ADS LIVE IN THAT SECTION.

Please do not send me the same thing you send to everyone else. Be sure that you can do the job first before you bid.

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Iphone App A Type Of Language Test.

I require an iphone app creating.

The app is a type of language test.

The test will be in four sections

One section will require voice recoding
One section will require to play media. (not video just noise)

Within that section will be 6 individual tests of the same type.

An example of one section:

1)What is the name of the cycle tour company

a.Darrens tours
b.Daves tour
c.Anthonys tours.

Another section example:

Some text: Some amercians enjoy going on holiday and some would rather stay at home. Research suggests more than 5% stay within their state when going on holiday.

1)What percentage of Americans stay in their home state while on vacation:

Answer: 5% (Their will be a small box for the answer.)

The voice recording section will be similar to this:

Question 1-4: PLAY audio

1)What was the phone number for Jane?
2)Where were the hotels near?

Once the quiz is complete for one section the app customer can then view there answers and score.

NOTE: the voice test will be sent to my email address and I will then answer the customer with an answer.

I need a modern design and want the iphone app creator to be able to provide me with their previous work, their full cost, a full working example before payment is received.

Please English speaking app creators only.

Any questions please ask.

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Looking For A Posting Service To Jobs Section In Craigs List

I am looking to post ads all over Craigs.List in the Jobs Section.

id want to post about 2-4 ads per day as a beginning. If it works well, Id increase the number of posts and post it in more cities.

I need an expert who can post ads in the Jobs section without a problem.

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Craigs Posting Services Section 2nd April

Craigs Posting Services Section 2nd April

Bid $50

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Craigs Posting Job Section 2nd April

Craigs Posting Job Section 2nd April

Bid $50

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Craigs Posting W4m Section 2nd April

Craigs posting w4m Section 2nd April

Bid $40

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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT $0.35 PER ADD

I am seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

I am looking for someone that is experienced in Craigslist posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

Please PM us your price per ad as well as how many live ads you can post per day.

Daily need 10 to 20 adds and cites will be USA only

Rates will be $ 0.30 per live add , we will not pay for any Ghosted ads.

if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Upgrade Website

Gaming Website

Existing website is a template, has multiple blocks, cms, and custom banners and logos that we have had designed.

What we are looking for is an upgrade to our site, keep some of the functionality, and add some other things like a video section, Facebook, a real nice forum section, lots of options for forum posters, updated profile options, videos, rosters.

Need the abiltiy to update site as needed in the future after the project is done also.

** Can speak very good English.

Please show link to portfolio, thank you.

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Craigs Posting W4m Section 1st April For MuStiiii

Craigs posting w4m Section 1st April for MuStiiii

Bid $30

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Craigs Posting Job Section 1st April For MuStiiiii

Craigs Posting Job Section 1st April for MuStiiiii

Bid $30

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Craigs Posting Services Section 1st April For MuStiiiii

Craigs Posting Services Section 1st April for MuStiiiii

Bid $30

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Craigslist Postings: 1 Month Bid:Housing Section

Craigslist Posting Housing For Rent 1 month bid

Looking for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post


Ads will be posted in one city in the USA in the state of Florida the city is Miami.

It will be in the FOR housing for rent section of craigslist.This is not an easy section to post in.

You provide everything needed to post – the PVAs etc. You must know how to avoid ghosting and flagging.



You will post 50 ads per day, 7 days a week, Between the hrs of 9am 1 pm EST US.

I will supply the titles to be used will provide the link to the words and the pictures.

You must know how to Post On CL successfully rental ads.


I only need to know 2 things in your bid when it deals with what you want to get paid – answer for me #1 & #2

1. Bid on Creating 1 Ad:
What you will charge me to create 1 new ad using Postlets Ads.

2. Bid on Posting 1 Ad:
What you will charge to post 1 ad.
Guidelines: Maximum bid is 25 cents per non-ghosted ad and $2.00 to create a new ad.

If you are able to post these ads successfully for one month we will then increase your ads to 100 -200 postings a day
No crazy prices please. Ive been here for a very long time and I know the prices. I will also want to see what you have done on craigslist for other people.

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Craigslist Post *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT $0.30 Live Add

I am seeking someone who can post in either " HOUSING SECTION – RENT " Craigslist per their Terms of Service.

I am looking for someone that is experienced in Craigslist posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

Please PM us your price per ad as well as how many live ads you can post per day.

The posting must be made in:
10 Cities – *** HOUSING SECTION – RENT-**
TOTAL Daily Postings: 20 – 30 LIVE ADDS

1st week is a trial week for you and we will pay at the end of 1st week $0.20 per ad.
After the first trial week we will pay $0.25 per live ad every two weeks by PayPal if you pass the above requirements and do a great job for us. We will PAY for only the live ads that are posted, and remain posted for a minimum of one day. Once each ad have been sent, you will need to forward us the confirmation email from Craigslist.

We will not pay for any Ghosted ads. If you can deliver a successful campaign this job will become a permanent job.

Again if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Craigslist Newbies***NEED NOT RESPOND***

Also connect on our yahoo email

joergshaglaterr yahoo dot com

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Magento CSS Layout Correction

We have a working e-commerce website in Magento.

The margins of the header section are great, but the margins of the body section (left column, middle, right) are too big. So it doesnt look right.

I have searched, but can not find the right settings in the CSS files.

This should be extremely easy and quick job, if you are an Expert in Magento.

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Create Updatable Homework Section For Site

This project is for the site at

Currently the homework section is built where each homework page has its own table in a database. The content is updated by changing the values in this table. I need to change this so that the user can add or delete classes themselves. You can use whatever method you would like to do this. Changing this homework section has four basic parts which are below.

1. Users must be able to add, delete and edit classes from the backend administration section. This includes allowing editing of the content exactly the way it is done now.

2. The front end must be able to display homework pages.

3. The menu homework section needs to display items from the database based on the current classes, so it will need to be tied into the database somehow. If a user adds or deletes a class the menu will show this.

4. On the administrator section certain users are allowed access to certain pages. This will need to be updated so that homework pages are listed dynamically from the database and users are only allowed to view the pages that they visit.

If you are interested in the project and would like to take a closer look at the admin pages please let me know and I will send you a log in so you can look before you make a bid.

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Coupons Site (deals Site)


We are looking for a company/freelancer to develop a new section for an existing website – – a autoshop review site in Hebrew. The new section for the site is meant to be a coupon site sort of like –
Companies/freelancers with experience in designing such sites will have prior regard from us .

Thank you

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Urgent Website Needed – India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match!


The site is designed to promote / advertise / present the
big PAKISTAN vs INDIA Semi-final match in the world cup of cricket, with possibility of future development.

I need someone CAPABLE and FAST to develop a quick little site for this domain.

Right now, all I want is:

Videos section from various videos from youtube on a specific search (one page)
Various polls on who will win the match, etc.
Some advertising space for google ads, etc
A links section for people to watch the match LIVE

IMPORTANT: Project needs to be complete within 3-6 hours as the match is on March 30 at 5:00 am and we would like to have the site launched quickly. Site can be updated frequently after the launch. Will need a quick logo design too


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Classifieds Posting Project

I am seeking someone who can post in either community section or services section of
Craigslist per their Terms of Service. Please send me your best and lowest per post rate
in your reply.

If you have other Classifieds you can post cheaply to, please let me know also.


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Opencart Auto-Part Online Store

– Create an online store using Opencart
– Purpose of website is to provide technical information on automobile electrical systems and sell auto-parts
– MUST BE PROGRAMMED keeping SEO in mind.
– We would like three graphic layouts designed for the website (with our guidance of course), we will choose one and revise as needed.
– Logo must be designed as well, same conditions as above, 3 designs, we will choose and revise one design.
– The technical information section of the website is very important it must be user friendly and very searchable using a variety of search criteria that will be discussed later. Each technical article must be visibly displayed on the webpage (text) when selected as well as having a downloadable version available as well.
– A technical article/newsletter template must also be designed. This design must match our logo and website.
– Our online store should function in a particular way. The products will be searched for using various drop-down menus that display Vehicle year, make, model and engine. All this info is to be stored in a database and should easily modified.
– Also we would like to able to link product part numbers to the technical articles that they are related to.
– This website is for Canadian consumers therefore it will be in English and French.
– For the Technical Section, the user should be able to search by each category and/or by specific vehicle. It should be easy to add any new articles, categories/vehicles via the CMS. This will be done by virtually any employee with basic computer skills. The user experience should also be a top priority when designing this section.
– The main objective of this website is to generate sales, but a very close second is to educate and provide free information concerning vehicle electrical systems. In the end we think this will only enhance our chances and help us to become a successful e-commerce site.
– Emails will need to be sent automatically to the required supplier (depending on P/N) once the order is placed.
– We need a reviews or customer comments section. Also we were thinking of adding a section where people can submit a question they did not find the answer to in our articles library.
– Also we would need a videos section in the technical library, we have some training videos/material that we can upload.
– We are contemplating making the tech section viewable only to registered users (free registration of course). We want to use the same registration for the store, tech section and if we implement a forum later on.
– We will also need a section in the products called Notes, to display any special considerations and/or specifications that need to be conveyed for that particular product.
– We will need shipping modules for all the most used shipping carriers, Purolator, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS. Also we will be offering free ground shipping for orders over a certain amount of dollars.
– We would like to provide paypal and/or all major credit cards as payment options.
– We will need an easy way to import our inventory (xls or csv import) as well as update our inventory quantity. This is very important as we do not only sell online and thus must update our inventory daily.
– We will own all the rights to the work performed.
– We will need an RMA system for all warranty returns. Opencart 1.5.0 is supposed to be coming with one, we can modify as needed.

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Changes To My Recipee Website

I need someone to update and repair some small glitches on my website:

I want to have:


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New Script From Scratch

Looking for someone who can build me a script with SAME STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS as or

The script must be 100% working, with admin section where I can make all settings such as pricing, fees, membership schemes and so on.

I will only pay after successfull installation and testing on my server (I will do the installation myself). Therefore it is imortant that the system´s link address can be defindes within the admin section.

The design must be fresh and modern.

Up on completion all rights go over to me. You must delete this system from your PC and are not allowed to use it any further. The winner of this auction must hand out a hand signed agreement which states, that the system has been programmed for me and that it will not be used any further. This agreement will also contain a penalty fee payable in case it is being used otherwise.

Budget is low, therefore low bids will be considered!

System must be VERY SEO FRIENDLY, so that every single project will be listed on Google as well as the main page.

Also the currency must be definable within the admin section so that I can easily change the currency! Basically it is a very similar script to freelancer. The verification of user accounts and user details is very iportant as well.

The script must run on its own without any dependencies such as codeigniter or other servers. I dont want this script being dependent on a third party application.

Also a clean structure is necessary, I dont want a messed up code structure!

Database: System must run based on two different databases: one for user details and one for all other stuff. This is necessary as I am planning to run it in 2 different countries but I want a signed up user to be able to log in on both systems.

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Craigs Job Section Posting 21st March

Craigs posting job Section 21st March

Bid $30

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Craigs Posting Services Section 21st March

Craigs posting Services Section 21st March

Bid $30

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Craigs W4m Section Posting 21st March

Craigs w4m Section Posting 21st March

Bid $30

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We Need Craigslist Posters For Housing & Sales Section

We need to post adds on craigslist. no time waisters please. bidd only if you can. high price biders will be automatically rejected. thank you

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Website With A Forum Needed

I need a website built …the focus at this point is on building a forum. I need something like google groups. the forum would need to have a members only section and a public section. Members only area would allow only logged in members view or post.. if someone responds to a forum post with an email that response should get posted in the forum as well

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Any People Need Job Section Posting Then Plz Contact Me

I am craigs list poster.i have big team in craigs list.Any people need job section posting then Please contact me THanks

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