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Our company facilitates in swimming pool sector in TURKEY.

We would like to increase the traffic for our company website

We are still doing adwords, but we would also like to be in the fist page of search engines, specifically in google, for some keywords.

Turkish SEO experts would be preferred since our keywords are in turkish language.

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Website Buildouts

I have six wordpress sites that I need to have tweaked which includes using the ReviewAzon plugin to install amazon product review pages on five of them. The other site feature clickbank products. All sites need appropriate themes installed, and must be adsense compliant. One of the sites will be used for cpa network approval. Knowledge of the product, Unique Article Wizard is a plus.

I want these sites to be fully functional where all I have to do is get them indexed in the search engines, start driving traffic and start making sales.


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Information Search Website

I want to create a website almost like proposed by &
My website is to provide information about city in almost all sectors in almost all user friendly manners like- best deal, featured, nearest search.

Kindly let me know if anyone interested to work on the project.

Thanks & Regards.

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Link Building


We are a global mobile advertising network. We want 10000 links to our site . But Not the spam links,so that website is not banned from the search engines.

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Continue To Promote My Website

For ONLINESHINE. Promote my website. We are interested about link building and any other valid ways to get traffics to site! We need a marketer that will bring traffic through search engines, social media and increase page ranking. We are looking for REAL traffic, not fake or spoofed, traffic with unique IP addresses.

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SEO Get My Website To Google #1

I have a new website and current;y rely on adwords to be at the top of google page, but want my website to be number 1 organically.

We are looking for a very experienced SEO specialist to get our website to number top rankings with search engines.

NO black hat method only white hat
If you cannot get us to number 1 on google,bing and yahoo,please do not bid

Only experienced individuals needed

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Build Website And Do The Graphics

I need someone to build me a site something similar to but very simple version of it, our site will require people to create their profiles simpler version of facebook. If you know how to let people log in with their facebook login information to our site, its a big plus. Also I want you to take care of the seo and the graphic design.

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Limo Search Website

The graphics for the site have been created by a graphics designer and I require the website engine to be created.

There are 2 sections to the site one will be where the customer will be able to search for the limo they require within the UK.

The customer section:

They will have the option of search by postcode and date and then refine by limo type.

Once they have put in this data submission the system will display all the registered limo companies that have a limo available

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Chinese Travel Website

We want to create a website similar to but in Chinese, for Chinese customers. The web-site will allow Chinese people to book hotels in a large Chinese city.

We plan to monetize this website using or other affiliate.

The website needs some original content written in CHINESE so that it is listed in search engines

For this project you must be a native speaker of Chinese with experience of how to monetize travel websites (hotels or airline ticket booking)

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I need a website designed for my computer website and programming company this site will have a Home page,contcat us page,SEO page,Programming Page,Design page,Business coaching page,and a Print media page,you can design the site and content for the site,I want the site to have the look,I also want a twenty four hour chat service in this site,I want it optimized for search engines,,,NO WORDPRESS SITES or PREBUILT SITES I want this site to be built in dreamweaver or equivalent program,Im based in the US so it would need to be optimized for the US.

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Remove Virus/phishing Attack And Secure My Website

Recently my website was hacked and has hosted a phishing attack.
I want someone who can remove all virus and phishing attack
After you will need to secure my website.

Budget; Max: 40$

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Hi Guys,

I need a website designed VERY VERY SIMILAR to this website but BETTER :

It needs to be in similar colours but better.

My domain will be

the telephone number will be : 07739401729

this is my existing website where you can take all images and text you my need :

i need the new site optimised for search engines as well

i need it made as soon as possible.

any questions please ask

i need to see a example of the site layout before i award the winner, so get creative…….

i will only pay in full when i have the complete site of around 6-7 pages.


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Off-Page SEO For Spanish Website

Hi I need a good Off-page SEO optimization for my website (Spanish Website), it was ranking position No 1 for all of my keywords, when the site was new and since some time my visits falled down from +500 daily to +200, I think is easy work because the site was ranking No 1, and have a good On-page SEO work, it have a forum too and I want to increase the ranking of my threads at search engines too.

Ill provide site info via PM, just ask.

Greetings, you should show me your portfolio.

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Employee Security Search Website Project

We are looking to develop a web based application that will allow a client to upload an employee list to the website. The employ list will be checked against the – LEIE Database dbf file that can be downloaded. Our company will have a backend admin section that will manage the monthly update of the data that comes from the OIG HHS website. The client will be able to setup an account and then upload their employee list or manually type it. The site needs to run a check of the employee list against the HHS data to find any matches. The system needs to print a display a report of matches. Also, the site needs to display a report that all employees have been checked and verified not on the list.

The matches will be based on first name last name and social security number.

The website needs these features

1. Automatic Signup with a 90 free period (2Checkout will be the merchant account used)

2. Client area to up load employee list and run report automatically once a month. Email report to client.

3. Admin area to manage the HHS database

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Develop Local Directory Search Website

I have this project to quote.

Project description:

1. Home Page like google, clean look. (we will provide the design, template)

2. The site will be a local business directory where people will put keywords in the search box to get a local service provider. For example: plumbing, electrical, house painters, landscaping maintenance, etc….

3. When visitor types a keyword, ex. "courier service", they should get a results page (like google) with the businesses registered with that keyword. Each result should have the business name, location and rating.

4. When visitor click any of the results, they get the business details. Those details should include: business name, full address, hidden telephone (but clickable to get it), category, description, email, website url, photo, location map (integrated with google map or bing), share app (friend by email or facebook share), print option, business owner button (for administering his information) and contact form with 4 fields.

5. The contact form should send an email to the business and a copy to the website administrator.

6. Business owner button should take the person to a login where he can update his business listing and see how many hits or referrals he has gotten from this website.

7. At the beginning all businesses data will be entered by the website administrator, but each business should later be able to edit their information.

8. If the business owner comes for the first time, he could request his user/password through a form or by calling the website administrator.

9. User ratings; After a user has contacted a business, they will be encouraged to fill a simple survey to rate the quality of the service received. The survey should be saved and generate rating statistics for each business. The user that fills the survey would receive a "special coupon" that should be a jpg graphic sent by email as an auto response when survey is completed. That JPG should be uploaded by the website administrator.

10. Each business should present their "consumer rating" in the search results and in the detail page.

11. Consumers (visitors) should register to be able to fill a survey of a service provider listed on the website.

12. Website should have "ads spaces" where they can sell publicity by category or keywords.

13. Website administrator should be able to do the following functions: 1. Enter, modify or delete a business listing. 2. See reports of activity of the website like usage, best/worst ratings, contacts generated, change ads and disable a listing (not deleting it).

14. Website will have a few other text content pages, but those will be made from the general template.

15. Website will have three types of users: 1. Consumer/Visitor, 2. Business owners and 3. Website Administrators

16. Security of information is an important issue, so everything should be very safe from possible hackers.

We will provide the graphics in Photoshop psd file or html templates. We need all the programming and functionality.

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Classified Website

I need to have a classified website that allows visitor to offer products/ services, properties, job, …. the web admin should be able to confirm the advs and be able to delete entries; on the other hand, services receiver can select the desired offered product/ service

There should be some space for banner advertisement where the web admin only can control. Thats why it is important for this website to drive in as much as possible visitors so that large companies would be interested to place banner adv. within the website. (It is important that key tags are identified in a smart way so that it would appear first in google and other search engines.

the website should ask for registration.

The website is expected to be simular to
If the selected provider (freelancer done it well, he would win another deal to build a dynamic website for a business company.

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Custom Website With SECURE Payment System

I want a custom designed website that offers paid services. Visitors can select a package and continue to a SECURED payment form. The website also needs a section where content can be posted related to the niche.

I prefer wordpress because it is searchengine friendly, but ideas are welcome.
The website is about 10 pages including homepage.

I have a link of a website i really like and I also like the payment system which you can view as an example.

Pm me for the links of the examples. I dont want to show these to the public. After that you can PM me with your bid.

Also include in your pm how long it will take to hand the website over.

Thank you.

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Youtube (real Time Search Plugin) To Website

1. Okay guys im just going to tell you what i would like

a. We have a search page (php based) with a search box
b. We want to offer real time search assistance (keyword tool) as the user enters their keyword
c. We like youtube real times search assistance (keyword tool)


1. We want to add (youtube) keyword tool, to our website as the user enters their keywords

2. if the user selects the keyword options, (keyword tool) and click on the keyword, that keyword will fill our search box. and redirect the user to our (search results page)

3. So if a user enters keyword say (michael jack) then probably the keyword tool would suggest (michael jackson)

4. if the user clicks on this keyword tool, it will forward to our sites results (michael jackson)

Thats it

Note: i dont know if youtube has this in their api ??
Note: I attached a snapshot to give you an idea

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Executive Search Website

We are looking to build an executive search website, that will enable companies to lodge enquirers and candidates to attach resumes. Their is no database requirement for the lodgement of the resumes and they should all come through to a mailbox as identified as part of this project.

The best example of what we have in mind is

We are located in austraila and the hosting company will probably be

We are interested in getting this site up in a very short period of time and there could also be some logo re-design requiered, or we may use our own graphic design person to do this. All content and content directions will be provided by us.

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Review My Website

I have got an affiliate website with several affiliate programs and would like to get it reviewed for errors that I made and also that it is getting higher ranking on the main search engines.

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Review My Website

I have got an affiliate website with several affiliate programs and would like to get it reviewed for errors that I made and also that it is getting higher ranking on the main search engines.

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Link Building


My name is Daniel Silvestre. Thank you for reading my project description.

I am looking for someone that can do link building/create backlinks to my websites and articles in order to rank higher on search engine for specific keywords. These backlinks should come from PR4+ websites and then I can A) provide you with links to PR4+ websites or B) you carry research for those websites. I will provide you with websites/articles links and keywords for the backlinking. I want the results to be presented in a spreadsheet and informing me how it went with the backlinks (you should also create an email account for this).

Please be as specific as you can in your bid and bid description. If needed please send me a pmb with further details such as the way you do the job, deadlines, websites, past projects like this one, feedback, and other information. Assume that you are bidding for 100 authority (PR4+) do-follow backlinks as this is the number that I normally work with.

If you do a good job I will hire for the long term as I have several websites which need backlinking. I may choose more than one provider if I feel that I have to work with more than one provider.

All the Best
Daniel Silvestre

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Website Promotion

New Website Promotion !!
I want to promote my new website and get it listed with major search engines.
I need to get some major traffic on my new website.

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Html Expert

I have a e-commerce website running in PROSTORES and i need someone to do the yearly maintenance, monthly updates on design, change banners, etc.

The website runs in HTML and SSML. Its an easy project…

Im looking for someone long term so this is my year budget US$400

We also need SEO/SEM for our website…improving keywords, search engine positions, etc

Operating system: MS Windows
Bid count: 10
Average bid: $ 384

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pro website design from scratch

need a pro Website Design with only 5-6 pages with a built in online chat/visitor monitor. will provided a demo site/info needs to be ready from search engines. but most important is that it looks pro.
more info will be given im pm

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SEO Expert Required

My website provides information and advice for students who are travelling to Germany for work or study placements.

I need SEO for it targeted at both English and German search engines, with keywords in both languages.

German speaker would be preferred – although I can provide necessary keywords, it would be good to have further keyword suggestions.

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Website Redesign

Website Redesign

We need a redesign for an html/css e-commerce site (website address will be provided in pm).

Please note – a flashy design is not our main requirement. Our biggest priority is to increase the conversion rate.

We require a:

– solid, professional design that installs confidence in shoppers
– improved conversion rate
– google search engine integrated into site
– logo to be integrated (we will provide logo)
– redesign to be applied to the site
– seo to be taken into account when redesigning the site

Please provide some references for previous work you have done – we want to know about other websites you have redesigned where the conversion rate has improved

Success in increasing the conversion rate would likely lead to additional work with some of our other websites.

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XML Sitemap for Personal Business Website

I need an XML Sitemap (Protocol 0.9) for my personal business website to facilitate web crawling by search engines.

This job includes producing the Sitemap and uploading to my website.

It is a simple site with few links, please have a look before you bid on the project.

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Need real website visitors

I own several websites and I need those who are experienced at increasing website traffic & visitors to come from search engine & other sources.

PM me for project details

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Website Background Graphic

I am looking for a creative background decoration to my website. the graphic must be appropriate and tie in with my current theme. By background I mean the part outside the margins of the main body and behind that. My website is located at (ignore the @ symbols for Search Engines).


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