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Magento SSL Install

Hi, Im looking for someone to install SSL properly in Magento to secure the order page and the admin area. I have the SSL certificate installed on the server. Please only bid if you have experience in setting up secure pages in Magento. Thank you.

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Secure Call For Iphone And Other Apps

1) We need an Iphone Secure Phone Application…

Calls between two Iphones with this software should be encrypted….

2) We buy your ready Iphone App Projects

if you have ready Iphone applications send a message through getafreaalancer with name and a brief description….

we need following:

1) Source Codes of the Project
2) Detailed Documentation of the Software
3) Hardly Documented Source Codes (Every Procedure in the Source codes must be explained in detail, every line in the sourcecode must be commented)…

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SagePay Direct Module Oscommerce – 3d Secure Page

This is a very specific module, please only apply if you have set this up before as we have used two other people who have been unable to list. This is an urgent job we need completed by Monday. It should take someone who knows this module less than an hour to fix!

We have the sagepay direct module all setup on our site. We have fully tested everything in test mode and all transactions are being pulled through etc. Also live mode is all connected properly except we are getting an error on the 3d secure page. When we enter our 3d secure password we get the error

The Vendor or VendorName value is required. Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method.

3d secure is the page which asks the customer for their password for their bank card. Because this only shows to UK customers you will only be able to test this if you have a UK card or you know exactly what the problem is already.

We also want all the content took away from around the 3d secure box login form so on the whole page there is just the 3d secure box, with our logo above it with the text below it saying. Please enter your 3d secure password.


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Online Secure Database And Secure Web Access

This is a project to put a secure database on a secure server with a secure web interface.
The project is new, so funding will be a share in profits from the public site.
I need someone who can build a database, and web interface for potentially thousands of users.
I am looking for a partner, not just a freelancer. After the site is up and running, the programmer will receive 50% of all revenue from advertising for the life of the site as long as the freelancer can also maintain the site as needed.
I will pay all costs for servers, etc out of my 50% of the revenue.

Please only US based freelancers. You will have to sign a confidentiality agreement and have it notarized and sent back to me before the details of the project are submitted to you. I will expect phone and email communication and want a 6 month deadline..

Only serious, experienced, single (no groups or teams) persons may apply. I will ask for sites you have done and references.

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Easy Create Secure Form With Mysql Db Based On Employee Appl

Using a predefined employee application page, convert it to a secure(avoiding hack attempts) form with fields that are of appropriate types (dropdowns,radio,check,text, etc…) and capture the data to a single database table, all in a single php file. I intend on integrating this single php file into an already established website, so you will need to provide me with an sql schema to import and the php file. I will provide you with an example html file with appropriate field identifiers (ie FRMFIRST,FRMLAST, etc.) I also will have DBFIRST,DBLAST identifiers that will be used to populate information from a table that is already in place. This project will need to be completed rather quickly(12-48 hours). Payment terms: Payment when project is complete.

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Ajax And Magento Programming And Temple Clean-up

This project s for RTzine Only. – thanks,

1. Please install AJAX into our search by brand, color, size, style – we need this to work well, so we can add products.

2. Clean up the template – graphics, colors, buttons, etc,(minor changes)

3. Add a brand logo to product pages and minor changes on product page.

4. Test credit card module (we want to have our own secure check out with credit cards) since we will have secure servers installed.

5. SEO submission. We need to be sumbited to all the search engines in worldwide.

6. The site have to be in 7 languages (we have 4 installed – 2 are missing).

Here is our website –

I am sending you a bunch of files with screen shots so you can see in detail what needs to be done.

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Clone Of Template With CMS Secure Download Script.

We Need a Website to look like but we need it so our customers can secure download there goods automaticly after purchase.

You will need to change all identy to our business name.

It must have 3 drop down boxs Under – Escort design, Agency Design & Directory Design with.
– Unlimited WebHosting
– Website Submission
– Custom Developments – Basic Design
– Mini Custom Development
– Full Custom Design + Development

The check out must go like this.
Customer clicks buy now on any product an it takes them to a sales page asking them if they would like to add the following.
Website Hosting
Custom Development – Basic Design
– Mini Custom Development
– Full Custom Design + Development

Then takes them to either sign up or login to pay. then once processed they can log in an download there goods automaticly.


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Voiting Script

I need a custom voting script coded for my gameserver that is secure from injections. My old files were exploited awhile ago and crashed my server from it so security is the main issue. What it needs to do is when click the vote button to go to topsite it pulls up form for them to put their username in. From there it redirects to the topsite using my site ID and then it adds the currency to their accounts through one of the db tables. It has to be secure and have a 12 hour timelimit by IP in it.

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Secure & Optimize Server, And Limit Sending/receiving Junk

I would like to secure & optimize my server. The server has previously compromised. The OS was re-loaded. I will need to know what you will be performing prior to assigning you the job.

I also would like for you to limit receiving junk mails, and make sure that the server does not send out junk mails.

Job required:

– Secure & Optimize
– Update all server softwares (I have Cpanel)
– Scan all files, and make sure theyre all clean
– Install Firewall (It may be already installed)
– Make sure all required ports for Cpanel are open, and close all unneeded ports
– Junk mail
– Disable symlink

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Secure Email Duplicate Finder

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– For Vili 6 Points To Secure Sever Ubunutu

6 points to secure sever ubunutu

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Magneto Template Edit, Paypal Setup And SSL

Web URL :

This is a magneto store (Magneto 1.5)

Work Needed

1) Template

– Change Left Store Catalog to something more compact e.g drop down menus
– remove graphics at bottom of left menu "call us toll free" and "free shipping"

2) Checkout

– Set up SSL for secure checkout
– Configure Paypal Pro and 3D Secure Card Authentication (for Uk via Cardinal Commerce)

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Secure Estore Creation

Rapidly growing green company, is looking for a developer to create an estore for selling our products.

– Need a secure estore for approximately 500 products, (with the ability to edit current ones and add more later)
– Allow customers to make payments via paypal, or cc
— estore design needs to mimic or at least be consistent with the main company homepage, as it will be an addition to the already made company site. (Think apple store with design influences from the company site as far as aesthetics go.)

In a private message, please include the following.

– What is your turnaround for a project this size?
– Please include a resume with a sample or two of your freelance estore or web design.

**clear documentation will be provided once programmer selected**

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– 4010 For Junaidart Secure A Joomla Application

Secure a joomla application

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Secure Payment Form

I need a payment form that is secure where people can make donations and stay on my site.
I need that data collected in a Database that I can access as a Excel CSV file ..

Here is an example … I want it to be like this …

Here are the details
1- I need people to stay on my site and make a donation via paypal payments pro.

2- I need that data to go to a database where I can access basic information
Name, Address, Email Phone, City and State

3- If the amount they are donating is $100.01 or more .. I need another form to show up below (but only triggered if the amount is $100.01 USD or more)
For their occupation, Company name, Company Address, Company City, Company Phone ..

4- I need this asap .. I want to see examples of your work .. This needs to be turned around right now ..
Please bid ..

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Code Review And Documentation (Saudi Firms Only)

We have a web application that needs to be compliant with a number of software security standards. Our principle developer for this application is living in Saudi Arabia.

We are looking for a proper development firm – not an individual – that can work with our developer to do code reviews to insure that the code developed for the application meets the guidelines of OWASP (e.g.

The output of this project will be a document showing any vulnerabilities our code may have with respect to "secure coding guidelines". In addition, we will want a flow diagram showing the interactions of processes in the code as it currently exists.

To qualify for this project, you will need the following:

– English-literate staff, versed in Java, Java Struts and Hibernate
– Existing knowledge or willingness to learn OWASP and related secure coding principles.

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VPS Server Maintanence – Virus / Script Removal

I have a Linux VPS Cloud server and I have had a malicious script that I believe has been injected into some of my sites.

Some of my websites now display a full list of links pointing to adverts, that are not mine, these are pharma and adult links.

I have removed most all of the injected HTML code on my sites as the websites are still live and getting large amounts of traffic, I do have strong knowledge of server management, however, I really need someone that can ensure the script that is putting these adverts into my websites is 100% removed from my server, and that my server is 100% secure. I have many WordPress installations all over my server, as well as some scripts and static HTML sites.

The winner of this auction must do the following to complete the project:
– Fully secure my current server
– Speed Up my server and the websites on it by utilising w3 cache plugin for wordpres
– Implement .htaccess files to secure directories and speed up static sites
– Be 100% trustworthy
– Be an EXPERT with WHM Manager, Cpanel, and Linux Web Servers.
– Be an Expert with server infiltration
– Be an Expert with script injections
– 100% remove any malicious scripts or any script injections this is causing my current issues
– Speak excellent English so I understand you 100%
– Communicate with me over Skype
– Advise me on how to further secure my server so it does not face similar issues again
– Help me manage my account setup (currently I have many accounts and wordpress installations and I need advice)
– Advise me on the correct architecture of how to structure my sites
– Advise me what to do to protect myself further on my own server
– 100% ensure my server and the sites on it are all running at optimum speed
– Know and understand the W3 cache wordpress script to optimise wordpress sites.

^^ This is all required for THIS project.

Please include "SEO Server" in your PM or bid so I know you have read this entire project post and my requirements.

I would like someone who has had years of experience with server management. There is a lot of potential for ongoing work with me, as my websites grow, this has potential to become a more permanent role. I have more servers and I would like someone who is EXCELLENT at server side management and scripts, as well as server architecture.

Please bid only if you are readily available, are professional and are able to forfil the entire project and my requirements.

Thanks, and good luck!

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Web Based Relationship CRM, Secure Dataroom,

We are looking to build a Web based Relationship based CRM using MYSQL Database.
The package will need email marketing
A secure Dateroom for uploading/downloading files with editable user permissions etc and usage history
Some reporting with PDF generation
Will need to tie into companies existing website
Project is in early stages, will need to work with someone with experience and can show demos of work

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Authorize.Net To Use Internet Secure On Interspire Cart

I need someone who has experience in Interspire Shopping Cart to configure the Authorize.NET module to use Internet Secure protocol.

Its a very easy process and only one file needs to be changed. For someone who knows, it should take less than 2-3 hrs.

If you have it already coded, well and good.


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Outbound Telemarketing

We have an appliance that we would like to sell to distributors. We also have other products for other projects.

Telemarketing will be part of the sales efforts. Goal of calls with larger customers will be to secure an in person meeting for a demonstration of the product. The salesmen sent for those meetings will be inhouse.

The medium sized businesses where trips are not cost effective. We will instead try to secure a sale, a trial sale, or a sample.

In the case of samples, proper follow up will need to be done. And a second attempt at a sale or trial made.

Please provide costs. And also any relevant information about your company, and why you are the best choice for us.

Lists will be provided.


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Need Somebody To Secure Corporate Sponsorship

We are looking for somebody who can secure a sponsor for a music launch.

We will pay 500

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Adding 3D-secure To EWay Payment Processing (WP-eCommerce)

For this project we require implementation of 3D-Secure for the eWay payment processing, to bring the site inline with Westpac merchant requirements. Experience with WP-ecommerce, PHP, and payment processing (especially eWay) is a must.

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Professional Business Secure Website Needed

I have a clothing business and would like to put my business online to reach more people. What I am looking for is someone that can build me an online website store, similar to Sean Johns website. The flash is not necessary, I just want the website to look professional and easy to navigate for users with shopping carts etc. I want someone with experience to build me a secure e commerce website. Thank you.

Here is the sean john website: * I like this particular layout.

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Secure Web Site

I have a web site that is being hacked.

I need a provider to review the site and put safeguards in place to stop the hacking.

The site has been moved from to

Need to hire asap.

Please do not bid if you cannot explain your steps youll take to secure the website.

Budget is Low, keep that in mind when you bid.

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Secure MS Access 2007 For Commercial Sales


Im completing an MS Access 2007 database that I want secured so I can sale it based on a license that is restricted to the customers computer.

I need to see a demo where youve done that and know the process a customer purchases the database and gets an unlock code that is restricted to their computer so it cant be distributed easily.


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Insert Wowza Secure Token In JW Player/ Flowplayer

This task is very simply. All you need to do is insert a password in the line, "model.config.token = "my_custom_token";" and compile the player.

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Optimize And Secure Apache / MySQL

Would need someone to optimize and secure my server.


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Secure Admin Backend

For martinsuly

secure a php app backend admin:
– exclude from search engine
– hard-to-find url subdomain (or folder)
– other any suggestion to secured the php

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