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11 Texts About Banking And ECommerce

An English information platform requires 11 articles about the topic [Banking and eCommerce]. Please read this instruction carefully, because each point is very important for us and our work. If there is anything you want to ask, please dont hesitate to do so (only via Freelancer).

– The texts have to be written in an objective, interesting and informative style.

– The texts have to be written in perfect English.

– Please use the following 11 titles in connection with the given subheadings:

Front Page
1)The Payment Card Industry
Keywords: "pci security vendor alliance" ,"" ,"pci sva" ,"pci security vendors alliance" ,"payment card industry security vendor alliance (pci sva)" ,

Payment cards
2)Debit card
5)American Express

More payment options
7)Mobile payments

10)Paying with PayPal
11)Trusted Shop Guarantee

– Please add one subheading within each article.

– Please highlight keywords if there are any.

– Each text has to be between 270 and 320 words long. Please dont address the reader directly (dont write: "You could…").

– Always write with a positive attitude towards the topic.

– Neither the text, nor any part of the text, may be copied or transcribed (no plagiarism).

– After finishing writing the articles, please send us a message through freelancer and attach them. Please dont contact us via e-mail.

– Every Text has to be a single word (.doc) document. Please make a zip file of all texts.

– We prefer direct payment through Freelancer for invoice reasons. If youd like to be paid by escrow, you need to fill out an invoice for us.

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Need OSC virus removed from infected files/website

need all required current security patches installed

need site tested for virus

need fix within 24 hours

need invoice for payment

thanks for your attention

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Software Liscence Protection

i need a program that protect my software. if i give the cd for a customer, it should work only for one server. he cant use reflectors to get the code in the dll and exe. now even if u dont have the program, i need to consult with the expert to get ideas and advise

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Teacher Of Digital And Data Security

Need to be professional in Data and Internet Security and develop:

1- An Efficient and accurate Assessment Exam to determine the level of the applicants
2- Develop courses in Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Data Security and present the course material on a viedo to be viewed online
3- Answer student questions by email
4- Evaluate the progress of students during the term

You will be paid for development and per student fees

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Joomla Security Expert

We require an expert security technician to determine where and when a joomla site has been hacked. This is an immediate project.

The site in question has seen an 80% sales drop on increased traffic and no market changes. When the site was moved to a new server, sales jumped back up for two days before dropping again. Our server logs show daily hack attempts but do not seem to be successful. This project will be based on a project fee and an additional reward of $500 if the source / type of hack can be proven and stopped.

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Information Technology Academic Research Paper

This project is to write 6 short papers (500 words each) on six Information Security topics. This paper is technical and therefore requires an IT student or someone with strong IT background (Information Security specifically) to write them. I will provide the topics to the selected candidate. The first one is due in 48 hours and rest can take up to a week.

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Looking For Expert Of Network And Security Team Leader.

Hi all
I am looking for expert in network and security team leader for a long term realtion…
I need to improv emy environmnwt with new and advance ideas.


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POS System – Pawnshop

POS System – Pawn Shop

This project will be continually growing. I am a programmer but my abilities are not professional enough to start a project like this from scratch – im more of a hack whom finds a way to get things done. I will offer recommendations for database tables and organization but will expect them to be reviewed and enhanced by you then sent back to me for approval. The software will be tested in my store but built in a way that it can be easily deployed to other businesses. The entire POS system should be accessible from the web browser. There will have to be an optional frontend or some type of browser plugin to access the local printers for paperwork printing and access to local webcam to take snapshots of customers and merchandise. Eventually ID scanners, thumb scanners and other forms of technology will be implemented. Security is VERY important as everything from customers drivers IDs, social security numbers and credit card numbers will be stored in the database. As with most POS systems employees will have logins with varying degrees of access, options for shared cash drawers and individual cash drawers, etc… Reports are also very important as they are with most POS systems. There also needs to be automated reports run daily – schematics for these reports will be supplied. There will also be a customer online payment system for payments on layaways and pawns. Because this will eventually be used in shops around the country the level of customization and settings will be very robust. Pawnshop laws around the country vary dramatically from how much you can charge on a loan, extra fees allowed, length of loan, required papework, digital police reports and so on. The goal for this project is to get the software working in one store but leaving open as much as possible to be built upon later. Before launch a conversion from my current system/database to the new system will have to be automated. I use one of the most widely used pawn software around so this conversion tool will be a key component when implementing in other pawnshops. I am very familiar with the database in use so this should not be overly difficult but it is worth mentioning.

You are bidding on phase 1:
Pawnshop POS System (Master drawer/emp drawers/sales/layaway/pawns/pawn payments/extensive reporting)
Web based (we will discuss how webcam/printers will interact)
Online payments

I would like this to be programmed mainly in PHP but am open if there are good reasons to go another way.

I stress this project will not end when phase 1 is over – please only bid if you plan on sticking with this for the long run.

I have been in the pawn business for over 20 years – I have programmed many extensions on top of the POS system I am currently using (such as online payments, PBX system payments, mobile access, detailed reports, security camera integration, etc..) but have reached a point where I believe a new system from scratch would better serve myself and our industry.

Please provide previous work you have done. Projects dealing with high security a plus.

If you have any questions for me dont hesitate to ask.

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CRE LOADED- Malware Clean-up And Security Enhancement.

Our CRE LOADED site is being prompted with a "Reported Attack Site" warning from google.

We are seeking an experienced developer that can fix this malware issue, clean the site of all hack codes and then secure it so that the vulnerabilities are removed.

With your bid, please let me know exactly what you will do and what you will be implementing to accomplish this task.

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Card Game Sueca

We are looking to develop a card game online which is not poker but with similar software as in a poker room, both to be played in free and real money mode. This has to be a platform with a desktop based gaming solution, which can be downloaded from our website and installed onto a local machine or we are open to listen to other safe options. It will have also client and server communication among other features such as security, robot Player and disconnection mechanism.
Security mechanism also a must to avoid cheating and to protect customer information. We need very good quality graphic design and a very modern platform. More details will be given later.

This is mainly one game with another 2 variants of the same game but all need to be available in the same package.
Please let us know if you are capable of achieving this project.

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Os Commerce Creloaded Security Fix

We are looking for a simple fix on a current Creloaded site that currently had its main paged redirected to external websites from (hackers)

We need someone to take away this redirection and fix up the Security loophole that they are obviously getting through in one of the PHP Pages.

Please only bid if you have seen this error before and no exactly how to fix up.

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Crack The Code For US$1000!

I will pay US$1000 for the first person who can crack this code. The US FBI is looking to solve a murder and all they have are these notes.

The first Freelancer to crack this code walks away with US$1000!

In your PM please have the answer. First person to get this right wins!!!

You must be able to demonstrate how you have broken the code!

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Building Website

I need a website built that can support an online community. It must be able to accept and manage donations and have the ability to post threads and comment on them. It needs a very smooth and intuitive layout and to be visually pleasing. The site must also have a high level of security as members of the site are required to input credit card information when making an account.

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Security Camera User Site

A list of clients need only selected access to view their purchased security camera streams.

-Simple user profile.
-Mysql db to store the data.
-Users will have selected access to the various (10) cameras to start, depending what they purchased.
-Admin page to manage these users.
-Simple design, option to show 1 or multiple streams after login.
-Each stream have expiration (the user purchases a couple months at time, will remove access to the cam when expires).
-Admin page to add more cameras IP/broadcast url.

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CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

CRE loaded 6.2 site has been hacked on a number of Attempts, We have 4 Sites Linked to one Database. All 4 are bening Hacked. We need to Remove Malicious Codes and Virus and Patch Security and to Prevent Further Attacks.

CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

Project Budget $150

(tux admin please rebid)

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CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

I have 6,2 Standard CRE loaded, which is being hacked constantly wth a code injected on site. I need to remove all codes and fix the security to prevent further problems occuring.

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Oscommerce Malware Issue

I need an expert to remove, resolve and prevent future malicious malware code from my online Oscommerce catalog. I need somebody who is knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do.

I need Oscommerce specialist to improve my oscommerce site security and solve current malware problem. When I try to open the website, Google chrome blocks access and puts message : "contains content from a website, a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site"

My site uses OScommerce 2.2

1. Identify the current malware and remove
2. Secure all security issues to prevent future attacks
3. Remove google warning for the website

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Iphone App Upload

I have an app that has been built by someone else. To do the final check of the app and upload to iconnect they want my user details and keychain access which I do not want to supply due to security concerns.

I would like someone that can develop the program in case any trouble shooting is needed (and I suspect that a graphic is missing in the app that needs repairing at least). This same person needs to have a lot of experience with iconnect and can know their way around it very well.

They need to be able to sit with me in Sydney and work on my computer to do the upload so to keep my security information private.

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Computer Security/IT Consultant For Trust Seal Business

Were a new Internet company looking for a computer security consultant that can help us answer questions regarding design and implementation for our business.

What we are trying to do has not been done before. Therefore, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. They have to do with virus scanning and PCI compliance ( What we are trying to do is similar to companies that provide trust seals for websites; typically ecommerce sites. Examples include: Truste, BBBOnline, Hackersafe, etc.

Your task will be to help us to design the technical considerations for our company, help us better understand what we need to make our idea thrive, and answer any and all question we have that pertain to the topic at hand.

There are 2 initial Stages:
1st Stage

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Online Exams Application

Need an online exam site where students would register, take the exam, based on different categories in a course, there would be timed, untimed, questions, tutor mode where they could see explanation of each and every answers.
They would get feed back at the end of the exam i.e. which categories they did well or not.

IMPORTANT: need security functionality in C++/JAVA so that if there is a third party copy or video recording software, it would be detected and the screen should turn blank. Also need to block the screen capture keyboard functionalities too. ALL these functionalities need to be built in BOTH Windows and MAC (including prior versions)

If you have experience in above work. Please provide the examples of ur work.


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Hosting Server Maintinance

I have a hosting server which is in a need for an overall reconfigration.
The job is to reconfigure the server security, update all nessecary models, etc. to ensure smooth working.

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Press Releases

Elkat Security Engineering needs a press release written. We need to have someone who has experience in writing Press Releases especially for the security industry. The first press release will be regarding a product that has to do with Drug Detection with a specific problem that only our product can solve.

Please send you quote for written the press release.

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Oscommerce Security Issue

I need Oscommerce specialist to improve my oscommerce site security and solve current malware problem. Someone recently hacked my site. When I try to open any hyperlink from my html introduction page, Google chrome blocks access and puts message : contains content from some other site known to distribute malware. There is no such message when I use Mozila or IE. My site uses oscommerce 2,2 and server is apache.

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OScomerce Site Need Increase Security

My oscommerce stored has many potential threats to hacker, I would like to hire a programmer who can check through the php file coding, help us find any changes in the codes and also install add on like these currently I am using V2.2 RC21.
If you are capable of doing it, please let me know

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Joomla/Virtuemart Site Upgrade & Maintenance – Melbourne

We are a retail company with a new Australian CMS and e-commerce website built on the Joomla/Virtuemart platforms, that is 90% ready to launch.

We are seeking an experienced web developer based in Melbourne to implement a number of security upgrades and bug fixes in order to get the site ready to launch, and then to maintain the site on an ongoing basis.

The developer will be responsible for:

Prior to Launch:

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Tune Performance And Security Of Drupal Site (Phase 1)

We would like to tune the performance and security of a Drupal site. The site contains many community and custom modules. As such, we need someone who is comfortable working with and tweaking custom code.

We would like for you to look at all layers in the stack for opportunities given the budget.
– Linux
– Apache
– Drupal
– HTML/CSS optimization

We may be interested in a phased approach if there are more complex opportunities to increase performance and security…but there needs to be some quick wins in this initial phase.

You will be responsible for:
– making a copy of the site and data,
– tuning it in a separate environment
– taking the production site offline in maintenance mode
– migrating the tuned site to production including any data changes since you made the last copy of production
– testing production
– flipping the switch back online

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Winshares Security Structure

The aim is to create a software that apply a defined security structure (predefined ACEs and security flags) on a window share and subfolders.
Only groups-ACEs are applied and the name of the group depends, by a rule, on the name of the path.
All software activities have to be traced.

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Oscommerce Store Hacked


my oscommerce Store has been hacked serveral times…. And there is a error or a security problem on that oscommerce store.. I need an professional who can fix this security problem and taking the oscommerce store to the next level, so that hacking should not happen again…

its very urgent…


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Call For Tender: Web Design

Call for Tender: Web Design

About Us:

The Global Security Challenge LLP (GSC) is a forum for security innovators, start-ups and investors. It provides a valuable launching pad for security innovation and each year over $500,000 USD is awarded through its world leading competitions to entrepreneurs and researchers within the security technology field. The mission of the GSC is to stimulate technological innovations that make airports, cities and enterprises safer while respecting the integrity and liberty of the individual.

We need to create a new, attractive website to promote one of our current projects. We are looking for the services of a firm or professional that can redesign and build our website to reflect our requirements, style and message. The website should be intuitive, clear and stylish. Content and quality will be very important for our decision and we reserve the right not to accept the cheapest offer. The initial contract will be up to £5,000. Pending satisfactory performance, subsequent contracts are likely to follow.

We are looking for a talented web designer:

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