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Seeking Long Term Experienced Craigslist Poster- Needs PVA’s

We are seeking a Craigslist poster to post in the Real Estate Sections. Will seek to pay for ads that remained on the site for at least 72 hours. We seek to eliminate ghosted ads or blacklisted accounts. You will need to supply your own phone verified accounts, and email addresses for us to use. We will have on average 30-50 ads to post per day.

We prefer to pay per ad posted and not an hourly rate. You will need to keep track of your posts and keep a list of them for us to access to confirm.

Please bid based on what you would charge to post 1000 live non ghosted ads over a 30 day period.

Depending on your skill set and level of English comprehension and writing skills I may be willing to pay you to follow up with the leads generated from the Craigslist postings.

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Linux Compiling And Performance Expert

We operate our own dedicated Webserver that is running Ubuntu 10.10
and the latest versions of MySQL, Apache and PHP. From time to time
we need to compile from source for performance and or compatibility
reasons. Should be familiar with the various compilation switches
and the optimization of size and performance factors. Should have
good English verbal and writing skills, e-mail and Skype.

At present we are seeking a price for the following:

1. Compile Apache 2.2.17
2. Compile PHP 5.3
3. Compile MySQL
4. Compile 2 Proxy Servers

We will test each module in a live environment for performance
and compatibility. So there may be several iterations. In this
case we are seeking the absolute best performance.

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Seeking A Partner In The Promotion Of A Site

Hi! Im the owner of the Im looking for partners to
get traffic to my site. My resource is poker rooms affiliate.
One person (client) can bring from $ 10 to $ 300 every month.

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Seeking CSS Freelancer Who Works Via Skype Voice Chat

Front end developer is seeking USA based freelancer for CSS support via TELEPHONE as well as skype video. To be clear, I am not seeking support where you disappear for 8 days, I am only seeking skype connection support via a clear skype connection. Send resume and portfolio.

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Seeking Css Xhtml Support Via Skype Live!

I am a junior developer dealing with some tricky CSS javascript, jquery, and html issues on a VERY TIGHT TIMELINE and need live skype support.

Let me be clear, I am not seeking any type of support that is not live on skype. if you do not have…

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Seeking Coder For PTC Script

Im seeking a coder who can edit my script and allow all rented referrals to be available for rent by 10 different people at the same time.

I am using a Gen4 PTC script,

Im sure this isnt that hard which means do not make a high bid for this project as it will be ignored. If this is done nicely, i will be interested in hiring you for other coding work.

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Seeking Technology That Control Obligate Parasitic Nematodes

We are interested in collaborators who would like to share the development costs and intellectual property.

Of particular interest is Obligate Parasitic Nematode control relating to soy beans.

NOT INTERESTED in agricultural techniques.

If you or your company own such and are interested in licensing, selling, partnering, or collaborating, please let sablady1 know immediately.

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Facebook Fans/Likes Needed Work ASAP.

Am seeking reliable and regular supplies of Facebook Fans/Likes for 1 project.

We are seeking non targeted Followers, Fans or Likes. World Wide Fans that are Mostly Caucasian.

**They must be real with no automation involved.**white Hat Only

This will be an ongoing order with many clients requiring this service.

Please provide as much information as possible as to what can be supplied including break down of prices, and targeted areas details. I am seeking reliable and regular supplies of Facebook Fans/Likes for 1 project.

We are seeking targeted Followers, Fans or Likes. World Wide Fans that are Caucasian ONLY!

**They must be real with no automation involved.**white Hat Only

This will be an ongoing order with many clients requiring this service.

Please provide as much information as possible as to what can be supplied including break down of prices, and targeted areas details.

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Website Development

I am seeking web developer for multiple projects. I have clients with businesses in various industries, some with existing sites that need work, and others that need new development.

I would need someone who is familiar working with Joomla/Wordpress CMS, and/or any other customized development.
Ultimate candidate is someone who has both design and development experience ("One stop shop") .

I currently have a couple of projects ready to be born, and seeking the right individual / team for future work as well.

Since this is a design request, I would be interested in seeing portfolio / previous work for serious consideration.

Looking forward to see your work!

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Seeking Mobile SMS & Calling Application (Skype Like)

Seeking Mobile SMS & calling application (Skype like)

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Seeking Flash Specialist To Create Online Floor Planner

Web Development Company is Seeking Flash Specialist who has the
ability to construct an interactive online floor plan.

End users of the site will have the ability to create and construct their own floor plans from their individual accounts.

The design will be similar to &
This will need to have compatibility with an database.

We are looking to develop a long-term relationship with a flash specialist who can
provide us with upkeep and maintenance of the application as well as other projects.

Please submit any previous project links or photos with your proposal.

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Seek Technologies & Methods Causing Improv Of Sugar Cane

Seeking technologies and methods causing improvement of sugarcane sugar content.

Seeking improvement in sugar content of sugarcane that increases sugar yields with only a small marginal increase in costs of production. Gains in sugar content are economically more beneficial than corresponding increases in cane yield, consequently increased sugar content continues to be an important objective of sugarcane breeding programs. However, comparisons of cultivars released over the last 50 years indicate that breeding efforts have delivered increased sugar yields mainly via improvements in the cane yield, with much smaller contributions from sugar content.

Seeking technology leads related to the following area:

Technologies and methods with demonstrated ability to increase total carbohydrates with the approximate preference: sucrose > soluble sugars >> carbohydrate polymers and demonstration crops in the approximate preference sugar cane > sweet sorghum, sugar beet >> corn >> other plants.

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Able-Dating Software – Need A Browse Option Added

I have a dating site which uses Able-Dating software. I want to add a "BROWSE" option. When customers click this option, they will be taken to a page to choose from: "males seeking females" "females seeking males" "males seeking males" or "females seeking females". From that option, the next page will list all 50 states or "Browse All". If a state is chosen, the next page will show cities or "browse all in (CHOSEN STATE)". I would also like a checkbox so they can click "display only members with photos". Thank you!

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Seeking Social Media Marketing Expert

Seeking Social Media Marketing Expert to increase traffic and promote our social network.
Little information:

We have social and business networking site. It

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Seeking SEO Expert

Seeking SEO expert

I have a blog at and need a great increase in targeted traffic

Currently my site is ranked 693,774 on Alexa
and I have a Google PR5

With your SEO skills its my target to get my site ranked in the top 100,000 websites of the world ASAP

also increase my Google PR5 to a 7 if possible.

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Seeking UI Artist


We are seeking to build a long term relationship with two UI graphic artists. Basically you will be creating GUIs for our application and maintain them. You will need to provide several themes (such as winter, summer, etc.).

Before choosing our candidates we will deal out one very easy and quick example task.

Please place a bid of 30$, we will speak about the price via PM.

Kind Regards

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Seeking Freelance Field Sales Representatives In Thailand

Daily deals website is looking for freelance field sales reps in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai

This is a freelance job which can be done either full time or part time.

– Must have experience in sales
– Must have experience in cold calling
– Fluent either in English or in Thai

Please PM me for details

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Linkbuilding Long Term Project

We have a new website that enables people to self-register and create their own pay per minute website and storefront. This website will be used for various purposes, both mainstream and adult. *Keywords would also be both mainstream and adult.

We are seeking a long-term link building and social networking campaign. All articles must be original and manually submitted – social networking submissions and directory bookmarks must have "some" relevance to our services.

Ultimately we are seeking organic keyword placement..

Please submit your offers – thank you.

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Data Research Assistant

I am seeking a data research assistant who can compile information available from public resources on individual who own blocks of unrestricted stock of public companies located in Massachusetts and Florida. I am seeking to build a spreadsheet listing detailing the number of share ownership which an individual has from their employers publicly traded stock. Data compiled would include the following: the stockholders home address, and work/home phone numbers, and estimated number of shares. I am seeking a list of beneficial owners who work for approximately 125 publicly traded stocks in Massachusetts and Florida. The part time project should take about 10-15 hours to complete. All training will be provided to the candidate upon hire to properly educate them as to how to research this information. Please provide past history of data research experience.

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We are a Debt Management Company seeking responsible professional Call Centers for Outbound Telemarketing.

We have TWO different programs;


$80 for Hot Transfers that convert into a sale.

our webadd is bluepencildsdotcom
or reach out to me abeatbluepencildsdotcom

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I am currently a member an affiliate marketing website and I am looking for a business partner online; who would share the profits 50% of all the sales.

My target is $5000.00 monthly in sales.

If interested please PM for further details.


PLEASE INCLUDE "ready to work" to ensure you have read the entire bid

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Seeking Enterprise Mobile Application Developers

Small startup consultancy is seeking mobile application developers to sub contract on a project to project basis.

Please PM examples of completed projects, mobile application development experience, qualifications, company website (if applicable) along expected hourly rate.

Only those that submit such details will be considered.

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LandingPage Design Needed For Facebook Themed

Seeking someone who is talented in creative landing pages. I am seeking someone to create a landingpage design for a Facebook themed web site that will be catering to those seeking Facebook Fan Page design. So the theme must have a cool facebook look to it along with some sample fan page designs being showcased in it. I want it to be a full page design. Something like this

Also included in the design, I would like to have a nicely designed button that says Order Your Fan Page Design Today!

Pretty easy job, just something to be creative with and show to me as a mock up. If I like, I will have you continue.

No funds will be placed before a mock up is submitted to me. I want to ensure you can do the job before I send or milestone money. Budget for this project is $70

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Seeking 20,000 REAL Facebook Fans In 30 Days

We are a toy company seeking specific 20k Malaysian fans to our existing Facebook page using only good practices for inviting fans.

It is imperative our page not be flagged or banned and that fans be added by going to our Facebook page and select

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Seeking Magazine Coordinator

Seeking someone to help manage a new upcoming magazine that will be coming out shortly. The magazine is a magazine for girls and extreme sports. I am seeking someone that will be able to take over and manage to meet deadlines in getting articles and advertising inplace for the magazine.

Part of the job:
– Managing with designers in getting page designs made for articles and getting advertising in place.
– Making sure magazine is in the right format needed for printing.
– Proof reading and making sure there is no mistakes and errors
– Selling advertising spots in the magazine.
– Making sure ALL deadlines are met.
– Much more that will come along.

Your job is to make sure the magazine comes along well with each issue. The pay in the start will be lower, as it is a new magazine and you are new to the company. We want to make sure that you know how to do your job and do it right. Your first 30 days in getting a first issue out may be used as a trial period for this position.

If you have experience in working with any other magazine, please let me know along with which magazine.

This magazine is going to be both print and digital.


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Seeking Face Book Followers

I am seeking to have my newly released prayer compact Disc downloads that is available for purchase on & to be shared on face book and twitter. I also want to get new legitimate facebook friends so that they can share my links to promote my newly released " 30 Voices of Prayer " downloads on and This is a low paying project so high bidders will not get a response. Whomever get the job will get more work regularly if you do a good job and downloads are purchased. Further details will be given out during contact.

Rodney Nigel Mayfield
CEO / President,

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Experienced Magento Web Designer

We are seeking a designer that has extensive experience with Magento commerce designs, to provide us with a mockup of the 3 unique pages: homepage, category page and product page.

We are seeking a designer only, programming work is not necessary as we already have a magento developer. We are merely asking the hired person to create a design that can be passed onto our designer for development and implementation. The mockup design should be designed in a way that it can be sent to our magento developer without the need of extensive development work to fit the created design. Your design should fit the magneto platform.

We have several different websites (7 total) which will be using this new design as its template. As such, you will be asked to develop the new design specifically for one of our sites, with the idea that this design will be used as a template for our other sites.

The designer must be familiar with new generation, "web 2.0" type of graphic design elements. We are looking for designs that are modern, clean and sleek that will portray the utmost in professionalism and trust. Specifically, we are seeking a designer that can create a design that will make us look like a large fortune 500 company.

To be considered, please provide a full portfolio of your past work.

As well, please specify your terms. (ie, number of revisions, what happens if you cannot come up with a design we like, etc.).

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