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Academic Task

Task 1: Financial Performance Overtime

Task 2: Investment Appraisal

Within 3000 words. Submit your budget.

Deadline: 2 days once selected.

Details will be provided once selected.

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Plugin For Drupal And Ubercart (Adress Label And Delivery)

Im looking for a programmer for a plugin (Drupal 6.19 and 6.2.x + Ubercart Vers. 6.x-2.4 shopping platform) to handle following things:

1.Id like to generate and export pdf-files for a delivery receipt of selected customers (design is given)
2.+ Id like to generate and export pdf-files for address labels for selected customers (design is given)
3.The plugin should work for a given group of status options (i.e. prepared for delivery)

It should be a plug-in to implement into a given version of Drupal 6.19+ and Ubercart Vers. G.x-2.4+

If you have questions, dont hesitate in contacting me.

I would appreciate if you can give me similar project references.

This project is only for people with experiences in programming plugins for Drupal and Ubercarts (both opensource ).

Kind Regards

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Image And Sound JavaScript Application For Website

I need a simple Image and Sound Java Application for a website I am developing.
I have a selection of images, sound wav files and Pixastic Library Image effects such as blur and grayscale.
What I need is a script which allows a user to pick images from the selection on screen via a radio check box. Upon selecting the images they move to the next screen to pick an effect which will be used on the image such as blurring, grayscale etc and then move to the next screen where they pick a sound file to be played. On the next screen an automatic slideshow plays the images selected one at a time with the chosen image effect for each one applied and the selected wav file will play for the selected image.

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Dataentry ———– 6


good morning friends now i am invite new freelancer and individual for the work on my new project. i am give chance to selected people on the my new project and who is passed my test then they will selected as winner of the project.

your task is to complete 5k in 7 days and if u complete it then u willl get payment 4$ via freelancer and i will select u as the winnner of the project.

so who is ready to work on the night time work between 11:00 pm to 6:00 am indiantime . so who is ready to work on this project that person only bid here.

my server name is

best regards

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Hi friends. now i am here give u chance to work wit my new project 24 hour fast dataentry server. my server name is i am out of bids i am give chance to work some selected bidders and if they honestly work with me then i will select them for me to work on this project.

i am also invite new frelancer. in this your job is only to retype the words into blank space and it is the 24 hour fast my starting rate is 0.50$ to 0.80$ in and if u done goo d work in th enight time then u wulill be selected., and i am select u when u complete 10k meands 10 thouusands. and i am pay payment via freelancer.

if u have any other proble then ask me question via bids and u will get answer in the 24 hours.

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Redisign Flash Web Site In WordPress

I need to redesign a Flash web site (it is only draft) in WordPress.
This is not a big project, but I want to be sure the bidders selected are qualified to finish it to my client satisfaction.
Only bids with portfolio and short resume of likewise projects will be accepted. Please, PM me the stated info when bidding.
After reviewing PMs I will provide the web site URL to selected developers

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I need Video submission service for my recently launched products..

Youve to upload my given videos in some high page-rank Video-directories.


Lowest bid will be selected…




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Impactful Commercial Graphics

Hello freelancers,

I am the owner of
I am using the same site design for a new product.We need a few images to be made for the new product. All materials supplied. You just need to modify some minor images. (not the main banner but images below it.. pretty minor and small images) Also we need 1 ebay main image designed for another product. In all this is a quick job. The budget is $30. In order to be selected we need to see either a portfolio with the type of graphics we expect to get (verified portfolio) or else you can do the ebay image ahead (we cannot guarantee you will be selected) but if the ebay image is satisfactory you will get the full job. If you are not selected, we will not use the ebay image. All materials will be supplied, you just need to supply your basic design skills.
Thank you

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Html5 Simple Image Editor

We are looking for a developer to develop html5 simple image editor that support the following functionality:
Drag and drop image as background (from list of thumbnails)

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Flash State Selector (into Brazil Map)

We need a simple flash that allows to select some states in a Brazilian Map (map like the link below)

After selected, the flash will just call a URL.

It should highlight the states able to be selected, specially when "mouseover".
It should use the same style of this site (buttons, etc)

Fade and animations during the selection are welcome.
Object (swf) and Source code delivery is mandatory.

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Product Designer Needed For Jewelry Sketches

We are looking for a talented person who can create precise sketches of cufflinks. The selected service provider will be provided 3D renderings of unique cufflinks and the job will be to produce the sketches that the craftman or manufacturer will use to create the molds to manufacture the product.

You need to produce a work, with as many views as needed so the craftman or manufacturer will be able to create jewelry molds and then the final product.

You will be provided wilth detailed explanations in addition to the 3D renderings.

You must provide samples of sketches with your bid.

Bid for ONLY ONE pair of cufflinks sketch. If your bid and your sample are of interest you will be selected. If you deliver an excellent job (meaning the craftman can grab the document(s) and start working straight away without the need for clarification), then you will be selected to provide another 9 sketches.

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My Sincere warm wishes to all the Great Flash Designers

What i Need: A Very good looking Flash Animation Introduction, should be elegant to be used for a small business company in the field of Construction

you are required to deliver Flash (.FLA) introduction

Mandatory: Your previous work demonstration, without which I am not going to entertain any of your bids: THIS CLAUSE IS TO FIND THE SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY.

And one more important thing: All your works demonstrations should be forwarded via PM only else if not followed your bid would not be considered.

(No Advance Payments: Work For Deliverables) Finish the task and get paid. And this does not means that you all start developing the task and every one submit. Only the selected Bidders work would be selected.

Deadline is 5 days

hope to enjoy your great artistic

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Video Submission In Some High PR Directories For My PRODUCTS


I need Video submission service for my recently launched products..

Youve to upload my given videos in some high page-rank Video-directories.

Lowest bid will be selected…




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Drug Prescription Software

Web-based and Mobile based Drug Prescription software.
Medications for Children are prescribed on a weight basis. A drug to be selected from a database of thousands of drugs and then when a certain pre ascertained dose for that drug is selected, the software should calculate the exact dose for the weight of the child.
The software should allow for multiple drug prescriptions and should be customisable for various hospitals with their logos and allow for printing of the Prescription chart.
Please quote seperately for Web based and Mobile Based Product.

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Articles Required URGENTLY

Articles required on urgent basis…

Price per articles 1$ article should have 400 words with an outstanding topic which attract readers to read. Provide so fresh samples if you provide sample then you will be selected for long term. Provide samples on only.. Samples must pass copy scape. If you sample pass copy scape then you will be selected for project. Send me 3 articles for sample only. Writing should be professional. No grammatical error strong vocabulary. If you can do this all then you will be selected. I need 50 articles now if you work hard then you will be rewarded by bonus on completion of project. So to get bonus you have to work hard. Remember Again that topic of must be such that it attracts readers. If you this ability then place bid and provide samples.

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Online Movie Reservation

Hi Freelancers,

Need someone who can make an online movie ticket reservation system. It should be coded in php, mySql and CSS should be implemented.
It should look somewhere between and

Interested freelancers please pm me. Include with it a jpeg image of the 2 sites. This project is urgent and selected bidder should be able to finish it in a week

Budget is low so the lower your bid, the higher your chances of being selected.
Thanks and all the best.

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Various Magento Theme Customization

1) In the step number 6 (check your order) of the checkout process, I have to create a window in jquery containing all the custom options selected?

2) Disable multishipping option (in the checkout process in the step number 2 there is the option "spedisci a diversi indirizzi" and have to disappear)

3) In the checkout process, please change the buttons and transform them in text, so could be translated without any problem.

4) Now in the product page (, inside the second tab (FORNISCI LE MISURE) there is the first custom option "SU CAPO" selected, but the image for the extra informations associated near COLLO, not appear…. they appears only when you re-click inside the variables…

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Price Comparison Website Development

Please look at high level functional spec below
To have the idea please look at and web sites. We have web site layouts sketch , database schema and can send to you but need a preliminary quote (money and time required). We need quotation on every of 3 stages

All data processed on the back end (back end application we already developing) and syncronised to the web site db.
on the web site we need to pull out the data out of the database and show it customers. We can provide all required queries. Very limited insert required on the web site (Customer/Supplier registration and very basic and simple supplier control panel).

Project must be done in PHP, MySQL using one of the existing frameworks (preffered Yii)

Best regards


Price Comparison Engine
Main Function Specification (Web Site)
1. Summary
Price comparison engine will provide current market prices for all products from IT Industry (initially) and other industries.
Architecturally system consists of 2 parts:
1.1. Web Site – displays data and provides minimal data insert from Suppliers and Customers. Web Site must be SEO optimized.
1.2. Back Office

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Add Facebook Like Button To A Flash Gallery

I purchased this template and I nedd to add a facebook like button for each image / video in the galleries.

The script of the facebook like button should act like a regular like button so when the visitor press the like button will appear in his face book page the thumb of the image
and on his facebook page you will see that he like that selected image with a link to the selected image on my website as this website template is with deep linking so you can link to a specific image
for example this is a link to a selected image portfolio/- portfolio1/- image and video/img_6

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Medical And Scientific Editing

Need Native English editors to edit scientific and medical papers/documents. Must have Native English ability. Pay is $.01/English word. A trial edit will be required. We need experienced writers only please. Editing involves not only spell checking but revising grammar and sentence structure where necessary. In some cases, rearrangement of sentences may also be necessary. You must have a deep undrstanding of scientific issues in order to edit well. Those who submit the trial with mistakes will not be selected. Those who apply should not make mistakes in their grammar in their cover letter or they will not be selected. Those who pass the test and prove themselves reliable will have steady and constant work.
Those who are able to edit between 20-40 pages of English text a day are preferable. Ph.D.s are preferable.

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OBD2 Reader/logger

Develop an application to run on a Samsung Galaxy Tab that will read an OBDLink Bluetooth Scan Tool scan via bluetooth and logs pre selected Pids as well as pre selected GPS data and also the Tabs accelerometer and Gyroscope data. Option to save data on Tab and/or email data and/or upload to server.

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Need Cookie Script For Language Selection

I need a script that will remember which language the user selected on their entry to site or when you clicked on a flag so the next time they come to the site they go directly the chosen language. Until another flag is selected then that will be the home page for the user.

Script need to be on every page as the user can select a choice of 5 flags ( 5 languages) on any page in the site.

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I Need A C++/c/asm Coder To Code An App

I need a c++/c/asm coder to code an application which will enable me to input URLs at my choice and compile an .exe which when executed will download and execute all of the URLs I have inputted. I also need an option to only execute the URL depending per selected countries. For example if I am in the US execute, or in the US or UK execute, or an option to execute anywhere. The smaller the output of the final .exe the better.

More information:
So say I wanted it to only work for US, Germany, Croatia, and UK, only IPs from those countries determined by GeoIP would download and execute, any other people exposed to the application would not be downloaded and executed. There needs to be the ability to add numerous URLS, and for each URL an ability to select the Countries (or all Countries), it will work for via IP from a GeoIP database. If the IP matches the selected country/ies selected it will download and execute the URL provided per the link. So basically there would have to be a user end builder to edit the executable downloader bin in case I had to change the URLs/countries I want the application to work for. I hope this all makes sense.

Also, let me know which language you are planning to code in.
Please message me with any questions.

Budget:100 USD

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Android And IPhone Application Developement

I need someone who can develop an application for Android and iPhone. Application would work in sync with a database that gathers info from a number of selected websites and displays the data on a user interface that would allow for searches and alerts. More information will be provided to selected bidders in moving forward.

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Simple IPhone Game App Development

Hi all, i need a simple iphone game app for iphone/ipad/ipod touch. This is a shooter game. I will provide detail instructions and design ideas to selected provider. We require good graphic design and some audio sounds. You must have demos and games in app store. Inside the game we have to be listed as the developer of the game in the credits. You must provide source code. I will have more projects for selected provider. I will post escrow and release upon completion.

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IPhone Game App Development W/ Graphics And Animation

Hi all, i need a simple iphone game app for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. This is a shooter game. I will provide detail instructions and design ideas to selected provider. We require good graphic design, animation and some audio sounds. You must have demos and games in app store. Inside the game we have to be listed as the developer of the game in the credits. You must provide source code. I will have more projects for selected provider. I will post escrow and release upon completion.

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Iphone/ipad Application

Application that utilized GPS to located app user location and direct the user to the nearest destination given.

Application needs to work in ipad as well.

All information of the destination will be given.

Selected programmer needs to be able to do minor graphic illustration and sound editing if required.

Only american programmers will be selected.

Bid with a peace of mind.

100% escrow payment once confirm the project.
100% direct payment once project completed.

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