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Myspace Friend Adder

I need a new software or if someone already has this software or if someone can crack any existing software

who can add freinds and send messages to myspace profiles…

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Asperger’s Syndrome Articles

I have a set of five articles dealing with employees with Aspergers Syndrome.
They will be used on my website Managing Aspergers at Work (not live yet).

This round of articles will address the employees who have Aspergers and how they can survive and thrive in the workplace.
I will supply you with an expert to interview as well as the topics to discuss and you will write the articles.

I am looking for three (3) 600 word articles and two (2) 800 word articles.

My budget is tight right now since we are just getting started, but it is a very much needed and useful site, so I am certain that as the site grows, the budget will too. I will pay through this service.

My criteria:
1. Writer must have experience dealing with Aspergers, writing about Aspergers and have an understanding of Aspergers or be able to get up to speed in a short time (I can provide some educational material)
2. Writer MUST have an excellent grasp of the English language, American terminology and phrases, etc. (prefer Native English speaking writer, but will consider writer who can display strengths in these areas)
3. Writer must be able to interview an expert (likely a psychologist or doctor) and be professional.
4. Writer must be able to provide a portfolio or CREDITED, published work that displays the above criteria.
5. Writer must be accessible, dependable and respect deadlines

To apply:
1. Place your bid in the bid area.
2. Send a PM addressing each of the listed criteria by number. Briefly tell me one or two times that you did these things or displayed these traits.
3. Attach a sample of your work or direct me to your samples online
4. Tell me why you are right for this project.

Bids that do not follow these instructions will not be considered. There is a method to my madness, I need to know that you can follow explicit instructions to the letter. I am not difficult to work with, but I am very structured and do know exactly what I want. This is a very important project that can potentially help a lot of people.

Completed articles will be credited to you and I can include a link to your website/writer site.

Happy bidding.

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