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Experienced Facebook IFrame Designers Needed!


This is a fantastic opportunity for some ongoing and continuous work. I need iFrames made for Facebook users – you need to be able to do things such as:

– Custom Landing Tab
– Live Links from their Fan Page
– Side Profile Banner
– REVEAL Feature- FANs only Content
– Testimonial page
– Product and Services Image Gallery
– Opt-in box
– Graphics Intergration
– Integration of Web Properties and Design Themes

The successful candidate will be;

Motivated and ready to work. Have a quick turn around time, and be able to work closely with clients and send designed – with design revisions if necessary.

Fluent in English with excellent typing and grammatical skills

Have a real desire to work and earn money.

You will also have to be able to provide several different packages, ranging from Basic to Platinum, at competitive prices.

Please send me samples of your work when you reply so that I can evaluate the best clients.


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Need Somebody Get CPA Network Accounts Approvals.

We need someone who can get the CPA network accounts approvals.

You should have experienced with CPA networks and know how to promote the offer with all kinds of methods.I will send u my personal informations and accounts will be under my name . I will send u a skype username and password or a google voice with a gizmo5 account .You need to pay nothing to get start. only u should do is fill the application on the networks website, then make calls to them on behalf of me and get the accounts approved.

I need about 60 approved account per month. Each time I will send u several networks url to fill application and make the call.
when I get any reply frome the networks. I will send u the payment.
Payment via paypal.

Here is some networks.EWA,Wolfstorm,peerfly,azoogle,mazbounty,copeac,W4,affillion,affiliate etc.

I will pay you $40-$80 for each network.

I sincerely hope to develop the long- term co- operation partner do some help for me to do it.

please PM me more detail or give me your AIM, MSN to discuss it.

thank you

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Need To Send 100,000 Emails To Inbox.

You need to provide the addesses and send emails so that at least 100,000 hit inbox without bouncing.

I will provide the content of the emails.

Must have experience in Bulk emailing.

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Create A SMS/Text Message Bulk Mailer Website

On the Frontend: I want people to be able to enter their first name and their cell phone number and automatically receive my messages (auto-responders) for free.

They can also text a certain word and it will automatically add them to my mailing list and send them the autoresponder.

On the Backend: I want to be able to upload a large list of cell phone numbers (all over the world, not just United States).

I also want to be able to upload large documents such as novels or books and it automatically sends them one page at a time, or one chapter at a time until they ask for more or it can send it once a day. Id love for these to be able to be sent out for free.

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Blog Commenting Experts Required


I would like to hire an experienced link builder.


Id want the person to work with me on an ongoing basis.
He/She would need to
-Post comments on blogs(Niche blogs and youll need to find the blogs yourself.Also they need to be dofollow).
-Do Forum postings(dofollow and niche related)
-Social bookmarking…

If you do not have the experience please do not bid…No time wasters please…
The person should have good English speaking skills and write without grammatical errors…

Please send me your rates per comment in PMB without which you would be rejected out write….

Looking forward to select someone today…


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# # # # # Need Captcha Worker For Qlink Server # # # # #

>> I Have Captcha Entry project for server.. WITH SOFTWARE.
>> I need team .
>> I need 50 workers for this project.
>> Working time 11.30pm -6am ( Indian time )
>> My rate is $0.80/1k captcha . I can give u $0.9/1k (but u must do minimal 5k per week),
>> The payment is send every saturday.. u dont need to requested..
>>The requirement is :
>> 1. I need team
>> 2. Must have a good skill for typing
>> 3. Must Per id finish 5k-10k captcha per week or more
>> Can increase the rate if u can give me much captcha per week..
>> Please send me pm if u interested for this job.
>> Feel free to contact me if u have another question,
>> U can add my y_M ( captchabosss )

Happy bidding.

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Full Time Assistant Needed

I need an assistant to basically send emails all day.

I will send you a video on what I need done and you are to send a minimum of
100 emails per day.

This is a full time role at $150 per month + Comission.

Looking for someone reliable who wants to work with us long term.

Please reply with your resume attached – NO RESUME NO JOB!

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XMLCompression – Byte Table – IPhone

I require a class or set of classes that can be used to compress XML The concept is that a sending process will call the class to process amy XML string to send. Compresses the XML using a byte table as the conversion rules. The receiving process uses the opposite conversion function to convert back. The sender and receiver processes must have access to the same byte table i.e. the rules for the compression (Can be a constant or http get for the rules). This will allow mobile apps to be able to send and receive xml quickly. I have proven the concept in Java, but need a set of classes for XCode for iPhone. This is mostly about compressing known tags in an XML file the data is a separate issue. I am open to ideas.

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WordPress Theme

Hi All,
Im a website designer, I would like to find a developer who have experience in css and wordpress developer.
Im Series looking for long relationship work, if you do correctly I will keep hire and have a lot of project for you. So work with me please do correctly.

1) I am going to favor who have a great feedback
2) Who can supply samples of similar works that they have completed
3) Who have experience in css and wordpress & must be able to complete it fast.
4) Provide good delivery time
5) Good and regular communication


– The site will be multilingual and will use a standard plug;
– The site will have a landing page to allow the user to select the language;
– The home page will show a preview of four pages, the content will be populated with the appropriate fields on the page;
– There are two types of pages "page.php";
– The first type of page will have a jquery slider to full screen and a band that contains the text, this band will have to be closed with jQuery, the page must have the appropriate fields to populate the images in slide;
– The second type of page will have a background image as fixed, it shall be specified by a special course that is always the editor of this page will have content and then on the left a gallery of images always slide to the bottom of this type of page must be inserted a widget to display a preview of some filtered by category;
– contact page with form;
– blog page and single page of the blog;


Website Requirements:
1. The theme will be working with the latest stable version of WordPress;
2. Site must look exactly like the .psd – down to every margin, spacing, placement, font size, font type, color, etc. so it has to look exactly like the .psd design because that is exactly what the customer approved.
3. Must adhere to official WordPress Theme guidelines
4. Must pass Theme Checker Plugin & Sample theme test data provided by WordPress
6. The output should be valid Xhtml 1.0 Strict working on the major browser: IE9, IE8, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
7. Id like it to have an admin panel to set it up
8. Complete send me the template and manual how to install and use the templates.

Delivery in 3 Step
1. Send HTML/CSS/JQUERY in zip file. I pay $75.00
2. Send The Wp template front end. I pay $75.00
3. Send Final Wp package with backend Panel Control and How to install and use the templates. I pay $100.

1. Budget is $250.00, work is considered complete when the customer is completely satisfied. As long as the items in the scope above are complete, there should be no issues. In other words, looks just like the .psd design – if you need to reach me w/questions before that, I will be available.
2. After you finish submit them to me by email.
3. This template is belong to me.

Important terms information:
We understand the importance of Artist Credit. However, any work created must include all source files, and are the sole property of us. Said work will be displayed only on our portfolio as such. We require all final source files (png, psd, fonts, images, etc) delivered immediately after completion of the project.

Thank you for bidding, and hope to work with you soon!

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Craigslist Posting In Housing Section.

Im looking for someone who has an IP solution and their own PVAs to post in the housing sections in CL. You must be 100% sure that you can get the ads LIVE in the housing section.PLEASE DO NOT BID BEFORE YOU TRY POSTING AND BE SURE THAT YOU ARE GETTING ADS LIVE IN THAT SECTION.

Please do not send me the same thing you send to everyone else. Be sure that you can do the job first before you bid.

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Article REWRITER Needed

Project Type: Article rewriting

Payment Method: Paypal

Every single article must be written in near perfect US English.

Project Payment: $1.00 per 450-500 word rewrite.

All the articles and keywords will be sent by me. Articles must read normally and no keyword overuse.

Articles Uniqueness: minimum of 85%.

Tools used to check uniqueness: Copyscape + Uncover For Plagriarism + DupeFreePro

when the articles do not pass the tests and/or have spelling and punctuation mistakes, then I will send these failed articles back for correction and will not pay until the articles pass the quality test.

Rewritten articles must be totally clear of any grammar and punctuation mistakes. Also it is important that the rewrites read like written by US English speaker – cannot stress this enough!

When you accept the project all the rights of the rewritten articles goes to me.
You must not re-use, sell or reproduce these articles in any manner.

I will send everybody who meets the my bid requirement a "test" article for a rewrite.

Please write "I read it" in the PMB – the only way that I will consider your bid!

Thank you and waiting for quality bids.

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Article Rewriting (german Language)

Hello, we need German people (or perfect in germans writing) to rewrite 50 articles on different subjects. 500 words 2 dollars. We will send word docs or links to page to rewrite, so no research is requested.

We will send a ten lines example to transate if you are not german. Thanks.

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C# Urgent Modification Needed

i will pay you for making correction
this was the task
and i will send u the output as well
and also comments
u need to make change the code as per comments
I can not wait

and also I can not submit it just like this
I have to get answer why for something like why he use


why he uses Game ?

and also when the computer run the application should ask the user to enter number of computer between 1 to 5 if he chooses for example 6
the program should return asks him again to enter between 1 – 5

please replay me with the answer
the output is not much the original application I took
screen-shot for what suppose the output look like in the attachment file

please modify it and send it again

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Tradestation Multi Chart Automation

i need a tradestation programer that specializes in automation coding. where if my workspace trigers an entry it will have the trademanager send a signal to my trading platform. at the present moment i had a programer to do this with one chart and i need another more experienced programer to do a multi chart for me another words when two workspaces give trading signal of course not at the same time but when they both eventually give the same signal buy or sell then the trademanager will send the signal to my trading platfrom to execute the trade.
and the exit out of the trade i just need one of the workspaces to send an exit signal to trademanager.
for more detail please call me or email.

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PSD ( Photoshop ) Files Cut Out

I run a mid sized design firm in the USA. I am looking for a client that can cut out psd files from images I send. This is an ongoing job and is very simple. I will send you pictures of files . speakers, people, djs, artists and just about anything. I will need fast turnaround and someone that can do CLEAN and QUALITY cut outs in photoshop. ( removing the backgrounds ) You have NO RIGHTS to use the images . PLEASE SEND EXAMPLES. I will have 40 or more a week.

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Simple Design & Changes To A WordPress Website

This is a very simple project if you know what youre doing in WordPress and have a background in web design.

I am looking for someone to make small changes thou out one of my websites like small layout changes adding photos and placing content that I provide in deferent pages I have a full breakdown of what I want done on each page.
This is very simple work if you know what youre doing and know how to work with WordPress and Photoshop.

Here is a screen cast of some of the tasks I would like done so you can get a feel of what I would ask you to do. :

If you have any questions please send me a PM
I am looking for bids of $50 and under If you are good at what you do then I am sure I will have more work to send your way in the future.

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Quick Fix Needed In 1 Hour

i have a database with a send bulk email function. This has stopped working since the last freelancer fixed something. I need it fixed within an hour as i need to send a bulk email this evening

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Quality Linkbuilding

We arooking for an experienced Link Builder to start work on one website to demonstrate abilities. Multiple sites and long term work on offer once proven. To give you idea of scope, there are around 30 websites I wish to work on rotation at the moment and more to come. I want you to send me message proposal for how many links you can provide.


$25 per week. I will buy projects in 4 week blocks. Payment made to you each week after you submit weekly report and I have verified results. This job may become permanent as we are an SEO organization.

Send me your proposal to win this job

Your proposal should be for 4 weeks ($100), send me a Message including:
How many links can you create for this money (your target)
The distribution of pageranks of the PAGES where the links will be created (not the homepage, I want to know the PR of the actual page with the link). The higher the PRs, more likely you are to win the project
A sample list of the websites where you can get links.
I will evaluate proposals based on:

– Number of links to create for $100
– PR of origin pages (the higher the better)
– Your samples of sites where you can create them.
– Your reviews from past link building projects
– Your guarantee of replacing dropped links, at no cost, for 12 months after creation date

Work flow
I will send you url, keywords and anchor text and related topic of websites each week.

You acquire the target amount of links during week and send me a weekly report. I will check report and test links over weekend, pay you and setup targets keywords for next week.

Link conditions
I will provide you with a report spreadsheet to complete. The report will include:
– url of page with link
– PR of page with link
– date of link added
– keyword/anchor text used
– domain used
– ip address and c-class network
One way non reciprocal and related websites only
Only European TLDs (preferred german .DE) plus, .com, .net, .org, .gov, .edu
"do follow" links only, no follow do not count
The link buildup will be evenly distributed during the week (NOT all links in one day and nothing on the other days
If the links are dropped you will replace them at no cost for 12 months after creation date
Links are created in pages with less than other 15 outbound links
Each link needs to come from a Unique domain AND a Unique C-Class IP Network. Links from repeated domains/Networks will not be counted
Page where the link will be created has to be indexed by google and cant be blocked by robots.txt, noindex tags and so on.
Page must have been indexed and cached by google within the last 30 days. Last but not the least… Only links valued and accepted by google, no black hat, no directories, no forum profiles, etc..

Summary of link restrictions

– All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links
– Link page must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other related practices.
– no spam links
– no link farms backlinks
– No sites which ask for money later.
– backlinks must be placed on english websites
– backlinks must be search engine friendly, that is no redirects, cloaking and other practices
– No links from under construction pages
– no contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. No spamming
– no blog comment spamming, no ping sites, no links within newsgroups
– No link Directories, no article directories
– No Blog or forum profiles
– No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.

No links from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guest-books, classifieds,
dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, Free For All websites (FFA), hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, violent , black hat sites, forums, spam sites, webrings, newsgroups, rented links,

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Comedy Show Poster Design

We are looking for a creative person with awesome skills to design a poster for an upcoming stand up comedy tour.
We have a high res image and some text (performance dates and times etc).

Wed like something simple but eye catching and for you to preferably deliver a php or high res jpg profession file that we can send straight to the printers.

Posters will be A4 but wed also like the opportunity to print A2 if necessary.

Our demographic is 20-30s…a bit hipster….Style wise it has to be readable, not too flashy but something that oh course makes people interested in coming to the show.
The title is He Says/She Says
The photo is of 2 comedians a girl and a boy.

If you can send web links of previous work of this nature that would be a massive help.
Please send questions etc.
We have a reasonably fast time frame (1 week) so being able to manage that a necessity.

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Simple Website Design

Were looking for someone to design a website for us that is VERY similar to a combination of the following urls

If youre able to do it, please note the following:

1) We want this programming done in HTML but obviously expect you to feel free to use javascript / css
2) You must have at least 3-4 positive feedbacks
3) You must be able to complete this project in 1 week.

In terms of the project, it will not require more than ~10 pages but will require a contact us form and the "feedback" bar on that looks identical to the one on inuvo but just allows them to send us some sort of contact message with a few choices in a dropdown menu.

ps we already have a company logo that you can edit so the majority of the work will be completely design related.

If you wish to apply, please private message us with TWO websites youve designed. DO NOT SEND US MORE THAN TWO EXAMPLES THAT YOU THINK ARE SIMILAR TO THIS THAT YOUVE DESIGNED!!! (or you will not be considered and your message will be marked as spam).

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Seeking Full Time Romanian/Filipino Writer (2)

Looking for a a full time Article writer who is FAST and Good with English writing skills.

This job requires you to work 6-8 hours a day and the articles will be provided ONE BY ONE. Kindly mention your working hours as per GMT +5 in your bid otherwise it will be ignored.Payments will be made weekly via Pay pal.(Tuesday or Wednesdays).

So the writer will complete and send me an article on G-talk and than i will provide the next topic with the clients instructions. Simple content with minimal research will be required as long as you meet the instructions.
The rate is $1.5 PER 500 words in the start and will be increased after the first month.

You must know SEO article writing without failing to pass copy scape.
Must produce quality content.
Available through out the time (GMT +5) on G-talk so that i can recieve the article and send you the new topic.
Articles will be provided one by one.(Cant change it)
Can write 500 words in no more than 30 mints (Very important).
Must accept PayPal.

Let me know if you have any questions. This is a full time and permanent job and quality writers who can write real fast can easily earn 400- 700$ in a month. Please only serious candidates who wish to work in a long term commitment.

Bid for the first 20 articles.
Please send me your writing samples and also write 50 words on why should i choose you.

Thanks for taking the time to view my post:)

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Member Messaging System

I am looking for an experienced programmer to build me a solution, that allows the company to send messages to a area/inbox unique to each member of our website, based off the tags that they have in infusionsoft.

this is very short, let me know if you any experience in this area and I will send you more details.

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Grab EMails And Send Emails For Us!! Long Term Work

WE are looking for a professional with atleast 2 years of experience who can send 100k emails daily and have his own USA email lists of Youngsters .
If the results are good and inbxoing ratio is good we will hire you for a very long term work .

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Kinetic Typography Posters

Hi designer,

We are looking for a designer that can make 100 different quote posters for us created in Kinetic Typography designs.
The 100 quotes will be delivered to you in Word.

What we want is:
– A editable file of each design (like Illustrator file) (so we can change colors or fonts afterwards when needed)
– A pdf of each design
– A thumbnail jpeg of each design

The size of the posters will be send to you. Most of the sizes will be width 50 cm x 70 cm length.
The designs must be in CMYK.
The copyright of the designs must be transferred to us after the payment. We will send you an agreement for that.

See the attached examples to know what we mean.

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Looking 4 Expert Help Doc On Magento Or LA-Socal Tutor

Ive had a module/extension made. I will send you some of the files and would like you to create a PDF or a powerpoint presentation with some expert advice broken down to a very easy guide of whats happening and what the code is doing and also what is happening in the backend of Magento to change configuration of the module. Also, would be great if you could step by step a guide for themeing and skinning of a Magento theme

Im not looking for someone to Google any information, please only Magento experts and good english is a plus… that have created modules and extentions.

Im looking for a budget of $30. I have alot of work coming to freelancer as well.

Also if you live in LOS ANGELES or the surrounding area. Im looking to drive to a face-to-face tutoring. Please send me an hr rate. willing to pay per hour.

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Looking For Someone To Build A Dating Website


We are looking for an experienced web developer to build an online dating website, preferably use php or java as the website needs to be constantly updated and improved. It is very important for the site to be found easily on search engines.

We need customizable Search Fields, Registration forms, image galleries and a subscription based system as well. We will also need manage user accounts and be able to delete inappropriate content. We must be able to customize our features.

Site functionality should include (but is not limited to) the following:
1. Search Members
2. Profile
3. User registration
4. Chat
5. Invitations
6. Subscription
7. Send Rose, Gift,e-cards Like Poke
8. Ability to offer the site for free or charge for different levels of membership plans

Please send us samples of the work you have done int the past, that is similar to this project.

Thanks very much.

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